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    A very different read than my usual book This is a collection of newspaper articles written in Estonia during the late 1970s, each followed by a longer description, often satirical intended or otherwise which provides the true background of the articles Through this the reader sees a sample of what is happening in the outskirts of the Soviet Union though a few peoples eyes We see the futility of many peoples lives, the disruption of drink, the looseness of truth.I was considering 3.5 as a rating but will bump it to 4 This author was recommended to me by one of my doctors who is also a Russian emigre I asked her for recommendations at my last appointment.

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    The books represent a kind of a compilation of various sketches called compromises in the book that depict life in Estonia when it was a part of the Soviet Union Dovlatov with cynism and specific humor describes how he as a journalist tries to succeed in his work but his honesty, inability to be bent by regime and bureaucracy stay on his way Some situations seemed to be absurd and grotesque but they perfectly describe how even talented people cannot achieve much because nothing really matters as much as abiding by the ideology of the Soviet Communist party.Dovlatov has a personal style of describing all the events in short sharp phrases with a bunch of dialogues that draw characters unique features how they express their feelings, their opinions about the regime, behavioral patterns, how they drink, how other people treat them A friend of mine compared Dovlatov style to Haruki Murakami s and I saw some similarities too Dovlatov writes everything down as he is just a distant observer, not the participant of those events and this is something I noticed Murakami s books as well Although I m not actually a fan of Russian literature probably because I studied it in school and sometimes school programs worsen the impressions of the works but I like this book It is different in comparison to the works of classic Russian literature which describe the same time period Maybe because Dovlatov does not restrain himself in expressing the actual opinions of the people about the Soviet ideology Or maybe because he describes the life of the intelligentsia as it was poor, dangerous and full of alcohol with no embellishments and flattery.

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    Dark, bleak, bitterly funny and absurd semi autobiographical stories of a Russian journalist working in Soviet Estonia Especially resonant now, in a time of autocrats coming to power in the West, and widespread attacks on truth and facts.

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    A crazy trip to USSR, absurd as it was.

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    there is only one Dovlatov, and The Compromise is a fine work of art and life, in all its bare ugliness, brutality and beauty.

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    So what do you do if you were a newspaper man in Tallin Estonia and have now immigrated to White Plaines N.Y You gather up all your old clippings and write the actual story behind what you wrote for the Soviet Estonia in the 70 s That s The Compromise a behind the scenes look at what actually happened to Dovlatov while he wrote for the paper Many of the stories are funny, even to us westerners Stories such as the funeral he attended where he gave part of the eulogy to a T.V producer A funeral where the people in charge had Dovlatov get the body from the morgue, be a pall bearer, give part of the eulogy, and write the story of the funeral for the morning edition Oh by the way, Dovlatov s photographer, who was also drafted to be a pallbearer, recognizes that the guy in the coffin at the cemetery is not the T.V producer but some one else Or the horse fixing deal Dovlatov was involved in, until his jockey was arrested Or the trip to a farm where a milk maid had milked an unholy amount of milk from her cows etc The whole book will have you smiling and at the same time give you a window into how news is made and reported in a oppressive regime An interesting window in our current age.

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    I have never read anything written by Mr Dovlatov before, therefore I can only judge his writing style by this book It is visible that he has an authentic and specific style, I would describe it as a bitter cocktail that you won t like at first but that will become your most favorite drink after some time Like something that you will drink when you want to drink something but don t know what Anyway, that book has impressed me It is rather autobiographical, and apart from himself the author describes the destinies of some people he used to know, interact with or just came across at some point of his life Considering the times Dovlatov was living in, it is interesting to pry into the past in socialist country through his prism of perception Ironic, humorous, hilarious and sometimes absurd, these stories create the feeling of surrealism that confuses a reader by making him question the realism of things going on It is up to you to what extent to believe the author or not, but it is worth reading if you are questioning the realism of things going on in your life from time to time.

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    Much like The Suitcase, this book is a collage of artefacts from the life of the author, who is working as a journalist in regime newspapers and magazines of soviet Russia of the 60ies Every story chapter opens with an article written about an event worthy of politically correct reporting, like highest recorded milk produced by a cow on a farm in USSR The editor sends Dovlatov to write a puff piece, Dovlatov gets wasted, frolics with regime maidens and almost botches the job up After a few stories, you get into the characters who appear in cameos Drunks, thieves, gamblers, adulterers, guys who like mature women, you know, the people as they really are in all their weird and wonderful, mostly immoral and depraved selves Written in short sentence full of dry and wry humour, Dovlatov is a highly enjoyable read Highly recommended.

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    An honest and funny approach to what the everyday life in the USSR was really like An ironic take on anti Semitism from someone who was part Jewish on the wrong side of the family There are some sexist ideas but mostly humorous or benevolent Women certainly aren t seen as less than , but different There s ableism mostly in terms of mental health the issues are glorified, laughed off or casually diagnosed Also, some lgbt bashing by a peculiar character.

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    I read this book in the Spanish translation A sharp style, funny explanations to his own journalistic briefs, and an acerbic critic of bureaucratic incompetence under communism, but not exactly in my taste.