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Mick Trubble Has A Few Problems Mainly That He Gambles, And He Loses So When A Mysterious Dame Approaches Him With A Gig Too Profitable To Refuse, He Figures It S The Perfect Opportunity To Get The Price Off His Head And His Life Back To NormalBut This Is New Haven, Where It Rains Every Day And Every Night The Dark And Desperate Haunt The Foggy Streets It S A Melting Pot Of Slick Men And Cool Dames, Hard Gangsters And Smooth Players There Are Secrets Buried In The Shadows Behind Sealed Doors And The Minds Of Men And Women Who Won T Hesitate To Kill In Order To Protect ThemThis Is The World Of Mick Trubble, Who Has A Knack For Two Things Getting Neck Deep In Trouble, And Shooting His Way Out Of ItThe Troubleshooter Is A What You Get When You Take A S Pulp Detective Like Sam Spade Or Philip Marlowe And Drop Him In A Blade Runner Environment A Blend Of Noir, Dieselpunk And Sci Fi, It S Sure To Please Readers Of Mixed Genre Tales And Action Lovers Alike

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    Pulp Warning My online reading is mostly epulp related and as such my opinion of a story s worth also tends to be epulp skewed Review reader beware Pulp Warning Overall score 5 stars highly recommend The Troubleshooter was a joy to read With all the zaniness you could expect for your epulp reading dime The Troubleshooter throws you into a very different world, one that is part Bladerunner, part 1930s America and then continues to heap on the weird and zany All to the quirky, jargon deep voiceover of our protagonist Mick Trubble It s fast paced and constantly confronting the reader with whacky new ideas as we follow a bad, yet fairly typical day in the life of Mick Trubble And if you like zany epulp style sci fi noir shenanigans then this is definitely the story for you.Pacing and action 5 stars.This story is ludicrously fast if you re watching the clock Within the space of 24 hours Mick Trubble does an insane amount of running and gunning yet amongst it all the reader still gets a fairly comprehensive story of political intrigue Everything from sci fi car chases to stand offs with leather clad assassins You will not e left wanting for action.Pulp concept 5 stars.It s a little complicated but essentially the world of The Troubleshooter is retro style dieselpunk world with a reasonably believeable justification Don t think too hard about it, but by pulp standards it s pretty good and creates a world full of potential future adventure while giving us plenty in the present The setup also turns out an impressive number of whacky yet cool supporting characters And that s what good pulp does.Character development 4 star.The achilles heal of pulp, when you re doing all that running and gunning the characters can often get left behind The Troubleshooter did this better then most with a comprehensive character story that Mick Trubble himself has to uncover It s not brilliant but we at least get a good sense of who Mick is, even if the supporting cast can be easily forgotten as characters Bit harder to forget them as garrishly dressed hitmen though They re definitely better as archetypes than they are as fleshed out characters But Mick himself saves this from being 3 star.Production 5 star.This thing has been editted properly I mean spelling, grammar, formatting everything It s a professional product with good cover art and nice touches like the glossary at the front 5 star production from a genre that can often be lacking in this department.Series potential 4 stars.It s definitely there If Constantine can come up with just as many whacky characters for a sequel then this will be quite the epulp series Fingers crossed and here s hoping.Wrap up.Definitely one of the best epulp stories I ve had the pleasure of reading It s quality, it s fun, it has a unique and endearing style It leaves you wanting And that s good pulp.

