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She will not give upThree months ago governess Serena Barton was let go from her position Unable to find new work she’s demanding compensation from the man who got her sacked a petty selfish swinish duke But it’s not the duke she fears It’s his merciless man of business—the man known as the Wolf of Clermont The formidable former pugilist has a black reputation for handling all the duke’s dirty business and when the duke turns her case over to him she doesn’t stand a chance But she can’t stop trying—not with her entire future at stake He cannot give inHugo Marshall is a man of ruthless ambition—a characteristic that has served him well elevating the coal miner’s son to the right hand man of a duke When his employer orders him to get rid of the pestering governess by fair means or foul it’s just another day at the office Unfortunately fair means don’t work on Serena and as he comes to know her he discovers that he can’t bear to use foul ones But everything he has worked for depends upon seeing her gone He’ll have to choose between the life that he needs and the woman he is coming to love

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    35 stars SpoilersWow okay this story was different The heroine Serena was raped by the hero'sHugo boss the Duke of Clermont She was pregnant from said rape and Hugo marries her behind the boss's back to keep her child from being labeled a bastard He plans it to be a married in name only to help her but they make love which was really sweet and they fall in love I have to say I liked that this story was a little different as it started out with something horrid like rapenot that you read the rape just that she shows up pregnant and she later tells what happened but ends with a cute love story I loved that Hugo was so sweet and willing to raise another man's child I also loved that he punched his boss for his wife I thought the end was bitter sweet with the two brothers meeting as preteens One not knowing he had a bastard brother I felt bad for both boys one finding out his dad is a pos cheater and that he had a brother the other knowing he is a bastard The only problem I really had with this book was it was too short I really wanted Just sayin'

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    Courtney Milan has become one of my favorite historical romance authors and books like this The Governess Affair is why This introduction to the Brothers Sinister series is a charming beautiful tale that I simply couldn't put down And surprisingly while this is a novella a short read it lacks nothing A powerful story romance passion yes this book has it all including one of the sexiest sweetest bedroom scenes everI fell hard for both Serena and Hugo their secrets their tortured pasts everything about them drew me in And as if that wasn't already enough to hook me the Aftermaths Beginnings at the end of the story totally sealed the deal and has me impatiently looking forward to the first book in the series The Duchess War455 stars

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    ETA on 4 24 Free on Grab itHistorical romance isn't my least liked genre though it's nowhere near my favorite but every now and then I feel the need to read something that isn't YA or fantasy and I branch out into the world of corsets cravats and carriages I generally don't enjoy the time I spend there and I often find myself at odds with fans of the genre but thankfully this short story has high ratings because it's a tale that people who don't automatically love the genre can still enjoy Milan's characters are well developed the plot is intriguing and she writes in an easy to digest and uickly moving manner that makes it difficult to stop reading And let's not forget the incredibly hot sex Thank you for the realistic scene MilanLet me get this out of the way though; view spoilerthe heroine is raped and she feels guilty and blames herself though she never lets what happened define her hide spoiler

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    Before you ask I can tell you that NO the Fluffy Siberian Bunnies FSB™ have NOT hacked my account This is really me non reviewing this POC™ In my defense I have to say that1Liz forced me to do this2This is the MacHalos' fault Were it not for the bloody shrimping TBR Cleaning Challenge I wouldn't have to get rid of all the crap stuff that's been sitting on my Kindle for centuries3Being stuck on a ferry for 8 hours has the strangest effect on one's sanity4I'm innocentWere I my younger enthusiastic self I'd write a novel length crappy non review explaining why this gloriously short story is so suicide inducing But I'm not so I won't All you need to know about this is① The level of stupid is staggeringly overwhelmingED and stuff② Boredom it's a thing③ The unlikable characters are the most unlikable bunch everAlso they are as emotional as a truckload of cardboard boxes and flatter than my favorite herd of ironing boards Also also their behavior make no fishing sense whatsoever Also also also I might want to slightly skewer them all Maybe④ The way rape and its aftermath are handled made me feel slightly homicidalYou do not treat this subject in such an ambiguous way No You Don't You do not romanticize it and you certainly do not depict in such a frivolous manner No moral no nothing for this one I am bloody shrimping done with this crapPS Liz dear I guess this means you won't be shaving your head I'm going to kill you dead for challenging me to read this but at least you'll make a delightfully hairy corpseOctober 2015➽ This is not outside my comfort zone this is beyond my wildest imaginings I'm never going to survive this one☠ Thank you Liz I love you forever and always I really do ☠ETA Liz said she would shave her head if I ended up liking this one read the comments if you don't believe me I think I'm just about to fall in love with HR

