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There Is No Greater Drug Than Relationships There Is No Sweeter Death Than Love Love Is Horrible It S Ruthless, Messy, Mind Altering, And Raw It Takes No Prisoners It Chews You Up And Spits You Out And Leaves You For Dead Love Is, You Could Say, Very Much Like A ZombieIn This Haunting Short Story Collection, Anything Is Possible A Dying Musician Turns To Tea For Inspiration A Police Sergeant Struggles With A Very Unusual Victim A Young Wife Is Trapped In A House Hiding Unimaginable EvilWith Hungry For You, AM Harte Explores The Disturbing And Delightful In An Anthology That Unearths The Thin Boundary Between Love And Death

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    Original post at One More PageWhen we say the word zombies , the first thought is always about a virus that makes dead peoplewell, undead It could be just a fluke, or a scientific experiment gone wrong, but either way, the virus spreads and everyone gets infected save for a few lucky or unlucky ones, depending on where they get stuck who try to live and survive amongst their undead companions.That is almost usually the common thread for zombie novels which can get really tiring if you read about it over and over again Every once in a while, though, we get some deviants to the norm, where zombification comes from the most ridiculous sources and yet it s still believable case in point Zombicorns by John Green I like reading these story lines because really, how many times will I read about a virus that makes people want to eat other people while they rot and shuffle and mumble, Brains British author A.M Harte is one of those who takes the zombie folklore and spins it around to give us a different taste of zombies pun intended When she emailed me about sending me a review copy of her anthology, Hungry For You , I was kind of hesitant to agree because it sounded so paranormal romance, and I tend to stay away from those books nowadays However, in the spirit of Valentine s Day, I decided to go for this, thinking that I would need to read a paranormal every now and then.Surprisingly, I liked Hungry For You I was thinking it would be another so so read because of the paranormal romance angle, but I was pleasantly surprised This is a collection of short stories about love and well, zombies But like I said, the author spins the zombie folklore around, focusing on different aspects of romance and zombies, giving the creatures we all love to read and talk about and kill with pea shooters and sunflowers a different approach altogether Some of the stories may not even really count as a zombie story if you re a purist, but the characters acted so much like zombies that you d really think they were infected.I was constantly surprised by the stories in this collection, and sometimes even slightly grossed out but that s just me being squeamish I still wonder why I like zombies so much when I feel squeamish easily The stories were creative, funny, romantic and sad just like what I think romance novels are The paranormal angle isn t really overwhelming, which I really appreciated, and I think other people who are tired of the usual paranormal will be pleased about that too Oh, but hey, they say zombies aren t paranormal but science fiction thoughts Personal favorites Hungry For You, Swimming Lessons, A Prayer to Garlic vegetarian zombies , The Perfect Song almost similar to Zombicorns in terms of how people become zombies, but sadder and Arkady, Kain and Zombies sweet and tragic all at the same time I think there is something for everyone in A.M Harte s Hungry For You I like it when a book surprises me I m curious to what A.M Harte will come up with next.

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    There is a lot to like in this collection It s a nice length, each story can be devoured quickly, and then mulled over, she re imagines zombies in many different ways, some of which I can t say I ve ever seen before Which is saying something Zombies have been done to death scuse the pun , rehashed in so many ways, but often using the same old bits and bobs You know meteors, folks rising from the dead, brain eating, that kind of thing I love that it explores some new angles, and blends two things you might not think to bring together as the focus point for a collection love and zombies.I actually wish I had this in paperback and that s the first time I ve had that thought since my Kindle arrived I think perhaps collections such as this are fun in paper book form though, because you can easily flick through, jump from story to story, read it in any way you want to I am still a newbie Kindle user, but it seems easiest just to read from start to finish on the thing, and not so easy to flick through a text.This is a book I would like to flick through I d have an easier time picking my favourites if I could There are a couple in there that really tickled my fancy, and when I figure out which ones they are I ll be reading it again, I have no doubt , I ll make sure I come back and post them I think for now it s enough to say that there are some really fantastic stories in there, and the ones that aren t as fantastic are still good stories A really entertaining read I gave it 4 5 stars.

