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10 5 s An exciting, epic battle of survival Stoicism to the nth degree Truly incredible The ship had been named the Polaris After the sale, Shackleton rechristened her Endurance, in keeping with the motto of his family, Fortitudine vincimus By endurance we conquer Easily one of my all time favorite books ever it s not hard to see why astronaut Scott Kelly brought it with him to the ISS not once, but twice Although I hazily remembered Shackleton s voyage from history class, it wasn t until Kelly s Endurance A Year in Space, A Lifetime of Discovery that Alfred Lansing s book was brought to my attention Both books are amazing, dealing with life and death situations outside of civilization, on the forefront of exploration.If you enjoy true tales of adventure, heroism, and strength of character in the face of insurmountable odds look no further Sir Ernest Shackleton s Imperial Trans Antarctic Expedition is nothing short of extraordinary.The introduction alone was so striking, I listened to it four times Narrated by Simon Prebble, it reads like the BBC Planet Earth documentaries, beautiful and riveting Stuck in the icy wasteland of the Antarctic s treacherous Weddell Sea, just about midway between the South Pole and the nearest known outpost of humanity, some 1,200 miles away, the ship Endurance is abandoned a little than a year after setting out from London in 1914 All in all, the group of 28 men all of whom survive will have no contact with the outside world for almost two years, and not see land for 497 days No radio, no satellite, no help from anywhere, only the guidance of maps, stars, and the indefatigable leadership of Ernest ShackletonThus their plight was naked and terrifying in its simplicity If they were to get out they had to get themselves out After the Endurance sinks, the men take the sled dogs, lifeboats, and anything they can carry, setting out across the ice Throughout their journey back to the known world, I found myself holding my breath and constantly amazed at how the men could endure such trials even attaining a level of contentment with their primitive existenceThe rapidity with which one can completely change one s ideas and accommodate ourselves to a state of barbarism is wonderful Developing a degree of self reliance greater than they ever thought possible, it is clear the men take the time to savor the pleasure of simply being alive Lansing seamlessly incorporates diary entries from the men, giving us incredible insight to the men s personal feelings.Several camps are made on the ice, the last aptly named Patience Camp Once the ice floes begin to break up, the men set out for the South Shetland Islands in two small boats, eventually landing on Elephant Island Too weak to go on, a majority of the men remained there while Shackleton and five others set off in the James Caird for South Georgia Covering a distance of 800 miles through the Drake Passage it is widely viewed as one of the greatest small boat journeys ever undertaken.Once they reached King Haakon Bay, Shackleton and two others made the first confirmed land crossing of the South Georgia interior, arriving at the whaling station of Stromness The men there are in shock and utter awe at the strength and determination of Shackleton and his men As soon as he can, Shackleton goes back and rescues the rest of his party.I often referenced maps of the expedition and ended up researching the various legs of the journey in greater detail the photos alone are captivating The whole story is phenomenal, and awe inspiring I really can t recommend this enough.Favorite Quotes In some ways they had come to know themselves better In this lonely world of ice and emptiness, they had achieved at least a limited kind of contentment They had been tested and found not wanting In that instant they felt an overwhelming sense of pride and accomplishment Though they had failed dismally even to come close to the expedition s original objective, they knew now that somehow they had done much, much than ever they set out to do. What an incredible story This was my introduction to Shackleton, and I am left reeling from the experience I chose Endurance to add symmetry to my list Earlier this year I read In the Kingdom of Ice, Hampton Sides excellent book about a doomed expedition to the North Pole, and I thought I should balance the hemispheres by reading about a South Pole expedition Lansing s book was highly rated by GR friends, and justifiably so.What struck me about the writing was how modern it was Lansing had good descriptions, great storytelling and created a powerful momentum to the events These techniques are now widely used in narrative nonfiction, especially among popular history writers such as Sides, Nathaniel Philbrick, and Laura Hillenbrand I mention this because Lansing s book was originally published in 1959, but didn t become a bestseller until decades later when a publisher who was a fan decided to reprint it Lansing was definitely ahead of his time Sidenote In the 2014 edition that I had, Philbrick wrote a great introduction about Lansing and his book, and it included this bit of wisdom One of the biggest challenges for a writer of nonfiction is to avoid using too much of his or her hard won material A great and enduring book isn t comprehensive it is highly, even ruthlessly, selective, zeroing in on the most evocative and illustrative moments while dispensing with the clutter that might prevent the high points from resonating to maximum effect But back to the adventure In 1914, Ernest Shackleton wanted to make the first land crossing of Antarctica The South Pole had previously been discovered, but Shackleton hoped to lead an expedition from sea to sea However, his ship never reached the continent it became stuck in ice in the Weddell Sea, and was eventually crushed and destroyed by the ice pack.Shackleton and his men had to camp on an ice floe, and slowly drifted out to sea When the floe became unreliable, they set out in lifeboats in hopes of reaching an island At this point, this book