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Devin Thomsen And Steven Matchik Seek Intensity Coach Sean Cardsen Can Show The Way Through Wrestlingbut Will It Be Enough Devin S Existence Is Steeped In Violence Steven S Family Has Disintegrated The Braxton, Oregon Wrestling Team Provides A Place To Fit In Their Future Is Methamphetamine Bonds Are Tested In Their Harrowing Journey Through Addiction, Loyalty, And Attachment To Youth When Action Goes Off The Mat, Competing Requires Everything They Ve Learned, And Help From Above

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    Bibbey has powerfully written a meaningful story with compelling characters Of the nearly thirty Y.A books I ve read this year I m a high school librarian , very few have a good in every sense of the word story AND quality style his book does a rare feat In fact, it s in my top three favorites I ve read this year along with Margo Lanagan s Tender Morsels and Craig Silvey s Jasper Jones, which I also HIGHLY recommend Bibbey masterfully writes about difficult issues like relationships, religion and addiction realistically yet compassionately Read it

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    Really enjoyed it The book centers around a high school wrestling coach and two members of his wrestling team Both of the boys have fairly intense problems at home, and the coach is doing his best to be there for them The second half of the book takes place after the boys are no longer under the coach s tutelage They both make some poor decisions, and they both spend a great deal of time trying to come back from those choices.The ending is very well done and leaves you thinking long afterwards I highly recommend it.

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    The ending haunted me This book is painful in the best possible way and it changed the way I view those affected by addiction.