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This book really touched me It s told from Sydney s POV and Grace s POV Sydney is the mother and Grace is her daughter I felt for both of them and could relate to each in different ways Sydney was likable to me She makes mistakes and her behavior isn t always perfect I appreciated the realistic situations that Sydney puts herself in She had a really great boyfriend in Ethan I mean, this guy is the real deal BUT, I could understand where Sydney was coming from wanting to have some experience before settling down I was so heartbroken over Ethan Seriously, he was the perfect guy He truly loved Sydney and made sacrifices to be with her Such a special guy Unfortunately, she makes one big mistake, that alters her life forever That s where Grace comes in Grace learns that her father isn t her biological dad So, her journey begins of finding out who she comes from I liked that we got to see her deal with this over time What I loved the most was that she still felt like her adoptive father was her real dad Even though it was a shock, I felt that she dealt with it all with maturity and wellgrace There were many times throughout the book that I was on the verge of tears At the end, I was full out sobbing They were happy tears though I felt that everyone achieved the closure they all needed One Pink Line touched my heart and I would highly recommend it If you are looking for a sweet, loving story, this is a great book for you. I was given a free copy of this book by the author in return for an honest review The synopsis of this book caught my attention because I was faced with the very scary reality of an unplanned pregnancy at a young age The premise of the story is a good one, and the topics discussed are timeless in their relevance, but I walked away from this book feeling as if something were missing The strangest thing about this story for me were the similarities to my own situation I had been in a committed but long distance relationship with a great guy for two years We grew apart, I moved on, and five months later, I was pregnant Fortunately for me, my boyfriend at the time and father of my son is a great guy who stuck around We recently celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary So while I could certainly put myself in Sydney s shoes, I nonetheless had a hard time connecting with her as a sympathetic protagonist I don t think this is due to any character flaw on the part of Sydney, but a fundamental flaw in Ms Silver s writing While I did find Sydney to often be melodramatic and selfish, I recognize that a young, childless, unmarried woman often is melodramatic and selfish The reader simply is not treated to enough emotional depth to connect with the characters and empathize with why they do the things they do Ethan, while being a great guy in most respects, barely showed even the slightest capacity for an emotional range He vacillated between present and pleasant to present and neutral One time he s not present and kinda, sorta, maybe upset His character overall was pretty flat Then there are Sydney s parents.I know this is based on an actual story, so I won t fault the book for containing two of the most irritating parental characters I ve ever read about, but they did make slogging through the book a bit of a chore When I was introduced to the character of Grace, Sydney s daughter, I found that her narrative wasn t much different from Sydney s, something that was a bit off putting since these are supposed to be two distinct characters who differ in several ways The tone of both was often juvenile, simplistic, and selfish Overall, I felt like the writing was shallow and rushed I was whisked from one incident to the next, all the while being told what was going on, and it created a disconnect for me I couldn t invest myself in the lives of the characters enough to really care what happened next The only thing that kept me interested enough to finish was wanting to know what happened between Ethan and Sydney I felt I already knew what was coming, but I wanted to be sure, and while this is a tried and tested plot device, it s not generally good when it s the only thing securing your audience s attention It s not a terrible book by any means, but it could have been a lot better Speaking as someone who stared into the face of motherhood at the age of 17, I can say that the subject demands a lot emotional depth than this book was able to convey. What a lovely lovely story This was quite different to a lot of books I ve read lately It wasn t a cut and dry romance There was romance, but this is so much It is about love on so many other levels too Love between a mother and daughter, lost love, love denied, unrequited love, inconvenient love, sibling love, love between friends and ultimately, inevitable love One Pink Line was such an easy read I reached the end without even realising And the end was soooo adorable.If I had one criticism it would have been that I d have liked to have felt of what was between