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This is an outstanding book The struggle for survival for two and a half months would have made a compelling, page turner even if written by a terrible author It just so happens that style rivals the substance Survival story junkies will revel in all the gory details, from his constant attention to water retrieval to the nuances of spear fishing to keeping his deteriorating raft afloat for 76 days Amateur psychologists will enjoy his inner dialogue, the rational consciousness scolding his fearful, despondent self for wanting to panic and give up Those looking for a story of redemption won t be disappointed either as he notes this experience as making him forever appreciative of the fact that to be well fed, painless and in the company of friends and loved ones are privileges too few enjoy in this often brutal world.Perhaps most impressive is his refusal to thump his chest and pride himself on coming out on top in the end His notes his flaws that were exposed during the ordeal, scoffs at the suggestion that he might be a hero and goes out of his way to sing the praises of locals who treated him like a long lost friend when he finally made it to shore.Perhaps most surprisingly, the parts of the tale where he gets for lack of a better word spiritual, don t come off as sanctimonious or maudlin He is able to speak of the beauty of the uncaring sea and the deep connection to the fish that provide his only food and company without getting on my nerves which is quite a feat.Can t recommend this book So enjoyable and so much to teach about what struggle can do to help you find richness in your life. LOVE LOVE LOVED this book I m a serious oceanophile and seek any and all books associated with sailing shipwrecks stranded at sea and this book captured all of them together Although it sounds weird, I loved living with the author on his sordid journey I could almost feel the saltwater chafing his skinfeel the sharks poking at the bottom of the raftsmell the rotting fish as they hung from his makeshift drying racks I loved every moment this I admit sitting in the comfort of my own home, far from any sufferingalthough Wisconsin IS pretty chilly this time of year This author brings you right along with him and you ll often wonder if you could have survived the journeyor would you have succumbed to the wrath of the sea I d like to think I d have been successful, but in all honesty I m sure I wouldn t have made it past seven days.There are a lot of nautical and navigation terms throughout the book, but I felt like these enhanced the journey, rather than hindering my understanding One of my favorite books of all time. Before The Perfect Storm, Before In The Heart Of The Sea, Steven Callahan S Dramatic Tale Of Survival At Sea Was On The New York Times Bestseller List For Than Thirty Six Weeks In Some Ways The Model For The New Wave Of Adventure Books, Adrift Is An Undeniable Seafaring Classic, A Riveting Firsthand Account By The Only Man Known To Have Survived Than A Month Alone At Sea, Fighting For His Life In An Inflatable Raft After His Small Sloop Capsized Only Six Days Out Adrift Is A Must Have For Any Adventure Library After 76 days at sea, living off very little water and what fish he could catch, he was saved and taken to the hospital The doctor walked over to him while he was in the waiting room and said, What s the matter with you That was the only time I laughed during the reading of this book, because it should have been obvious and because his reply was, I am hungry This true adventure survival story was almost as good as Kon Tiki, but it still gets 5 stars from me and placed into my favorite book shelf as did Kon Tiki.This wasn t an adventure that he had planned, and he probably would not have called it one, because his only reason for being on a raft was that his boat was hit by debris and had sunk, but before sinking he had opened his raft and had been was able to gather a few needed supplies off his boat And if he had not studied sea survival he may not have made it He had a way to distill water, even though he could only collect a small amount of it each day, and he had the means to fish I couldn t imagine eating raw fish, much less eating every part of it, even its eyes And if the fish hadn t surrounded his raft during his entire trip, then I don t know what he would have done Starvation comes to mind The fish bumping the bottom of the raft was unnerving to him, as it would be to me Having sharks swim by was even worse And then he had to continually fix leaks and pump air into the raft, and with each day he was growing weaker The worse leak was when he had speared a fish and in the fight to kill it, his spear cut a hole in the bottom layer of his raft, and it deflated, causing the raft to lower itself in the water and flop around Pages and pages were written of his survival, but not once did I become bored.I thought of how much I feared the ocean or any deep body of water, yet I thought that it would have been exciting to sail around the world like Jack London had or to have been on Kon Tiki Not once did I envy Steven Callahan though his was not a planned trip I also thought of the time my friend Cathy and I took a sailboat ride in San Francisco Bay and how we got wet