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This second short story collection is unfortunately the weakest part of the Witcher universe that I have read It is not on the level of The Last Wish, the stories feel mashed together without the same sense of purpose as in the other book, and they are less exciting, less symbolic and less epic.However, I love experiencing the world of the Witcher and following Geralt of Rivia and Yennefer of Vengerberg on their adventures even though Yennefer is dreadfully annoying in this book compared to other volumes Sword of Destiny is also very much worth reading for a Witcher fan as it provides a proper introduction to Ciri, adding context to the happenings of The Last Wish and the main saga.Overall, this is a decent book, although it doesn t quite fulfil its huge potential.Witcher reviews 1 The Last Wish 2 Sword of Destiny 3 Blood of Elves I read this book in swedish called dets Sv rd Sword of Destiny and let me just say WOW Sapkowski, you f ing rule.It doesn t seem like the Swedish publishers will publish any Sapkowskibooks, and all I can say is Your Loss, man.Luckily, the Witcher Saga is available in English Everything about this book is awesome, from the characters to the world, to the humor and the fighting scenes Geralt is a true badass, although he tries not to act like one And his, kind of tragic, love story with Yennefer really gets to you unless you are a ghoul or something, and then Geralt will find you and destroy you So, if you haven t yet read any Andrzej Sapkowski, do it now Yesterday if you could You wont regret it. Miecz Przeznaczenia Jest Zbiorem Opowiada Stanowi Cych Swoist Kontynuacj Przyg D Geralta Ze Zbioru Ostatnie Yczenie , A Zarazem Poprzedza Histori Opisan W Sadze O Wied Minie Generalnie Opowiadania Sk Adaj Ce Si Na Omawiany Zbi R Nie R Ni Si Niczym Od Napisanych Wcze Niej Geralt Dzi Ki Swojej Sile, Odwadze I Inteligencji Walczy Z Potworami B D W Inny Spos B Stara Si Pomaga Ludziom Wiat, W Kt Rym Rozgrywa Si Akcja, Jest Przedstawiony W Spos B Niezwykle Plastyczny, Co Sprawia, I Mo Na Go Sobie Bez Wi Kszych Problem W Wyobrazi Ksi Ka Przesi Kni Ta Jest Emocjami, Marzeniami I Warto Ciami Na Kartach Opowiada Widzimy Mi O , Po Wi Cenie, Honor, Determinacj Spowodowan Zamiarem Udzielenia Pomocy Ukochanemu, Przywi Zanie Do W Asnej Ziemi Review of 2 books The Last Wish and The Sword of Destiny It s been a while since I ve indulged in some sword and sorcery, and I m happy to have come upon a trailer of The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt on Youtube It s visually stunning and highly fascinating I wanted to learn about the game and, to cut this story short I guess you know where this is going anyway , discovered Andrzej Sapkowski s written wonders I m sure the games are awesome, but I m quite glad that I can immerse myself in The Witcher universe through my preferred medium The Last Wish and The Sword of Destiny are each a collection of short, inter connected stories that read very much like a character study A study of the witcher, Geralt of Rivia, and his tormented relationship with the concept of destiny The stories are nonlinear, but the links are easy to follow, and not every story turns out the way you might think or expect.It s really hard for me to convey the depth of these collection of stories They have a range of tone humor, romance, adventure, intrigue that is amazing The writing is contemporary and yet has a resonance that feels timeless It reminds me of Tolkien, in that there is a depth to the world Sapkowski has created that makes you feel like it s been around for a very long time The books rank right up there amidst the fantasy genre as most immersive and entertaining Sapkowski has an interesting way of setting up a story according to traditional fantasy and fairy tale fashion, then allowing the darkest facets of our own world bleed through the pages Complicated questions about morality, religion, diversity, progress, and love are incorporated into the stories and the characters.I fell in love with Geralt and his story,and he never disappoints with his perspective or his choices He is relatable in a way that he is not the hyper self righteous paragon of justice like many fantasy protagonists He s merely a tradesman, of an albeit interesting line of work, trying somewhat desperately to keep his head above water and do the right thing There s something of us all in Geralt in that respect.I find the stories well written, suspenseful and engaging The characters are diverse, colorful and relatable One of the treasures of Sapkowski s style is how much of the plot is revealed through character interactions Conversations flow naturally yet give all the necessary exposition and world building The characters are interesting, believable and three