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read online Pdf The Complete Guide to SharpeningAuthor Leonard Lee –

Great book For anyone who wants to sharpen anything The hows and whys of sharpening. This was definitely the right book to get Thorough and clear instruction and explanation Easy to read with good imagery and illustration. Lee, A Well Known Tool Manufacturer, Covers The Practical And Technical Information To Sharpen Tools Quickly, Efficiently And Safely Descriptive Photos, Clear Line Drawings And Step By Step Instructions Show Exactly How To Improve The Performance And Safety Of Any Cutting Tool Photos This is one of the two sharpening texts that I ve seen recommended I ve skimmed this one, and it appears both thorough and technical The reviews on favored this text over The title says it all Very clear, thorough, and genuinely enjoyable to read. Great Reference book, good pictures, enjoyed the elemental explanations of tools, how they work as context for the need for sharpening. Not a bad book if you like sharp tools. Amazingly comprehensive book if you re a woodworker He has a whole section of electron microscope pictures of the results of different sharpening techniques, and goes through just about every woodworking tool that has ever existed, talking about how each is used and how sharpening it should be approached He talks about the difference between oilstones and waterstones, micro bevels, sharpening fixtures, wet and dry grinding, how to regrind screwdrivers so they work right, how to set up competition two man saws it s amazing He s also a funny writer, not in the jokey way but in clever, wry asides about how things go wrong and why he believes things, sometimes in the face of all evidence to the contrary. Excellent and comprehensive Covers the full process from grinding a new blade through to final sharpening Includes coverage of a wide range of stones and abrasives, and some great ideas for difficult jobs like honing gouges Also covers scrapers and misc edged tools.