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After Julie Delgado’s restaurant closes she temporarily takes over the catering position at the Rose Chalet a full service San Francisco wedding venue She plans to dazzle the bride and groom so the Chalet’s owner will keep her around but fate has other plans for her when the bride’s brother shows up for the first food tastingAndrew Kyle is not only the Cuisine Channel’s Edgy Eats host and chef but his recent review of Julie’s restaurant was the final nail in its coffin Once he meets Julie at the Rose Chalet he’s certain she’s playing it safe And he wants nothing than to be the one to break her guarded passions looseBut despite the undeniable sparks between Julie and Andrew — and the fact that he seems to believe in her when no one else does — can she afford to be taking risks with her cooking with her career or with her heart?

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    4255The Wedding Gift is the first book in Four Weddings And Fiasco series It is a fun lovely and sweet short story Although it contains no steamy scenes I enjoyed the story and have fallen in love with this series already I always love Bella Andre's writing style Lucy Kevin is her 'Sweet Romance' pen name and her male characters This is another one of her wonderful books which I recommend to anyone who loves to read very sweet romancesSorry I’ve used the word SWEET too many times in this review I couldn't help it this book is just really SWEETIt's free on Kindle now

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    That book is the perfect illustration that a wrong timeline can break a book and make it all seem inconsistent and unrealistic Outside the epilogue the whole story took place over about 10 days Moreover the male lead character behaved like an overbearing know it all imposing his take on anything to anyone around him without ever listening to the others' point of view Frankly it was so bad I was even thinking that guy had everything in store to turn into a major abuser and certainly someone contributing to destroy the self confidence of weakened persons around him And the heroine was indeed weakened by several failures So it left me very uncomfortable about their whole relationshipLast thing there were a few things in the plot that really did not make sense like inventing a menu for a wedding without having any clue of what the bride and groom looked for like the host changing the concept of a TV show while the filming just started and no one stopped it or even complained etcFrankly that's disappointing The writing was adeuate the editing fine the characters had a good individual basis But it wasn't properly developedI'll stop there with this author and the series

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    I have enjoyed so much participating in Anna's Read All the Books Challenge I'm trying to read all of Bella Andre's novels written under any of her pen names I've at least liked all the books I've read so far 29 but not every book is a win The Wedding Gift was a let down and I had so many issues with itThe Wedding Gift is about chef Julie Delgado It starts off with Julie's restaurant receiving a very negative review written by Andrew Kyle who is a successful chef and restaurant review It was a very depressing way to start the novel Then the story jumps a little ahead and Julie's restaurant had to close and she now lives with her aunt and is temporarily working as the caterer for The Rose Chalet a wedding venue She's meeting with a client to set up the meal for the wedding but instead of the client the client's brother shows up Who just so happens to be AndrewI did not read the blurb very clearly and when I realized that the hero of the story was Andrew and it didn't sit well with me While I did like Julie and Andrew their relationship just did not work for me Andrew is a successful chef who is now starring in a TV show about cooking He has an absolute passion for food And he's definitely attracted to Julie But he's so successful and he continues to criticize Julie's cooking although not harshly He also kept pushing her to be creative in her cooking and not sticking to the recipe and it just felt off Especially since it was the man telling the woman how it was supposed to be It messed with the power in their relationship and it made me so uncomfortableOn top of that some of the logistics didn't seem right Like Julie making samples for weddings without ever talking to the clients first to see what they wanted I mean that doesn't make sense And how things went on the TV show that Andrew is filming also seems unrealisticI just could not like this book In large part because it felt like Andrew had a lot of power over Julie I really love Bella Andre's books and I'm looking forward to reading of her books but the Wedding Gift was a let downThis review was originally posted on uinn's Book Nook

