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Review from www.bookflame.blogspot.comIsn t the cover just adorable But do not be fooled Hex, A Witch and Angel Tale is nowhere near the adorable, light, bubbly read that the cover may portray This book was so much than just a light read Ramona Wray has created a plot that is full of intense and suspenseful moments Not to mention a love story that spans centuries filled with twists and turns that will keep you glued to the book.Lily is labeled the town freak Everyone makes sure to stay clear of her touch because with one touch she can glimpse into a persons past and future and learn about their deepest secrets So you can imagine how shocked she is when Ryder Kingscott the hottest guy in school, who also has never paid attention to her or any other of the hundreds of girls crushing over him out of the blue asks her to the prom Then to add to Lily s state of confusion Lucian Bell the new guy who is also equally hot has eyes only for her Now add on the fact that Lucian and Ryder seem to already know each other and butt heads from the moment they see each other you can understand why Lily may be wary of both guys.This is one of those rare books where I loved all three of the main characters.Lily was a very strong female character She did show moments of vulnerability in situations that required it but always did what must be done regardless of how hard the choices and decisions she had to make were Ryder s character was a mystery in a good way The hottest guy in school, but he always kept to himself The rumor mill was filled with wild stories about him My curiosity about Ryder was one of the reasons I was glued to Hex, A Witch and Angel Tale Wray took me on an adventure with his character and right when I thought I knew everything there was about him, I was pulled into another twist and turn that just left me in utter shock In the end I was very satisfied with how the mystery around him was wrapped up.As far Lucian Bell is concerned on the surface their wasn t much depth to him Not until I really got to know him and found out how intriguing he really is We are introduced to him as the latest eye candy at Rosemound High, but unlike Ryder he was Mr Popular He got along with everyone, threw house parties and seemed to be your regular high schooler But as I read on, and his character unraveled, I learned there was so much depth to him, some of his actions just made me go wow Especially the ending.There were traces of a love triangle but I loved how Wray nipped that in the bud Lily was not the confused damsel in distress that couldn t make up her mind on who she loved and wanted to be with Even when things were at it s worse she loved only one.I can t say enough good things about this book, it really grabbed me I read it in a day and stayed up well into the middle of the night just to finish it up I can t wait to see what other books Ramona Wray has coming in the near future With her writing style and story telling she has definitely made a fan out of me. I started reading this book from another city I read it in the carin the the hotelin the airplane with the noisiest airplane mates I ve ever experienced, I swear it was like a market up there anyway..and finished it at home It was quite a journey Judging from the book s cute cover with a pink background and girlie cartoon, you wouldn t assume it was a serious story BUT it was I thought it was a light, romantic, chick lit read but get this, I was stunned to learn it was PNR, and a very serious one at that The story Let me tell you, it brought me all kinds of emotions and feelings giddiness I say this and not happy because I was literally giggling ALL the time , embarrassment the beginning part of the story , love well, obviously , hate for some characters , confusion, hope, failure, sadness, heartaches too much of it , and happiness I was literally up and down on the roller coaster ride of feelings and such I liked the prose of the book The author used lots of metaphors and similes and explanations of phenomenons and happenings in almost every scene each chapter Sometimes I thought there were explanations and metaphors than the story telling itself, so it got boring Also, most of the time the events tended to skip from one to another which confused me a lot and made me reread what I just read Sometimes, it was the sentences were hard to understand..that s just me Anyway At the beginning, it was very much exciting, started with a clean slate, a new story to readthe main lead Lily was cute and charming and shy, the partner, Ryder, was HOT and nice., too much to handle I liked how they knew each other one year before anything happened to them in short, i loved how Ryder waited But then the start of all my frustrations began there s VERY complicated and hidden past between Lily and Ryder, which obviously we shouldn t know yet because it s still the beginning, and it must remain a MYSTERY I hated the fact that Lily didn t pester Ryder about it everyday, they just had one argument, I mean conversation on it, then CASED CLOSED that s it that s it gosh Everything went repetitive after a while boring Then come a new guy, Lucian who added spice to the boiling stew He was someone you can t just ignore and put on the sidelines, NO, he just had to be part of the story But once he was settled in, all the angry vibrations hanging in the air remain