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    Now listen good, you ugly mugs this here is a review of a book going by the name of The Troubleshooter Subtitle Well that d be New Haven Blues, no relation to Connecticut if that s what your beancan is pondering It just happens to be the story of a private dick with the name Mick Truble, and how he travels the mean streets of the far future, cracking off lead and putting the moves on beautiful dames in a tangled stumper of a caper.Cough, excuse me, must have had something in my throat too many unfiltered cigarettes, I guess.The Troubleshooter is told in first person perspective though the eyes of Mick, who at the outset is offered a case with high enough pay to get him out of debt with the Russian mob What happens next involves plenty of noir staples seedy nightclubs, gangsters, and gun battles than you can shake a fedora at Mick begins by chasing a MacGuffin called the leg, although his quest eventually shifts to intercepting some lightly explained technological doohickey with the power to save the entire yadda yadda More guns are fired, buildings explode, and many things turn out not to be what they seem, incidentally leading to a flashback that shows an event which we ve already been told all the details of whoops.Really though, it doesn t make much of a difference whether Mick was trying to find a super powerful techno artifact or a Maltese falcon or anything else This book will likely appeal to those with an affinity for hard boiled old time detective novels at several points, Mick waxes nostalgic about the merits of cars shaped like Duesenbergs and six shot revolvers , and the sci fi setting, especially in the first half, is almost incidental But the good news is that Constantine s writing is clever and readable, and doesn t take itself too seriously Mick s sense of humor is evident in the form of many, many one liners, most of which made me chuckle while only some made me roll my eyes and groan The plot whizzes by with plenty of action, and I really liked the twists and thought the ending was well done.The trouble Truble is, Mr Constantine has a bad habit of dropping information about characters and surroundings in the form of expository paragraphs While this can sometimes help by moving the plot forward quickly and hey, maybe Mick just happened to be thinking of New Haven s power shortages, or having an internal narration about the socioeconomic conditions of a neighborhood he s been in hundreds of times , the paper thin supporting characters decidedly do not In particular, Mick s two comrades in arms, Poddar and Rob, have the combined personality of a corpse, and the rest of the cast barely fares better As a result, Mick is left to carry the entire story by himself, and while he pulls it off to some extent, parts of the middle felt like a drag to me it s tiresome to have too many gunfights in a row where we don t care what happens to most of the participants I would like to see Mr Constantine continue to utilize his skills with biting, humorous prose in future works, while also focusing on the emotional conflicts of both his heroes and villains.Rating Three darb bioguns hidden in a nimrod s flogger out of five.

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    Noir is alive and well in the future The Troubleshooter New Haven Blues by Bard Constantine takes the atmosphere and sensibilities of a 30 s detective novel and blends it well with sci fi cyberpunk into a tasty and appealing cocktail.The Troubleshooter begins where all good noir crime fiction should, with a slightly disreputable, down on his luck shamus, excuse me, private detective In this instance, it s Mick Trubble, a guy with money problems and a price on his head The twist in the plot is this private dick works out of dystopian, post apocalyptic sci fi city called New Haven Mick takes a case to pay off his debts, a high risk venture, almost guaranteed to get him killed The deeper he investigates, the wilder things become as he finds mayhem, android killers, and dark secrets from his own past.I loved the style and sensibilities of this novel, a cool hybrid of Blade Runner and the Maltese Falcon The characters are tough and gritty, with a side order of sneaky You can trust no one, and everybody has something to hide The author does a nice job of creating this world, the noir and sci fi blend seamlessly The plot does a lot of twisting, but manages to keep the reader along for the ride and at the edge of your seat once or twice , and comes to a satisfying conclusion with just enough left over to whet the appetite for a sequel.I can recommend The Troubleshooter New Haven Blues easily.

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    This is only the 3rd futuristic novel I have read It is not my usual reading fare I really did enjoy this futuristic detective troubleshooter scenario It was kind of like Mike Hammer in the 23rd century The action kept moving, the characters were all solid, even the synoids The story is even believable when one looks at out current technology For me, the best part was Bard s jargon It is top rate, and alone worth the price of admission I am looking forward to reading his next serving of Mick Trubble.

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    Fun little read Sci fi noir is like candy to me and this is a pretty good read A few quibbles here and there, but the one liners were enjoyable and ranged from chuckle inducing to eye rolling.