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    I liked the different takes on Zombie ism we had going on here Each story was a snippet but it gave you enough info to get a feel for the different types of zombies that A.M Harte has created from the traditional flesh eaters to the zombies that gorge themselves on sex and sin to the couple that don t eat human flesh but instead prefer a animal centric diet.While I definitely enjoyed the stories as a whole, I would personally love to read something longer set in the Hungry For You world err that s the name of one of the stories, not just the book, by the way I was intrigued by the idea of zombies feeding off of sex and managing to retain some of their higher brain functions if they gorged themselves Plus, I kinda like the love angle that was going on So, yeah I m saying that my favorite story is the one that talks about zombie boners.There s something wrong with me, isn t there Overall, this was a fun and imaginative take on the idea of the walking dead There are several gems that stand out zombie boners do it for me OMG That s going to be my new slogan and several that are just flat out wickedly fun Zombie lovers, give it a try Kelly Reading the Paranormal

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    Anyone that has read any of my reviews knows that I have a special place in my heart for zombie stories I don t know why I do know that should the Zombie Apocalypse ever come into fruition, know that I will be prepared Chances of survival would be high Unless they re fast and smart zombies In that case, I haven t yet figured out what to do.Anywho After seeing the awesome price of this short story collection and that it was written by a good blog buddy AND that it had zombies I immediately bought it How can I resist a bunch of different zombie stories Zombies romance The chance to pick up survival skills is also hard to resist All in all, I really did enjoy the collection In fact, I liked it much better than I thought I would Some of the stories I really liked, some were creepy, and some were just plain weird As promised, all of the stories are pretty short If you don t like one, keep reading, I m pretty sure you ll love another one Some of the ones I enjoyed were Promises, Hungry for You, Electricity, and Swimming Lessons I thought Promises was pretty cute Yes, a zombie story that was pretty cute This might sound creepy, but Hungry for You was one of my favorite stories According to her site, a police sergeant struggles with a very unusual victim It was creepy and really different from other zombie stories you ve read No, I m serious, it was really different I liked it because the ending is creepy And I like creepy Swimming Lessons was short and creepy One of those are you kidding me scenarios.I didn t really get A Prayer for Garlic, but I ve seen other reviews and a lot of people liked it Clearly it is just me Dead Man s Rose was weird the whole way through and it really creeped me out The Cure was one that I had to reread to get it Once I did, I liked it I didn t like Seven Birds because this one was probably the weirdest of the weird I did like end though You go girl The Perfect Song was different and creepy but not one that I particularly liked Probably one of my least favorites of the collection.I still don t get Alive Arkady, Kain Zombies was unexpectedly sweet Seriously, one of my kindle notes is awwwwwwwwww Electricity was another story that I liked And I liked how the text was creatively placed.I liked that the stories had a sweet mix of weird and creepy And at times, cute Yeah, I know That s the same thing I was thinking Cute, in a zombie book She does a good job at writing them, what can I say Really, some of the stories just had me craving I loved this short story collection because it s just so different from any zombie stories I ve ever read I m looking forward to a Volume 2 if she ever decides to come out with one List of Stories because I couldn t find it anywhere A Love to Die ForPromisesHungry for YouSwimming LessonsA Prayer to GarlicDead Man s RoseThe CureSeven BirdsThe Perfect SongAliveArkady, Kain, ZombiesElectricity

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    Hungry For You is a collection of short stories by A.M Harte The common thread that holds all of these stories together is love This love is the warped, dark love that walks the line between life and death I think A.M Harte said it best when she says, Love is, you could say, very much like a zombie The stories that Ms Harte has created takes a new approach on zombie love What if being a zombie was common and couples not only had to deal with every day situations but had the added stress of decomposition to worry about A perfect, and somewhat humorous, example is A Prayer to Garlic Told from the wife s point of view, A Prayer to Garlic tells the story of what concerns a wife, who happens to be a zombie, has when her mother in law is coming over for dinner But this isn t your average zombie couple Mog and his wife happen to prefer pork over human meat which goes against everything the zombie mother in law stands for Let s hope the garlic will disguise the pork and the mother in law won t notice the difference.In The Perfect Song, Ms Harte reminds me that there may be than one way to become a zombie and affirms my decision to not drink tea at the same time When a batch of contaminated tea is released as an herbal alternative to anti depressants, Michael decides to give it a try in order to take his mind off of his current situation Michael just wants to make Valerie proud of his music and in turn, proud of him But how does a zombie stay focused when he is determined to get his next fix And last but not least, the story in which this collection is named after, Hungry For You This story takes a much different approach than the rest of its companions Ms Harte shows us that there is than one way to skin a rator in this case, than one way to feed a zombie In Hungry For You, zombies do not crave flesh, but rather crave sins of the flesh It pays to have a pretty face as only the elite survive in this tale.I strongly suggest everyone who enjoys zombies, love stories or even just twisted tales to read Hungry For You It s a guarantee that you will love most, if not all, of these stories.