loose and basically nothing exciting happened Then come in a new chapter where thankfully the climax of the story comes inanswers are slowly answered, girl power showed, a bit of a guy fight I admit I liked , then the history of everything, the sadness and unsolvable problem revealed..too much remorse and depression BUT I have to say this, there s a BIG BIG TWIST in the story One that s in the back of your head all the time but you chose to ignore, then when the revelation came, you say I KNEW that all along, you know So okay, that s what I said It was one BIG IRONY, and I love it I miss these kinds of twists The one you expected and know will happen but just kept your mouth shut, afraid you re mistaken because it s just too obvious..but you were right all along anyway, bitterness aside I will continue The ending was very satisfying, there was no other way but that ending It was sad but happy A bit of lability there, but it s true Epic Success Overall, the metaphors did a lot of depth to the book The story was kinda unique but a lot of fun. Obviously, the first thing you re going to notice about this book is the cover You re either going to think, Oh my God, that s the cutest cover EVER like I thought , or you re going to think, Wow what a frilly pink cover Either way, you can t deny that it s not an eye catcher But if you re really expecting a frilly story to match the cover, you re going to be sorely disappointed Why Because Hex A Witch and Angel Tale reaches deeper than just a fun, young adult book But if you re looking for a story rich in action, well written characters, plot, romance and suspense well then, you ve come across the right book I don t know what I was truly expecting from this book I think when author Ramona Wray asked me to review her book, I was thinking it d be a fun and fluffy read What I didn t expect was to be so completely swept up in Lily s story Lily is one of the strongest females that I have come across in some time, but she s not without fault While she s smart, strong willed and witty as ever her one liners had me crying, I was laughing so hard , she s still confused and vulnerable She knows that there are connections with Ryder and Lucian, but she doesn t know what those connections are and has to figure it out for herself throughout the story.Ryder and Lucian are also both strong characters While both are mysteries at the beginning, you get to know them better as the story is told Both of their fates are twisted together with Lily s and it was nice to see that they both took steps into determining their own fate, not completely depending on Lily to do everything herself While the idea of a love triangle was flirted with between the three of them, I m impressed at how well it was tackled For once, we don t have a weak girl indecisively flitting back and forth between the two guys No, we have a girl who makes a decision and, while some things that come to her attention may confuse her and make her think she made the wrong choice, she never strays She sticks by her decisions and her feelings, and doesn t sway just because she s being led to think that it s the right thing to do Because of this, I wanted to jump up and scream a hallelujah Finally, an author gets it Yes, you can have a girl that s chased after by than one guy without making her seem completely careless with the guys feelings, leading both of them on while she finds herself or whatever excuse they use these days.The past and present in this story is intricately weaved together seamlessly, giving you just the right taste of what s going on to help you understand what needs to happen in the story Twists and turns are around every corner in this book Between the action, the backstory and hilarious commentary, this story will have you flipping anxiously until the very end And just when you think you know what s going to happen, BAM You get hit with a curve ball that you don t see coming The conclusion of the story is bittersweet, yet perfect I couldn t see it ending any other way This book far exceeded anything that I could have anticipated when picking it up I am absolutely enthralled by it.My sincerest praises go out to the author who is not only a great person to talk to, but an incredible storyteller with a very promising future in writing She is definitely one that I will continue to follow Originally Posted Missy s Reads Reviews always say to never judge a book by the cover and, well, I ll admit, I tend to ALWAYS check the cover first thing So when I saw the cover of this books I though Oh My Gosh Ain t that a cutie or what Ain t it make you want to poke at her cheeks So when I got a chance to get my hands on it, I said Bring it on Expecting a cute bubbly fluffy, pink story I m not gonna say how wrong I was cause, yeah, it does have its bubbly but, Oh Boy I would have NEVER though that a Book with such cover could go as deep as it actually went But I m skipping ahead.From the moment I started the first chapter I was hooked You get thrown into Lily s head I immediately felt a connection with her and could relate to her in a million ways I think she s the kind of character that owns a Strong voice And I mean this seriously it reminded me of being inside my own head, natural The way her mind works combined with her sarcastic sense of humor just made it an extra delight to accompany her through the book And I could tell all this just form