dimensional no matter how small their role The stories are at times bleak and grim, and yet there is an odd sense of whimsy like you might find in a classic Grimm s fairy tale They can be comical or tragic but never contrived.Overall, these are highly satisfying reads and I would highly recommend this to anyone who has a penchant for tough and gritty heroes who slay monsters and protect even the dumbest jerks from themselves with wisdom, dry wit, swordplay and a grounded sense of realism Now I m doubly excited to move on to the main series Review iz 2014 Jedne ve eri se D on Grin i Paolo Koeljo otkinuli od Rubinovog Vinjaka i odlu ili da pi u fantastiku po to tu sad le i lova Ti dnapi e onaj lozofski deo one one nutra nje mono loooge i spolja njekaksezovu , zapetlja Grin jezikom, a ja dnapi em ljubvne pri e i dialogitakoto Ae , re e Koeljo, pre nego to je glavom opalio o ve lepljivi sto i skotrljao se na pod bifea ep.I tako je nastala ova knjiga. Collection of stories Some were good, others not so good. Ach, ich liebe diese Welt Ich liebe Geralt Ich liebe Rittersporn Ich liebe alles Bin so froh, dass ich noch eine ganze Reihe B cher vor mir hab. 3.5 5 stars.The compelling characterisation of Geralt and the imaginative world of Slavic lore and fairy tale retellings continue in Sword of Destiny, the second collection of prequel short stories Sword of Destiny was published after the first three full length novels of The Witcher series As a new reader to the series, however, I was able to read the books in chronological order which is quite essential as this instalment served as the bridge between The Last Wish and Blood of Elves I found that The Last Wish is overall a better book than Sword of Destiny with the connectivity of having a frame story wrapped around the short stories This latter book feels disjointed for me, and I did not enjoy Geralt s development as much, especially when it comes to his overwhelming obsession with Yennefer, whom I do not like much It pains me to see how Geralt seemed to lose a bit of himself and his badassery whenever he is around the sorceress It didn t help that she can be quite a bitch at times There are also less killing monsters and romance in this collection of Geralt s adventures Truth be told, I don t typically favour a lot of romance in my stories Nonetheless, the tale which borrowed from The Little Mermaid was one of the best in this book, and the love story herein is quite touching Dandelion, the bard, can aggravate me as much as make me laugh, but the ending ofA Little Sacrificebrought tears to my eyes.Fascinating creatures continue to pop up, and my favourite in this book was the mimic or the doppler a creature which not only can mimic one s physiognomy but also one s psychology from the taleEternal FlameThe story on its own did not seem to contribute much to the overarching story of Geralt except to again solidify the inaccurate general perception of witchers being cold blooded killers However, the arc that I was most looking forward to was the titular story, Sword of Destiny Ever since I ve read the short storyA Question of Pricein The Last Wish, I was waiting for this crucial moment the introduction of Princess Ciri and her first meeting with Geralt And it was a darn good one, which was made all the interesting with the appearance of the mysterious dryads and their protected land of Brokilon where all humans cannot trespass on pain of death.The final pieceSomething Morewas the clincher to this theme of destiny As much as the White Wolf did not appear to believe in destiny or perhaps refused to , it will not let him go And war is coming with the invasion of the Nilfgaardians All I can say is that if you are a fan of The Witcher, do not pass up on this novel While I find a few of the stories here less than impressive, the last two are essential to the storyline, and the overall book is still enjoyable You can purchase the book from Book Depository Free shipping worldwideYou can also find this, and my other reviews at Novel Notions. This is a second collection of short stories featuring Geralt of Rivia If I understand correctly it was written before The Last Wish, but chronologically comes after that one The stories of this anthology are longer and less funny although one of them can be considered to be entirely humorous As most of the people already know Geralt is a witcher This means he hunts monsters for living He is also considered to be a mutant by many as his training included undergoing some chemical herbs and magical treatment that left him not quite human So what does the guy do in this anthology He is being lovesick he is madly in love with Yennefer, he does his damned to escape what he thinks is his destiny, he follows his Codex which does not allow him to kill intelligent monsters