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Fistful Of Reefer Delivers A Surge Equivalent To A Cocktail Of Part Serotonin, Parts Adrenaline, With A Dash Of Grenadine Served Over Ice This Double Fisted, Dieselpunk Weird Western Resides Between No Country For Old Men And The Three AmigosIn , When Chancho Villarreal And His Friends Inadvertently Create The Legend Of El Chupacabra, They Draw The Attention Of Texas Ranger JT McCutchen To Their Goat Ranch And Marijuana Farm North Of Del Rio, Texas What Follows Is An Action Packed Ride Across The Wilds Of A Texas Haunted By Rumors Of Chupacabras Behind Every Bush

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    After a rather bumpy start I mistook the villain for the hero, which confused me I really got into the novella The characters are great, maybe a little too black and white in sometimes The Dieselpunk elements fun and surprising the agricultural devices I try to avoid spoilers made me laugh.Also, David really has a hand for action scenes The sudden flood was one epic scene There will be an updated and longer verion of this review later, during the blog bonanza, but this will have to do for now.And here is the updated long version David Mark Brown s Fistful of Reefer was my first contact with fiction concerning the Old West Of course I had a certain idea about the Golden Age of Gunslingers but I was also aware this idea was severely flawed.What first struck me was the intensity of character the first protagonist you encounter displays Texas Ranger McCutchen is one hard man of strong and firm opinions, and he knows what is wrong and what is right And he will shoot you if you disagree too much or get in his way Interestingly, the Texas Ranger, a staple hero in American literature, is the villain McCutchen s story could end here In keeping with pulp literature, he could have just been the Bad Guy, period It would also be in keeping with 1950 s western flicks It does not end here As the story continues, we get a glimpse into McCutchen s mind He has reasons to be what he is They are selfish, self righteous reasons and they do not make him any sympathetic but they make him a real and believable character.McCutchen s antagonists or so he thinks is a quasi family of three marihuana farmers Nena, a Kickapoo Native American, her husband Chancho, a Mexican, and their friend Muddy, an African American The three are just normal people trying to make a living in difficult times.This constellation, a very WASP, racist Texas Ranger facing off against three ordinary and multi ethnic people, each a member of a minority ill treated in the history and present of the United States, is a bit too moralistic and in your face I think it would not have hurt the story at all if Muddy had been either Nena s or Chancho s brother Everything would have been just as believable.Apart from this one point, there is nothing I have to criticise in Fistful of Reefer.Fistful of ReeferBut I have to commend David on the chemistry he creates within this patchwork family of sorts It becomes clear quickly that all three love each other, that they genuinely care for one another and are just decent folk.Continuing with some strong points The plot is fast, the novella is a page turner I was particularly impressed with David s ability to describe dynamic situations and moments of fear.David s description of the flash flood stands out It made me grab the armrest of my chair The same goes for landscapes You really get the feel of the land the story is set in In a way, it feels like you are in the middle of a movie.Despite the fact that the main story line is about a Texas ranger chasing a family of farmers who are not quite sure what hit them, Fistful of Reefer is not only gun slinging action Political intrigue fuelled by an unstable situation in Mexico and the First World War going on in Europe is mentioned in the margins rather early and becomes a prominent factor the the story progresses.The last thing are the ideas David came up with I have to restrain myself not to put any spoilers here From Chancho s bizarre home built marihuana harvester to, well, rather bizarre guard animals employed by unexpected allies, the novella has a few surprising Dieselpunk elements to offer.I was aware I would encounter Dieselpunk elements along the way but I did not expect the ones David actually incorporated.So to sum up Fistful of Reefer is a thoroughly enjoyable novella It has action, intrigue, humour and weird ideas On the down side, it suffers a bit from stereotypical characters, even though the roles are inverted This is a homage to the original Old West fiction, I presume, but I found it a bit shallow Still, this is the only thing I can complain about.

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    I was not sure what to expect Now I m glad I read the book loveable characters great action scenes funny elements unexpected twists and turns Good mix of dieselpunk, western and alternate historyRead my full review over at

