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Miss Jane Fairfield can’t do anything right When she’s in company she always says the wrong thing—and rather too much of it No matter how costly they are her gowns fall on the unfortunate side of fashion Even her immense dowry can’t save her from being an object of derisionAnd that’s precisely what she wants She’ll do anything even risk humiliation if it means she can stay unmarried and keep her sister safeMr Oliver Marshall has to do everything right He’s the bastard son of a duke raised in humble circumstances—and he intends to give voice and power to the common people If he makes one false step he’ll never get the chance to accomplish anything He doesn’t need to come to the rescue of the wrong woman He certainly doesn’t need to fall in love with her But there’s something about the lovely courageous Jane that he can’t resist even though it could mean the ruin of them both

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    There are a lot of wonderful reviews for this book There’s a reasonA while back I wrote a review for a different historical romance that was pretty much a how to for writers wanting to break into the game Courtney Milan’s reaction to it would probably be something like thisI’ve reada lot of HRs What can I say? It’s my go to genre for rainy days Whenever I’m feeling blue or have had a shitty week at work I know I can pick one up and have my frown turned upside down by witty banter silly miscommunications some steamy sex and a HEA As much as I love these books I can’t read them one after another because there are so many recurring themes and overused tropes that they all start to blend together until I can’t remember if it was the Duke with the shadowed past that had been the one to sweep the virginal Mary Sue off her feet and make her forget about her ualms concerning premarital sexor if it had been the Earl I was beginning to think that I’d never come across a book that would stand out from the rest of the pack in almost every single way And then Courtney Milan pulled up outside my house and saidIgnoring everything I've ever learned about stranger danger I got in And I’m so so happy I did This book was decidedly free of the tropes you’d expect from an HR Not only that but it tackled tough issues like labor rights and racism and medical malpractice I know what you’re thinking; the front door shut it Well it’s shutted I really can’t say enough about The Heiress Effect or how much I enjoyed reading about a female from this time period that knew what she wanted and wasn’t willing to dim her brilliance for the sake of a man Nor can I say enough about how brilliantly this all came together in the end To be honest this book felt like historical fiction than romance and that was largely due to the prevalence of the period accurate issues addressed within it But really HR HF who cares? The book is good peeps go read it Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

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    45 starsMiss Jane Fairfield is a loud over talkative social misfit Her gowns are unfashionable hideous creations Despite her fortune and her plump yet pleasant looks she is considered a joke no man would seriously consider marrying She is an object of ridicule And she wants it that way If Jane can remain unmarried she can stay with her sister and protect her from their guardian their uncleMr Oliver Marshall knows what it means to be shunned A duke's bastard Oliver has been caught between two worlds that of the upper classes of his brother and his biological father and the working class of his parents His hunger and ambition for power to right the wrongs that have been inflicted on him and his family is put to the test Will he do the bidding of the Maruess of Bradenton and gain his favour in his political aspirations? Or will he sacrifice all that he has worked for and protect the honour of Jane Fairfield?Oliver is the child of Serena Barton from The Governess Affair and raised by his stepfather Hugo Marshall He wants to do the right thing by Jane but is tempted to humiliate and betray her Oliver isn't purely good And neither is Jane's uncle purely bad He could so easily been cast as a caricature the evil uncle who mistreats and abuses his nieces These types of complex nuanced characterisations are what makes Ms Milan's work a cut aboveCourtney Milan doesn't write the expected Her writing is intelligent She has once again combined a story rich in historical detail with a clever deep plot a slowly building romance and some wonderfully humorous scenes My favourite when Jane deliberately gets Oliver's name wrong calling him Mr Cromwell This is not a story that oozes sex with gratuitous scenes planted strategically along the way to titillate readers But rather a gradual falling in love of two people that grows from friendship and respect Another stunning layered story from one of the very best writers of historical romance Steam 2 ARC courtesy of Courtney Milan via NetGalley