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    DNF 50% I really expected to like this one I enjoyed The Heiress Effect But then part of the reason that I enjoyed it was because none of the characters were fucking idiots So the premise of this book is a ruined governess seeking recompense from the man that ruined her who happens to be a duke He sends his man of business to handle it because he has better things to do The first thing his servant does is ask what the female lead wants The next five conversations that they have go something like this ”I demand justice for what was done to me”“What kind of justice?” “Retribution”“Umin what form?”“Vengence”“Yeah you see I got that the first time I’m wondering what exactly it is that you’re looking for” “Acknowledgement for the wrongs done to me”“What was done to you?” “Nothing But I’m now a ruined woman”“Erso you had an affair with the duke?”“No” “Did the Duke force himself on you?”“No”“So you want vengeance for what was done to you yet you’re saying that nothing was done to you”From what I could gather the duke did in fact rape her She makes it apparent through her thoughts that he forced himself on her but in her mind because she didn’t scream it wasn’t rape Fine I get it it’s a common misconception from that time period but the way this book handles it drove me bugfuck I’m not sure which I found offensive her sister victim blaming and shaming her or the fact that she didn’t seem to be bothered by it And her demanding the duke answer to her for what he did but not explaining how or why was completely maddening So the duke’s man of business has to get rid of her so that a scandal doesn’t fall on his boss’s head Instead he falls in love with her I’m not sure why but I’m guessing that he must have a fondness for irrational women that talk themselves into circles every time they open their mouths Throughout the first half of this book he continues to try to dissuade her from seeking recompense and she goads him on by telling him to do his worst Because you know she’s one tough cookie So he makes his first move Immediately after “HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME? THIS IS HORRIBLY UNFAIR WHY WOULD YOU BE SO MEAN?” sobs pours heart out he apologizesThey argue again Her “Do your worst” He makes his second move Immediately after “HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME? THIS IS HORRIBLY UNFAIR WHY WOULD YOU BE SO MEAN?” sobs pours heart out he apologizesAaaaaaand rage uit

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    Loved it Just when I thought I was getting burned out ney sick and tired of EuroRegency historical romances I pick up this Courtney Milan novella and realize my problem might have been something else I was just bored But Courtney Milan infuses such flavor into her writing I couldn't stop devouring it which is simply refreshing among the glut of today's bland and formulaic offerings I honestly haven't been this excited to read a EuroRegency era historical in many months now and I can't wait for of this series  Suee This novella tells the story of Oliver's parents one of the brothers who will be featured in the series And what a surprising couple too I really couldn't imagine how they would find their HEA I am looking forward to learning about their story too hope we see them in Oliver's story  

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    Hugo Marshall is determined and ambitious As a former boxer Hugo has suared off against any number of opponents and won But Hugo has met his match Serena Barton is tenacious and optimistic She'll fight until she gets what she's owed The Governess Affair is a novella and preuel to Courtney Milan's new series Brothers Sinister Set in 1835 a generation before the characters in the main series this is an introduction to what looks like another impressive series from this talented authorSteam 25

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    375 starsI uite enjoyed this short read First time reading this author but I will be checking out other books by her I liked both characters She was strong and would not back down for anything As you know if I don't do a review straight away they are usually short Thank fuck I hear some of you say