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    Pulp Warning My e reading is mostly e pulp centric My reviews are therefore skewed towards e pulp reading Reader beware Pulp Warning I ll qualify this review by saying that while Fistful of Reefer does resemble many other pulp stories out there it isn t strictly pulp The author s intent, as I understand it, was to write Dieselpunk and as such it s not trying to be pulp On the other hand, Dieselpunk is my other prose obsession and there s plenty of pulp grist for the mill in this one I mean it references The Dollars Trilogy in the title That s not just pulp that s classy pulp So I m going to qualify everything and be confusing than usual Read onOverall 4 stars 3 stars for pulp snobs, if it s possible to be such a thing As most people note, if you like your Serge Leone movies political which is sort of a redundant statement then you ll get a kick out of this story I m just repeating what others have said but this is The Good, The Bad and The Ugly set in 1920s America with a drug based Macguffin And goats that barf marijuana If this in anyway sounds like your kind of thing then this story is for you.A qualification for pulp readers though if you re a pulp purist then you may want to knock off a star or half a star if that were possible at Goodreads As you may expect from a story with the word reefer in its title, there is much introspection You may like this, you may not For you it s 3 stars All four of you terrible snobsOn the other other hand this is fantastic Dieselpunk More on that later.Pacing and Action 3 4 stars.For a pulp story this can be a little slow And the angst over various political problems may be a chore If you enjoy a little bit of cheeky punkitude in your reading this will be fine If you re not there s still plenty of spills and thrills, including some awesome period specific vehicle based chase scenes that will definitely float the boat of many a pulp reader But then there s all that boring angst about politicsPulp Concept 4 5 stars.Not your average pulp concept, to be sure, but it IS suitably whacky and leads to all the shenanigans you could want from a pulp story, even if not quite at the pace you may want A note on the drug thing to my surprise the story doesn t actually have much to do with drugs They serve as a MacGuffin that then charges the political environment the characters move through So don t be too put off by the idea If you despise everything to do with drugs then the title should have put you off already But if not, don t worry cause the stuff just ends up being yet another banned substance during Prohibition era America Which gets our heroes into a lot of trouble And the most disturbing moment of drug consumption comes from regurgutating goatsCharacter development 3 4 stars.Again, I m going to qualify this one I didn t particularly like the first protagonist, but that s because I didn t get him I just had a lot of trouble getting a read on him He was kinda flaky and passive The other protagonist was a little straightforward, even if he could be seen as the antagonist as well, but I think this also benefitted from previously reading Reefer Ranger, the free prequel of sorts to Fistful of Reefer There is, however, plenty of character development among the supporting cast and some really intriguing character paradoxes that were unfortunately left unanswered But by pulp standards this was pretty good My inability to understand the protagonist notwithstanding.Production 4 stars.A zany cover that grabs you and professional editting etc on the inside make this an easy book to read.Series Potential 4 stars.There s already a stack of different stories in the DMB Files which I ve been told will serve as artifacts in a series set in the present In the new series the stories will be referred to as documents written by a pulp writer historian that is trying to unravel various conspiracies And considering the titles of the other stories include zombies and other pulpy concepts I think the series potential is already on show to see.If you re interested check these out The Austin JobDel Rio Con AmorTwitch and Die And the one that gets my attention Paraplegic Zombie SlayerSo there s plenty of pulpy madness out there to be had in the world of the DMB Files Series potential Big tick.Dieselpunk 5 stars.As a Dieselpunk story this thing is top class Punking a time era Steam, Diesel, Atomic, Cyber is to criticise the politics of the present or the past by using the past to show up the future or inserting modern values and ideological beliefs into the protagonists existing in a former or future age And this book does so in spades, using the idea of a character s quest to get their cash crop which just happens to be an illegal substance in America at a time when most things were illegal away from the people who are hunting them as a political statement about banned substances, freedoms and a range of other topics The fact that it uses a Mexican perspective of the era and examines the various political shenanigans happening at the time a gives it that special Serge Leone flavour, and b lands squarely within the target it was aiming for Righteous Diesel punkitude come on, it s called Fistful of Reefer Did you think I d get through this review without one stoner movie reference.If you like Dieselpunk then buy buy buy.That is all.Wrap Up.Bizarre story that will pass some people by completely But if this is at all remotely your thing even if you re not into the whole drug politics thing I suggest you give it a go, or at least track down the free Reefer Ranger to see what you think.You never know, it could be your gateway drug to the DMB Files

