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It Was The S The Avarice Of The Elite Had Plunged The Country Into The Great Depression Class Warfare Was Being Waged, And Someone Was About To Snap Young Betty McDougal Discovered How Hard Life Could Be When Her Family Was Evicted From Their Farm And Forced To Live In A Citadel City Shelter They Struggled To Survive It Was A Time Of Desperation, Sin, Mistakes And Lessons Betty Didn T Want To Learn Her Life Felt Pointless Until A Mysterious Stranger Delivered Her An Ominous Black Car It Transformed HerPandora Driver Was The Relentless Avenger Of The Common Man Sifting Right From Wrong In A Realm Where The Villains Were The Local Gentry And The Heroes Were Outlaws Pandora Was A Mistress Of Disguise Who Used Sly Audacity And An Unstoppable Car Of Tomorrow To Unleash Chaos Into The Halls Of Wealth And Power She Infiltrated The Unscrupulous Rulers Of Citadel City And Adopted Their Unsavory Methods To Usurp Them Her Fight Was The Fight Of The Ages She Was The Fist Of The People Battling Greed, Graft, Inequality, And Exploitation Her Time Was In The Past, But The Problems Were The Same Blights Facing Society TodayShe Intervened When Law Enforcement Or The Justice System Failed Citizens Sometimes Her Methods Were Unsettling Battling Sin In The Filth Where It Resides Can Dirty Even The Purest Hearts The Good Old Days We Remember In Monochrome Were Lived In Color In A Time When Good And Evil Was Simply Black And White, Pandora Lived In The Gray AreaPandora Driver The Origin, Summons The Spirits Of Pulps Past Into A Retro Hero Tale For Mature Readers It Ain T Shakespeare It S Pure Pulp Read Part Online Or Download A Free Preview From Most Ebookstores

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    A champion for the 99%The pulp radio serials of the 1930 s grew in part as a response to the Great Depression, offering escape, adventure and fantasy far removed from the drudgery and hardship of everyday life Most importantly, they provided people with heroes champions of truth and justice, fighting for what was right at a time when everything seemed wrong However, while the heroes in the radio shows, magazines and comic books of the time may have been very brave and bold, they never took on the causes of the Depression itself, or attacked those who continued to get richer while the rest went hungry.Today, with a global economic crisis of our own to contend with, author John Picha has taken inspiration from the serials of the 1930 s and, in Pandora Driver The Origin , created a dieselpunk heroine willing to strike back at the heart of the One Percent.Our lead, Betsy McDougal, is a humble farm girl forced to endure a journey into heartbreak and degradation when her family and the country hits hard economic times On hitting rock bottom she s offered a chance for revenge in the form of a mysterious, apparently indestructible black automobile.What follows is the pulpiest of pulp origin tales, as Betsy evolves from na ve teen into ass kicking vigilante, master of disguise and accomplished sexual power player I ll leave the question of whether she qualifies as a genuine feminist icon to the genuine feminists, but I think it s certainly up for debate.Of perhaps most interest, though, is the choice of antagonist, who isn t a dastardly super villain, mafia kingpin or Nazi spy, but a city banker who earns Betsy s wrath through his shameless greed and lust not to mention foreclosing on her father s farm Unlike the Joker or the Green Goblin, Pandora s nemesis is the kind of man who really exists, usually beyond the reach of the law Picha suggests that in the world of Citadel City, as in our own, only a superhero or heroine could hope to bring such men to justice.Which is not to say that this is a dry read, sluggish with the weight of its themes On the contrary, the narrative grasps for the very pinnacle of pulp, littered with fist fights, con games, shock twists and plenty of opportunities for our heroine to go skulking around in the shadows For the pulp connoisseur, there is a lot to enjoy in this studied homage of the old serials, my own favourite nod being Betsy s habit of talking to herself when no one else is around a trait shared by all the finest pulp heroes of the 30 s and 40s Pandora Driver The Origin , much like it s heroine, is light, agile, yet resonant It s an origin story that makes a strong case for further adventures.

