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This Is The Th Pocket PrintingCover Artist Harry BennettAn Unearthly Voice Hisses Unholy Welcome And The Late, Great Allen Carpentier Begins His One Way Journey Into The Dim Nether Regions Where Flame Colored Demons Wield Diabolically Sharp Pitchforks And Tormented Vixens Reign Forever In A Pond Of Sheer Ice Here, In This Land Of Torment And Terror, He Discovers The Amazing Truth Of The Ultimate Adventure That Lies Beyond The GraveFrank Herbert The Somber Beauty Of INFERNO Brought Up To The Twentieth Century With Care And Humor And With Some Sins Dante Didn T Even Suspect Niven and Pournelle rewrite Dante as a pulp SF novel Well, it would perhaps have been funny as a short story, but as it was I just felt appalled after a while.I wonder which level of Hell they re going end up in for doing this My guess is the Tenth Bolgia of the Eighth Circle various sorts of falsifiers alchemists, counterfeiters, perjurers, and impersonators Any other suggestions I first read this book as a young teenager, and enjoyed it tremendously It is possible that if I had first read it today, I would only give it four starsAllen Carpenter is a science fiction writer After he dies in a drunken accident he wakes up in the vestibule of Hell, a Hell largely matching the description found in Dante s Inferno Carpenter is a rationalist and a non believer, so at first he tries find rational explanations for his new environment his fans had his body frozen after his death and he has been revived in a Disneyland like reconstruction of Dante s Inferno, built by a civilization vastly advanced than ours But as Carpenter descends the concentric circles of Hell, he is slowly forced to accept that he really is in Hell Like Dante, Carpenter meets many damned souls in his descent through the Inferno During this journey, he has to come to grips with the apparent cruelty of whoever or whatever condemned these souls the their eternal fates For many of the damned are suffering fates that seem vastly out of proportion to their earthly crimes Why, Carpenter wonders, would a moral God need to create such torment I enjoyed this book on three levels First, it is a fun story our hero has lots of adventures trying to escape from Hell Second, I was fascinated by the description of Dante s Inferno, with each category of sinner carefully segregated and given a punishment that fits their crime Along the way, the authors update many of the sins and punishments with modern touches When I first read the book, this aspect was doubly interesting, as I hadn t yet read Dante Finally, Carpenter s inner struggle to understand the purpose of Hell adds a bit of intellectual interest to the story This isn t deep theology, but it adds a level to the book that makes it than just a straight forward fantasy adventure. 3.5 stars Clever, well thought out re telling of Dante s Inferno Nominee Hugo Award for Best Science Fiction Novel 1976 Nominee Locus Award for Best Science Fiction Novel 1976 Nominee Nebula Award for Best Science Fiction Novel 1977 A retelling of Inferno by Dante, through the eyes of science fiction writer Allen Carpentier Our protagonist meets his untimely end while trying to impress science fiction fans at a con meetup by mixing an overly large alcohol bottle and a balcony ledge Nominated in 1976 for both the Hugo and Nebula awards, this is a humorous take on a traditionally somber trip through hell While the overlay of Dante s world is apparent, newer additions were sprinkled throughout would, such as hoarders against the obsessive compulsive, and developers against activists, fighting each other for eternity My personal favorite being the shear amount of paperwork involved in transitioning between circles Allen deems the area INFERNOLAND because even in death he sees the fantastical, but when his body is broken in an escape attempt with someone from his future a space shuttle pilot, when the shuttle program didn t start until 1981 , he finally begins to accept the information around him as what it actually is hell While a lot of what made this book controversial for it s time is no longer sensationalist, it s a very quick fun read and you ll recognize some of the guests along the way SO IT GOES SO IT GOES SO IT GOES SO IT GOES SO IT GOES. InfernoBy Larry Niven and Jerry PournellePublisher Orb BooksPublished In New York, NYDate 1976Pgs 237Summary Imagine not being able to feel anythingnot being able to see anything And it goes onand onseemingly forever Until you call out to God, and you feel the bottle open and you are poured out from your own private Hell into Hell Benito has rescued you And he has a plan All you have to do is follow him downward through the deeper and darker sections of Dante s Hell in search of the way out All you have to do is followand not fall victim to the guilt that you belong in any of those lower depths with the damned souls trapped there That s all.Genre Science fiction, quest, good vs evilMain Character Allen CarpenterFavorite Character Allen Carpenter is us We walk through Hell in his shoes Least Favorite Character This was a rare book where I liked all the characters.Favorite Scene When Lucifer looks down at Allen and asks him the question.Plot Holes Out of Character This is pretty tightly plotted and the OOC moments are thin.Last Page Sound Mmmmmthat s good I just hope that the recently produced sequel is