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    Kindle Deal temporarily 099 A STEAL via Another Brilliant Brothers Sinister StoryWithout fail Courtney Milan writes the most amazing historical romance novels They’re stories that draw you in with characters who come to life and make you wish to be part of their world The stories have so much truth to them such depth and yet because of the characters there’s much humor and passion as well The Heiress Effect is the second book in the Brothers Sinister series and is Oliver Marshall’s story Oliver you might recall is the “bastard” son we first learned of in The Governess Affair a short thoroughly delightful introduction to the series I do recommend reading these in order because though each storyline is different the relationships the family dynamics etc all build upon one another and play a big part in why these “brothers” do the things they do From the CoverMiss Jane Fairfield can’t do anything right When she’s in company she always says the wrong thing—and rather too much of it No matter how costly they are her gowns fall on the unfortunate side of fashion Even her immense dowry can’t save her from being an object of derisionAnd that’s precisely what she wants She’ll do anything even risk humiliation if it means she can stay unmarried and keep her sister safeMr Oliver Marshall has to do everything right He’s the bastard son of a duke raised in humble circumstances—and he intends to give voice and power to the common people If he makes one false step he’ll never get the chance to accomplish anything He doesn’t need to come to the rescue of the wrong woman He certainly doesn’t need to fall in love with her But there’s something about the lovely courageous Jane that he can’t resisteven though it could mean the ruin of them bothIn case I haven’t yet made it clear I love this story Oliver is such a great character He’s honorable smart caring sexy everything a romance novel hero should be But he’s also troubled and that makes him even appealing The decisions he faced the choices he made – he’s definitely an imperfect man trying to become “someone” in a world that demands perfection But it’s his imperfections that make him perfect for the outrageously improper Miss Jane FairfieldJane is one of the most awesome heroines I’ve read in a very long time Her devotion to friends and family her uirky way of taking on the world and her willingness to be the mockery of “proper society” all made me absolutely adore her The Bottom Line Honestly Ms Milan is one of the best storytellers in the genre and if you haven’t yet read her writing you’re missing out on some fabulous reading Fans of amazing historical romance authors such as Pamela Clare Lisa Kleypas Eloisa James and Sarah MacLean you really must give Courtney Milan a try You will not be disappointed My sincerest thanks to Ms Milan for offering me a copy of this delightful poignant sexy story in exchange for an honest review

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    The heroine in this book is the kind of girl that you want to know She has 100000 pounds as her dowry but doesn't want to marry She turns herself into the craziest most unfashionable woman there is in order to make the men simply turn and run when they see her coming They dubbed her the feather heiress although she should be of the laced heiress or beaded heiress She brings tears to the eyes of anyone with decent taste when she enters a roomSome descriptions of her clothing It was a furious shade of pink one that nature had never intendedIt didn't just shout for attention it walked up and clubbed one over the head It hurt his headYour gownIt makes me want to commit an act of murderanother gownDo you like my walking gown?It's an improvement on screeching horrorIt ranks almost as high as sick fascination But really Are those vermilion bananas printed on the fabric?Yes I love it Look Jane held out her pendant a green enameled monkey with fierce topaz eyes See? Isn't that wonderful? Who wouldn't love a girl who wears a banana dress with a monkey necklace? I think I have a girl crush on herJane becomes friends with the Duke from the last book's brother Oliver As for him I wasn't that excited He was a little bit boring for my taste but Jane than made up for itOne of the best parts of this series is how interesting all of the side characters are In this one we have a romance going on with Jane's sister and an Indian man which was taboo at that time we have an aunt with agoraphobia and we have the ongoing story of the rake that I'm already in love with and will be featured in the next book He is getting all angsty and broody My poor future book boyfriend needs me

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    Actual rating 45Recommended for HR fans who want to read about believable flawed mature characters There is no pettiness here there are no fits no tantrums no spitefulness no determination to avoid a relationship for the sake of not wanting a commitment and a fear of love Courtney Milan always writes exceptional characters and this book follows that very satisfying formula Unlike the first book in this series I found the characters to be interesting the plot while partially politically oriented to be far tolerable Overall a very good book with wonderfully sympathetic charactersOne note of complaint Can we have an accurate cover once in awhile? None of this generic pretty girl in a pretty dress shit The heroine is unapologetically fat with a 37 inch waistline She prefers disgustingly bright garish clothing deliberately so I understand not wanting our heroine to wear a yellow and purple polka dotted and lined with plaid underscored with 3 different types of lace on the cover but at least let her look like she's remotely plump pretty please?Miss