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    Perseverance Lipstick Feminism Revenge A delectable recipe for an uncommon heroine As a woman I found myself in awe and disgust of what Pandora Driver was willing to do to accomplish her mission Yet, I couldn t put this ebook down for long Looking forward to her second adventure.

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    Pandora Driver The Origin takes us back to the days of the pulps, but infuses it with a modern feminist theme, and also some topical economic concerns The setting is Citadel City, a place clearly modeled on Chicago during the mid thirties, in a world that could be ours everything feels almost the same, with the exception of some interesting Dieselpunk style technology that s the creation of a lone, renegade inventor The main character, Betty McDougal, is a sweet farm girl from the sticks who has her farm, her job, her home, and finally her parents taken away from her by an uncaring financial combine namely, the fat cat crooks who run business, both legal and illegal, in Citadel City The novel follows her as she swears revenge on the men who ruined her family, and plots her course as she plans how to do it, encountering many setbacks and cliff hanging dangers along the way With the help of several colorful and eccentric characters she comes across, she transforms herself into Pandora Driver a master mistress of disguise, a ruthless crime fighter, and owner of an indestructible car Her nemesis is Carson, President of the Citadel Bank In the true tradition of the pulps, he has no redeeming features whatsoever, but he exerts a horrible fascination as the reader wonders just how far he will go With it s themes of how people will be ensnared by sexual abuse and the threat of violence, this book is definitely not kid stuff but then again, it doesn t shower its readers with long descriptions of carnage, gun battles or blood and guts, like some pulp writers I ve come across Betty Pandora wages a war on two fronts by night, she stalks Citadel City as a vigilante, and by day, she wages a legal battle against Carson with a lawyer friend, Professor Langley This also echoes the spinning headlines and courtroom dramas of the period This novel is an intriguing addition to the world of pulp adventure, because Pandora Driver is one of the very few female crime fighters The only other I m aware of is Domino Lady, who used an ingenious arsenal to fight crime, her chief weapon being her disarming and distracting beauty, and if this is a homage it s a very fitting one This thriller tells an action packed story, accompanied by some wonderful illustrations, that tips a fedora to the two fisted pulp mysteries of the thirties and forties but still maintains a 21st century sensibility.

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    The Silver Age of pulp superheroes is back John Picha s Pandora Driver The Origin is a high speed chase through a black and white landscape of good and evil set in Depression era America, where angelic farm girl Betty falls from grace and trades her halo for righteous vengeance on the forces of greed and corruption in the glittering lights of Citadel City.Betty s story is told in stark contrasts as hard times force her family from the farm to the heartless city, and Betty is forced to make ever desperate choices to keep her crumbling family from falling completely apart This adventure is a thrill ride, and sexy at times, but leave your fifty shades of gray behind Betty makes her way in a six panel, black and white world where Frank Miller would find himself at home, and she s not shy about using her body or her wits to get what she wants.The storytelling style makes it hard, at times, to really empathize with Betty we re not taken deep into her character to share her feelings But make no mistake, the story doesn t suffer for it Betty is no ordinary girl she s a superhero in the making, and superheroes are, by necessity, a breed apart Betty impressed me as a feminist heroine because she was clever and thorough in her plans for justice and vengeance, but she s still a very flawed, intriguing character, and not yet quite comfortable in her superhero role, a matter which I expect to see rectified as the series continues.Who needs to read this book Fans of Frank Miller style graphic novels will find a familiar landscape in the intense, action packed tale of how Betty finds her power and vengeance as the mysterious Pandora Driver If you like classic superheroes with a touch of psychosis like The Phantom, The Shadow, and the broodier side of Batman, Pandora Driver will find herself a parking spot on your keeper shelf.Who else needs to read this book Graphic artists, because this one needs to be at least a 12 issue series, followed up by a graphic novel omnibus.

