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LAPD homicide detective Lena Gamble's third murder case is also Robert Ellis's most explosive thriller yetIt's another rough night in Hollywood A horrific double murder at Club 3 AM the A list hangout for Hollywood celebs Unfortunately for detective Gamble it's her caseThe media is swarming LAPD brass have their stingers out It's the kind of murder case that goes radioactive from the start Two dead bodies in Hollywood The first victim is Johnny Bosco owner of Club 3 AM and one of the most powerful men in Hollywood But Lena takes the shock hard when she sees the corpse laid out beside Bosco It's 25 year old Jacob Gant acuitted just weeks ago in LA's latest trial of the century for murdering his 16 year old neighbor Lily HightAre these murders the result of a father's righteous anger? Or is something bigger at play? Something dark and twisted that no one can see?You already know the answer This is Robert Ellis at his very best

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    The Murder Season Robert Ellis' latest Lena Gamble novel is a suspenseful police detective story with enough twists and turns to keep the jaded reader hustling to finish Ellis is a master of the kind of old fashioned cop investigating a murder and Gamble follows the evidence wherever it leads As the tension escalates the story hits high gearLena Gamble is called in the depths of the night to a double homicide at a big nightclub One of the victims is Johnny Bosco a club owner to the stars with connections to the District Attorney but the other victim is Jacob Gant recently acuitted of the sensational murder of Lily Hight because the DNA evidence linking him to the crime disappeared The police immediately suspect Lily Hight's father of the crime and a traffic cam video places him on a road minutes after the murder but its a case that would be horrible for the LA police and district attorney because who will actually convict the father of killing the killer of his beautiful lily white daughter The two assistant district attorneys Bennett and Watson do not want to touch this case and the police brass have it in for Gamble because of the actions in prior novels in this detective seriesSo Gamble and Vaughn another prosecutor in the DA office are told to handle the case which has all the hallmarks of a career destroyerAt the same time Cobb the original detective on the case who seems to have secrets starts to follow Gamble aroundGamble soon starts to suspect that the original case against Gant was somehow wrongly prosecuted Maybe Gant was not the killer that everyone thinks and the killer is still out there She gets the murder book from Cobb but finds holes in its story She shares her findings with Vaughn and they ponder the fact that Gant was railroaded But if Gant did not kill Lily Hight how did Bennett Watson and Cobb try him anyway and why and who did kill Lily HightThese are the uestions that Gamble must answer and as she follows the evidence and strikes out on her own to solve the original case she finds the original assumptions about the case all wrong Lily Hight was not so lily white as she appeared Bennett has an ugly past the district attorney and his hired goon are snooping around the murder book looks like it was doctored The bodies start to pile up and the evidence leads to a central figure in the original case but is it really him? Or are we being played A great read

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    Damn I wish I could give this 45 starsThis book was excellent Lena Gamble is given a case that could completely derail her career Two bodies in a nightclub one is the owner but it is the second body that causes all the problems Jacob Gant was tried for the rape and murder of a 16 year old girl It was a slam dunk case but due to the disappearance of vital evidence he was acuittedClearly the girl's father has just dispensed his own brand of justice and has public sympathy on his side But Gamble is not so sure Something about this case doesn't add up but she's on very thin ice here There is a delicious sense of menace throughout the whole book as the bodies keep piling up and nothing seems to make any sense Twists and turns and a creeping sense of danger make this a thrilling and enjoyable read The ending is something you don't see coming Highly recommended

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    An okay read Saw the plot coming even with al the twists A little bit over the top for me I guess that happens when you read so many thrillers The first 2 were translated in Dutch and I really enjoyed those A little disappointed

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    What happened? I thought the author was tying up loose ends and out of nowhere comes another twist I did not see this coming The plot was challenging the murders are plentiful and bloody There are some despicable bad guys but also some cops with compassion and feelings Don't start a Robert Ellis novel unless you have time to finish it It will be hard to put down

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    With the ending of Murder Season I have now read every book currently published by Robert Ellis and have never found one I didn't enjoy He is a master story teller and puts you firmly in the mind of the main character believing what they believe and being rocked by new discoveries that change everything While reading this book no matter how much you think you know about who did it most of the characters are flawed so it's easy to jump to the wrong conclusions Murder Season ends the Lena Gamble trilogy and starts with a phone call in the middle of the night and ends in a painful heartbreaking but solid closure kind of way The story is woven so smoothly that it's hard to comment on any specifics without running the risk of spoiling the experience but I can say it's a messy case with high profile characters involved and it'll keep you suirming in your seat as you try to solve it alongside Detective Gamble I heartily recommend this series and any of the other books Robert has written so far

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    Murder Season comes early in scorching LA and Detective Lena Gamble is handed her toughest assignment yet Pin the murder of Jacob Gant the man recently acuitted of the rape and murder of 16 year old Lily Hight on Lily’s father Only things don’t uite turn out that way as the evidence drags Lena and her Assistant DA associate further from Tim Hight and towards disturbing conclusions This is a great read The heat of the city seems to pulsate off the pages and the twists and turns Ellis builds into his plot kept me riveted to the last word on the last page I did not see the ending coming at all If you enjoy a real police thriller you will gobble down this novel

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    Robert Ellisplease don't let this be the last Lena Gamble book Lena has a very hard case to solve when the killer of a girl is found not guilty putting the whole city on fire but later is found dead at a trendy club along with the clubs owner Did the girls hero father take revengeall signs point that way but with Lena you know it's gonna be complicated Love the new characters the suspense was good and while I had a stinking feeling who would be the bad guy in the end it was still a great ending Write Lena Mr Ellis

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    Another home runSeriously good Enough so to push me to write a review which I don’t often do The third in the Lena Gamble series this is another that I could NOT put down I’ve loved all three of Robert Ellis’ books in this series and only wish I had of them to look forward to

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    Never saw it comingRobert Ellis has become one of my new favorite authors The suspense and twists this story takes its a full on rollercoaster ride And I never saw the who done it coming

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    Another good who dun it but definitely the lowest point of the series Too much focus on police politics and political interactions Thasr’s The best I can do without including spoilers Glad I’m done with the series This was to too much