Have you notice something is missing in this description Exactly, the monster hunter does everything, but hunting monsters This makes even one of the characters wonder how the heck he made his living with his nonexistent work related income it feels kind of like this Unsurprisingly Geralt is broke most of the time I would like to talk about the love part of the book What is a cornerstone clich of a romance novel The one without which the whole genre would not exists at all It is a standard situation when two people are deeply in love with each other, but both of them keep creating obstacles that prevent them from being together, knowing exactly what they are doing I mean imagine two people meet each other, fall in love, get married right away within a couple of pages, and fall into a standard married routine Who in the right mind would read such a boring book Geralt and Yennefer is exactly such couple The troubles they go to NOT be with each other boggle the mind As you might guess these situations feel a little old They felt old during Shakespeare time actually At least in the Great Bard s tale it were families that kept the kids separated It was not a bad anthology despite my criticism, but it did resulted in a lower rating by half a star I am also willing to cut some slack due to a fact that it was the first written installment of the series The next book promptly goes to my to read shelf. Uh oh, I think my boyfriend Geralt is on strike I mean, why else would the Most Deliciously Scrumptious Witcher Ever aka the Super Hot if Slightly Mutant Monster Slayer MDSWEakatSHiSMMS butcher such a ridiculously low amount of supernatural beasts in this volume Well, I guess it is also possible that his evil boring twin took over while I was, um, otherwise engaged with some of my other harem, um, boarders and stuff Or maybe he was abducted by aliens, submitted to vigorous brain reprogramming sessions, and then shipped back to us via Expedited Shrimp Express ESE Who the fish knows In any case, there is way too little delicious slaughter here and way too much pondering on the meaning of life, destiny, blah blah blah and all that crap Not to mention the inordinate amount of Suicide Inducing Lovey Dovey Crap SILDC one has to bravely endure while reading this book Indeed.Okay, so there s some really good, err, what s the word for this Oh, yes, I remember now, stuff is the technical term I m looking for So yes, there is definitely some good stuff here a little bit of intrigue, a pinch of adventure, a dash of Let s Gleefully Hack at Things LGHaT , a speck of humor, a drop of shenanigans and a soup on of my homicidally sexy boyfriend Alas, unfortunately and stuff, sufficient to make this short story collection as yummilicious as The Last Wish this wasn t Most of the stories begin stupendously enough, I ll give you that, my Little Barnacles One opens with a basilisk, free warrior women and crayfish Which got me all excite because coming across my freshwater cousins in books always makes my exoskeleton tingle and stuff Another story begins with tentacles, serrated claws and mountains of exploding trash Which brought back fond memories of my past life as Marjory the Trash Heap Ah, good times.Then there is the story that kicks off with a delightfully capricious mermaid and later introduces super, um, friendly sea creatures And then the story that starts with most, um, welcoming monsters And severed limbs Oh, and let s not forget the one with the dryads So, you see, all the stories in this collection begin quite gloriously indeed The problem is, most of them then proceed to deflate like the proverbial if bloody shrimping souffl Because too many pointless ramblings and endless dialogues, not enough blood shedding Because too much allergy inducing relationship drama, not enough action And don t get me started on Yennefer Actually, no, please DO get me started on her To think I locked her up in my harem kindly offered her asylum after reading The Last Wish She was cool She was cunning She was badass She was hot She was mine But now It s pretty obvious the aliens kidnapped and then brainwashed her like they did Geralt Why else would she act like such an exasperatingly selfish or is it selfishly exasperating I forget bitch And the angst Bloody stinking fish, the angst There s enough of it here to feed a battalion of Thoroughly Frustrated New Adult Fangirls TFNAF Yeah, or less.But hey, it s not ALL bad view spoiler Just so you know, I deny ever writing what you are about to read It only exists in your alcohol drenched little head You shouldn t drink and read, you know It s not the most sensible behavior, you know Follow my example Drink chamomile tea at all times view spoiler That detector of yours is obviously broken, Young Man of the Silly Costume hide spoiler