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Popular Book, Potop By Henryk Sienkiewicz This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Potop, Essay By Henryk Sienkiewicz Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You

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    The Deluge Volume I was a great experience and a walk through the 17th century Poland during the Swedish invasion of 1655 1657 While reading Volume I of The Deluge and after reading With Fire and Sword the first book in Henryk Sienkiewicz s Trilogy in W S Kuniczak s modern translation, I was reminded of Leo Tolstoy s War and Peace, which happens to be my favorite book of all time The first two books of this trilogy are very close seconds When you read books like these where the characters are emblazon in your conscience and the writing transports you from your world into the story that he is telling, you are meeting every character and living and personally experiencing every adventure as you are walking with them Volume I was such an experience that I can t wait to start Volume II as soon as I finish this review The Deluge is a love story between a man and a woman, and also a love story between men and their country It is also a story of deception and betrayal and of loyalties kept and broken Of the king of Poland who is fighting for his survival and the survival of his nation While he is being attacked and defeated by Russia and The Khmelnytsky Cossacks and the Swedish Deluge invasion and the treasonous acts of high ranking nobles and government officials by switching allegiances and surrendering their domains and their subjects to the king of Sweden.The Deluge Volume I begins about the time of the Sedish invasion, where we are introduced to the historical chapters such as Janusz and Boguslaw Radziwill, cousins and both Polish Lithuanian nobles, who betray their king and surrender and switch their allegiance to the Swedish King.And the fictional characters of Andrei Kmiti and the beautiful olenka and their love story that is wrought with obstacles an crimes committed by Andrei who is a brave and courageous soldier who loses his way a few times and finally finds his true north There are other fictional characters that are loyal to thier king, who will inspire you by their loyalty, decency and courage and bravery Volume I ends during the siege of the sacred monastery of Jasna Gora defended by the valiant Father kordetzky and Andrei Kmiti and Pan Pyotr Tcharnyetzky If you love to read historical fiction, you have to read this book On a personal note, I try Not to give away to much in my reviews about the meat of the story, I try to give enough so that you will want to read it yourself and discover all of the fruits for yourselfThe Deluge Volume IIVolume II takes us from the Siege of the sacred monastery Yasna Gora by the Swedish General Mueller and the defense of the monastery and withdrawal by the Swedish after their only big siege gun was blown up by Kmiti Babaneck and his capture and eventual escape This is the beginning of the end of the Swedish occupation of the Polish Commonwealth The author is a great story teller, this historical fiction at its best The battles are realistic and historically accurate There are fiction characters that play a major role in every battle, under the command of the historical characters who are true to history If you are a history buff, you probably already know the outcome of the war, if not, then I don t know a better way to find out than to read the book.

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    In this second part of The Deluge the history gains theaters for the current war against Sweden, as well as become focused on Kmicic And, he does not disappoints the reader The story contemplates his definetely conversion to the side of the Republic, his transformation to a decent and honorable man, while his love for Olenka continues strong.Concerning the war, the story represents a turnabout of the events The szlachta and the peasants awake and starts massive rebellions against the swedish occupation, whilst the king negociate and congregate forces to return to the country The nobles that remained loyal to the crown grows stronger and their armies obtain several important victories against the traitors and the invaders.

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    Second volume of Henryk Sienkiewicz s trilogy The central character is Adrzej Kmicic, chor y Standard bearer , who comes to marry Ole ska Billewicz wna according to the last will of her grandfather, Herakliusz Billewicz After engagement with Ole ka Kmicic takes side of Radziwi s powerful magnate clan supporting Swedish in their military invasion on Poland When gentry and his fiancee consider him as a traitor for this, Kmicic decides to clear his name Under the false name Babinicz he takes part in defence of Jasna G ra monastery, guards king Jan Kazimierz and fights barvely with the enemies til the end of war Very good lecture.

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    I do not rate it 1 star for the original work by Sienkiewicz in Polish, but for the terrible decision to translate all the names and places phonetically by Kuniczak Andrzej becomes Andrei Czestochowa is Tchenstohova And so forth What a terrible decision to bastardize all these beautiful Polish words I couldn t enjoy the book because of it I should have stopped reading immediately and changed to a different translated edition.

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    Interesting and in the same line started by volume 1, but way too long for my taste I was on the verge of abandoning the lecture somewhere around 70% But I finally managed to finish it and I am keeping my thoughts for the final review I will do after finishing volume 3.Review for all 3 volumes can be found at

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    Good book, well written and well documented The translation seems pretty ok However the topic is too much detailed It would be of help to a screenwritter as it captures so many angles, but why read 500 pages to know they struggled a lot and led so.many fights I should choose better next time.

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    918 pages, a deluge indeed.

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    This old translation is inferior to the modern version I d suggest obtaining the newer one if possible.