Sydney and Ethan More details of their relationship would have really put the cherry on the top for meI don t know why you re crying but I hope it s because you re as in love with me half as much as I am in love with youI love Ethan He was such a strong, charming character and it was painful to see Sydney realise the consequences of her mistake But what a wonderful man Everyone needs an EthanI still loved him I never stopped loving him, and never stopped hoping that he would fall back in love with me as wellGrace s story was a great addition to the story It was fascinating to read her take on things and see the butterfly effect of Sydney s actionsOne drunken evening filled with passion, carelessness and JagermeisterI empathised with her and her desire to reach her Dad and it was heart warming to read about the dynamics of her loving, secure family, despite everythingSo, how s big Kev Oh, you mean my father Yeah He may be six foot five, but you re a much bigger person, DadAnd then we come to Sydney I really really enjoyed reading her story She was a lovable, down to earth character that was so easy to relate to She had no huge hang ups or meteoric, traumatic secrets in her past, she wasn t emotionally damaged, yet she wasn t perfect she was normal It was so refreshing to read about a normal woman, with a normal, yet testing and slightly unfortunate path in lifeThe diaper bag, the car seat, the bottles, the pacifiers, the changing mat, the wipes, and all the toys in their primary colored glory none of which would compliment my outfitWomen everywhere should read this book daughters, mothers, expectant mothers, single mothers it s such a feel good story about females of all ages overcoming adversity, loving and being loved by the people in their lives and accepting their blessings A very funny, easy, heart warming read I m off to hug my family now.To read reviews go to my Book Blog me on Twitter me on Pinterest in the chat on Facebook Spoiler Free Review EVERYONE SHOULD READ THIS BOOK 4 STARS out of 5Genre YA Contemporary RomanceI m sorry to lay this on you right before you leave, but I thought you should knowHe shook his head slowlyWhat are you doing about it I m going to keep it,I said and kept my gaze focused on him.He laughedDon t I have any sayHe stood upAssuming it s even mine It s yours One Pink Line Will have you sucked in from the first page The story unfolds beautifully and is told from two pov s Sydney s and her daughter Grace Within the story you get to see how they each struggle in relationships with their parents, siblings and friends As they make the journey from young girls in to womanhood Sydney is about to finish her senior year of college when she finds out she is pregnant Now she must tell her boyfriend, knowing her life as she knows it is about to drastically change Sydney is the youngest of two girls Though her mother always favored her older sister Kendra, the bond between Kendra and Sydney always remained strong Once Sydney breaks the news of her pregnancy to her boyfriend, her sister, her parents and her friends relationships are tested The reactions are shocking, as a young in love couple make life changing decisions Grace was raised in a loving home with her mother, father and younger brother Patch At as young as seven Grace remembers being teased for her size She was big for a girl and taller than most boys her age At ten she stood taller than her mother s petite frame She chalks it up and decides she takes after her dad who is tall standing an inch over six feet The one day in middle school at a health class focusing on sex and reproduction changes everything Leading her to question herself about who she really isWho is my real dad She sniffed and reached for a tissue on top of nurse Goode s deskYour real dad who loves and kisses you every night is your real dad Your biological father is a man I had a friendship with a long time ago Where is he He lives out of state with his familyHis family Wasn t I his family Suddenly it was like I was trapped at the bottom of a sewer pipe, and my mom was above ground trying to shout down to me I felt alone Removed Deceived Grace and SydneyLine that punched me in the gutYour not seriously considering having this baby are youKendraOuch, now those are hard words to hear after you decide to have your baby.One Pink Line shows the power of love, the bonds of family, and how loss can leave a piece of a person feeling empty and incomplete The story is emotional, raw and very compelling ThoughtsIncredible I could not stop reading this book it pulls you in and holds you captive until it s over It s a very relatable story that will stick with the reader long after reading it I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book It is A MUST READ Something you ll want to share with your Mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts and cousins My RatingsCharacters LovableWriting Style GoodPlot Storyline Raw, Honest and highly emotionalSteam Factor Medium Moderately SteamyOverall I loved it A MUST