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    This ePulp is really 4 episodes in one Part 1 of this origin story flows like a Biography Channel episode introducing us to a relentless super heroine operating in pre WWII American It trims the fat and takes us through the seminal moments in the life of a vulnerable country girl who s seduced, swallowed and degraded by a city corrupted to the core Then she s excreted and reborn.The rest is uncensored pulp action that whirlpools around a complicated moral puzzle at the center In Part 2 she makes deals with an unlikely sensei and a big palooka to learn how to fight She makes a transformation from victim to avenger At one point she trains at Murdocks s Gym, a possible nod to Daredevil Part 3 has elements of spying and deception that reminded me of Riley, Ace of Spies , Alias or 007 In fact, Pandora has some gadgets at her disposal that would have made the Q Branch envious, including a car that may have been forged from the same metal as Captain America s shield In Part 4 Pandora turns the table of vulnerabilities After experiencing how a rigged scale of justice crushes working people but leaves crooked elites untouched, she takes it upon herself to balance the scales or melt them down to slag She s an angry lady justice with eyes open Pandora is a complicated, emotionally isolated character protecting her open wounds with anonymity She hides behind false identities and disguises She an evolving libertine ette who is damaged, sexy, intense and a little unhinged But once she commits, she is unstoppable She doesn t drive down the middle of the road, she picks a lane, and picks a target, and guns the engine There are some parts of the story that may make you uncomfortable, in others you may wish you were at fighting at her side Pandora Driver pushes boundaries and breaks rules It s raw and unpredictable If I were you, I wouldn t cross against the light when she s on the road.

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    A very engaging read I kept marveling at all the seemingly disparate things that were referenced within the story and how they connected and collided to shape something so visceral This is a complex story that collects moments, mistakes, decisions, lessons, and 2 kinds of luck in the life of a young woman then rough hews them into something unique In this case it s a Pandora Driver.She pulls out all the stops to get back what is rightfully hers She is tirelessly relentless and willing to use whatever resource available as a means to an end She is a survivor that wages her own personal war against capitalist corruption She is a mistress of disguise and seduction She wields a dream inducing dart gun, dawns a bulletproof costume and helms a mysterious car like it s a force of nature It s a rich noir story set in the past but in a time not unlike our own It begs for a sequel I ll be looking for it.

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    Raw dieselpunk noire excitement and flavor That is what comes to mind when I think of what I ve just read.Pandora Driver is a wonderful view of a vanished age that might have been.Without spoilers, let me say John Picha delivers a tale of Betsy, a young woman tested at every turn and apparently doomed.Detailed, vivid action sequences are balanced with bitter sweet episodes of torment and degradation Through it all, our realistically portrayed heroine never surrenders.Little touches, such as mentioning Converse Jack Purcell sneakers and a boxing gym, show research into the 1930s The cover art and a snappy graphic at each chapter heading add to the flavor of this interesting volume.If you re a dieselpunk fan, there are scenes in Pandora Driver that will make you want to cheer.Thanks, John I m looking forward to a sequel.

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    Forget Occupying Wall StreetPandora Driver runs big business off the road and kicks it square in the teeth Drawing inspiration from classic comic book super heroes, bathed in the harsh back lighting of film noir, Pandora takes us from the smokey backrooms of hopping speakeasies to the gilded opulence of dusty boardrooms Truly a new pulp heroine plucked from the ranks of the proletariat, Pandora rises up from the gutter to defend those who can ill afforded to defend themselves.Pandora Driver makes for a sexy and thoughtful read, filled with clever dieselpunk tech and engaging characters As the first chapter of a high adrenaline series, I look forward to Pandora s continuing adventures.

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    In one way the main character is like a Batgirl gone bad and comes a little unhinged pursuing what she sees as justice In another way, Pandora is a good samaritan who slides in and out of stranger s lives performing good deeds, but with a catch To the ruling class of the city, she is a nightmare behind the wheel of a big , indestructible car.The story is set during the great depression and the golden age of comic and pulp magazines It s paced like a comicbook and there are a lot of neat little comic winks hidden throughout the adventure The fight scenes are brutal, the details are engaging and plot reveals kept me interested though out This ebook also includes slick illustrations of Pandora s car a Phantom Corsair that might make you want one.