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[Ebook] ➤ Пушкинский дом Author Andrei Bitov –

This novel is really a critique of Soviet literary critiques, reviews, history, and graduate and undergraduate thesis s All of this is accomplished in a novel where our hero, Lyova Odoevtsev, works in Pushkin House an academic institute dedicated to the Great Russian writers Furthereach member of Pushkin House must publish new and original thought not only on Modern Russian Lit, but also new thought on the Great Master s All while not getting on the wrong side of the censors As a reader I got the feeling that Lyova is actually Bitov That the criticism of Lyova s Grand father is really the criticism of those people who wrote critiques under Stalin Lyova Bitov republishes some of Grandfathers work with only new edits done Many of the critics in the Soviet Union wrote tripe that got past the censors Bitov has written something that got censored in the Soviet Union but got published in the west and his observations and criticism of Soviet thought is scathing.Though Lyova the reader gets critiques of Pushkin, Lermontov, Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, Turgenev and others These critiques are scathing Evenscathing is the critique of the former critiques that have come out of the Pushkin House Through out Lyova is constantly under the glare of his Grandfather, who was a great critic but criticized the wrong author in the wrong way at the wrong time and got a stint in Kolyma, AKA Siberia, courtesy of Stalin and the purges of the 30 s After Stalin s death Grandfather gets rehabilitated and then disappears into Siberia comes back to Petersburg meets his grand son and dies Lyova doesn t know how to act with his grandfather but does get his papers which Lyova uses to get published One also thinks that Lyova s Thesis defense also has plagiarized Grandfather notes rewritten in it But under Soviet practice this is not actually an academic crime, it s just using what you have and the family name But only for those who are part of the Family Not only the Odoevtsev family, but also the family of Pushkin House The extended family is allowed to stray from the norm, but not those who aren t in the family Bitov also includes around 40 pages of his Undergrad, maybe Masters, Thesis This is all part of his critique of Pushkin, Lermontov, and Tyutchev using line by parallel line comparisons of three poems Pushkin s Prophet, Lermontov s Prophet , and Tyutchev s Madness This line by line comparison is wonderfully done but very technical The whole book is very technical in the use of language, criticism, thought, what is wrong with our writing and what is right, and why do we write as we do All of these questions are posed by Lyova, but are really being asked by Bitov Now you think that the author is always actually asking these questions, and normally you would be correct Not in Pushkin House Bitov tells us he is asking these questions He goes out of his way to tell the reader that he, Bitov the author, is asking these questions He even goes as far as to have the author meet Lyova and tells us he is going to meet Lyova This is the ultimate breech of the fourth wall I gave this work three stars because it is so technical It is thought provoking even today in how authors both in Russia and the U.S censor themselves for their audiences and to get past the current censors, the publishing house editorial staff Look how hard JKR had in getting The Sorceress s Stone published Add in the use of Bitov s own thesis in his work of fiction and you add to the technical difficulties that the reader has in getting through this work If you enjoy Russian lit, and want to get a good lesson on some of the Great Literary Masters of Russia this is a good, but technical, read.One other point about this translation Susan Brownsberger, I m sure, is an excellent translator and has done a yeomen s job with Bitov s work Her critiques of Lermontov is way off base Pechorin is NOT the useless man He is Lermontov s alter ego Pechorin is the one who did all these things I wrote about I just recorded what he said No, Pechorin is Lermontov Lermontov created Pechorin to cope with Lermontov s own PTSD Lermontov wrote about his actions in the Caucasians through his creation Pechorin Many veterans have used writing as a catharsis to cope with what we did and how we fell about it MS Brownsberger probably has no service experience and therefore has made this very critical error in looking at Lermontov s work Again though her translation is excellent just skip her critique of Russian lit. I wrote an essay on this book at university It was one of my favourite books I ll have to re read the book to freshen my mind on the subject If you re contemplating reading it I highly recommend full of that peculiarly Russian literary style of combining philosophy with literature I spent half my time reading it re reading whole passages to better grasp a philosophical point Bitov was making I loved the narrator voice as well So very godlike and yet a Greek chorus Sorry I can t bespecific at this point. No Other Contemporary Novel Provides Such