READ Now go forth and read Then come tell us about it on Goodreads Arc Provided by CreateSpace via NetGalley I ll just get straight to it then This book lacks the emotional depth that this topic demands of it It does not do justice to the actual difficult heart wrenching plight faced by young single mothers When reading The Pink line you feel like you are watching a W Channel movie you observe the main character go from scene to scene without being emotionally invested or too interested The author just gives you superficial description of event after event The plot was rushed and the characters, well I don t even think they qualify as one dimensional Take the scene where view spoiler the baby daddy who the author previously described as fiercely loyal and helpful close friend of 4 years skips out of the protagonist s life after a life changing self defining argument that lasted like 7 lines of dialogue tops He wanted to terminate the baby but she wanted to keep it Then he yells for a one maybe two lines and storms out never to be seen again THAT S NOT AN ADULT ARGUMENT THAT HARDLY QUALIFIES AS A DISCUSSION hide spoiler Have you ever read a book that reminded you to be grateful for the family that loves you To appreciate just a bit the sacrifices that your parents have made for you To try and be a better daughter, sister, mother one day This is a story about love not only the romantic type, but also between mothers and daughters and all the people we take for granted in our everyday lives It is also a story of finding one s identity, putting all the puzzle pieces together that make up the picture of who we are, where we come from, what defines us A story of sacrifice driven by love for an unborn child A story of forgiveness.The book follows two stories, intertwined but one in the past and the other in the present We hear two voices, two points of view, and as the story unravels slowly, layer by layer, each voice helps us to complete the picture The first voice we hear is Sydney s, we follow her from her late teens to the present time We find out who she is, where she came from, who her staples in life have been Sydney is a determined, confident, intelligent young woman with a somewhat troublesome relationship with her mother, a woman who in Sydney s eyes wiped her feet at her daughter s self esteem on a daily basis She envies the bond that her mother has with her older sister and I believe that gives her the foundations for the type of mother she never wanted to be one day.Sydney meets the love of her life, Ethan, during the last few months of high school It is a match made in Heaven, their connection quickly developing into a life long bond of friendship and mutual affection But soon they find themselves in separate cities, in college, and in a long distance relationship over a long period of time At the very end of her college life, Sydney makes a mistake, a small mistake as it wasn t premeditated or made while in full possession of her faculties, but a life determining mistake nonetheless And she finds herself pregnant, alone, broke, carrying the child of a man who openly says he doesn t want anything to do with her or the baby This is where her true character really shines she decided to keep the baby, against all odds and fully aware that she would be sacrificing a whole lot than just sleep at night She would be losing Ethan Having to sacrifice you to have this baby will destroy me, so I hope that in time you can find a way to forgive me But her love for her unborn baby is instant and she never, not even once regrets her decision to keep it What follows is an elegantly and delicately written personal account of the fears of a young woman faced with an unplanned pregnancy and having to go through it on her own We hear her fears that she won t be a good mother, that her child would resent her for her decisions and that she won t be able to give her the kind of life she deserves Would we be like friends than mother daughter Would she think I was annoying What insecurities would she have Would she hate me for not being married She could be any one of us and we feel for her deeply But her tale is not a sad one, it is also a story of hope and forever laced with humour and a positive outlook on life Sydney never feels sorry for herself and by doing so she never allows us to feel anything but respect for her She does the best she can, believing in the rightness of her choices and driven forward by her love for her baby.The second voice we hear is Grace s Grace is Sydney s daughter and we meet her when she is ten years old The discovery that her dad is not her biological father shakes her to the core, she finds herself with life altering questions her young mind is unable to process Those questions form a void in her, an almost primal need to define both sources of her origin and those doubts follow her throughout her teen years and into her twenties She has a wonderful loving family, a dad that has raised her since she was two years old and loved her as if she were