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Free Audible A Visual Dictionary of Architecture By Francis D.K. Ching –

This Book Defines Over , Terms Relating To Architectural Design, History, And Technology It Is The Only Dictionary That Provides Concise, Accurate Definitions Illustrated With Finely Detailed, Hand Rendered Drawings, Each Executed In Mr Ching S Signature Style

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    I am not an architect and now I don t need to be I bought this book purely as a reference for my writing craft, and I am very glad I did so This is the Gray s Anatomy of architecture, if you will, presented in an easy to digest visual manner It takes some digging to find exactly what you want, because the book is organized so that taxonomic categories and theoretical ideas are interspersed in a way that doesn t always make sense, but, if it s architectural in any way, it s in there An extremely useful resource when trying to figure out exactly what it is your heroine is dangling from beneath the tentacled monster shambling toward her over the roof.

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    This is the only reference book i read cover to cover when i took the licensure exam and i passed This book is highly informative in visual and in context.

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    Professor Francis D.K Ching s A Visual Dictionary of Architecture is the most useful tool I have found yet for understanding the descriptive terminology used in the diverse field of architecture It is general yet broad enough to be useful to students, architects, contractors, historians, preservationists, etc who have an interest in and or desire to know what to call the complex components of everyday as well as many common typology buildings The blend of visual imagery with short descriptions makes this book an invaluable reference in writing about architecture Not only are the illustrations gorgeous, but the explanations are succinct and comprehensible.The book is organized into 68 broad, basic architectural categories such as door, flooring, hardware, heat, plumbing, structure, etc that then have full page illustrations showing the diverse types of architectural details terms along with hand drafted drawings associated with the broader theme This allows for quick, comparative presentations of related but differentiated details Most users, however, will use the book as a back to front reference For this purpose, the rear index allows for quick reference in finding terms you want defined or clarified For example, perhaps you want to know if you should refer to a certain part of the building as a stoop, a porch, or a portico looking up any of these words will refer you to a page number under the umbrella category Building that illustrates and describes the various differences among the three terms I highly recommend this book if you plan to write about buildings, and or if you appreciate beautiful architectural illustrations as the latter suggests, it can double as a coffee table book.

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    Excellent reference for architecture terminology and concepts both common and obscure I read it cover to cover as a supplement to my exam prep books.

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    It s the best book I ever read for the basic spells used in architecture

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    i want to have knowledge about architecture.

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    this may help me a lot by reading this kind of book.

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    A visual dictionary of architecture 1996 Wiley.Citation by Carlie CroweType of Reference DictionaryCall Number Ref 720Content Scope A dictionary that can be used at the high school level, contains fundamentals terms and basic concepts.Accuracy Authority Bias Wiley is a publishing company now for its strengths in major academic, scientific and professional fields.Arrangement Presentation Arrangement is alphabetical Included in the 320 pages are illustrations of content along with an index.Relation to other works There are many architecture dictionaries this dictionary meets requirements for libraries that need a comprehensive reference at a high school level.Accessibility Diversity This will be of specific interest to students who study architecture in their visual arts classes and in the building classes in the area technology center.Cost 44.95Professional Review Anderson, Kent 1996 Bookmarks Symbols and schooling School Arts May Jun96, Vol 95 Issue 9, p38 4p 2 Black and White Photographs.

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    This is the most fantastic and complete architectural reference I have ever encountered.No one knows all the little, pedantic architectural terms you need to study the built world This book not only has all of them but is full of beautiful and informative illustrations Everyone who studies architecture students in art history, architecture, historic preservation and engineering should have a copy of this book on hand.Check it out from a library, see how useful it is and then go buy it.