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Woe Is Georgia Georgia Nicolson Thought Life Was Hard When Her Only Worry Was Whether Masimo Would Choose Her Over Wet Lindsay But Then Dave The Laugh Started Acting Strange And Everything Was Turned Upside Down When Robbie The Sex God Suddenly Returned In This Eighth Entry Of The Confessions Of Georgia Nicolson Series, Every Reader Will Be Wishing They Had Georgia S ProblemsAbout The AuthorLOUISE RENNISON Is The Author Of Seven Other Books About Georgia She Lives In Brighton, England

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    Italian Cakey Creamy Robbie clair Or Dave the tart I CHOOSE DAVE THE TART E RRRRRYTIME

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    Yessssss Luuurved it, naturally, though Georgia really is quite stupid, isn t she I had to fight the urge to refer to her as a naff prat just then Things to remember I am not British Nor am I 14 Masimo, the Italian Stallion, does absolutely nothing for me, and I wish he did an equal amount of nothing for her Alas.Variations on the word bitch were used four times I think Almost as shocking as the use of the word slut in Harry Potter I mean, why call someone a bitch when you ve got a whole glossary of interesting nonsense words to choose from at the very back of your own book

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    I m not proud, but I totally got hooked on the Angus, Thongs, and Full Frontal Snogging books when I was in library school They re kind of like the Bridget Jones s Diary books, but for teens And you can read them in one sitting This latest installment is as fluffy as the rest and I shudder to think what a real life Georgia Nicholson would be like she s awful , but I still get a kick out of the humor and the glossary provided for Georgia s American chums.

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    I never want this series to end I just love Georgia It s crazy, ridiculous, hilarious, adorable

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    For a minute there I thought this was going to be a three star book While I love Gee and the Ace Gang, I can only read about Libby s bizarre toys and the disco inferno with all its many incarnations so many times Fortunately, Robbie and Dave the Laugh brought this book home in a big big way I immediately had to begin book 9 and it is with mixed emotions that I enter the home stretch and the impending end of this series.Gee is on the rack and in the cake shop of lurve Robbie is back from kiwi a gogo land and ready to give things another go Massimo is free and would like to know if Gee is free for him too With two Gods to choose from, things couldn t be any complicated, right Wrong G s red bottomosity ways have really caused a problem this time because desptie having a cake of lurve and a Robbie eclair, what G is really thinking about is a Dave tart The horn has sounded, who will she choose

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    I never want this series to end I just love Georgia It s crazy, ridiculous, hilarious, adorable

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    4 Stars BiologyThe film turns out to be about bees It is a film about a bee center How crap is this going to be An hour laterThat was the best thing I have seen for ages We made Miss Wilson rewind the bit where the two queens were having a bitch fight BOOK EIGHT is down Georgia Nicolson, like her creator, is hilarious Her stories are even funnier The crazy things that come out of her mouth are a poster quote worthy Seriously, guys, aren t you tired of me telling how hilarious these books are No, well let me keep telling you the same thing over and over This is the first day of the rest of my life So why is my hair sticking up like a cockerel Georgia s character has grow up a bit Please give her a hand, because thats a really a judge step I have been rambling on about how her character is immature, stupid, but hilarious BUT she keeps getting wiser each book Not wiser wiser, but looking like a normal teenager, soon to be adult This book began she escaping from he reality, but when she has to face it again, she makes the best decision, not my opinion It s hard to tell the truth sometimes, especially if you don t want to hurt someone And you did You said what you feel And you must do what is right for you, not what other people say is right Robbie did land, but so did Masimo and don t forget always here Dave the Laugh Georgia has a tough life, that s for sure Three boys after her and she thinking who to choose, but always leaving Dave out of the question because he is her mate, as he said So, the decision is between Robbie and Masimo, who will be the lucky one Apart from all that problem, there isn t much of the book, but I really laugh A LOT with everything Please, mates read this book I always want to tell him everything But instead I said, What s your advice, Hornmeister And he started doing pretend beard stroking and said, Well, luuurve is a many trousered thing

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    Georgia, a high strung British teenager with boy troubles and an embarrassing family, is continuing her trend of having no idea which guy to chase Robbie was her first real boyfriend, but the way he left her was disappointing, and now that he s back she s not sure she is ready to be into him again even though he s truly gorgeous and kisses well And then there s also Masimo, who is almost equally gorgeous and almost equally good at kissing okay, maybe better, on both counts , and further he s aggressively pursuing her to the point that he s making a midnight rendezvous with her and inviting her to visit him in Italy Why do all the boys run away Which one does she like Her friends aren t much help, with the exception, perhaps, of Dave the Laugh who s surprisingly supportive of her relationships despite that she has also considered HIM Georgia has to decide, with the help of her ace gang and some kissing experiments, or she ll be on the rack of luuuuurve forever.This one was just about as hilarious and fun as the others, a quick read, and full of bizarre situations that are just weird enough to never get old when they keep happening I don t like that the dialogue makes really rude comments sometimes about fat people and lesbians, but I guess since I m not necessarily supposed to think Georgia and her friends are nice people they re often not , I am still able to enjoy it Her boy problems are not relatable to me, but they re really funny.

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    Georgia is shallow and immature and truly needs to grow up, but these books are still very funny Sadly, there s a girl in my year who steals all of Georgia s phrases and words, and everyone thinks she s wonderfully original I was slightly annoyed at Georgia moaning about how crap History is, and also how unromatic Germans and the German language is The most gentlemanly man I ve ever met is from Germany, so she clearly is quite biased Anyway, a light read and only took me a few hours to get through It s obvious that Georgia is meant to be with Dave their levels of maturity match and I feel kind of sorry for Robbie and Masimo having to put up with a girlfriend who believes that the most important things about them are their looks and how good they are at kissing 19 01 09 Upon my second reading I ve knocked the rating from 5 10 to 4 10 Georgia is so self obsessed and shallow I ve come to realise that she is the sort of girl who I have to tell off when she s misbehaving in my school library Yes, I, like Wet Lindsay, am a spoffy prefect But hey, I m going to end up with a wonderful, caring boyfriend one day who cares about the environment and writes thoughful songs and she ll be stuck with Dave the Laugh, whose only subject of conversation is her breasts Despite this, I probably will read the ninth book some day, just because I don t like to give up on a series part way through.

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    Every time I read one of these books I always ask myself, why I still don t know the answer It s a ok read but I know I have far out grown reading books like this and yet when a new one comes out I pick it up and read it I can t even understand half the things that Georgia is going on about in the story Then I find myself going around saying things like fabby Oh well, I know when book 9 comes out I ll read that too and start thinking to myself, why.