his own, but her journey is not just about finding her real father, it is also about extinguishing that need in her to find him Everyone thinks that I have all these expectations of you, and I really don t It s really been of a burning curiosity than anything You ve been such a vague, inaccessible figure my whole life, and all I ever really wanted was to simply make the connection This story might have started with one devastating pink line but it became a whole rainbow of goodness by the end it It might have been dismantled by than one point of view and alternating timelines, but it was bound together by one constant element of the story love The type of love that survives even the harshest of tests, a love that grows only stronger in time and brings people together Families change, evolve, lovers part ways and then find their way back to each other, friendships grow and never fade away, but motherhood remains an unchanging force of nature, a source of comfort as much as a source of strength She could be forty years old, married with kids, and you ll still be worried about her life, her bills, her husband s job, your grandkid s fever This book was a like a breath of fresh air I deeply inhaled and I am still exhaling And smiling N See this review on my blog I had to give it 5 stars, right I am so in love with this book I can t even put it into words Dina Silver you are amazing I loved every single word of this book I loved the two different points of view between Sydney and Grace and I just adored how it all came together Beautifully written and just wonderful One of my new favorite books of 2012. 4 sweet stars One Pink Line is yet another book thats been sitting on my kindle for over a year Since I never made time to read it, I decided I would listen to the audio book I was happy I did I enjoyed this one This is not your typical romance It s a story of a girl and her first love, yes, but also a story of a mother and daughter And the story of that daughter finding out who she is and where she belongs I loved the family aspect There was so much love between these three characters main characters Sydney spent her entire college years with Ethan Even though they were long distance, they were still the best of friends and loved each other very much During Sydney s senior year of college, she made a mistake This mistake turned into something big that changes her life forever It also changes her boyfriend Ethan s life.Ethan Ethan Ethan what a perfect guy You can t help but to love him He is the sweetest, most charming and patient character There were moments my heart was so broken for him, and Sydney tooHaving to sacrifice you to have this baby will destroy meThe story was told not only from Sydney s perspective, but her daughter Grace s As Grace is growing up, she learns a lot about who she is and the people in her life that are truly importantYour Dad who loves you and kisses you goodnight is your real DadThis story made me laugh, made me smile, made me tear up and in the end left me feeling good It had a nice flow to it and was an easy read One Pink Line is a story about the choices we make, a story about family, and most of all, about love The only thing that would have made this better is Ethan Maybe not his perspective, but just time with him in general If you re looking for a book with lovable characters and a sweet story that will leave a big smile on your face, this is one I would recommend. Can The Love Of A Lifetime Be Forever Changed By One Pink Line Dina Silver S Tender, Absorbing Novel, One Pink Line, Is A Warmhearted, Wry Story Of Love, Loss And Family, As Seen Through The Prism Of One Singular, Spirited Young Couple Who Find Themselves In A Predicament That Changes The Course Of Their Lives, And Those Closest To Them With Heart, Humor And Compassion, This Debut Work Of Women S Fiction Is Certain To Stir Anyone Who Relishes A Good Laugh, Can Stand A Good Cry, And, Above All Believes In The Redemptive Power Of LoveThis Unique, Contemporary Story Gives Readers A Dual Perspective Sydney Shephard, A Sweet Tempered, Strong Natured College Senior Is Young, In Love With An Exceptional Man, And Unexpectedly Pregnant Faced With A Child She Never Planned For, She Is Forced To Relay This News To Her Neurotic Mother, Relinquish Her Youth, And Risk Losing The Love Of Her Life Then There S Grace, A Daughter, Who Believed She Was A Product Of This Great Love, Grows To Realize Her Existence Is Not What She Assumed, And Is Left With Profound And Puzzling Questions About Who She Really IsSpanning Generations And Every Imaginable Emotion, One Pink Line Reveals How Two Points Of View Can Be Dramatically At Odds, And Perhaps Ultimately Reconciled Simultaneously Deeply Felt And Lighthearted, One Pink Line Deftly Mines How The Choices We Make Are Able To Alter So Many Lives, And How Doing The Right Thing And Living Honestly Can Bring Unexpected, Hard Won Happiness It S A Must Read For Anyone Who Craves A Great Love Story, Absorbing Characters, And Plenty Of Laughs Along The Way