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The First Canning Manual And Cookbook Authored By A Michelin Starred Chef And Restaurant Owner, The Preservation Kitchen Reveals A World Of Endless Flavor Combinations Using Revolutionary Ideas That Bring Homemade Preserves Deliciously To Life Pairing Science With Art, Paul Virant Presents Expert Preserving Techniques, Sophisticated Recipes, And Seasonal Menus Inspired By The Award Winning Fare At His Restaurant, Vie, In Western Springs, Illinois Imaginative Tangy Jams, Brandied Fruits, Zesty Relishes, Cured Meats, And Sweet And Savory Conserves Are The Focus Of The First Half Of This Book, While Seasonal Menus Pairing These Preserves With Everything From Salads And Cocktails To Poached Fish And Braised Meat Compose The Second Brandied Cherries Used In Cherry Clafoutis, Or As A Garnish For The Beer Jam Manhattan, Are A Sweet Reminder Of The Summer Harvest And The Chicken Fried Steak With Smoked Spring Onion Relish Anticipates Warmer Days When You Re Still Deep In Winter Alongside Recipes And Menus, Virant Draws On His Extensive Technical Knowledge And Experience To Provide Detailed And Comprehensive Guidelines For Safe Canning Practices, Testing PH, Pressure Canning, Water Bath Processing, And Storing But No Matter How Precise The Science, Virant Never Forgets The Art In Each Handcrafted Preserve And Thoughtfully Developed Recipe His Unique Approach Re Imagines Seasonal Eating By Harmonizing Opposite Or Unusual Partnerships The Brightness Of Summer Fruit May Be Tempered With The Earthiness Of Meats And Winter Produce, Or The Delicacy Of Spring Vegetables Might Be Enriched By The Robust Herbs And Spices Typical Of Fall The Preservation Kitchen Not Only Demonstrates And Instructs, It Encourages And Explores The Limitless Possibilities Of Capturing The Seasons In A Jar

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    The first canning manual and cookbook authored by a Michelin starred chef and restaurant owner, The Preservation Kitchen reveals a world of endless flavor combinations using revolutionary ideas that bring homemade preserves deliciously to life Pairing science with art, Paul Virant presents expert preserving techniques, sophisticated recipes, and seasonal menus inspired by the award winning fare at his restaurant, Vie, in Western Springs, Illinois.Imaginative tangy jams, brandied fruits, zesty relishes, cured meats, and sweet and savory conserves are the focus of the first half of this book, while seasonal menus pairing these preserves with everything from salads and cocktails to poached fish and braised meat compose the second Brandied Cherries used in Cherry Clafoutis, or as a garnish for the Beer Jam Manhattan, are a sweet reminder of the summer harvest And the Chicken Fried Steak with Smoked Spring Onion Relish anticipates warmer days when you re still deep in winter Alongside recipes and menus, Virant draws on his extensive technical knowledge and experience to provide detailed and comprehensive guidelines for safe canning practices, testing pH, pressure canning, water bath processing, and storing But no matter how precise the science, Virant never forgets the art in each handcrafted preserve and thoughtfully developed recipe His unique approach re imagines seasonal eating by harmonizing opposite or unusual partnerships the brightness of summer fruit may be tempered with the earthiness of meats and winter produce, or the delicacy of spring vegetables might be enriched by the robust herbs and spices typical of fall The Preservation Kitchen not only demonstrates and instructs, it encourages and explores the limitless possibilities of capturing the seasons in a jar.

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    I would probably give this a four star star rating EXCEPT this was my first kindle cookbook I won t do that again Some of the recipes are pretty extensive and cover multiple pages There was much page scanning.What I love most about The Preservation Kitchen is that the preserved canning recipes are referenced for use in other recipes Buy the book and you can find how to use up the Tomato Jam in Tomato Glazed BBQ Goat and Tomato Jam Roasted Potatoes I don t see the goat in our future, but I am sure I will make some of these potatoes.only if I can wrench some of the jars away from The Hubs grasp I wouldn t be surprised if he has hidden it all away by now If you have a garden, visit farmers markets, or belong to a CSA, you must have this book.The Tomato Jam recipe is outstanding

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    Truly, I wanted to love this book but I didn t I really liked some parts of it including the exhaustive pickle recipes everything from pickled baby artichokes to pickled celery root and the interesting chapter on aigre doux and mostarda Sadly, the jam section was mediocre if you re a jam maker, you already have tried and true recipes for blackberry or apricot jam as well as variations on each And I just can t see myself turning my kitchen into a charcuterie and making my own bacon or coppa More power to you if you have turned beef belly into bacon ewww but I ll just make a trip to South Philly or the local Amish farmer s market if I want some good cappicola or pancetta.The second half of the book contains recipes While I may want to order some of these if I m dining in a 5 star Michelin restaurant, I can t see myself whipping them up on a weeknight after work or quite frankly, even on the weekend A few sounded interesting for example, Swiss Chard and Pickled Stems at last provides an answer as to what to do with all those stems after you ve stripped off the leafy parts and I m game for making my own lemon verbena cordial but for others, I question whether he correctly judged the audience tomato jam glazed barbecued GOAT umm, really I like goats for cheese made from their milk I have no desire to eat one While it was an interesting read, it won t be making it onto my bookshelf.

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    I have never tried pickling only pickleball or preserving food but this book makes me want to give it a try I love the format for this book as well In the Jar and On the Table The second section is further divided by seasons At least nothing is stopping me from trying the Bittersweet Chocolate Marquise with Summer Berry Jam or Lemon Verbena Cordial for the Verbena Sling and Elderflower Syrup for fruit dessert garnish Very interesting cookbook Beautiful pictures and new ideas for my kitchen.

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    This is a wonderful preservation book, though it s probably not the best book for a beginner I m a big fan of Virant s restaurants and food philosophy, so this is right up my alley I made the pickled asparagus and pickled chard stems this past weekend, and both turned out well I m looking forward to making some of his recipes in the second half of the book with my preserves and pickles Good ideas and creative uses for your preserved goods Highly recommended.

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    This is a book for people that love to READ cookbooks as well as actually use the recipes Leahy has a great story to tell and does so through his recipes of preserving and additional recipes on how to use what you have preserved in various dishes Many great ideas for capturing the flavors of fresh produce at the peak of the season and using them throughout the year These are not your grandmothers canning recipes

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    This book is gorgeous and inspiring Finally, a book on preserving that has something new in it Milk jam Aigre doux Admittedly, I have only made one of the recipes so far tomato jam but I ll try the blueberry aigre doux soon It s due back at the library today So if I find that the recipes aren t that tasty, I ll downgrade this review to 4 stars Still.

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    This has really pretty pictures but I don t see myself making any of the recipes in this book It might be a little too fancy for me.

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    MMMM So many tasty recipes to try Some are by season, and some are about saving food for much later.

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    I want to make everything in this cookbook immediately.