the first chapter Also, from chapter One, you get Ryder, one of the boys who s determined to fight for Lily s heart He was sexy cocky and just pure charm But like any well written and deep character, there s always than meets the eye, isn t it Dark, mysterious and tortured that you can imagine, are part of the descriptions that can also fit Ryder I m usually not a big fan of way to tortured characters but Ryder was just God How can I describe There were times where all I wanted to do was rip his shirt off, to others where all I wanted to do was held him in my arms and comfort him Finally found the words Pure celestial Delight.And I haven t introduced our piece of heaven Lucian, also in the run for Lily s love And I think I ll stop here I mean, I don t want to give it all away in just one review, now do I ok, maybe just a littleLily s and Ryder s relationship advances quickly, you may think that its total unrealistic but you can immediately tell theres to it Also, somewhere in between the story all I was doing was gripping my head and saying No No NO HE CAN T BE Zomygod. He is And in a desperate need to figure out what was going on, I would go back to past pages in search of clues, bits and pieces I could ve missed, to a point where I told my brother it was driving me mad to not know And he gave the most incredible suggestion ever Why don t you like, CONTINUE READING THE BOOK Such wise words coming out of my brothers lips I m still shocked.From unexpected twists and turns, breathtaking romance, full of passion, mysteries and magic, comments so hilarious I was crying , and an adorable little black cat, Hex, A Witch And Angel Tale is the perfect fit for A Great Novel With and ending, and ACTUAL ENDING One of those clich ones that say THE END.I can t remember the last YA novel of this genre that had this words actually pressed in the end or maybe there are but, like, in the 9th book of the series It was sad to see Lily s story come to an end but, I ended with such a good taste in my mouth, that I m just plain happy for Lily I m still smiling at just remembering everything.Thank You so much to Ramona Wray for giving me the opportunity to review her novel, I have now become and unconditional fan and look forward to of her work Hex, A With And Angel Tale is the kind of book that takes a hold of you from the first line, holds on tight, and refuses to let go until you ve ripped through the last page, and once those six letters close the book, it lingers inside your head for A long time Highly Recommended Highly Addicting Highly Seductive Pure Celestial Delight image error What do you get when you combine enthralling mythology, sweeping romance, witty snark, and one very pink cover A compulsively readable story that will have you swooning, biting your nails, and laughing all in one sitting Hex, A Witch and Angel Tale This book is like a Meg Cabot Lauren Kate lovechild Need I say And look at that cover Isn t it just the cutest thing I thought so, too It s unique enough to catch your eye and still remain professional and aesthetically wonderful I did find the cover to be a bit misleading, though, truth be told Upon first glance it seems to exude a certain air of fluff and frill that couldn t be farther from the truth That pretty much describes this story, too surprising in the best possible way Lily Crane is an great protagonist, full of sarcastic charm and always ready with a scathing one liner Her inability to be physically close to people echoes the fears she has of emotional connections, as well, which only makes her endearing I very much enjoyed the progression of her character as she learns to trust herself and others Ryder, the resident mysterious heartthrob of Rosemound High School, is a tall drink of water on a hot afternoon He is just so vulnerable and romantic that you just can t help but swoon The chemistry between these two characters leaps off the page One of the very best parts of this book, however, is that it keeps you guessing Once you think you ve got it all figured out, Ramona shakes things up again with a few plot twists here and there that you won t see coming at least, I didn t This book is truly a breath of fresh air through the YA shelves, and I whole heartedly recommend that you rush off to and snatch up a copy for yourselves Be sure to drop by Ramona s website and leave her a message, too She is such a dear and a pleasure to talk to You can find reviews and other fun stuff at my book blog, BookLungs Don t judge a book by its cover More importantly, don t judge this book by its cover The first thing that anyone says when they first look at Hex s cover, including me, is, OMGOBLINS THAT S SO CUUUTE Admit it, you just had a little gush session over the pinkness But this book is so much than just a pink cover It s deep and superbly written, with a twisting and winding plot line that spans several centuries Hex is a romance and a mystery all in one, with illicit love affairs, vengeful sisters, half angel hit men, and a love that is doomed to die just as it s starting.From the very first pages, I was hooked Ramona has a way of writing that takes a short while to get into, but eventually, I fell into the rhythm of the book and I couldn t stop reading There is a constancy to the plot that kept it going steadily, without a dull moment or a lag.Lily, our main character, has this tiny problem every time she touches someone