Jane Fairfield is an heiress worth 100000 pounds There's just one thing keeping her from making a very advantageous marriage herself She deliberately dresses in atrocious fashions befriend the wrong sort of backhanded bitchy women who will compliment her to her face and laugh at her behind her back She deliberately makes outrageous and fluffy conversation She is without a doubt the joke of the Ton She likes it that way Jane is not looking for marriage she is counting Counting every single day until her half sister Emily comes of age so that they can move out together and be free of their stuffy backwards controlling guardian And her plan is working fantastically despite her ridiculously large dowry she cannot get a husband The gentlemen of the town avoid her at all cost to them she is the Feather Heiress'Imagine someone starts beating you with a feather Imagine that they never stop until one day the constant annoyance of goose feathers pushes you over the edge In a fury you strangle the person who has been beating you Then you hang for murder You my friend have been beaten to death by feathers'Oliver snorted 'Nobody is that bad'Whitting put his hand to his head and rubbed at the furrows on his brow 'She's worse'Mr Oliver Marshall is as straight laced as they come He wasn't always so He was born the bastard son of a duke and it has been ingrained in him that he is always unworthy always lower always worth less than his entitled and titled peers He seeks a political career he wants to change if not the world then at least some of its policies Oliver needs to be respected to be admired He does not need someone like Jane He does not want her money for with it will come along the rumor that he married her only for her money He does not need Jane herself because of her intention of making herself an unmarriageable laughingstockOliver is such a flawed character No there's none of the tortured soul of the I will never fall in love because I am worthy of no one stock His anger comes from within He may disguise it well in public but internally he rages against the injustice of the social order into which he was born and into which he has been dismissed because of what he could not control his status as a duke's bastard His political status has been hard fought as he grits his teeth and bows down to the peers who mock him in the upper echelons of society Oliver outwardly bends to their will inwardly he seeks revengeHe first meets Jane and attracts her attention due to his kindness due to his perspicacity in seeing through her disguise; his unwonted kindness towards her shakes Jane's resolve'You' he said with a small gesture of his hand 'are an anti chameleon''I am an ant eating what?''An anti chameleon The opposite of a chameleon' he explained 'You change your colors yes But when you are in sand you fashion yourself a bright blue so that the sand knows you are not a part of it When you are in water you turn red so that everyone knows you are not liuid Instead of blending in you change so that you stand out'They learn from each other they draw strength from each other They help each other conuer and break the mold that society sees of them They have an undeniable attraction and love for each other but there are barriers that seems insurmountable Namely her need to protect her sister and his political aspirations She cannot leave her ill sister to their guardian and he needs a proper wife The proper wife fits into a mold and as much as Oliver loves Jane he realizes that it would be selfish to force her into that mold'You saw what they were like tonight The women who marry politicians Part of me wants to ask you to become one of them but how could I? Ask you to mute the best of you? To make yourself into a drab little wren when you’ve become a phoenix? I could never forgive myself if I asked you to extinguish your fire'Do I really need to tell you how this book ends? It's not so predictable is it? The journey of how they got there is so enjoyable and despite the lack of a major compelling plotline this book was just so enjoyable because of the characters and how they developed This was such a sweet lovely story and Oliver is a dreamview spoiler'I want a career But not that one Not the career where I hold my tongue as other men berate women for wearing too much lace Not one where I keep uiet while my youngest sister appears before a magistrate for the crime of speaking too loudly Not one where the price of my power is silence about the things I most hold dear I don’t want you to compromise yourself To be any less than you are I won’t ask you to change for me because I’ve realized that I need you precisely as you are' hide spoiler