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    I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Austin Job by David Mark Brown.As soon as I started it, I realized that I should have read its predecessor, Fistful of Reefer, which creates and introduces the new sub sub genre of science fiction, reefer punk According to the author s introduction to The Austin Job, reefer punk fiction is alternate history, set in the western US, based on the premise that oil never got cheap, and instead energy comes from cellulosic ethanol from the wonderful cannabis plant I haven t read any steampunk, dieselpunk or any other punk work before, although I have seen some movies that fit into the genre The idea is appealing on an intellectual as well as aesthetic level I love the look of the cyberpunk and dieselpunk ethos the curving metal, the 1920s Art Deco typography But pulling off a story that works is a challenge You have to create a world and a history that is believable while different from our own an alternative history that patently makes sense and stems from a recognizable point of divergence from our own history and at the same time not get bogged down in back story the bane of many new writers.This is not Brown s first novel, but with just two novels and a collection of short stories out, he still counts as a new author.StrengthsThe setting is Austin, Texas in 1918 The story brings together an embittered Ukrainian Bolshevik refugee from the Russian Revolution, a newly elected Texas state senator who is beginning his journey to political disillusionment, an aging sheriff, his beautiful and headstrong daughter, and, of course, a fantastically rich banking tycoon.The conflict starts right away, with lots of literal pyrotechnics Just after the state election, a new State Senator, the young and handsome former rodeo cowboy Jim Starr what a cowboy name is courted by two sides in a seething social tension in the state.Economically, times are hard Students and union members are striking and have rioted The match is lit, literally and figuratively, by the mysterious Professor Medved bear in Ukrainian , and once that happens, the action never stops.Brown describes the technology and gadgets very well As far as I can tell, the streetcars, derricks and other machinery fit well into the dieselpunk genre, as far as I can tell.Most of the characters are believable, even sympathetic I can identify with Jim Starr, someone who is tentatively finding his way in a new line of work after he can no longer pursue his first career rodeo cowboy, remember , and I really felt for Sheriff Lickter I could even feel a connection to the villain, and I felt I could understand, if not condone, his thinking and actions.The villain is very believable, except for his name Oleg Rodchenko It s Russian To be Ukrainian, it should be Oleh On the other hand, Brown may be showing how Russified Ukraine is in our world as well as in his alternative version.WeaknessesThis bring me to the only plot weakness the somewhat unclear state of the world For example in the Reeferpunk history, what is the state of Russia Had the Bolshevik Revolution failed This is a forgivable weakness, however An author cannot fit a description of the whole world into one novel, and should not try Brown says he s planning a series, which will give him room to explore his alterative world.While almost all the characters are believable, the femme fatale is contrived Daisy Lickter is a headstrong, capable as well as beautiful She rallies the women in the Women s Bank another piece of the alternative history She s just too good.Style smoothBrown is a professional writer Unlike so many independent authors, he obviously knows how to write The book had very few typos and a couple of words were missing It s far ahead of many independently published books that I ve read lately.Brown has created a fascinating world and populated it with entertaining and sympathetic characters The Austin Job is a fun ride, well worth a read Check it out.

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    What s in a name That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, from my perspective, sets the tone for this review perfectly Firstly, I implore you to not let the outrageous, gimmicky title deceive you into thinking this is just a schlock filled pulp novel in the vein L Ron Hubbard s juvenile forays into No Man s Land Fistful of Reefer is so much than that Go into the first chapter with an open mind, and the book will immediately take your imagination by the reins and lead you through a comical spaghetti western, with alternate historical elements and a touch of the supernatural.Set in the backdrop of an alternate 1918, our beloved Chancho and his star crossed lover companions, Nena and Muddy, cross wits with McCutchen, a hardnosed Texas Ranger a man of few words who enjoys the company of his horse over people and likes to make his guns do the talking The characters are all multifaceted, enriched with solid back stories and unique personalities Hell, even the goats and horses are given first class treatment The banter between all characters, even secondary ones, is amusing, heartwarming and most importantly, believable There is typically a rhyme for any of their reasons, even when they are stoned.Fistful of Reefer is filled with lush environmental descriptions Brown makes painting pictures with words seem easy His great attention to such geographic details, an almost intimate connection and familiarity with the implacable aridness of the southern tip of the United States, kept me interested in every scene Well crafted action sequences drive the narrative like a prosaic jackhammer, chipping away any sense of the mundane in David Brown s adrenaline fueled articulations Caveat make sure you keep a life jacket on hand while reading the flash flood sequence.Fistful of Reefer is a grand experience, a celebration in exposition, honoring a time when liberty meant than being allowed to write whatever you want to on your Facebook status or to express yourself on YouTube Brown s verbose writing style gave me the impression that if that absurd movie from the 80s, Three Men and a Baby, was remade with Sergio Leone, Christopher Moore and Cormac McCarthy playing the lead roles, then David Mark Brown would definitely fit the bill as the child they raised Give this book a chance, and I ll guarantee you ll desire to ride off into the sunset with Mr Brown again and again Joseph DiCristofano Author of Paths to Divinity