Clear Insight Into The Russian Mind And Way Of Life As Andrei Bitov S Pushkin House First Published In The United States InAnd Highly Praised For Its Inventiveness, Pushkin House Is A Contemporary Literary Masterpiece Though The Novel S Focus Is A Love Affair Between Lyova And Faina, The Novel S True Subject Is An Investigation Of The Corruption Of Soviet Intellectual Life And History Working Within Many Of The Confines Imposed Upon Him During The Soviet Regime, Bitov Ingeniously Draws Upon Russian Literary Models, Especially That Of Nabokov, In Order To Parody And Satirize The Stifling Society About Him, As Well As Russian Literary Tradition Great when it settles and unties the knots of meta interrogation, but frustrating during the overly long diversions which are neither revealing nor humorous At its heart to the extent that it has one it concerns the obsessive doubts that surround love and infatuation the continuous self questioning around the reliability of what you feel and, evenso, the reliability of the person who elicits the feelings There are many strands and subjects besides these and I did very much enjoy the wiping out of the first version of the story and the author s rationale for giving us a revised version of the central characters formation Elsewhere though, that type of authorial intervention becomes less justified because of the overly extended nature of his ruminations But there are enough ideas and inventions here to make it worth reading. Dar ve yerel bir g ndermeler sistemine sahip, bu g ndermeler sisteminin er evesine uygun anlat mlar ve diyaloglar d nda yk sel ve kurgusal olarak zay f bir eser Ba ar l evirmeninin de, her ne kadar k t bir eviri diyemeyecek olsam da, yazar n kurmaya al t postmodern, g ndergesel dili okuyucu dostu k lmak ad na pek bir ey yapamad g r l yor Kitaptan tan t mlar nda belirtildi i gibi derinlemesine bir Rus edebiyat incelemesi bekleyenler de yan l r, nk a k as biraz erhler k sm na kadar b yle bir ey yok. , ,, , , ,,, ,, , , ,c Trounin Moments of sheer brilliance buried in heaps of self indulgence. Read it in Russian, very thoughtful book Reading this book took some effort, to say the least It was, to me, completely incomprehensible at various points, but for some reason it was confusing in a way that led me to want to determine why, and thus led me to turn the page The plot or non plot is as dreary and fun as St Petersburg itself, and its incomprehensibility redolent of something Nabokovian, showing us beauty and hope for humankind in the possibility of numerous interpretations and in simple wonder at the possibility for life itself to be a continual return to the beginning, open to any type of understanding no matter how illogical like the too numerous patterns on butterflies for no apparent reason The form is labyrinthine and dependent upon an understanding of Russian literature most readers of this English version won t have, but nonetheless accessible with the footnotes the translator s, not Bitov s, as the latter are, of course, fake I feel uncomfortable giving the book four stars in that I admittedly am quite hesitant to say I understood it, but it seems that Bitov desired exactly that. S knihy, ktor sta otvori a ta A potom s tak , ktor od itate a vy aduj , aby poznal kontext a re lie Pu kinov dom od Andreja Bitova je jednou z nich Hlavn m hrdinom je Ljova i e Lev Nikolajevi Odojevcev To, e sa jeho meno zhoduje s autorom rom nu Vojna a mier nie je n hoda Cel kniha je toti pln odkazov na rusk literat ru a Bitov v nej zach dza do filologick ch detailov Porovn va napr klad Pu kina s ut evom alebo Turgenevom Ve aj hlavn hrdina Lvova je nakoniec filol g, s ce trochu dezorientovan a vychovan v nevedomosti, o pre Stalina postihlo jeho rodinu Pracuje v Pu kinovom dome, teda v leningradskom stave ruskej literat ry, kde sa pobije so svojim priate om a najv m sokom Miti a jevom.Cel dej m mno stvo odbo iek, ved aj ch textov s odkazmi na in ch autorov, priamych vsuviek autora, ktor do deja vstupuje nahlas a ktor tie pon ka viacero verzi pr behu Kultura pot ebuje z kladnu, bohatstv Ne pro ukojen um lcov ch pot eb, ale pro skute nou popt vku Dneska u nev mpro nikoho nenapadne, e n jak bl zen z mali k ho kn ectv p ece musel rozum t hudb , kdy u n ho ,pracovali Haydn nebo Bach e pape musel rozum t malb , kdy si vyb ral mezi Michelangelem a Rafaelem Pu kinov dom sa rad medzi k ov diela ruskej postmodernej literat ry Je rom nom o ruskej literat re pre t ch, o sa v nej ve mi dobre vyznaj a nemaj na tan len tie najzn mej ie knihy Je tie dielom o starej literat re a o tom, e jedinou n dejou pre jej bud cnos je vlastne jej minulos A m li lov k moudr srdce a chce sv tu sd lit, co m na srdci, zaru en bude m t dar slova, bude li si jen v it Nebo slovo je ten nep esn j n stroj, jak byl lov ku d n, a nikdy je t co n s neust le ut uje , nikdo nedok zal ve slov n co utajit a kdy lhal, slovo ho prozradilo, ale pokud znal pravdu a kal ji, slovo k n mu p i lo Nen to lov k, kdo nach z slovo, ale slovo si najde lov ka ist ho lov ka si slovo v dycky najde a ten lov k bude alespo na okam ik talentovan V tom smyslu je n m o talentu jasn jen jedno e je od p naboha.