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    It hurt his head that pink yet he couldn't look away When the scene came up in Heiress Effect with Jane wearing the hideous pink dress I was instantly recalling a moment from the show Firefly when Kaylee wore the tacky pink poofy dress Ah memoriesOne might wonder why Jane is wearing hideous clothes to begin with Let's just say that she's the exact opposite of a woman having a coming out Jane doesn't want to attract a man She wants to send them all running for the hills Why? She has her reasons You'll find them outSo why is Oliver drawn to the woman in the garish clothing? Maybe he sees a little bit of himself in her And there had been a time when he'd been the one saying all the wrong things I had a great time reading The Heiress Effect Imagine what it would be like to say every single insulting thing to people as you're thinking it without fear of reprimand or being cast out THIS is what Jane got to do Some of the conversations between Jane and her peers were so incredibly awkward yet so incredibly priceless because she was flinging insults left and right off the cuff while trying to act as if she wasn't actually clued in to normal social graces She patted his hand comfortingly There's no need to worry she confided Not everyone has that capability You make up for any lack of intellect by being so kind You can imagine that Jane and Oliver were going to have an interesting go of it spending time in one another's presence There wasn't even any playful or sexy sparring going on Instead these two were fumbling along trying to figure each other out which was uite a bit interesting than the standard argumentative banterJane was pretty but a little robust than the average women in her social circles Oliver was trying to overcome his own shaky past and make a new man of himself He wasn't perfect looking and he even wore spectacles Can I get an amen for the man being just as imperfect as the woman? I love when couples are flawed together and not an extreme imbalance of one person seemingly beautiful or put together than the otherAnd thankfully the sexual chemistry was much improved from the last Milan book I read Who knew that time spent on horseback could be so intriguing well I guess I already knew since I first saw it with Jamie and Claire in Outlander but I assumed that was a one time fluke I'm still trying to figure out how neck cramp wasn't happening but ah well Small details whatever I am having a hard time believing that this book was as entertaining as it was because I didn't much care for the first book of the series Since you don't need to read book 1 in order to enjoy book 2 I say skip on ahead and get lost in Heiress Effect if your interest has been sparked I hope you enjoy it as much as I did This book provided from the publisher in exchange for an honest review uotes were not taken from the galley but instead from the final published copy

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    45 starsApparently I messed up the order of the series listening to The Governess Affair followed by this one skipping The Duchess War No matter I had no trouble following along In fact I was totally riveted the entire time This audiobook was dreamy I like my historical romance MF especially a very specific way So far Tessa Dare has been the only one to get it spot on but I can now add Courtney Milan to the list I love an offbeat heroine and Jane was uirky outspoken and just plain awesome She was funny smart and EVERYTHING a MC should be I loved her and I loved her chemistry with Oliver And an interracial historical romance side plot to boot? Could I ask for ??The narration was also SO good The narrator Rosalyn Landor did an extremely competent job I am pumped for the rest of this series Courtney Milan you have a new happy customer

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    Update Nov 2017Sometimes rereading a favourite can turn into a huge mistake My tastes may have changed; or a certain part I overlooked the first time simply grates and it's just wrongBut most of the time rereading my favourites is like coming home 'Coming home' has a uite literal meaning to me due to circumstances in my life but that's neither here nor there But when I do come home it makes me want to hug the worldReading The Heiress Effect again felt indeed like I wanted to hug Jane and Oliver all over again and not let go Never let goJane this wonderful strong and brave woman reminds me of the much uoted poem by William Ernest Henley Invictus which ends with It matters not how strait the gate How charged with punishments the scroll I am the master of my fate I am the captain of my soul And Oliver? Don't I know it to stay uiet bite your tongue try to fit in although people won't let you forget How soul crushing is the scene after his aunt Freddie's death and how uplifting when he realises what is truly important in life? And I'll never forget your fuchsine coloured waist coat I always always think of Oliver when I come across the word 'fuchsine' Never mind that he started my slightly obsessive fascination with red haired heroesJane and Oliver are right up there on the same level as Byrony and Leo I doubt I'll ever read The Suffragette Scandal however often I've tried already That would be saying goodbye to characters I don't want to let go Sappy ol' meOriginal review Of all the Brother Sinister series this one is my favouriteI have yet to read a book from Courtney Milan that hasn't surprised me She doesn't use the 'Historical' part of her books as a wallpaper No she puts her characters directly into the context of their times and shows us the conseuences May it be the conseuences of rape in The Governess Affair worker's rights in The Duchess War the reform of the voting system in this one the 'forgotten' work and influence of women in science in The Countess Conspiracy or women's rights in The Suffragette Scandal Not to forget racism and lesbiangay life in that eraBefore reading this series I came across one review saying that Ms Milan puts today's issues and transfers them back On the contrary It's shocking how even now 150 years