with cold salty water that kept hitting us whenever the boat leaned a certain way, and how horrible that felt Maybe if the sailboat was larger, I thought, I might enjoy it And perhaps my fear of the water came when I was 6 or 7 years old and my dad had taken me out on a bay in CA, and I was afraid that an octopus was going to climb on board and grab me, or maybe I had dreamed it all after watching a movie with an octopus killing people who were onboard a ship The author had these kinds of fears too, but they were real, but of course he never mentioned fearing an octopus. My son had to read a non fiction informative book for school and this is what he picked with my assistance When he has to read for school, I read the book too to try and encourage his reading habits and make it enjoyable for him because he s at that age where the only thing he wants to read is sports headlines, video game stats and the titles of YouTube videos Unfortunately we both regretted picking this book almost immediately The author s excessive overuse of adjectives and flowery prose to describe the simplest things made the book completely unreadable I think even the author got tired of hearing himself talk because I did notice it was toned down some toward the end If my son didn t have to read this for school we wouldn t have even made it that far We were both ready to DNF it just a couple of chapters in I kept thinking we couldn t have picked a worse book to try and get him interested in reading for pleasure He also had to take an A.R test on it and it was pretty difficult There s SO much information dumped throughout the book that it was really hard to remember it all and try to pinpoint what might be on the test, even for me I definitely would not recommend this for a 12 year old boy or as an AR selection. I found Adrift during the documentation process for the novel I was writing that moment Luces en el Mar Lights on the Sea After reading the synopsis and discover that the story of Steven Callahan was real I felt and curious about reading it Adrift is a great novel for those readers who like stories of survival, where the sea is protagonist and antagonist and above all, lovers of adventures, ADVENTURES in capital letters Callahan s story is so vivid and real that you feel immersed in the odyssey of his journey from the beginning You can feel his anguish, his pain and his despair, but also his happiness and his relief It s a short but really, really intense story that I recommend reading to all the fans of survival books like Diary of a Shipwrecked or Life of Pi.Spanish version Descubr el libro A la Deriva durante mi proceso de documentaci n para la escritura de la novela que estaba escribiendo en ese momento Luces en el Mar La verdad que al leer la sinopsis y descubrir que la historia de Steven Callahan sucedi de verdad a n me entraron m s ganas de leerlo A la Deriva es un libro genial para todos aquellos lectores que les gusten las historias de supervivencia, donde el mar es a la vez protagonista y antagonista y sobre todo las aventuras, aventuras en may sculas El relato de Callahan es un relato tan v vido y real que puedes sentir su angustia, su dolor y su desesperaci n, al igual que su felicidad y alivio Es un relato corto pero intenso que recomiendo leer a todos los fans de libros de supervivencia como Diario de un N ufrago o la Vida de Pi. A fast moving and captivating book that grabs hold and carries you right through the end.So why three stars Well, Callahan is not the most reliable narrator Once the wild ride is over, the weird inconsistencies that you didn t have time to think about mid read start to gnaw at the edge of your consciousness Then there is Callahan s ego, which is big enough to capsize his ship even without a rogue wave The too careful minimization of his errors, and his tendency towards inflated descriptions of his own epic heroism, creativity, and genius also loom larger the farther I got from the end of the book.Overall this book is a selfish indulgence on my part a dysfunctional relationship that ended suddenly and afterwards it s just so obvious how you were used, and you hate how you let yourself get exploited like that, but you think about the sex all the time and you miss it sometimes.I would read this again, but hate myself for it. The entire book is set in a small life raft where the author struggles to catch fish, capture water, plug holes and stay alive for 76 days It s monotonous stuff that is somehow riveting And it made me realize that I have nothin to complain about.ever. Should be required reading for anyone going out to sea in any type vessel This book being a true account it moves along at the pace it simply must, and the adventure within takes us to the very limits of human survival. It all begins with entering a race..and once his beloved SOLO is lost, what if s and survival is the name of the game for Steven Callahan s 1982 life raft ADRIFT across half the Atlantic Ocean.Often wet, cold or overheated, always starving thirsty or scared, with sores and ulcers plaguing him, and never ending attacks by the bumping dorados, Callahan continues his daily routines amidst unbelievably harsh conditions for 76 long days.While at times a bit too detailed and descriptivefor mestill a great true life adventure story.