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    Original review at entered Fistful of Reefer with a lot of trepidation, mainly because of the fact that I am a shy reader I like to stay in familiar genres, namely young adult I liked the synopsis for this book and also it was one of my first review requests from authors and so I was excited about that, also in his pitch, David mentioned that the book has been receiving praise from YA readers so I thought, hey, what the heck.This book was totally unique to anything that I have ever read before and it was a total breath of fresh air In my opinion, what really drive Fistful of Reefer are the amazing action scenes Brown has a talent in writing, but he shines in his action scenes and even I, a reader that hasn t really read many action packed books have to commend him for the way he made these scenes exciting, in fact, most of the book was exciting, the only time I really had issues with the pacing was at the beginning, where I felt there was too much farming and goats something that from browsing Goodreads reviews somebody else picked up on My advice would be to push through it it get s a lot better very quickly The characters were pretty awesome too, Brown brings a witty personality to Chancho and his friends and the right bit of dastardly wickedness to the ranger sheriff guy whos name I can t seem to remember at the current moment I loved all of the unique characters who help the trio on their run from the law, they really brought in the theme of friendship that shines through in this book n awww.Even though this book wasn t in my preferred genre, I enjoyed it a lot than I expected and would definitely recommend it to reads 14 There are mentions of marijuana quite a bit actually but mainly this is referring to the agricultural side farming the stuff.Overall, Fistful of Reefer was a book that I expected to like and actually loved With a great group of characters, some action packed scenes and narration filled with character I would definitely recommend this for my followers Overall rating A

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    This book combines steam punkness with cowboys, edge of your seat action, camaraderie and heroism I love that this is written with a western back drop, war times, no sex scenes, no heavy swearing, and I most of all, there is no degrading of women in this book Finally a writer who can give a girl a chance, that she isn t a tramp, she isn t beaten by her partner, isn t caught in some scandal Yes the women in this story are secondary characters, however, this new take on women is refreshing Our main characters show strong development, are constantly engaging and full of wit and humor Chancho s went from a dreamer, to a visionary The ending of McKutchen s ranger career, from a line of Texas Rangers, a hero whether America wants it or not , into what will set the scene for the next installment in his journey story Others proving that we are above racial discrimination, that on paper the only colour seen is the black ink against the white of the page, these characters, Nena and Muddy showing us that colour only belongs on the page and does not affect the identity of those written.I did find half way through there was a change in direction of the story, I found that while there was a clear story line for most of the characters, McKutchen was without a set storyline and this changed throughout the novel Some of this characters decisions and thought processes left me distracted and questioning his purpose However, I was able to look past this and enjoy the story in its entirety.Above all this is a book that shows everything works out in the end when you put other s first and that family really is important, and second chances are just around the corner.

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    I picked up this book at launch because I d already read and enjoyed the author s short fiction From the title, I thought this might be a stoner s ode to weed I wasn t too keen on that, but a good author can make any subject matter read well, so I took a chance.I m so glad I did Marihuana is a key McGuffin in the book, but not in a way you d guess I guess I d classify it as an adventure story.The title sounds like the film Fistful of Dollars, doesn t it Well, it is reminiscent of spaghetti westerns, but actually, it reminded me of the Good the Bad and the Ugly because that was a film with movement, almost an episodic feel Remember that scene where main characters ride into the middle of the Civil War Well Fistful of Reefer was a bit like that the characters keep on moving and keep stumbling on twists and turns and new characters The Reefer plot is much carefully threaded together, though I d rather not reveal too much of the plot or style because it s a delight to discover for yourself I ll mention Texas Rangers, wagons, tractors, ranches, steam trains, shootouts, and politicians It s set in the Texas Mexico border in a version of the early twentieth century that isn t quite the same as ours.The rest is up to you find out.

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    Fistful of Reefer is an action packed romp through the wild west circa the first world war The scenery is painted as dangerous and gorgeous as in any John Ford film The action is fast, but driven by characters with deep motivations that make sense I was impressed with the sharp witty dialogue, and each character had their own unique manner of speech that reflected their various ethnicities and cultures, but still sounded 100% legit The story itself is entertaining and suspenseful This book works as a fun action novel filled with surprises, but it also works at a deeper level for instance, the religious symbology woven throughout that you almost won t notice on a conscious level unless you decide to slow down and ponder it Fistful of Reefer is just a well thought, well executed entertaining read, and I enjoyed escaping into and being immersed in a simpler time and place that this book reminds us wasn t really so simple.

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    EDIT I was waiting for the final edition of this book to be released for me to write the review, especially since a lot of the things that were bothering me should be shined up by Brown Haven t gotten the final edition yet, though Preliminary notes to my full review which will be posted tomorrow or so great characters loved the total 180 from beginning to end and blurred black white lines great historical aspects, especially tossing in all the relevant historical nuances amazing plot started somewhat boring and preditcable and too many goats but ended up being fun really really amazing action sequences I can only say that that is one of the scariest motorized vehicle crashes I have ever read about the writing was clear and clean and while occasionally glossing over details that I would have liked, never really lacked in character