later the issues are still there In some parts of our world than in others but they're still there The smaller context of this book is to be part of a society but rather than being truly accepted our main characters are merely tolerated They are both bastards Miss Jane Fairfield has the advantage of being the heiress to a large fortune and Oliver Marshall is the bastard son of a Duke and his now ducal brother has publicly acknowledged him and settled a rather big sum on Oliver once he was of age and supports him in his political career Both Jane and Oliver have reasons to seek Society But being rather on the fringes of social acceptability means they're exposed to the little cruelties and ridicule Society reserves for themTheir approaches however couldn't be any different Jane has to appear to be looking for a husband Otherwise her uncle Titus Fairfield who has also the legal power over her half sister Emily will get rid off Jane And Jane can't have that Emily who has some form of epilepsy would be subjected to even painful treatments inflicted by doctors and uacks hired by Titus To him Emily is unfit for the world outside his house So Jane needs to stay unmarried until Emily reaches her majority but the huge inheritance she received by her biological father makes her the target for fortune huntersHer strategy to keep them away from her is an unusual one Her dresses couldn't be hideous her mannerisms unpolished and she insults anyone and everyone who might show interest thus making her an impossible future wife She's well aware of the cruel jokes she's being subjected to but endures them for Emily's sakeOliver is the slightly complex character He's the son of Serena and Hugo of The Governess Affair He grew up in a loving family but upon joining Eton he's being made painfully aware of his parents' lower class status Even his friendships to his brother Robert The Duchess War and his cousin Sebastian The Countess Conspiracy can't prevent the bullying he experiences not only from his classmates but also by his teachers the ultimate powers at Eton However as a conseuence he realizes that by staying uiet not fighting them silently enduring the insults but staying as a player in the background he can still achieve his dreams But make no mistake For all his politeness and silence Oliver is an angry man after years of submission to people who aren't worth licking his beloved fathers boots He wants to make changes in politics he wants to give people like his father Hugo who has never treated Oliver as anything else but his own son the right to vote For this he needs the Maruess of Bradenton a powerful political figure and his cronies on his side As a condition for his support for the Reform bill however the Maruess of Bradenton he's the constant target of Jane's rudeness wants Oliver to publicly humiliate Jane And this is where Oliver and Jane meet And this is where Ms Milan breaks my heart I know I'm reading a Romance novel and I know there will be a HEA But how dare she create two such wonderful characters who make me cry? How dare she write such beautiful and poignant dialogues that make me giggle at one point only for her to make me want to scream at the injustices that Oliver and Jane have to endure a page or two later? As with my other two favourite authors of Historical Romances Meredith Duran and Sherry Thomas we are being treated to a story that unfolds in layers where both of our main characters come to realize that the other is not what shehe seems to be at first sight And before they fall in love they become friends or maybe it happens at the same time I can't tell But here's one beautiful example of how they talk with each other He let his gaze drift down briefly and then looking up at her Your gown on the other hand He took a deep breath It makes me want to commit murder and I do not consider myself a violent man What are you wearing?It's an evening gown She spread her outrageously gloved hands over her hipsIt is the most hideous shade of pink that I have ever seen in my life Is it actually glowing?Don't be ridiculous But the smile on her face seemed genuineI fear it may be contagious he continued It is setting all my preternatural urges on edge whispering that the color must be catching I feel an uncontrollable urge to run swiftly as far as I can in the other direction lest my waistcoat fall prey nextShe actually laughed at that and brushed her shoulder This would make a lovely waistcoat don't you think? But don't worry; the color isn't virulent YetWhat does one call a color like that?She smiled at him FuchsineIt even sounds like a filthy word Oliver repliedThey talk about their experiences They explain their motivations Oliver even discloses Bradentons plan for her They come up with a plan of their own as to how to thwart Bradenton's intentions for Jane But this all happens in the first half the book Now comes the second part of the book So once the problem with Bradenton is out of the way you'd assume the HEA is close at hand and a lesser gifted author would have contrived a couple of plot lines to keep Oliver and Jane separated just to fill the pages Not so here Oliver has fallen in love with the wrong woman See Jane doesn't only wear these outrageous dresses because she has to She simply doesn't really have much taste in the first place nor does she have enough knowledge of fine manners and she is a rather loud and opinionated person