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QnA with the author on my blog click here.Most novels I read require an adjustment period, a small frame of time in which I get used to the writing, the characters, and the setting This one didn t I was grabbed by the neck in a choke hold from page 1, easing straight into its rhythm.Geena s plotting for perfection when she lines her cousin, Hero, up a job at Triple Shot Betty, a coffee shop her best friend, Amber, and her work at But Hero and Amber clash at first sight, and the great summer Geena was envision begins to fall apart Figure in a case of mistaken identities and a group of boys who are not exactly what they seem, and trouble starts shaking up in paradise It s up to the Triple Shot Bettys, armed and ard with a legion of wronged girls, to set things straight once and for all.There are many, many reasons I loved this novel Behold I ve probably said this in every review I ve ever written, but I m such a character driven person, it s not even funny I loved the characters Jody Gehrman created here they all had a certain depth, and even the bad guy, which usually comes out archetypal in most novels, had substantial development.I m also a sucker for feel good feminist stories This one s it It s very subtle, without an overload of women vs men superiority, and it gets a clean message across.The voice This is very good chick lit I caught some passages which reminded me faintly of Sloppy Firsts and Second Helpings This goes to say something, because I m one of those people who worships Megan McCafferty and thinks of Sloppy Firsts and Second Helpings as the best teen chick lit books ever.The plot Most novels I ve read recently are beautiful coming of age pieces with great characters but just very little actual plot Not here Do we have the coming of age aspect to it Yup But it s paired with a strong, compelling plot as well.Summin it up I loved this novel Loved it Recommendation YES, absolutely Get it, get it, get it.Oh, and I hear we ve got another book in the works squee , so this is not the last you ll see of these characters, on my blog and elsewhere. Geena s plan for the summer is to have some girl time with her best female buddies, her friend Amber and her cousin Hero But when the two meet, it seems that they re polar opposites This rivalry makes it difficult for the three girls to work together at the Triple Shot Betty coffee shack Enter three hot guys, and they re if for a very interesting summer.Geena is determined to somehow make Amber and Hero get along, but it s not as easy as it sounds And a complicated love tangle involving the two enemies and two boys only makes it worse But along with them, there s skater girl Geena, helping her friends sort things out and even falling for her biggest competition in school, a cute guy names Ben.Confessions of a Triple Shot Betty was a very fun and enjoyable read, as one could predict from the awesome title I love how Geena is the snarky smart girl, a lot like Maya from She s So Money by Cherry Cheva Geena s funny comments kept me laughing aloud throughout the whole book and all the other characters are also lovable minus the villain of course.Another exciting aspect of this novel was the partially unpredictable plot I was able to foresee the romance between Geena and Ben, bit I was very surprised by the events at the ending of the novel This was definitely a good thing, and I really felt like yelling out Girl power when I finished reading the book.Confessions of a Triple Shot Betty was a highly entertaining read that I recommend to everyone There s definitely a little bit of something for everyone It s recently published, so I suggest you all go out and buy a copy it s scented along with a couple of other novels by Jody Gehrman such as Notes from the Backseat reposted from Geena Can T Wait To Spend Summer Vacation With Her Two Best Girls Her Friend Amber And Her Cousin Hero All Three Are Working At The Triple Shot Betty Coffee Shop Together, But The Moment Amber And Hero Meet, The Claws Come Out They Hate Each Other On Sight Geena S Dream Of A Girl Bonding Summer Flies Out Of The Window, And Then Threaten To Disappear Completely When A Few Cute Okay, Drop Dead Gorgeous Guys Come Along To Woo The Bettys But All Is Not What It Seems, And In A Story Of Mistaken Identities, Crazy Summer High Jinks, And Enough Romance To Make Shakespeare Proud, Geena And Her Friends Learn That When Bettys Unite, They Can Take On The Most Powerful Force In Their World A Hot Guy Geena s two best friends have never met, but she s arranged things so that all three of them will be working together at Triple Shot Betty s, a drive through coffee stand, and she just knows that they re all going to get along and have a great summer However, upon meeting, Amber and Hero dislike each other and are not afraid to let Geena, or each other, know it While Hero is polite enough that she probably would have been nice to Amber anyway, Amber starts insulting Hero practically from the moment they meet Hero, understandably, is not about to back down after being stereotyped and insulted Not helping matters is the fact that the hottest guy in Sonoma, the guy Amber hooked up with when she first moved to town, is interested in Hero, but Hero is not interested in him Instead, Hero s in love with the Italian guy interning at her family s winery, but her overprotective father refuses to let her date And Amber does want to be a tattoo artist, and Alistair Drake, former drummer current owner of a famous tattoo parlor did just happen to buy the place next to Hero s home So even if they dislike each other, maybe Amber and Hero can call a truce, making a deal that will benefit both of them without letting Geena know about it, since their plans just happen to involve her and a certain smart and cute bicyclist.Confessions of a Triple Shot Betty was inspired by Shakespeare s Much Ado About Nothing, but as I ve never read the play or seen the movie or the play , I can t compare the two However, I can say that Confessions is an enjoyable, if not particularly memorable, read Most of the secondary characters were on the flat side and the story didn t stick with me the way Tips did But it was humorous, though not laugh out loud funny, and I found both the romantic and the will they all become friends subplots satisfying