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In the first of a mesmerizing trilogy Alexandra Ivy author of the Guardians of Eternity series introduces the Immortal Rogues three vampires duty bound to protect their own kind even as they fall prey to mortal desiresCenturies have passed since Gideon Ravel dwelled among humans Now he must infiltrate the cream of London society to earn the trust of one woman Simone Lady Gilbert possesses an amulet of unimaginable power and no concept of the threat that surrounds her The ton's gossip prepared him for her beauty and wit But he is blindsided by her barely disguised sensuality and his growing need to possess her None of the idle aristocrats who vie for Simone's attentions know about her past To them she is the sophisticated worldly widow known as the Wicked Temptress The truth would ruin her and she has never been tempted to reveal it until now Yet beneath Gideon's bold black eyed stare is a hunger that demands satisfaction and complete surrenderand a secret far dangerous than her own

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    This is one of those books that has a decent premise and interesting characters but simply was not flushed out enough to allow readers to fully connect to the story; it needed detail depth in order to bring out the strength of the characters and the content in the storyline I thought both the hero and heroine were likable characters that had strong potential to be completely mesmerizing but their personalities remained surfaced leading their connection feeling somewhat superficial I could see the potential in the writing and understand this is an early novel for this author; I would be intrigued to see how her writing becomes expressive in future novels 3 Stars

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    This is a new author for me and her books have been on my wishlist for uite some time now So when I saw that My Lord Vampire was in my local library I decided to try this one out especially since it is the first installment in the series One of my favorite things that I enjoyed about this one is that not only is a paranormal themed romance but it is set in a historical setting Now anyone who even knows my favorite types of books are Historical's So My Lord Vampire was a delightful surprise for me I found myself being captivated by this story I will say that it started out a bit slow and at first I didn't know if I would like the heroine or not She seemed to be a bit of a snob at first but as the story slowly progresses we see that she is anything but I enjoyed seeing this couple first interactionand second third and fourth LOL There was instant sparks and I swear despite the hot hot summer we are having I almost felt like I was on fire Such sizzling compatibility that Tristan and Simone had There is uite a bit of a intense and mysterious aspect to the story that only added to the romance even I will say that I can't wait to read from this author I don't know why it has taken me so long to read her before now however her books are going to be bumped up my list A thrilling tale of passion adventure and intensity bound to curl your toes

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    The story had a good start but it never seemed to get off the ground Dragged in parts I ended up skipping paragraphs Normally I wouldn’t finish a book that doesn’t keep my interest but since this is only about 150 ebook pages and I was hoping something would happen I finished it I’m a big fan of Alexandra Ivy but this was not my cup of tea

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    There was something missing in this book It was well written but it wasn’t as good as her other series It wasn’t bad I liked it well enough I would say that it lacked substance

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    really enjoy Alexandra Ivy’s Guardians of Eternity vampire series so when I was offered this book for review I jumped on it It’s not the same series in fact it’s an older book she re vamped pardon my vampire pun but it’s set in the same world and we see cross over characters I did like the book but I don’t feel it really hooked me the same way her other series did My biggest complaint is that the hero is sent from behind the veil where the vampires have gone to devote their lives to becoming enlightened to the human realm One of their own is slaughtering humans like the days of old and Gideon was chosen to stop him This was my main complaint Gideon feels he can reason with his serial killer He’ll just explain how hunting humans is wrong and his buddy will go peacefully back behind the veil Ummm No It’s not logical Maybe at first but then once he faced off with Tristan for the first time and realized what a monster he really was? I don’t know for such an enlightened vampire it didn’t make sense I didn't like how Gideon kept wanting to avoid harming other vampires when the enemy is a psycho who's leaving him gifts in the form of mutilated womenNow what I did like was the heroine I really liked her A lot Her spirit her secret her personality I feel she really made the book Her gowns and the reason she made them herself was a nice touch I also never guessed her past so the mystery is really goodThis book was enjoyable and easy you don’t have to be current in her other series to read and like this one The Immortal Rogues series has something else going for it; it’s Historical Paranormal My favorite thing about this book is that it’s Regency it’s vampires it’s a great mixA uick regency vampire romance Enjoyable and easyThank you to Kensington for providing the Review Copy