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    I have to say that stories about zombies have never been high on my list of things to read It s not that I m against them, it s just that I ve never been interested enough to pick up anything that contains Zombies I am aware, however, that this sub genre has a HUGE fanbase, so when A.M Harte contacted me to ask me whether I d like to review the book, I figured it was time I finally made my first foray into their world.As it s a collection of short stories, I guess it served as a great introduction to the world of zombies As I said above, I don t have anything to compare this too, but looking at other reviews, it would seem that Harte plays around with the genre and injects new life into zombies no pun intended Whilst I can t corroborate that, what I can say is that whatever she does, she s damn good at it I loved all of the stories in this collection and I could easily have read Hell, some of the stories left me dying to know and many of them could serve as great bases for novels I guess this isn t a great thing in a short story collection, but it didn t bother me too much.The writing is creative, the plots imaginative and the twists generally unexpected I liked that some of the twists also made me think about the preceding story in a new light The feeling throughout this book is pretty much always creepy and it definitely had me feeling uneasy But it kept me hooked It had me freaked out in a good way.I would say my favourite story is the story that gives the collection it s title, Hungry For You, but as I said, for me there weren t any duds in this collection.I look forward to reading from A.M Harte

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    Book received through FirstReadsI ve been a fan of A.M Harte s work for awhile now, ever since I stumbled across her website, Qazyfiction about a year ago, and I love everything that she does And when I found out that she had written a collection of Zombie short stories, I was ecstatic Finally I could have her wonderful stories in print on my very own bookshelf I don t read too many short stories all too often, but having read Hungry For You has really sparked my interest in reading .What Ms Harte has done in this anthology is truly brilliant It s a very unique and creative twist on love and Zombies that at times made me cringe in horror and also giggle at the dark humor of it all.My favorite stories out of the whole book would have to be Hungry For You, Dead Man s Rose, The Cure, Seven Birds, Dating the Undead, and Electricity Each one of them is in their own way, unique, somewhat disturbing, and in many ways quite humorous.I m so glad that I had a chance to read this book and I recommend it to anyone who s in need of a quick Zombie read.

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    Rese a cortes a de TIL The Itzel Library4.5 5El amor, dulce traicionero, ni los zombies se escapan de sus garras Tanto es as que Anna ha tenido a bien abrirnos los ojos y llevarnos a un mundo totalmente distinto donde aquellos seres malvados cuyo nico objetivo en la no vida era comerse los cerebros de humanos despistados, y trasformarlos en algo digno de ver, de leer y de disfrutar.Primero quiero decir que el poema de Gabriel Gadfly es absolutamente hermoso y da una luz extraordinaria sobre el contenido de Hungry For You, no hay mejor comienzo que se it s my heart that beats for you.Si bien las antolog as no son de mi completo agrado, por aquello de quedarme con la duda de lo que hay despu s del fin de cada relato, he disfrutado mucho Hungry For You por un sinf n de razones Creo que la autora supo mezclar el terror, con buenas dosis de humor negro, y sobre todo, supo darle a cada zombie un lado muy humano Cuando ve a algo sobre zombies y me pas al leer Paciente Cero de Maberry, los ve a como criaturas horribles y sin coraz n, totalmente desprovistas de deseos salvo de comer y de sentimientos Mientras le a Hungry For You, en cambio, me sent a conmovida por sus personajes Uno de los relatos que ador completamente y del cual ser a totalmente feliz si s lo hubiera un despu s , es precisamente Hungry For You, el mismo que le da el nombre al libro John y Retta son los personajes mas lindos y carismaticos de todo el libro, ambas historias me conmovieron Tenemos un polic a que no puede verse ajena a una violaci n zombie, totalmente dulce Dead Man s Rose es otro relato muy bien hecho, donde una mujer sufre los efectos de vivir con un marido abusivo Swimming Lessons, Arkady, Kain Zombies y Dating the Undead fueron de los mejores The Cure, por el contrario tuve que leerlo y leerlo para intentar comprender lo que sucedi , no puedo decir que lo haya entendido del todo.Me ha encantado leer Hungry For You y si alguien tiene la posibilidad de leerlo, s que no se van a arrepentir, una nueva visi n de los zombies y una muy buena met fora del mundo humano, simplemente maravilloso Love, sweet treacherous, not even the zombies escape from their claws So much so that Anna has seen fit to open our eyes and lead to a completely different world where those evil beings whose sole purpose in non life was eating the brains of humans clueless and transform them into something worth seeing, read and enjoy First I want to say that the poem by Gabriel Gadfly is absolutely beautiful and gives an extraordinary light on the content of Hungry For You, there is no better start than that it s my heart that beats for you.While anthologies are not to my complete satisfaction, for that to stay with the question of what lies beyond the end of each story, I really enjoyed Hungry For You by a myriad of reasons I think she knew to mix the horror with a good dose of black humor and, above all, knew to give each zombie a very human side When I saw something about zombies and even when I read Patient Zero by Maberry, saw them as hideous and heartless creatures, totally devoid of desires except food and feelings As I read Hungry For You, however, I felt moved by their characters One of the stories completely adored and which would be quite happy if only I had a after is precisely Hungry For You, it gives its name to the book John and Retta are the most beautiful and charismatic characters of the entire book, both stories moved me We have a police officer can not be done blind eye to a violation zombie, totally sweet.Dead Man s Rose is another story very well done, where a woman suffering from the effects of living with an abusive husband Swimming Lessons, Arkady, Kain Zombies and Dating the Undead were among the best The Cure, however I had to read it and read it to try to understand what happened, I can not say I ve fully understood.I enjoyed reading Hungry For You and if anyone has the ability to read, I know you will not regret it, a new vision of zombies and a very good metaphor for the human world, just wonderful El material fue enviado por la autora a cambio de una rese a honesta Nuestros comentarios se basan nicamente en nuestra lectura, no percibimos ning n tipo de remuneraci n por ellas.

