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Her only hope for survival Handsome wealthy and respected Sir Mark Turner is the most sought after bachelor in all of London and he's known far and wide for his irreproachable character But behind his virtuous reputation lies a passionate nature he keeps carefully in checkuntil he meets the beautiful Jessica Farleigh the woman he's waited for all his life Is to ruin the man she loves But Jessica is a courtesan not the genteel lady Sir Mark believes Desperate to be free of a life she despises she seizes her chance when Mark's enemies make her an offer she can't refuse seduce Mark and tarnish his good name and a princely sum will be hers Yet as she comes to know the man she's sworn to destroy Jessica will be forced to choose between the future she needs and the love she knows is impossible

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    “But you’re— you’re—”“A virgin?” There was a note of amusement in his voice “True But just because I don’t believe in poaching out of season doesn’t mean I can’t hunt”As I’m sitting here trying to write this review I can’t begin to tell you how much I loved Unclaimed So much passion so much wisdom so much hope so much truth so much just so very much And uotes? Literally pages worth of uotes I’d love to share with you Some that took my breath away some made me swoon others made me cry So where to begin? Well if you’re a fan of historical romance you know how unfair society could be towards “fallen women” That double standard that literally ruined lives sometimes for a single “transgression” while yet allowing men to get away with anything and everything the debauched the better I adored this book because it took that very issue and stood it on its ear showing it from an entirely different point of view I absolutely adored Mark Turner whose book A Gentleman’s Practical Guide to Chastity had become an overnight sensation garnering a near cult like following of men and women passionate about giving up sex In fact so great was his stardom even ueen Victoria had heard about the book and bestowed Knighthood on Mark And to be completely honest I wasn’t sure how entertaining a book about a male virgin would really be but leave it to Courtney Milan to make it work I cheered Sir Mark in his convictions his reasons for choosing abstinence and his often humorous determination not to be swayed Jessica Farleigh was a fallen woman who had reached the point of desperation and decided to do whatever she had to in order to survive She had no desire to find herself on the streets again so in this instance survival meant seducing the infamous virgin Sir Mark Turner in to giving up chastity and then publicly ruining him by giving away all the details of their night of passion Having been hired to do so by a ruthless power hungry politician who wanted Mark destroyed the money she’d earn if she succeeded would make it so she’d never have to sell her body again Tired bitter and desperate she didn’t care what it would cost the virtuous Mark TurnerI really am having trouble explaining all the reasons I loved this book Humor passion seriousness I've decided I'll just share a few of my favorite uotes in hopes that they can show you why I adore this story so much It was so hard to choose which ones to include though because they’re all so so good and so true“If you were any other man” she said softly “I would think that you had just threatened to seduce me”“Worse” He leaned down close enough to whisper “I threatened to like you I suspect seduction would be easier for you to understand”A small smile touched her lips “Sir Mark there’s no need to threaten me with anything so drastic as like Mere acceptance would be sufficiently shocking”“A man who is sufficiently strong in his own right need not be jealous of power in others” He glanced at her “I know ugly men who insist on ugly wives believing that they will not stray” He shrugged “For myself I’ve always wanted a beautiful woman” She let out a little laugh “Because you are so beautiful yourself?”“Because I intend to win her affections to me mind and soul” And then as if in an afterthought he added “And body I definitely look forward to winning her body”“It cheapens what I’ve accomplished” Mark said “to imagine me a saint To believe I am untempted that I pass through this life without feeling lust or want or desire I said it in the first chapter of my book and yet nobody seems to believe me Chastity is hard ”“I hadn’t thought—”“I want I lust I desire” He scrubbed his hand through sandy blond hair at that shaking his head “No You’re right You don’t deserve euphemisms I want you I lust after you I desire you ”She might have been the only woman in the world pinned by his gaze“But what I don’t do is act”“You’re a duke’s brother A knight And I’m a whore”He grabbed her wrist “Don’t call yourself that I wouldn’t let anyone else talk about you that way— why should I let you?”“Very well Call me a fallen woman then”“Do you think that matters to me? My mother used to say that there was no such thing as a fallen woman You just had to look for the man who pushed her down”The bottom line With Unclaimed Courtney Milan has outdone herself and it has become one of my all time favorite historical romance novels I loved seeing the desire to be chaste from the male perspective both the humor and the seriousness of it This story is heartwarming and heartbreaking romantic and passionate And don't be concerned that it's a holier than thou pulpit pounding tale far from it Mark's reasons for his chastity are made very clear and they'll have you cheering him just as I did Ms Milan had me laughing out loud sighing and wishing it would never end And visiting with Ash and Smite so much fun Unclaimed is definitely an addition to my Keepers shelf This ARC ebook was provided free of charge by netgalleycom in behalf of HNBooks This had no influence on my rating or my review