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    Lady Gilbert Simone's life was going along as she planned Her party invitations were the most sought after invitations in London She was very selective about who she invited Men from all ages did their best to entice the young widow to their side Gideon was once again thrust back into the mortal world After 200 years he was able to feel the desires passions and emotions once again He was sent by the Council to protect one of the three maidens who held a part of the Medallion He never dreamed that Simone would be so beautiful and desirable though Together Simone and Gideon must stop one of the renegade vampires from the Veil Historical romance with a twist I like it The story seems to be a little lightweight until you get further into the book Then you learn all the secrets and stories behind the scenes Well told and not so deep and dark you can't relate to it this book gives you a nice vacation from the norm I thoroughly enjoyed this bookI didn't find anything wrong It was an easy read and fun to see how things turned outI gave this one 5 out of 5 books because I'm liking me some vampire stories

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    made it to page 96 but could not finish characters weak plot slow romantic sizzle nonexistent sigh

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    This is the first of a trilogy Of course if it's by Ms Ivy I have to read it I wasn't disappointed Gideon Ravel who hasn't been among humans for many centuries is sent to protect Simone Lady Gilbert He and two of his brethren have been charged to make sure powerful Vampire traitors from beyond the veil do't get position of an ancient amuletNefri the ueen of the Vampire's had separated it into three pieces and had put them around three maidens necks They couldn't be taken from the maidens they could only be given willingly Ancient vampires have many tricks and Lady Simone will die if Gideon can't get her trustLady Simone is a beautiful woman with secrets of her own and doesn't trust easily especially the beautiful stranger that just appeared into her life

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    3 starsThe premise started ok but view spoiler if the Medallion that created the Veil has worked for over 200 years why the heck did Nefri decide to split the Medallion up into 3 pieces and bonded each piece to a mortal woman? That's just asking for trouble And then giving the 3 vampires a piddly dagger to use against the renegades when they can turn into mist and have superior powers after sucking blood? hide spoiler

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    My ThoughtsAlexandra Ivy’s first novel in the Immortal Rogues series is a passionate tale of good vs evil Two hundred years ago the Vampires moved from the mortal plane to live Behind the Veil – a place created where vampires could live in peace and safety and not be plagued with basic urges or bloodlust The greatest vampire of all Nefri created the Veil using an ancient Medallion Since the Medallion is so powerful and could also be used for many purposes and even to destroy the Veil she hid its whereabouts by separating it into three parts and giving each one to three maidens on earth to protect Those maidens had no idea the powerful artifact they were protecting They only knew that it was a gift from a gypsy woman who told them never to part with it Since the vampires considered themselves superior to mortals it was assumed that no vampire would want to go live in the mortal world The Medallion should have been safe However three vampires who were unhappy with the restricted life in the Veil escaped and fled to the mortal world The Vampire Council was certain the traitors would seek out the Medallion and if discovered would give them power to destroy the Veil and much worse The Council decided to send three vampires Gideon Lucien Sebastian to protect the maidens that were guarding the Medallions capture the traitors and either convince them to return to the Veil or kill them if necessary as long as the Medallions were protected The first story in the series revolves around Gideon and Simone – one of the guardians of the Medallion Simone is part of London’s elite society and the wealthy widow of Lord Gilbert She has many suitors and has managed to evade them all with no intention of becoming attached Despite her icy façade she is actually very nice Throughout the novel we know she has a secret that could destroy her and I found myself hoping no one ever finds out what it is so she would be safe Gideon is our gorgeous hero that is arrogant in thinking he is above mortals since he is not burdened with silly human passions and desires Until he meets Simone She is not at all what he expected and challenges him at every turn Since the story is told in third person we get to see inside his head as well and I was glad to see that Simone was getting to him as much as he was she The author has created a great hero and heroine and developed them artfully so that we cared about what happened to them Besides Gideon Simone and Tristan the villain there were very few other characters involved in the story And really we didn’t see much depth to the villain We only know that he wanted power but not really his motives The story and plot could have been enriched if it had supporting charactersBottom LineIf you’re looking for a well written easy read with good characters this will work for you Ivy is an expert at delivery and detail and this historical PNR keeps interest and makes you care about what happens with the characters Despite its simplicity in characters it is a good read Even though I’ve only rated it a 3 I’m still anxious to read Book #2 – My Lord Eternity when it comes out in December 2012Happy Reading