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September 1907 George Porter Dillman sets sail from Liverpool on the Lusitania's maiden voyage Hired by the ship's captain to pose as a passenger George is in fact a private detective for the Cunard Line In the first days of his voyage George only has to deal with a few petty crimes But then an expensive piece of jewelry is reported stolen and a body is found Working uickly to solve both crimes George makes an unusual friend Genevieve Masefield and the two uncover secrets aboard the ship that prove explosive

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    This is the first in a series of books written by Conrad Allen a pseudonym used by Keith Miles You may know him already by another pseudonym that of Edward Marston which he uses for many popular series including that of the Railway Detective mysteries This series features George Porter Dillman and the enigmatic and beautiful Genevieve Masefield and all are set aboard cruise ships in the heyday of the great liners In order the books are as follows1 Murder on the Lusitania 19992 Murder On the Mauretania 20003 Murder On the Minnesota 20024 Murder on the Caronia 20025 Murder on the Marmora 20046 Murder on the Salsette 20057 Murder on the Oceanic 20068 Murder on the Celtic 2007It is good to see these books now on kindle and I looked forward to re reading this mystery which I had not read for many years It is September 1907 and the Lusitania is sailing her maiden voyage to New York This novel introduces American George Porter Dillman a detective who is usually called upon to keep an eye on professional card sharps or some thieving However this voyage offers than the usual excitement and romance From the time Dillman boards the train from Euston to Liverpool Lime Street he feels that things are not right He is intrigued by Mr and Mrs Rymer whose daughter Violet seems sad and listless for such an exciting event as a trip on such a wonderful liner and is further concerned about the oily journalist Henry Barcroft who bothers the passengers and crew alike When there is murder onboard his detective skills are put to the testThis is a cosy mystery with a touch of romance and the bonus of the shipboard location If you enjoy this kind of story then I am sure you will like this series and in my opinion it is best to start with the first book where the two main characters first meet

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    This had so much potential SO much And just kind of fell flat for me It did have enough that I may read the second one but I am not in a huge hurry Sigh I liked George Dillman's character even if I did think he was a bit too cocky for his own good but I am not a fan of Genevieve Masefield or women like her And I truly find it hard to believe that a decent guy like George would immediately to the point of kissing her and wanting to be with her forever fall for someone like that I don't know it just didn't feel true to me and I felt that Genevieve used that that to her advantage later in the book I did love that this was set on the Lusitania and that there was some history of that ship in the book I didn't love that I guess who the murderer was very early one Its not so much that the murderer is written clearly its like they aren't and therefore was who I suspected right away Overall a very average book for me Like I said I will maybe read the second one but again I am not in any hurry to do so

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    George Porter Dillman is sailing from Liverpool back to his native United States On the train to Liverpool he meets a bunch of uirky characters including the Oxford educated Cyril Weeks and the Rymer family Mr Mrs and daughter Violet Dillman sense some tension in the Rymer family and thinks the daughter is not enjoying her trip On board the ship he's introduced to uirky people Jeremiah Erskine a doom and gloom profit; Henry Barcroft a brash nosy journalist and the enigmatic Genevieve Masefield He'd love to get to know her better but she's always surrounded by two elderly ladies and Dillman can not reveal that he's actually an undercover Pinerton agent sent to ferret out and prevent any crimes from happening If the Lucy doesn't win the blue riband this time her maiden voyage then Germany wins the race once again With tensions running high between the two countries and Germany's superior navy it's important to Britain to win this race At first Dillman thinks his main problem will be keeping a card shark from fleecing innocent passengers Then Violet Rymer confides her secret to him and asks for his help and Genevive wants Dillman to play go between with Barcroft so she can avoid the odious journalist When the ship's blueprints go missing Dillman is asked to find them His search leads to unexpected results First he becomes the object of fellow American Ellen Tolley's attention and then he discovers Barcroft dead Dillman has his hands full with his love triangle and searching for the missing plans This cozy mystery differs slightly from the usual pattern in that Dillman is a professional detective The murder happens halfway through as is common in this type of novel The dust jacket blurb is misleading There's very little romance and most of it does not involve Dillman I wouldn't even call this book a romance Most of the love story involves a typical Edwardian plot I found it trite and predictable It's an overused plot device The mystery wasn't too difficult to figure who whodunnit I guessed right away but there are so many red herrings that I had to keep reading until all was solved The red herrings make the story above average I was engaged in the mysteries enough to stay awake late in the night reading The Lusitania setting is very interesting I don't know much about the ill fated ship but it all could have taken place on Titanic if that ship hadn't sunk The description of the biggest fastest ship sounds exactly the same I don't know if there are any distinctive details that might pinpoint the differences between the two other than the ending The fashion references sound great except for the word makeup Cosmetic was the word used at that time and they weren't really using much in 1907 I really didn't care for any of the characters in the book Dillman is cool and analytic He doesn't really show much emotion His back story is revealed little by little but he still seems like a stranger The author gets into Dillman's head but the reader knows little about what Dillman is actually thinking and feeling Genevieve is sort of a female version of Dillman She has her secrets which are revealed at the end She's mostly unlikable due to her actions throughout the story Violet is unlikable because of her boring predictable story She's a typical poor little rich girl of the period and I found her story unnecessary Her father is absolutely horrid and I was surprised and creeped out by his secret Her mother is slightly sympathetic Ellen Tolley gives Americans a bad name She's loud and speaks whatever comes into her head She pursues her goal relentlessly without considering what he wants The only character I really liked was Cyril Weeks because he was a literature professor I liked the book well enough to want to read about Dillman's adventures but not enough to want them right now this very minute Content propositions to come into a man's cabin which implies sex but not spoken; one frank discussion among women about sex; Kisses only; naked body not described; and the big ickview spoilerOne character is having an affair with the maid It doesn't sound like love It's a power ploy and I found it disgusting hide spoiler