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    You could make me say it again he whispered Make me say it always Make me say it so often that you never have cause to doubt I love youOh yes again I love it when a story turns from pretty good to amazingly good 3 stars for the first half and 5 stars for the second half of the story A perfect sunrise seen once remembered always Never duplicatedThis was a first for me but certainly not my last read by Courtney Milan I really loved the second half of the story In hindsight I think I wanted interactiondialogue between Hugo and Serena during the first half of The Governess Affair I assume that writing engaging dialogue is one of Ms Milan's strengths I like her writing style her prose is beautiful It was fun to witness the H and h's exchange of lovely letters My oh myThese two gave one another a piece of their minds that's for sure and their interaction was riveting and at times even amusing Never hit a man with a closed fist he told herHe could feel her pulseWhy? Because it gives you an excuse to manhandle me?He let go Slap his face insteadHaIt will make him take you less seriously and then he won't be expecting it when you knee him in the groinShe let out a surprised burst of laughter at thatThat's better Hugo heard himself say I spent my day flirting with a beautiful maddening woman he told her How was yours?The characters are well drawn and complex Ms Milan packs uite a bit into this novella With that said I appreciated the fact that the reader gets a plot and on top of that some interesting secondary characters as well Hugo and Serena are nicely portrayed and you will even learn about their pasts and motivations The love scene Well I totally adored the pins thingie So thoughtful and lovely The love scene was sweet and sensual and really well writtenHugo has one goal in his life He wanted to be the richest coal miner's son in all of England He thought that he had to prove himself with money and accomplishment Ultimately it was wrong because you don't need to be wealthy to be somebody special Hugo found love and a wonderful woman the greatest gift Now he is somebody I've never pretended to be a good man you know It's just thatI'm yours

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    Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || PinterestTHE GOVERNESS AFFAIR is the fourth Courtney Milan book that I have plowed through this month I regret nothing about this experiment except for the fact that I have gone through all the books of hers that I already owned so any further binges must be put on hold until I am able to obtain books BoooooGOVERNESS AFFAIR is the direct preuel to THE DUCHESS WAR I think it could be read as a standalone but reading it was also interesting in hindsight because it fleshed out some of the characters who were only alluded to in DUCHESS This book is about the parents of one of the characters in THE DUCHESS WARHugo is known as the Wolf of Clermont because the Duke only has to snap his fingers before Hugo comes running in to deal with whatever problem is at hand When a strange woman shows up one day staging a uiet sit down protest outside of the Duke's estate Hugo is surprised to learn that this uiet not classically beautiful woman is the latest problemSerena has good reason to hate the Duke and she is determined to see that his dastardly deeds do not go unpunished even if it means she has to wage war upon his intermediary first The battle between Hugo and Serena is a battle of wills and even as Hugo makes his attempts to crush her rebellion he is curious to find out what exactly his employer has done to warrant such wrathI liked this book a little than I did TALK SWEETLY TO ME but that's mostly because of Hugo Hugo is an amazing love interest He's not uite as passive as most beta heroes but he isn't exactly an alpha hero either I liked the power he had and how he chose to wield it Even though he was working for a bad man he did not let that tarnish his personal sense of honor Also the sex scenes in this book are very good featuring one scene in particular that was very inventive in how it went about showing that consent in sex can be very sexy indeedI'm sorry to say that I did not particularly like Serena at all I think she was probably my least favorite heroine out of all the Milan books I've read which makes me unhappy especially considering what this character had to go through My problem her was that she struck me as very immature and a little petty I would have liked to have seen her anger fully realized and to have gotten a better sense of her character beyond the victim mentality and the half cocked uest for revengeThat said I enjoyed her banter with Hugo and it was great to see her learn to trust againPS Milan seriously has the best romance novel covers ever Just look at all those fabulous jewel toned dresses on the covers Looking at all the books she's published is like looking at a rainbow especially in the new as yet unpublished remainder of the Worth seriesGIVE THEM TO ME NOW3 stars