for longer than a few seconds, she passes out This of course makes her the freak at her school Growing up with this problem she can t even touch her own parents she s learned to be very independent She was logical for the most part, although there were some parts in the end where I wanted to jump into the book and smack a little sense into her She has a best friend J, who is eccentric and totally loveable, and their relationship added depth to Lily Every girl needs that one best friend that she can confide everything with Lily s parents were also great characters, even if we didn t see too much of her dad What surprised me was that Lily already knew she was a witch, or at least understood that she had magical capabilities, and was very level headed with them.And now we come to my favorite part Ryder and Lucian Okay, I ll admit for the millionth time that I m a sucker for the bad boy but how do you choose when both of them fit the bill Ryder wasn t necessarily a bad boy per se, but he rode a motorcycle, and he was pretty damn sexy, so in my head it counts Lucian well, he was my favorite character I was never able to figure him out completely, and that s what I liked best He acted a little forward in ways that made me want to slap him senseless, but he was still my favorite But Lily, Ryder, and Lucian are all entwined somehow, Lily just has to figure out how.The only thing I have as critique is that I wished Lily and Ryder s relationship had built up I understand that they were soul mates, and they were meant to be together, but the earlier tension of Lily s hesitation and inner conflict over what she should do, as well as the tense chemistry between them, were some of the best parts.Overall, I loved Hex I loved it all the because it was nothing how I thought it would be, yet it still blew me away, greatly surpassing any preconceived notions I had of it A DEFINITE must read Plot 4 5Characters 5 5Uniqueness Creativity 5 5Writing 4 5Cover 5 5Overall 5 5 I wasn t sure what I was going to find when it came to Hex I knew that the book was going to be about witches which I love and angels, which are always fun to read about Those two types of supernaturals together sounds like something awesome, right Well it was definitely a fun read, that s for sure.The thing I was looking forward to most was the magic in this book Since Lily, the main character, is a witch, I expected there to be a lot of it There wasn t In fact, the real magic didn t come until the climax of the book, unfortunately The angels were touched on , but still not as thoroughly as I would have hoped.The writing in Hex was simple and fun It kept me reading, and I was definitely entertained throughout the book There was humor where it was appropriate, along with some very intense scenes where those fit All in all, Ramona Wray has a great start in the writing world and I d like to see what she comes up with next.Lily was a superb main character She was witty, charming, and sarcastic There needs to be sarcasm in YA literature The only thing that bugged me about her is how she feel so deeply in love with Ryder so quickly, and how she also felt that insane attraction to Lucian Speaking of those two, they were both the ultimate love interest when you first meet them As the story goes on, however, you learn things that change your opinions on both of them I m still not sure who I would have liked Lily to end up with in the end, but I know who does Hex is a fun supernatural romance that blends humor and severity very well The writing is simple and entertaining, and it kept me reading eagerly The characters were great, even though they fell so deeply in love so very fast Try it out, it might be for you. I never would have guessed that angels and witches could be combined without inserting a nauseating level of cheese into the writing, but Ramona Wray pulls it off, merging the two in such a way to produce an epic romance that that literally transcends time.Enter Lily, your typical seventeen year old girl, except for one thing she s a witch Lily has the unusual ability to see into somebody s past with a single touch, but her visions come at a painful price Which is why when she touches Ryder without the painful aftershock, you know that they re destined to be together Even though I thought that Ryder was your typical paranormal romance heartthrob good looks, dark secrets, and a patient nature , Lily was a fabulous and unique protagonist She s sarcastic, intelligent, loyal, pragmatic, braveall of the qualities I hope to see in a heroine, and the way she narrated her story had me laughing, swooning, and cheering on almost every page But most important, by the end of the book she was just as strong of a character as she was in the beginning I can t tell you how many times I ve read a paranormal romance only to find that the Strong Heroine in the beginning melts into a puddle with little backbone than a blob of pudding at the first sight of her White Horse Hero Thank you Ramona, for reminding us that it IS possible to write a teen romance novel without sacrificing the main character s strength and personality Actually, to be honest, the romance of this book surprised me I figured it was going to be the typical two boys fighting over one girl who can t make up her mind sort of deal, but it was far from it Lily doesn t waste time figuring out which man in her life will be good for her, but