teens looking for a summer friendship story along the lines of Peaches will also find much to like in Confessions.I really enjoyed Confessions of a Triple Shot Betty Jody was really able to capture the high school feel of this book The issues were real, as were the characters who reminded me of people I knew in school It s so great when you can put yourself in the story and relate to what s going on This book followed a nice progression of events which made the reading flow I was anxious to see how the story would unfold and wasn t disappointed in the least I m very much looking forward to beginning Triple Shot Betty s in Love. This is Geena s sixteenth summer and what better way to spend it then with her favorite cousin Hero and her best friend Amber Her plans go awry when Hero and Amber don t exactly get along, okay, they pretty much hate each other.Just when Geena thinks her summer is ruined, mysteriously Hero and Amber start getting along But it seems they only collaborate to get Geena and get her out of her boy hostile attitude Geena is happy to seem them getting along, but she couldn t possibly ever be interested in Ben, could she Hero s perfect girl image is tarnished when she snubs golden boy, John When the girls find evidence of his crime, they concoct a plan to spotlight his true nature once and for all Confessions of a Triple Shot Betty is reminiscent of Shakespear s Much Ado About Nothing, those that are familiar with the play will see the subtle similarities I devoured this book in one sitting I started reading and I just couldn t put it down The dialogue is hilarious This is one of the funniest book s I ve read in a while The characters are well developed especially Geena, she comes into her own throughout the novel The character dynamics were displayed wonderfully as well I enjoyed Gehrman s writing style and I will definitely be picking up of her books If you are looking for a fun summer read that is well written and beyond funny, pick up Confessions of a Triple Shot Betty Btw, the cover is scratch n sniff, how cool is that Geena snags a job for her good girl best friend Hero at the same coffee shop where she works with her bad girl best friend Amber Instead of the chummy summer she expects, she gets caught in the crossfire of the insta feud that ignites between Amber and Hero She also must deal with the fallout from romantic complications surrounding Hero, who is sought after as the new face in town If any of this sounds vaguely familiar, I ll give you a clue it s a modern retelling of Much Ado About Nothing and from this point forward, you can pretty much paste in the rest of the play here, only with a high tech touches when it comes to the inevitable scandal frame up surrounding the state of Hero s reputation and contemporary teen speak.This is one of those books where it probably does help to be about fourteen years old when you read it It has great cover appeal and a catchy title, and it had me until the exact minute I realized that the use of the name Hero was no coincidence and it went downhill from there as I watched every scene that I loved turned inside out I can t totally be blamed here it s my favorite of Shakespeare s comedies so I was bound to be touchy Geena and Ben s semi quips can t even remotely compare to Beatrice and Benedick, but that being said I could totally envision this being turned into a hit teen chick flick probably with Amanda Bynes or Demi Lovato in one of the lead roles and so I can t deny that this is going to have a lot of appeal for a certain demographic of teen girls Perhaps somewhere an enterprising teacher or librarian could plan a book and play discussion double feature so kids could get the benefit of Shakespeare s language with all the modern day relatability of Gehrman s story. Absolutely hilarious This was a fun and fast read The story centered around Hero, Geena, and Amber Geena is determined to have a great summer with her cousin Hero and her best friend Amber Too bad Amber and Geena can t stand each other The summer was filled with pots, evil guys, and romance There could have been to wow me but otherwise I took this for what it was a fun summer read with a slice of revenge. This was a complete trash fire of early YA and I absolutely loved it The characters were all shit, there were several cases of not like other girls , and hoochie mama was used at least six times throughout the book It was also a retelling of Much Ado About Nothing, which was a pleasant surprise that I didn t remember from when I read this as a teenager Time to read the sequel and see how shit it is LOL I only got 32 pages into this book before I had to stop Unlike previous unfinished books, there s nothing wrong with the writing Well, not in the way the words are strung together, at any rate.The problem is that the main characters are so completely unlikeable Seriously, Amber is a stone cold bitch You can tell she s supposed to be really cool an individualist with tattoos who wants to grow up to be a body artist and who apparently revels in the nickname Blowjob Beezie Hero is rich and shy and self involved enough to wall herself off with a new acquaintance just because they can speak Italian together And Geena is a pushover who is supposed to be smart but somehow misses that the two girls she wants to get along together have absolutely nothing in common kind of the same way matter and anti matter don t have things in common.Now, that s bad enough but then we meet John He s the popular graduating class president who practically oozes evil but is somehow still popular and well liked Now any story with a Hero and an evil John who has a half brother people call The Prince , no less is going to invoke Much Ado About Nothing Oh, right, I forgot to mention the stoner Dog Berry who, while incoherent, doesn t manage anything even a little amusing Right There s , but I ll spare you.So Jody Gehrman wants to invoke Shakespeare Obviously Unlike Shakespeare, however, she forgot to include people to like And humor, she forgot that, too Or anything a normal person can relate to for that matter.I didn t get far enough to know if the romance pans out I rather suspect not Here s a free tip to aspiring authors who feel the urge to mine Shakespeare for story ideas don t You aren t that good and you will suffer for the comparison If you re lucky.