as good.Author Assessment They are tremendous together.Disposition of Book Keeping it and re reading it Possibly sooner rather than later It s a rich tapestry of a story. Having read this as a teenager yeah, it s been that long I found myself rereading it recently and got caught up in the world as imagined and riffed from Dante Alighieri himself by Niven and Pournelle Allen Carpentier nee Carpenter yes, biblical allusion, don tcha know dies accidentally and wakes up in Hell He meets a guy, a chunky, dumpy sort, doesn t get that he s Mussolini until three quarters of the way through the book and journeys through all the levels until he s reached the center of Hell and meets Satan himself And, he performs the ultimate act of self sacrifice while watchingokay, won t go there.What Inferno has going for it, then as now, is the sheer power in very simple language to make the reader imagine he or she is undertaking that very same trip We see the sins updated, fancifully so, see our MC attempt to get out or die although you really can t as you re already dead trying, meet an assortment of colorful characters, some of which were inventedI guess Hell has upgradesand witness a variety of torments visited upon the hapless souls that make you wonder, but never completely gross you out Time and circumstances may have dulled Nivens and Pournelle s writing style, but this, along with Lucifer s Hammer, is an excellent portrayal of them at their very best As they write paraphrasing if Hell won t make a man yell for help, what will Highly recommended for any sci fi fantasy buff. Maybe it s just me, as I ve seen many positive reviews of this book here But,I think the the writing juvenile,the characters cardboard cutouts For a story that deals with a trip through Hell,it all seems very lighthearted,almost comic The horrific punishments don t horrify For a book that I was really looking forward to,it was a big disappointment I say pass. Okay first a quick word for you who aren t interested in my thoughts on this book and it s predecessor Not a bad read with our hero making his way through Hell Readable, well executedenjoy.I must mention here that I have for many years since becoming an adult Christian I suppose would be the time line I ve had a somewhat bad taste in my mouth about The Divine Comedy specifically The Inferno Most of what people think of today as Hell comes from that poem instead of the Bible The Bible actually says very little about Hell In the New Testament it s mentioned Mostly it s a place we want to avoid The poem is considered a classic but I suppose it s been the source of misinformation in Christian circles than pretty much any other work of literature.So, here we areagain CarpenterI mean Carpenteri is taking basically the same trip Dante tookonly he s got a different guide.So, as I said not bad but not great I ve read many books by the writer s that I ve liked better I d say see if you like it The protagonist is a bit annoying at times he continues with the denial point of view way too long I was tired of the that long before he finally came to the point he could no longer carry on with it His actions don t seem to make sense as often as they do There s a lot of now why did he do that moments.All in allfor my money, it s okay but not great. First of all I ll admit of not having actually read Dante s INFERNO, the book on which this book is based Therefore some of the references mean little to em But this version of INFERNO is nonetheless a compelling read which works on two levels First, as the straightforward horror story, the tale of an innocent man but is he really innocent descending into the seven circles of Hell and discovering all manner of suffering and pain on his way down There are many memorable horrific images in this book, all vividly described by the authors Murderers stand forver in a sea of boiling blood, the depth of the blood depending on how evil they are a hit and run murderer might stand ankle deep while a child murder might be up to his eyebrows As each of the circles is completely different to the rest, the book is episodic in nature and contains a wealth of description and intrigue.There are also many memorable characters in the story The narrator, a science fiction writer who accidentally dies at a convention, starts off rather irritating as he refuses to believe he is actually in Hell but instead in a giant theme park what But our warmth for the character grows as the story progresses and he achieves a transformation through his experience The supporting characters, from demons and balrogs to even Benito Mussolini an excellent touch , who is now repenting for his life of evil, are all portrayed very well INFERNO is as gruesome as the synopsis sounds, with the sufferers unable to die and eventually healing from all wounds On a visceral level it will satisfy even the hardest horror fan Beyond the engaging action adventure plotline, we also find a number of themes Our narrator questions the existence of Hell and of a God who sends sufferers there for minor sins when perhaps they do not really belong There are themes of redemption, loss and injustice running throughout and the story really makes you think in places, becoming profound The ending is also an excellent way to conclude the tale and really satisfying INFERNO is really a one of a kind tale and should be read as a warning by anyone with an imagination.