was so compelling that it was affecting my sleep I dreamt that I was stranded on an iceberg, and was relieved to wake up in a bed, in a house, on land, in a warm climate and with food readily available The men reached Elephant Island, which was remote and unlikely to be visited by any other ships Shackleton and a few men then set out again in a lifeboat for South Georgia Island, which was about 800 miles away Amazingly, they reached the island, despite wicked winds and dangerous seas, and then had to make a difficult land crossing to the other side to reach a dock with some whaling ships.After several attempts, Shackleton was finally able to procure a ship that was sturdy enough to rescue the men stranded on Elephant Island, making for an emotional reunion If you think I reached the end of this adventure without getting a little misty eyed, you would be wrong Shackleton was such an inspirational leader that I understand why he has become so revered Lansing did some impressive reporting by interviewing the survivors of the expedition, and he also had access to numerous journals and logbooks I listened to this on audio, narrated by Simon Prebble, and it was excellent I also recommend looking through a print copy of the book to see the photographs from the expedition, including some jaw dropping photos of the ship stuck in ice.I highly recommend this book to fans of history or true adventure.Favorite Quotes Few men have borne the responsibility Shackleton did at that moment Though he certainly was aware that their situation was desperate, he could not possibly have imagined then the physical and emotional demands that ultimately would be placed upon them, the rigors they would have to endure, the sufferings to which they would be subjected They were for all practical purposes alone in the frozen Antarctic seas It had been very nearly a year since they had last been in contact with civilization Nobody in the outside world knew they were in trouble, much less where they were They had no radio transmitter with which to notify any would be rescuers, and it is doubtful that any rescuers could have reached them even if they had been able to broadcast an SOS It was 1915, and there were no helicopters, no Weasels, no Sno Cats, no suitable planes Thus their plight was naked and terrifying in its simplicity If they were to get out they had to get themselves out In all the world there is no desolation complete than the polar night It is a return to the Ice Age no warmth, no life, no movement Only those who have experienced it can fully appreciate what it means to be without the sun day after day and week after week Few men unaccustomed to it can fight off its effects altogether, and it has driven some men mad. There aren t many true life tales that live up to the hype There are always some details that make the story just a little less dramatic than in the made for TV movie Not this time While listening to this audiobook, the thought that went through my head over and over again was Holy s The book starts with the Endurance, trapped in the Antarctic ice, being literally crushed to death The men abandon ship, and then float on the ice pack for months When the pack breaks up, they launch the lifeboats they salvaged from the Endurance and land on Elephant Island Then Shackleton sets off again in one of the lifeboats, crossing the incredibly dangerous Drake Passage in nothing than a 22 foot open boat, hoping to reach South Georgia to come back with a relief ship for the men left behind on Elephant Island.The whole epic voyage takes over a year, and every single day, they were one wave, misstep, or blizzard away from being wiped out in an instant That any of them survived is amazing that everyone did is unbelievable Alfred Lansing wrote this book from the journals the men kept, which gave him a very detailed picture of every stage of this journey It s a tense thriller all the way through, and will make you so incredibly glad you have never had to go through anything like this When Shackleton finally stumbles into a whaling camp on South Georgia Island and announces himself, you will have a hard time not feeling a lump in your throat.As affecting as the unbelievable odds these men beat is the unbelievable hardships they endured They teetered on the verge of starvation and freezing to death, lived and slept in the most miserably wet, frozen conditions, with little protection from blizzards and gale force winds They lived for months on pack ice Lansing does not stint on the grimy, unpleasant details of day to day existence under these circumstances, like having to go outside to empty the communal urine pot in a gale, or taking a dump over the side of a boat that is being tossed about by rough seas and surrounded by killer whales just in case the poor bastards didn t have enough to think about , or having to kill and eat their dogs, or having to cut off gangrenous toes Every time you think it can t possibly suck worse to be them, it sucks worse.Absolutely a thrilling read, and will really make you appreciate how grueling and miserable this expedition was, and how awesome their achievement was just in surviving. Ernest Shackleton set out for Antarctica in 1914 to cross the last uncharted territory His ship became trapped in the ice For ten months they drifted North West.The crew of 27 men would find that the sinking of the ship was only the beginning They would suffer, traveling over both sea and I ve for over 850 miles This true account describes the year off travel and suffering, incredible leadership and harrowing experience in which all crewmen survived.Easy to read, informative, and an incredible read, this is a MUST READ Includes photography. I am almost unable to express my feelings about this amazing and unbelievable story I finished the last paragraph with tears running down my face and shaking my head in disbelief.If this were a work of fiction, you d barely believe it, but you d credit Alfred Lansing for his story telling and imagination It s not fiction, and you can t help but find yourself in a perpetual state of awe