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Kung Fu Vs A Zombifying Plague Haunting And Emotional If Ghost Rider Were A Cowboy, This Would Be His Backstory Product Description For A Man Who Has The Courage To Look Life In The Teeth, Everything Is Black And White JT McCutchen Has Made A Living By This Philosophy So Far It S Served Him WellBusted Down From Texas Ranger To Private Security For An Oil Company In A Muddy Boomtown, McCutchen Is Holding His Life Together Via Discipline And Sheer Will But Attempts On His Father S Life Combined With A Plague Ravaging The Countryside Threaten To Open A Closet Full Of Bones Now The Ex Ranger S About To Learn, When You Ve Seen Things That Won T Let You Live, It S Either You Or The Bones Originally Published As Part Of A Serial Entitled, Reefer Ranger Rides Again, The Short Story McCutchen S Bones Appeared In A Pared Down Manner, Names And Places Altered To Avoid Undue Scrutiny From The Powers It Laid Bare What You Have Before You Is The Unabridged Version Consider Yourself Forewarned, The Contents Of This Horrifying And Heroic Tale Are As Volatile As A Truckload Of Nitro Torpedoes En Route To The Oil Fields Described Within Professor Jim Buckner, Geology Dept University Of Texicas A Efficient Beauty Amidst Mud Encrusted Gore Can T Be Found Letter From The Editor The Truth In History Society THS , Commonly Known As Lost File Conspiracists, Have Beat Their Drum For Nearly A Dozen Years I, Like Most, Ignored Them Unlike Most, I Was Kidnapped While Initially Ticked Off By This, Not Getting Exploded Another Story Altogether Ultimately Balanced The ScalesSince Then I Have Rigorously Set About Curating And Editing All Known Lost DMB Files While Maintaining As Scientific Of An Approach To These Pulpy Stories As Possible Now I Count Myself Among The Zealous Believers In Their Authenticity, Not Simply As Pulp Fiction, But As Journalistic Tales Preserving Historic FactMy Promise To The Reader Is To Seek Out These Lost DMB Files And Present Them To You Unabridged And Unaltered From Their Original Intent For As Long As I Am Able I Also Vow To Do My Best To Allow You To Draw Your Own Conclusions As To Their Historical Value And Contemporary Commentary I Ll Refrain From My Preachy Tendencies As Best I Can Finally, Be Forewarned Becoming Lost In These Lost Files And The World They Reconstruct Is Difficult To Resist May What Once Was Lost Be FoundProfessor Jim Buck BucknerAll Known Lost DMB Files Including Assumed Gaps Reefer Ranger Del Rio Con Amor Fistful Of Reefer The Austin Job Hell S Womb Get Doc Quick McCutchen S Bones Twitch And Die Paraplegic Zombie Slayer Fourth Horseman

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    David Mark Brown first introduces us to McCutchen in Fistful of Reefer From the get go, I loved this character McCutchen is a personification of the kickass Western mythos He is the Texas version of Jason, minus the Argonauts His archetype is the reason young boys gesticulate pistol shapes with their hands and emulate bang bang sounds Far from one dimensional, David Mark Brown paints a picture of a solitary man who is content in having Chester, his loyal and incredibly intelligent horse, be his only companion He has his demons and is haunted by regrets, but handles them with a quiet shrug and the occasional funny cigarette His grim determination and solitary nature makes for a heroically stoic character that, love or hate him, you can t help but find interesting.So, naturally, when McCutchen s Bones was disinterred from the anals of weird history thank you Truth in History Society I found myself curious to find what lurked beneath the bones.Our story begins with McCutchen easily dispatching a group of roughs he is no longer a law man and now works as a freelance security officer If you love detailed action sequences, then David Mark Brown is a writer that does not disappoint Elbows in and muscles relaxed, I focus my forty year old frame Eyes open, the saloon returns Strike one hyperextends Yokel s thrusting elbow He drops the knife Before it falls six inches, strike two, a vertical fist straight punch to the solar plexus, stuns him As the knife hits the floor, strike three, a finger punch to the throat, drops him faster than the knife.Upset at the intrusion, Irish announces his intentions with an ejaculation of inane banter Lunging with a left at the back of my head, he barely ducks a wild right from Plus One who cracks his knuckles across the jaw of Plus Two Invitations are flying faster than I can seat the guests.I dip and spin, letting Irish s blow whiff over me while sweeping his feet Catching him, I bury my knee in his groin before hurling him backwards He strikes Plus Two, a burly roughneck with tightly wound hair bursting from his neck and sleeves, and bowls him over From there we are introduced to Trip Jones, the head honcho of JJ Southern Oil and Gas Company and McCutchen s boss Trip informs McCutchen that his father s land is worth mucho grande because of its untapped resources He also informs him that nefarious rival organizations are set on forcing him to sell, or worse, taking the land by force Trip makes McCutchen an offer he cannot refuse In otherwords, he offeres to buy the land at a very reasonable price McCutchen respects the man s honesty, and so sets off to discuss business with his estranged father.This is where the real story begins I won t go into details, but the tale moves at at a perfect pace not too fast, not too slow frenetic when it needs to be and endearing when necessary Think Goldilocks finding a story written by baby bear, just right.David Mark Brown floods the reader with a deluge of detailed descriptions, that contrary to my description, does not drown the reader in self indulgent prose, but welcomes him her to swim or boat the phonetic waters of brilliant writing This Universe is Mr Brown s baby and he tends to and nurtures it as any loving parent would With that stated, McCutchen s Bones is another solid entry to the Lost DMB files and definitely worth digging for.

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    Fantastic Another hang on and enjoy the ride piece of the puzzle that Brown is constructing in his incredibly developed alternate history of Lost DMB Files.I ve read several of his books now, and I don t know why I m still so amazed at how deeply I get sucked into this crazy world of his He constructs this distant yet familiar world and breathes life into with characters that are so distinct and real.I m ready for the next installment Let s hope some Files get found.

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    Yet another digital short of the Lost DMB Files