there are curve balls along the way that make her question her intuition Lucian played his part well Half the time I couldn t tell if I wanted to strangle or hug him Yes, even though he initially comes off as the third corner of the oh so familiar YA love triangle, he turns out to be so much , with a deeper connection to Lily AND Ryder than I saw coming The three of them share a terrible burden, victims to a past and a curse that can t be revoked The magical elements of the story were very down to earth, with less wand waving and Wiccan based rituals It s been such a long time since I read a book where the magic involved in a story was pseudo realistic and based off actual religious practices It was a wonderful change of pace, and made Lily s interaction with the angelic elements of the book interesting and almost plausible since they re backed by religious and historical fact.Though the book did lag in some parts, overall, I found Hex, a Witch and Angel Tale to be a surprisingly fun read It was cute, it was deep, and above all else, compared to the other paranormal romances out there, it was different It offered a unique blend of magical and religious lore that created a very intelligent romance So don t be fooled the book is not as fluffy as the cute cover makes it seem Pick it up if you re looking for a read that combines two very different kinds of fantasy and combines them well This review was posted as part of the Hex, A Witch and Angel Tale blog tour For information, or links to the other blogs participating in the tour, check out the review on my blog Hex A Witch and Angel Tale by Ramona Wray was like eating cotton candy at an amusement park on a sunny Saturday with your best friends light, fun, and consistently entertaining.Seventeen year old Lily Crane goes to Rosemound High in Michigan with her best friend Jane Archer J for short , and like so many girls her age, she is smitten with the elusive Ryder Kingscott the rough around the edges primary love interest But, unlike other girls her age, Lily is a witch with the ability to see into people s lives the moment she touches them and everyone at Rosemound High is aware of this little tidbit about her But, even in spite of this gift I think , Ryder eventually asks Lily out And just as the cute couple s relationship starts to blossom, Lucien Bell, an attractive new kid in town suddenly enters their life, thus forming the love triangle of this novel Right off the bat, I adore the cartoony, Bewitched inspired cover And as I began flipping through the fast paced chapters, I quickly realized that the cover played on the whimsical, fun, magical theme of the book This book is seriously an adult fairy tale Unfortunately, there were two aspects of the book that fell short for me The first was character development, especially Lily s As the protagonist of the novel, Lily was intelligent, thoughtful, and had conviction, but even after observing these characteristics, I still felt like she was a caricature of a real person still two dimensional This issue could have been remedied by slowing down the pace of the emotional parts of the book and by adding even descriptions Typically, when I read about an emotion any emotion I prefer the emotion to dwell and simmer for a while so the impact is stronger, pronounced When it came time to delve into the character s emotional scenes, Wray was bypassing them so fast to keep pace with the book that it ended up lacking impact I also wished that Wray had focused on Lily s background in magic and witchery perhaps dedicated an entire chapter or two and provided us with a history lesson on Lily s mystical ancestry and how she learned what she knew That would have been quite entertaining to have read Now, here s what I really liked about the book I liked Wray s incorporation of the past and the present into the plot and also Wray s use of popular people Sherlock Holmes, Miley Cyrus, etc , places, and events as both frames of references and building blocks for humor Also, I was astounded by Wray s level of creativity throughout the entire book The creativity was practically oozing from each page But by far and away, my favorite part of the book was the surprise ending I have always prefer endings that are unpredictable, different, unconventional an ending that s gut wrenching, bittersweet, or perhaps even deeply tragic, because there s a daring quality to the author s intent that s not so safe, so middle of the road and I respect that And the ending to Hex A Witch and Angel Tale falls perfectly into this unpredictable category Thank you for this, Ramona Wray. Like Most Girls At Rosemound High School, Seventeen Year Old Lily Crane Is Acutely Aware Of Ryder Kingscott Hands Down The Cutest Guy In School, Ryder Is Cool, Mysterious, And Utterly Untouchable Especially For Lily For When She Touches Someone, Lily Instantly Learns All About Their Lives And While Such A Skill Might Seem Nifty, In Truth It Is Wrecking Lily S Life So She Is Shocked When Ryder Asks Her Out And Even Shocked To Discover He Has A Rival Lucian Bell Is The Gorgeous New Kid Who Can T Take His Eyes Off Of Lily Being Pursued By Two Hotties Should Make A Girl Happy, But Lily Is Skeptical The Boys Act As If They Ve Met Before, Hating Each Other With A Passion That Could Only Be Rooted In A Dark, Dangerous Past A Past Full Of Terrible Secrets The Kind Of Secrets That Could Get A Girl Killed