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    FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED45 starsIt is the most astonishing thing he whispered against her skin To touch you to feel you tremble To know that I'm the cause of itLONDON JUNE 1841Our heroine Jessica Farleigh is a courtesan who wants to get out of prostitution She wants to get rid herself of the murk and the mire that had filled her Jessica is in dire need of money since she wants to buy a cottage in the country to settle down and begin a new life For a long time her former protector George Weston intended to destroy Sir Mark Turner's reputation and offers a reward to the woman who will seduce the pristine virgin Jessica agrees to seduce Mark George Weston is eager to become the next Commissioner for the Poor Laws In fact this position has been offered to Mark However if Mark will be disgraced and ruined Weston will be the new CommissionerSir Mark Turner is the author of A Gentleman's Guide to Chastity and a 28 year old virgin Mark is returning to his boyhood home for the summer a small market town called Shepton Mallet He wants to escape the adoring throngs for a a while Jessica the official town disgrace seizes her chance and is rather astonished to realize that even though Sir Mark Turner is a virgin he did not look like any virgin she had ever seen beforeWhat didn't uite work for meI have to confess that at some point Jessica just wore me out a little bit I got it that she thought she was not good enough for Mark however towards the end of the story she took it too far I felt there was a bit too much of needless drama Naturally I was glad that she rectified her mistake after all Unfortunately the ending felt a bit too rushed for my liking I'd have loved to read a proper epilogueWhat I likedI adored the richly textured dialogue and the author's beautiful and descriptive writing A touch of well placed humor made this story almost perfect Overall I really liked the stillness of this book The story benefits in a major way of two exceptional lead characters and their great and witty dialogue The plot is interesting and kept me turning pages As a matter of fact I'm all for steamy and hot love scenes If you want a steamy HR then Unclaimed is NOT for you Sometimes it's very satisfying to read a story that is heavy on the romance part than the love scenes though Unclaimed fit the bill perfectly The main love scene is nicely written It's sweet tender and sensual You get a feeling how much Mark is worshipping Jessica He is in love with herOver the past years Jessica's desires her wants had been submerged in the service of the men who'd paid for her It had been years since she'd owned her own sexual response Mark was the man to make her feel again like a wake up call Mark won her body mind and soul This feeling this tentative flutter in her belly this was hers This was sunlight on her face It was the warmth she'd dreamed of It was a curl of honest attraction the first she'd experienced in years And so slowly deliberately she crooked her fingertips under his so that the curve of his hand caught against hersIt's beautiful isn't it?I love the author's ability to show so much emotions on many different levels Positive and negative emotions have to be genuine and believable and Ms Milan delivers anything and everything a HR reader could wish for Further she did a fine job at portraying two scarred souls who find their well deserved HEA Do you know why I professed to believe in chastity? Because I don't believe in doing harm least of all to someone I care forYes Mark is Jessica's champion

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    45 stars I started this book expecting it to fall neatly into various tropes The 28 year old virgin who’s the author of a celebrated book on male chastity of course he’s going to be a stuffy hero who gets his comeuppance from the heroine Ooooo The courtesan heroine who has grown to loathe and fear sex of course she’s going to have to be gently led to love it by the hero Eh But very little about this book was what I expected Sir Mark isn’t stuffy at all he’s just a principled decent man in the wrong place at the wrong time Yes he’s famous for his views but he’s an unwilling and highly misunderstood celebrity His fame has made his attempts to form a meaningful relationship with a woman impossible “If I talk to a woman once it’s in the papers the next day If I talk to her twice people start making bets I hardly dare talk to anyone a third time” And those are just the women who might want to marry him other women have a very different agenda for a notorious virgin Including Jessica“He wanted in short to like her He’d been inclined to do so from the beginning He’d been curious about her ever since he’d seen that flinch Like a callow youth he’d enlarged upon it in his mind See? There is to both of us than anyone else will acknowledge”And Jessica has sold herself so many times physically and emotionally that she feels like there’s nothing left of her She doesn’t need to be gently coaxed; she needs to rediscover her mind her self and her power“For years every conversation she had with a man had been colored by calculation Would she put him off if she spoke her mind? What did he want her to say? When a man took a mistress he purchased not just the rights to her body but the contents of her thoughts Sir Mark wanted her as she was not as he wished her to be The thought made her head hurt”Mark and Jessica have very different backgrounds and different forms of damage but both are basically yearning for the same thing love accompanied by understanding and respect love that enables them to have their own self respect And they find that in each otherHere is Mark during a pivotal competition between them “‘Do you think you need to hold back because you’ll anger me?’ His throat felt tight ‘Do you think me so small and pitiful a creature that the sign of the slightest competence on your part will send me into a spiral of depression? You have it uite wrong I know you can do better I expect it of you’”“ she loved that he wanted her to win Men had complimented her beauty and she’d stayed detached They’d written poems about the timbre of her voice and she’d been unmoved But just the thought of Mark saying in a voice roughened by desire that she could do better that had brought her to the edge It was the first time in years that she’d liked it when a man kissed her”This is an extraordinary book in many way and anyone drawn to the unusual in romance should try it though it will also satisfy readers who just want an entertaining historical The issue keeping it from being 5 stars for me was that I wished for subtlety The basic metaphor I loved Mark is literally a knight of course knighted by ueen Victoria for “his contribution to popular morality” But part of what both he and Jessica must learn is that she is not a damsel in distress “‘I promised you once that I would be your knight willing to do battle for you But I don’t think that’s what you need of me’ She shook her head mutely‘You’re always been your own knight” he said ‘riding to your rescue I’m just the man who came along and saw how brightly your armor shone’”But much of the book spells things out so directly and so often that I wished for of a chance for discoveryStill it's an exceptional romance with fascinating characters and beautiful love scenes I highly recommend itI received this as an e arc from netGalley