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    A good old fashioned mystery set on the maiden voyage of the famous Lusitania from England to New York in 1907 Murder on the Lusitania certainly doesn't disappointIn the tradition of novels by Golden Age mystery writers like Christie and Marsh we have an interesting and varied cast of characterssuspects mostly restricted to the first class passengers whom we're slowly introduced to George Porter Dillman our protagonist is hired by the Cunard Line as an undercover detective and finds trouble than he had expected when an overly nosey journalist Henry Barcroft is found murderedGeorge Dillman has an easygoing manner and is polite intelligent and resourceful I liked him almost immediately so following his process of gaining the other passengers' confidence picking up the clues and solving the murders and related thefts was a great deal of fun Genevieve Masefield is the heroine but we know a lot less of her than we do of George; she is actually fairly cold to him at the beginning and only warms to him about halfway through when they've had a chance to converse properly She's a fascinating character though and the growing attraction between her and George promises to be an interesting aspect of the following booksThe mystery is well plotted and like other classic mysteries you discover most of the clues at the same time as George does so you can sleuth along with him I really enjoyed this element particularly after having read a number of cozy mysteries recently featuring amateur detectives who stumble their way onto the truth than using any real brain work In contrast George is refreshingly competent intelligent and clearly experienced in his line of workMy only complaint is that the amazing setting of the Lusitania wasn't used to its full advantage I adore the era and the idea of one of the greatest luxury liners being the backdrop to a murder mystery but I simply couldn't get a feel for the atmosphere There were some descriptions of the surroundings but little other information filtered through I would have expected of that woven in subtly to allow the reader to feel like they're thereThis is only a small gripe though and otherwise I thoroughly enjoyed this classic mystery Looking forward to of George and Genevieve's maritime adventures

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    What's better than a good mystery? One that takes place on a ship train or plane First published by Conrad Allen in 1940 this enthralling and sometimes suspenseful plot takes place on the maiden voyage of the Lusitania The reader is introduced one by one to a host of players boarding the ship Soon it is evident not everyone is who they seem to be But there is something even sinister than just a few deceptions taking place George Porter Dillman hired by the Cunard line is like the House Detective straight out of a late night movie He almost ends up sleeping with the fishes but manages to make good and get the girl in the end The ending is clever and I like how the author left a postscript after the ending noting historical fact to lend a touch of realism to the fictional plot

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    A completely delightful character study Everyone's stuck on the same ship so what else is there to do but people watch? Everybody has secrets and it's fun to unearth all of them Can't wait to see what's next

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    A murder mystery without too much blood and very little gore I loved that it was set on board such a historic ship

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    A period piece with a bit of an Agatha Christie feel The setting and the times were very well drawn The characters were likeable mostly The plot could have been better but the book was entertaining anyway

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    This is pretty much what you would expect a tight little mystery that nicely evokes its period pre World War One and setting luxury ocean liner Apparently it is the beginning of a series although the detectivehero wasn't uite memorable enough for me to care about future adventures

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    This is a solid 35 stars for me I am really drawn to mysteries that have a travel element to them especially during the summer months I really enjoyed the setting Adding in the historical elements also gave interest I would have really loved this mystery novel had the author added depth to the characters I definitely knew about the ship than I did any of the main characters The mystery was easy to figure out No twists or turns definitely on the predictable side But I am not giving up on this series I am willing to give the next book a try