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    Vikki's MusingsThis is the second book I have read by Lucy Kevin who is actually Bella Andre and I enjoyed The Wedding Gift a great deal At this time the book is free and the audio is available for 199 a great deal This is the first book in the “Four Weddings and a Fiasco” seriesJulie Delgado’s restaurant fails and she starts a job at Rose Chalet a wedding planning and venue company Unfortunately the first wedding she must prepare the food for happens to be the brother of the celebrity chef who wrote a scathing review that helps shut the door on her fledgling restaurantAndrew Kyle is pleased to see Julie again He remembers her and had seen her brilliance as a chef However she is too cautious and needs to allow her full creative genius out in her food preparation He wants to help unleash her potentialCan Julie put aside her hurt and see what he wants for her? Can they move beyond the differences and see they are actually made for each other?I was actually amazed at the character development in this novella I got a true sense of what made both of them tick Also the plot has a new twist that made this a highly enjoyable love story My only suggestion be would a stronger ending It felt a bit rushed to me It has a “happily for now” ending Of course since this is the first book in this series I suspect Ms Kevin will have this couple’s relationship grow in the next bookJulie Delgado is a great heroine She is vulnerable but has determined to succeed even though she suffers a lot of disappointments There is a surprising amount of depth to her character considering the length of this bookI fell in love with Andrew Kyle's character At first I wasn't sure about him because the first scene in the book does not show him in a favorable light but once his motives unfold then it makes sense He wants Julie to find the full extent of her creative sideI listened to the audio version and as always I thoroughly enjoyed Eva Kaminsky’s performance She reads with a great deal of emotion and does a credible job on giving each character a distinct voice If you are looking for a light hearted read with a uniue plot and engaging characters then you will enjoy The Wedding Gift as much as I did I look forward to readinglistening to the other books in this delightful series Happy reading

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    Imagine the scene An up and coming author striving to make her big break in the cutthroat world of publishing reads a professional literary critic's preview of her latest novel A review so bad so cuttingly 'kind' and patronising that her publisher tears up her contract and sends her on her way no b0ok no contract not even somewhere to live imagine she gave up work and mortgaged the house while she was writing 'The' book Do you really imagine that same author would even contemplate being in the same room as aforementioned critic let alone want to kiss him? NahSo why on EARTH did Julie Delgado fall all smooch moochy kissy kissy for Andrew Kyle the critic who destroyed her restaurant business? I am tired of reading about women who fall in love with men who have hurt them like that Are there no strong women out there? She came over as a simpering sissy There is no vengeance like a woman scorned or mocked I dnf'd when they started having a food fight Yawn

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    I'm giving this book 45 this time I really enjoyed this romantic story of how Julie Delogrado's catering business of her ability to be such a great Chef Until she discover a reviewer p Andrew Kyle after eating at her Restarant only gives her 2 starsLater she is asked to Cater aWedding Rose Chalet only realising the brother of the bride is that same reviewer who gave her such horrid marksI enjoyed this fun romance a lot I'm so much excited to further read this series too

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    This was an enjoyable read I thought the story was great It involved two chefs who fall in love Julie Delgado and Andrew Kyle first meet at a tasting for Andrew’s brother’s wedding and Julie is preparing the menu Julie was a chef who never tries anything new she sticks to traditional ways of making food and Andrew is a chef who cares after the creativity and passion behind making the food He likes to take risks Out of both characters I found Andrew was confident because he always followed his passion for food For Julie it was a learning curve she has to lose something in order to find her passion I thought they made a cute couple I can’t wait to read Patrick and Phoebe’s story The ending was sweet Overall a great read

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    The hero was too pompous for my liking I know he's supposed to come across as supportive with the way he challenges the heroine but the whole time I was thinking give her a break dude He challenged her at the risk of her job which to me is not charming or anything of the like At the same time the heroine took offense at every little thing And yes the hero deserved some of what came to him jilted woman and all that But who wants to be in a relationship like that?

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    In Lucy Kevin's Bella Andre's alter sweeter ego first novel in the Wedding series we meet Julie Delgado on the day she meets and has her restaurant reviewed by celebrity chef Andrew Kyle His negative review put the final nail in her coffin and months later Julie's restaurant had closed and she was back to living with her Aunt Evie and looking for another jobWhen Julie gets the opportunity to temporarily take over for her aunt as head chef at wedding venue The Rose Chalet Julie jumps at the chance but of course her first couple is related to none other than Andrew Kyle who has put himself in charge of the food When he once again pans her food Julie is at a loss of what to do She needs this job and she really really wants to kill AndrewAndrew of course sees that her food is good but lacks passion which is the theme in this fluffy story Passion Passion for food for cooking and for love Of course this being a romance Andrew and Julie fall in love but with love comes complications But sadly as much as passion was shoved down our throats in this novel I didn't feel it I know Bella Andre is a great writer but her alter ego is not I did not read or feel the passion between these two characters between the characters and the food they cooked and passion about anything in general Like her other books this novel ends with the beginning of the next book in the series so this story doesn't have proper closure which frankly is getting old Wrap up one story line before you start another Especially if your readers have absolutely no interest in continuing on in the journey to the next book where the characters will undoubtedly show up again in some small capacityIf you like fluff then this book is for you but I've read and eaten better fluff so my advice is to skip this and read something else