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    I'm in production on Guild season 6 and so exhausted that the only thing I crave is to escape into some good book brain numbing at night before bed I found this author through my book club Vaginal Fantasy after someone recommended it as a stand out MAN virgin historical romance I was skeptical at first because the concept seemed either cheesy or maybe preachy but ended up LOVING this book I just gobbled up 2 other books by this author and I really love how she twists the traditional characters of the genre to be interesting than you'd expect This is a very non traditional pairing man virgin and courtesean but they are perfectly paired together And there are really interesting arguments about morality and chastity here this isn't an inch deep book IMO I really enjoyed it and will be a fan of this author in the future

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    I wasn't interested in Mark At allUntil the first pages of this book I didn't really like the first Turner something was really off so I will definitely admit revisiting this was a hoping for CMM CM magic obvs again via smart discussions and flawed characters in tough situations I was looking for the hero who simply loves the woman for all that she is not for her being different and those heroes seeing all she is besides Ever noticed how her heroes listen? They think So do her heroines and there's one particular point in this book after a big conflict where Jessica shows up to Mark after he is devastated and she made me cry So when I set out to read this book I was simultaneously dreading it and pinning my hopes on it I haven't read much in the past week I haven't wanted to I stayed up with this book much past my bedtime and woke up reaching for it and hopefully that says what this review doesn't 425

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    Minor spoilers Seriously? This author wrote Unveiled?? Maybe I missed a chapter but this book was literally about a famous Chaste Virgin man who pretty much stays that way Naturally he ends up with a hooker with a heart of gold But waitshe is also the preacher's supposedly dead daughter Then the ueen of England comes to their wedding Seriously I can't believe I kept reading

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    35 starsI liked this one just not nearly as much as I was expecting I was really anticipating this one not only because I LOVED Unveiled but I also have a little kink for male virgins What? We all have our thingsI listened to the first book in the series and the second novella Unlocked in audiobook form and that really made the book come alive I decided to read this one in ebook form but I sort of wish that I didn't That might have made up the difference I liked Jessica and Mark and I liked them together a great deal I thought that they had excellent chemistry and I loved the basic plot premise full of tension Yum Also the writing so thoughtful Courtney Milan is one of my absolute favorite authors and it is because she writes such compelling captivating characters Everyone from the MCs to the preacher to the rest of the side characters were really well conceived Though I enjoyed this book overall somewhere between like and really like I had a few small issues that knocked my rating down To start I didn't think that this book was as well paced as some of Courtney Milan's others I felt that parts of the book were a little slow and parts were a little redundant However what bothered me the most was that I kept getting a preachy vibe from Mark Yes I well understand the points about women and their rights and the double standards between men and women and I love that Courtney Milan fabricated a character based loosely around those ideas but he still gave off a perfect feeling that slightly irked me Overall I have no real substantial complaints about this story I paid full price for this one which I rarely do and still no regrets I'm really really looking forward to Smite's story which I'm praying will blow me away

