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this was a great book have a busy life so reading a book takes a while, but i will definitely like to read by this author was a awesome read.. With The World Embroiled In The Great War, Power Hungry Forces Threaten To Tear Apart The State Of Texas In A Secret Plot To Rule The Resource That Will Fuel The Future In The Austin Job, James Starr, Bronc Rider Turned Politician, Stumbles Into A High Stakes Game Of Power And Lies That He Must Master Before It Masters HimExploding With Double Fisted, Cheek Puckering Action, Including The World S First Parkour Stunt Horse, The Austin Job Dares You To Cinch Your Saddle To A Bolt Of Lone Star Lightning And Hold On For Dear LifeIn This Second Book Of His Lost DMB Files, Author David Mark Brown Invites The Reader Into A World Illuminated By Human Torches And Moonlight Towers, An Underground Austin Inhabited By Machine And Monster Alike, Where What You Don T Know Can Get You Killed Or Just Really, Really Messed Up