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Courageous, Attractive, Romantic, Intelligent, Catherine Parr Became The Sixth Wife Of Henry VIII Her Story, As Carolly Erickson Re Creates It, Is Page Turning Drama From The Splendors Of The Field Of The Cloth Of Gold To The Gory Last Years Of The Outsize King Henry, When Heads Rolled And England Trembled, Catherine Bestrode Her Destiny And Survived To Marry Her True LoveCatherine Parr Attracted The King S Lust And, Though Much In Love With The Handsome Thomas Seymour, Was Thrown Into The Intrigue Filled Snake Pit Of The Royal Court While Victims Of The King S Wrath Suffered Torture And Execution, Catherine Persevered Until, At Last, She Came Within The Orbit Of The Royal Fury King Henry Toyed With Her, First Ordering Her Arrested, Then Granting Her Clemency She Managed To Evade Execution, But She Knew That The King Had His Wandering Eye Fixed On Wife Number Seven She Was Spared By His Death And Married The Attractive But Dangerously Unbalanced Seymour Her Triumph Was Shadowed By Rivalry With The Young Princess Elizabeth, Whose Lands And Influence The Lecherous Seymour Coveted Catherine Won The Contest, But At Great CostIn The Last Wife Of Henry VIII, Critically Acclaimed Author Carolly Erickson Brings This Dramatic Story Of Survival And Redemption To Life stato molto interessante leggere la storia, anche se molto romanzata, dell ultima moglie del re Enrico VIII in pratica quello che cambiava le mogli come se fossero calzini , proprio perch non molto nota e studiata Solo la parte finale del libro non mi piaciuta..tanto furba a gabbare il vecchio re, ma completamente inutile e senza flemma con il suo amato Tom, che la infinocchia da dritto e da rovescio E poi la sua morte proprio brutta This is one of my favorite Carolly Erickson books Although like all of her works, she took many historical liberties to enrich the story it worked The novel is rich with imagery, emotional context, and personifications Yes, some of the timelines and facts are a bit off and the readers whom read history book on the Tudor times will notice these instantly but hey, so did The Tudors on TV and you still watched that In fact, this books reads sort of like an over dramatic episode of The Tudors focusing on Cathering Parr and her obsessive love with Thomas Seymour another dirtbag who got the ladies Ew Interesting, vivid, and entertaining A delicious bite of historical entertainment. This book was absolute rubbish I found myself tutting out loud whenever I came across a historical inaccuracy which was depressingly often and I actually threw the book across the room when I read that Catherine was sleeping with Thomas Seymour whilst married to the King WTF WHY would she do that Didn t she JUST warn Katherine Howard a couple of chapters ago that she was an utter idiot for sleeping with someone when married to Henry I skimmed the last 3 or 4 chapters of this book because I just wanted it to end None of the characters were likeable at all and I never felt connected with them The author rushed over events too quickly, as if she had a word limit for each event for example in one chapter we went from Henry being happily married to Anne Boleyn, and the next it s the Pilgrimage of Grace, briefly explaining He Henry VIII just hasn t been the same since Anne Boleyn was executed or something to that effect Um Sure Not like it was a major scandal to the whole of Europe at the time Hang on, wasn t her brother also executed For incest Really Well fancy that And four other men were executed for adultery too Golly Why didn t you say As for the whole Anne Bourchier scandal, Katherine s brother didn t just shrug it off like it was no biggie, he wanted her executed for her adultery, which was the punishment in those days She escaped punishment because Katherine persuaded her brother not to And I m guessing the only reason Anne Bourchier died from being tortured for heresy in the 1540 s she actually died in 1571 was so Ms Erickson did not have to go through the labourous task of creating a place for Anne Askew.And the way Erickson portrayed Catherine s relationship with Princess Elizabeth was disgraceful As was Katherine Howard s execution, where Lady Rochford gabbled insanely and stripped herself naked Yup Good inventing there Well done.Another thing that irked me was how the author kept claiming Katherine was descended from royalty through her mother It was actually through her father, who was descended from John of Gaunt, the son of Edward III.This book was awful, from the characters to the appalling historical inaccuracies I will definately be steering clear of any of Ms Erickson s works. I loved this book so much but when I got to the end of the book I wished their was to the story like maybe another book where the ending left off at I will be reading books by this author in the future I am happy someone decided