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    Updated 731 forgot to mention about the book cover IntroImage is everything especially in 1841 London The problem is sometimes your image is not self created but how other’s want to see you Just ask Sir Mark Turner how bad life can be when your image has been elevated to godlike proportions but you are simply an ordinary man wanting an ordinary lifeThe charactersSir Mark wrote a book called A Gentleman’s Practical Guide to Chasity The popularity of the book for reasons unknown skyrocketed Sir Mark to celebrity status As the brother of a Duke Sir Mark’s every move is scrutinized As the author of a book almost as popular as the Bible itself Sir Mark cannot even exhale without it being the subject of gossipJessica Farleigh is a courtesan She hates her life and wants than being at the mercy of a man’s wants and desires She is tired of not having any of her own wants or desires met She is tired of wondering when she is not going to be pretty enough for the so called protection she receives as a courtesan Most of all she is tired of not having anything of her ownThe storySo what is a disgruntled courtesan to do? Try to seduce the superstar virgin of the 1840’s of course See Jessica’s former protector and we use the word “protector” in the loosest terms hates Sir Mark and wants him to be destroyed That’s were Jessica comes in and his promise to pay Jessica if she seduces Sir Mark Just one problem Sir Mark is real He didn’t just write the book for the fame and popularity he wrote it with real conviction behind the principals of chastity Not only is Sir Mark the real deal but he has also lived a hard life and can see behind Jessica’s initial attempts at seduction What occurs after the initial seduction attempt is the meat of the story and there are surprises and twists that made this story different and engagingThe book coverOverall nice BUT isn't there multiple comments in the story about Jessica's hair going all the way down to her thighs? I realize you wouldn't be able to see her dress if her hair was tumbling down her back but at least make it a bit realistic to the physical description of the characters in the storyMy final thoughtsI absolutely loved Sir Mark He was so perfectly written that I was anticipating disappointment from him it never came I did not say he was perfect Far from it The author just made him what I call the perfect imperfect heroJessica was a smart cookie until the very end She was not too bitchy and definitely wasn’t a weeping willow There was one single scene at the end that was a disappointment bringing the rating from a 5 star to a 45 star But overall Jessica was a worthy challenge for Sir Mark and turned out to be a excellent love match for himThe sexual tension in this book was off the charts I’ve read a lot of books where there was sexual tension and I’m not usually overly impressed Let’s just say I was VERY impressed My Kindle smoked after some of the scenes and I loved itOverallAlmost perfect historical romance with twists surprises and depth My favorite lines from the book both from Sir Mark I want a wife I can love Mrs Farleigh One who I want to be faithful to because there is simply nobody else for me not because it is the right thing to do I will be your champion if you let me If I have to take on the role of knight I want to be yours Let me be your protector

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    One of my abs fav romance tropes the male virginNot only that the male virgin paired with a courtesan If only she was one an unabashed one who was going to show him a good time still waiting for one of those books She's a good courtesan forced to sell her body cuz she fell on hard timesAnyway not only is he a MALE VIRGIN he's famous for writing a book on chastity I wanted his book from the time I met him in book 1 UnveiledThey don't describe him terribly flatteringly tho He didn't sound tall tho apparently he is and he didn't sound leanly muscular just slim slight And blond Like an innocent angelBut the man has a temper And he can beat bullies up AND he's gorgeous to boot What's not to like???Unfortunately for me bc he's one of those pale blondies I can't really use Mr Blondie Bun's image as I'm imagining MarkSome of my fav uotes were in this book I love that he struggles with his passions but CHOOSES to wait for the right woman And than once she hurt him uite badly broke his heart I'm not terribly fond of this heroine but my fondness for Mark makes me still give this book a 5

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    Another great book by Courtney Milanand I Loved it; I liked that Mark Turner was no stick in the mud pompous cad but a truly swoon worthy sexy hero and that he loved Jessica just as she was and didn’t try to change her I liked his reasons for being celibate I liked that Jessica is a smart intelligent survivor and I could feel her despair when she states “best not to want; that way she’d feel no disappointment Hope hurts” How terrible life is without hopeThis is no light fluffy read Complicated emotions and issues are touched upon heart wrenching and endearing I did love the ending and only wished for an epilogueSo many wonderful uotesI’ve limited to two of my favorites view spoiler“ she loved that he wanted her to win Men had complimented her beauty and she’d stayed detached They’d written poems about the timbre of her voice and she’d been unmoved But just the thought of Mark saying in a voice roughened by desire that she could do better that had brought her to the edge It was the first time in years that she’d liked it when a man kissed her” Sir Mark to Jessica I promised you once that I would be your knight willing to do battle for you But I don’t think that’s what you need of me You’ve always been your own knight he said riding to your rescue I’m just the man who came along and saw how brightly your armor shone hide spoiler