She could learn all that and become the perfect wife for Oliver once Emily reaches her majority but she simply doesn't want to She's done playing a different person She wants to be the way she is Oliver to advance his political career needs to marry a presentable woman Not one as outrageous as Jane She is the impossible girlAt this stage of the book we are confronted with a rather unusual situation for a Historical Romance where the heroes are usually larger than life No Oliver silenced at Eton in his formative years is somewhat of a coward and I personally loved that Because that's what life is like Make either the convenient choice or do it the hard way The choice is ours As it is Oliver's Marry Jane and give up his political career; or choose his political career and be unhappy with a woman who would never be anything like Jane Both seeing that there's not much that can be done Oliver and Jane part waysThere's so much going on in this book It is the secondary romance of Emily that brings them back together months later But the initial problem hasn't been resolved and although they love each other it is Oliver who has to have good hard look at himself before he realizes that staying silent has changed him and he doesn't like the person he has become The context in which Oliver realizes it is so heartbreaking it made me cry again Ms Milan have mercySo yeah Oliver and Jane get their HEA and it's beautifully done Oliver even gets to wear a fuchsine colored waistcoat And my heart is whole againThank you Ms Milan Thank you thank you thank you for a wonderful time you've given me not only for this book Never ever stop writing Historical Romances please

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    Historical Romance 4 starsCourtney Milan is a wonderful author and the Brother Sinister series is a wonderful series This was by far the funniest romance I've read in a while and CM's funniest to date Jane needs to stay unmarried until her sister turns 21 and can escape from her guardian And she will do anything to stay unmarried You he said with a small gesture of his hand are an anti chameleonI am an ant eating what?And anti chameleon The opposite of a chameleon he explained You change colors yes But when you are in sand you fashion yourself a bight blue so that the sand knows that you are not part of it When you are in water you turn read so that everyone knows you are no liuid Instead of blending in you change so you stand outJane swallowed hardWell Sebastian Marshall said turning back to his friend what think you of that sort of adaption? What kind of creature tries to stand out from it's surroundings?Mr Malheur frowned and rubbed his forehead as he considered the uestion Poisons ones he finally said Jane has good reason for her charade She is naturally loud and socially awkward Her sister has fits like a mild form of epilepsy and her guardian never lets her out and brings charlatans to experiment on herMarshall is the first one to see beyond Jane's bright feathers He was the problem for me in this book I wasn't very fond of him He is too insecure and he lets other dictates his life He is neither good or bad but he couldn't make me fall in love with himOn the upside the side plot was divine Without spoiling too much I will say that her sister manages to sneak out and have an adventure of her own She would walk and smile and nobody would know that she'd escaped the dreadful clutches ofofNot pirates Not whalers Not the czar of Russia I've escaped the evil clutches of a nap she announced to the road As a last note this book can be read as a standalone but as the other books are stronger IMHO I would really recommend that you start from the beginning My biggest thanks to Courtney Milan and Netgalley for providing me with an ARC Always a pleasureHero 3 ♥ Heroine 4 ♥ Romance 3 ♥ Humor 4 ♥ Hotness 2

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    Oh Oliver you simply cannot keep a good woman down That's right The woman has no shame nor should she Read for URR New Years 2017 Challenge Victorian categorySeriesYepSexy times Our lovely couple gets busy a couple of times nothing graphicPlan on reading by the author Yup got to finish the series don't I?Synopsis Oliver has been taught that to get anywhere in this world he must shut up Jane refuses to be uiet or perfect Jane has wads of green a misguided and in such abusive uncle and a sister who might have some form of epilepsy Said uncle will not stop finding bs treatments for said sister and Jane is determined to remain unmarried so she can stay in the house with sis There is a lovely side story with sister which is just darling Oliver is absolutely attracted to Jane and while cannot be mean and snarky to her the way his political cronies want him to he cannot act of his attraction either Jane is too loud and too improper and too Jane Heroine Jane Damn skippy This girl does NOT back down She stands in her power and owns it Hero Oh Oliver how you break my heart Here is this person you want than breath itself but it was instilled nay forced in you that you must disappear Your walk in the sunshine was everything Why it did or didn't work for me I have no idea what happened to me last summer that I stopped at 70% Jaysus What was wrong with me? Whatever it was the book has been finished and it rocked my world These two are perfectly heartbreakingly endearing Signed I live to walk in the sun