to write about the last wife of king henry the 8th because their is not a lot known about her I would love to read books about her because she was able to live and be queen of England while being married to king henry the 8th She helped so many people that did not have any food or money or was sick with the plague She also stand up for what she believed in even if cost her life She was and still is wonderful woman that people she know about her and her life This is the best book I have readed so far this year by far. To be honest, it was just OK 4 of 5 stars here on Goodreads, and that is being very generous On the positive side, it was interesting to hear the voice of the Tudor wife who survived.She seems to get much less attention than, say, Anne Boleyn or Catherine of Aragon, and her story is a prime example of how an intelligent woman survives in a society where she has no power over her own life.The biggest negative for me, however, was the fact that I just don t like the author s writing style.With such a fascinating plot already written in history, it s a pity the story wasn t told with skill.Just my two yenworth slightly less than two cents by today s exchange rate It seems lately that respected historians, previously noted for their excellent non fictional accounts of various important figures, have taken to writing historical fiction about these same subjects I ve read many books by Erickson about The Tudors She also wrote an excellent accounting of the life of Marie Antoinette To The Scaffold.Now, she s turned to historical fiction and, although the work was relatively engaging and I made my way through it quickly, it simply was not as enjoyable to me as her other books.But, I got a bit tired of the bodice busting writing style I almost felt like I was reading Barbara Cartland.I know a lot about Catherine Parr the last wife of Henry VIII and her story is somewhat sad and tragic, even the non fictionalized version But, this telling was a bit over the top and the ending, well, all I can say is PULEEZE I m fairly sure these fine historians turned historical fiction writers are so doing to both jump onto the Tudor fever bandwagon the show The Tudors has brought into town I ve noticed republishings of books about The Tudors written decades ago They are also, likely trying to compete with those writers who have become known for their historical fiction accounts of these subjects Phillippa Gregory comes to mind.Anyway, this book is sort of Tudor mind candy I m glad I only paid 6 for it hardcover in the bargain bin at BN Catherine Parr s mother is a lady in waiting to Catherine of Aragon, Henry VIII s first wife Her life intersects with Henry s in various ways like this through the years She loves, marries, mourns, and just generally lives her life until Henry beheads wife number five, Catherine Howard It isn t long before Henry s avaricious gaze falls on her as wife number six.I think I was expecting something a little meatier There is so much drama in that whole period, juicy material shouldn t be hard to find This story of Catherine Parr s life felt rushed through her early years Once Henry started courting her, I expected the pace to slow down and linger over all that But it still felt rushed This mostly felt like an overview of her life Give me details when it comes to those infamous Tudors The writing was okay It felt a little simplified and in parts it felt a little cheesy, like the author was trying too hard I can see that she could be a good author, but I think that will come as she publishes novels It looks like this was only her second.I did enjoy reading about Henry s last queen It sounds like she had an interesting life I didn t know much about her before this I ll probably try to find a different book that tells her story in a little detail But this was a decent book and I wouldn t hesitate to recommend it to anyone who is Tudor crazy. Very, very bland Somehow Erickson made the Tudors boring, which I didn t think was possible. I do not wish to be venomous, so I will say that this book is fanciful It is fanciful like a romance novel oops, for me to say that is venomous Next time I take a work of historical fiction from a shelf, I will first check for a bibliography If it has none, it goes back on the shelf Mary Boleyn had a half wit son by Henry VIII It was Thomas Seymour who committed the crime that Thomas Culpepper was accused of People were drinking tea in England that year Lady Rochford flashed the crowd before her execution Catherine Parr, the feisty heroine herself, was blithely boinking Thomas Seymour all during her marriage to the king, even though Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard had been executed for alleged adultery And where, may I ask, was Anne Askew She was rather an important person in all this, and does not appear in the book at all.I d go on, but surely I ve said enough.