over these men and their optimism, faith, humor, determination, and endurance I felt quite unworthy on every page.Shackleton and his men, who quickly become as helpless and isolated from the outside world as if they were on another planet, show you, just as quickly, the best that humans can be And, Alfred Lansing brings them all back to life with his concise and inspired writing. What an incredible adventure Endurance tells the story of Sir Ernest Shackleton s attempts to cross the Antarctic overland with his 27 man crew But, in October 1915 when they were still half a continent away from their intended base, their ship was trapped, then crushed in the ice The entire crew with 50 dogs left the doomed vessel, camping on ice and using small boats to attempt to reach the nearest island They became castaways in one of the most savage regions of the world Any hope of survival seemed lost..This account is gripping and exciting almost to the last page.I appreciate what Dr Dobson has tried to do by re publishing this as a special Christian edition But the reality is that this is not a Christian book and believing that the men must have sought God as they daily faced imminent death does not prove that they actually did this or that any were Christians From the various journal entries and comments included it seems sadly likely that they were not Christians and an attempt to re write the reality although well intended seems to me to be a bit odd Dr Dobson has also included an Afterword He attempts to use an analogy from Endurance to explain end times theology yet he makes the point that his analogy will only probably be understood by those who are acquainted with Biblical prophecy I don t understand the purpose of this, if it is for those who are already saved then it is not evangelistic so why form an ill fitting analogy to try and link this story to the Christian faith Dr Dobson should probably instead have concluded this great story of adventure by commenting on the tragedy of survival against the odds but without true eternal hope, instead of trying to turn this into a Christian book turn these into Christian men when they don t seem to have been.I recommend this book for those who enjoy true adventure stories It is basically clean mostly free of bad language there is one curse word, also free of violence and sexual content. This is quite the tale, what a crazy adventure Endurance tells the story of Shackleton and his crew and their Arctic expedition The men ran into than their fair share of trouble, to put it lightly The book is fascinating and really shows you the incredible power of human resilience and tenacity Perfect for an armchair traveler, it read like a novel and I couldn t put it down Find reviews and bookish fun at 2.5 stars Other than the bazillion amounts of bonus points that I got from my history loving father for reading this one, I found Endurance Shackleton s Incredible Voyage to be a little underwhelming Honestly, it s a fascinating story and a true testament to the will of man, but it is also extremely repetitive Though the narrator was very good, I had trouble keeping my attention on the story as the guys killed another seal and were cold again for hours and hours of listening time on end I ended up skimming parts of the story because it go to be too much, but I maintain that the story is a remarkable one. oh my god i feel like i haven t written a review in, how you holding up without my pearls of wisdom i was going to write a DBR of this last night, because that s what shackleton would do, but then i ended up eating candy and doodling instead, and that is why i live a life of mediocrity and insignificance and i am not like shackleton, who ran into some trouble on a boat ride and managed to triumph over impossible odds cheerfully.that s what i love the most his unflagging optimism and good naturedness i can t even handle it when customers put their water bottles or umbrellas on the books, i wanna smack them like a seal in the arctic i could never hang with shackleton retail has roooned my sunny disposition.shackletonsuch wonderful, harrowing stuffhe led a group of men into a dangerous situation and they behaved like grown men and survived, improbably i need to meet me some explorers these boymen on the subway with their e readers and their sculpted hair what would happen to them, slapped on a boat on a moving glacier in the middle of nowhere, all frostbitten and without their cell phones so cold that the fluid in their blisters turned to ice i don t think they would make it doomed i see all these gym hard people, but not life hard people no shackletons your abs are of no use in the antarctic seas, mister i expect this situation is on account of where i live and all, but surely there has to be one polar explorer type wandering through queens, looking for a lady to tell his tales of adventure to let me be that lady i will fill you with pulled pork and onions this feels like a DBR, but i assure you, it is not.i just get really excited about shackleton.i had read shackleton s stowaway, so i pretty much knew everything that was going to go down, but i still highly recommend this to anyone, really except dana because of the amputation and all but anyone else thumbs up.this book deserved a better review.but the pork and onions are calling.come to my blog This Is A New Reading Of The Thrilling Account Of One Of The Most Astonishing Feats Of Exploration And Human Courage Ever RecordedIn August Of , The British Ship Endurance Set Sail For The South Atlantic In October , Still Half A Continent Away From Its Intended Base, The Ship Was Trapped, Then Crushed In The Ice For Five Months, Sir Ernest Shackleton And His Men, Drifting On Ice Packs, Were Castaways In One Of The Most Savage Regions Of The WorldLansing Describes How The Men Survived A , Mile Voyage In An Open Boat Across The Stormiest Ocean On The Globe And An Overland Trek Through Forbidding Glaciers And Mountains The Book Recounts A Harrowing Adventure, But Ultimately It Is The Nobility Of These Men And Their Indefatigable Will That Shines Through