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    A while back, I remember a friend joking about how there were vampire romances, werewolf romances, ghost romances, and finally after musing over the different shades of paranormal romance out there, he said, What s next Zombie romance A.M Harte s Hungry For You answers that question with a resounding yes It s a collection of short zombie love stories and poems The topics range from zombies in love, to humans in love with zombies, to humans in love with each other fighting off the zombies, to humans facing their loved ones slowly turning into zombies If zombies and love can be worked into it, Harte s written about it.As writing from the point of view of flow of words, elegant prose, and vivid description, these stories were quite lovely As writing from the point of view of world building and taking an old classic trope, the zombie, and spiffing it up for the modern reader, they are very well done In fact, my only real complaint about this book is that it s a collection of short stories and not a novel.There are so many intriguing questions raised by this collection How did the zombie plague start How did it end Why What happened to the zombies when it was over and on and on, all of which I would have been very happy to know about It s high praise to tell a writer that you wanted , but this collection was a bit like going to a really good restaurant, getting a plate covered in little tidbits, some are plate licking good, some are just tasty, but in the end, as you re staring at that empty plate, you re still hungry As with any collection of short stories, some of the tales were stronger than others The first few in particular didn t seem like complete stories to me I kept expecting the book to go back to those characters and tell me about what happened But they were left in eternal literary limbo Once past them, I lost the sense of Huh That s it and enjoyed the stories that came next immensely.So, if you d like to expand your paranormal romance horizons, go grab a copy It s well worth the money and time And, maybe, if enough of us buy Hungry For You, we ll encourage A.M Harte to write the full story of her version of the zombie plague.

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    Okay let s get this out in the open first I LOVE zombies I mean it Those undead, rotting corpses just so happen to be one of my favorite fodders for a good story Sure, they may not have a pulse That doesn t mean that they can t be totally fascinating So of course when A.M Harte approached me to review Hungry For You, I instantly accepted Anytime I see zombies and sexy see the trailer in the same paragraph, I have to wonder what is inside the pages I dived right in like a zombie eating a brain Rather than review each story separately or choose my favorites, which would be hard because they are all great, I ll just give you my overall opinion I can even give it to you in four simple words This book is awesome Seriously Each story is so different, but so well written Picking a favorite is like trying to choose an ice cream flavor on a hot day It s just too hard What I liked best was that even if a story was a little slow, or weird, the next one will pick you right up again Thus is the beauty of anthologies.Anyhow Hungry For You is a testament to why zombies are so much fun to read At their core they are still people, and they still have a humanity to them despite their decaying state Each story in this anthology shows a little bit into the mind of these shambling past humans Some are about love that grows stronger, others are about love that just won t die, and still others border on that obsessive lust that we sometimes see as love Make no mistake, these aren t your typical zombie stories There is a message in each short story, and that is what I loved so much about reading.If you love zombies, or even have a slight interest in them, you re likely to enjoy Hungry For You There is so much zombie goodness, without too much of the zombie gore Sure, you might be a bit confused at times I ll admit I had to re read one or two stories again to understand exactly what they were getting at, but overall it is so worth it Again I state, it is the humanity that these stories bring to zombie kind that makes me happy I loved it and I look forward to