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    Bard Constantine asked me to review his novel Trouble Shooter Being a detective story I was about to tell him no but the detective lives in a science fiction setting and his request was superb so I agreed I m glad I did Trouble Shooter delivers on several levels The first of which is character The protagonist, Mick Trubble, has a vivid personality He doesn t take himself or anything else too seriously yet still plays for keeps It was a joy to read him narrate this adventure Even better, his personality being this way is perhaps the most critical plot point in the story On the flip side, other characters do not receive the same develop This story is told by Trubble and so the other characters are filtered through him, which does to develop his own character than theirs They re good characters and I liked them especially Poddar s friend, Rob but they re overshadowed by the first person protagonist an understandable flaw The second is the plot This plot has twists and dark secrets than a New Haven politician Revelation follows Revelation like an onion with the same eye widening effect While this works well for page turning it sometimes feels as though Trubble is bouncing from one informant to another with a fight in between Thankfully Mr Constantine adds other events to prevent this pattern from gaining a stranglehold on the narrative The other problem with the plot is re read value thrillers rely on suspense and plot twists which disappear after the first read Again, Mr Constantine provides another lure Trubble s narration adds charm to narration that would otherwise be quite bland This is the start of a prospective series yet the book s conflict is resolved That s huge for me I love it when authors resolve a book s plot while leaving the door open for adventures The ending is very satisfying I d go as far as say it s my favorite part of the story The third is setting Mr.Constantine knows how this world works and what it looks like etc I always appreciate that in a story and that kind of effort in an author The problem is the first person narration Personally, I don t like first person narration because it doesn t make sense for someone to narrate the setting or their continuous thought pattern Who are they talking to Without a justification like a frame narrative or intentional fourth wall breaking, it simply doesn t make sense.One thing about the setting I should definitely mention is the dialect There s a glossary up front up front for terms used in the book and what they mean bought the farm die and berries is slang for money On one hand I liked this because it added to the setting but on the other it was occasionally confusing and I had to return to the glossary Trickster Eric Novels gives Trouble Shooter a B Understandable flaws are still flaws.

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    I was approached by Bard Constatine to see if I would review one of his books I chose The Troubleshooter because it sounded really interesting private eye in a futuristic dystopian city Sign me up The Troubleshooter stars Mick Trubble, an amnesiac who makes a living solving problems One day, he s hired by a rich person to find Tommy Tsunami, one of the most dangerous people in New Haven If that job s not difficult enough, Mick finds out that this job is at the heart of a plot that may change New Haven forever And he is one of the key players.What I thought was the most unique part of the novel would be its setting It s basically a pulp fiction story with your fast talking private eye, but in a futuristic world where the underground is run by competing factions or gangs They re basically gangs with lots of powers I thought the dichotomy between the futurist things like synoids, which are androids but cooler and Mick Trubble would be too much, but it works together wonderfully.Mick Trubble is clearly the star of the book I found the other characters interesting, but I didn t really pay them much attention unless Mick s attention was focused on them As the narrator, he steals the show, which may or may not be a good thing, considering that several characters, like Hunter could become major characters in future books.Another star of the book would be its language The book uses many unique words, which necessitates a glossary even before you start reading the book The introduction to the glossary was well written too, I enjoyed reading the forward For me, a once through the glossary was enough, and I managed to pick up the meanings of the words from context However, others may be confused by all the words, in which case the glossary will definitely come in handy.I really enjoyed this book, and it looks like the first in a unique and enjoyable series If you like noir, pulp fiction, private eye novels, dystopian novels or all of the above, you should definitely pick up this book Chances are, you won t regret it.Disclaimer I got a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for a free and honest review.This review was first posted at Inside the mind of a Bibliophile

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    As soon as I heard mention of androids and synoids, amidst the Blade Runner environment, I had to read this book Only once such comparisons are made to the likes of Philip K Dick s enduring literary genius, expectations are high Happily, The Troubleshooter did not disappoint.The story is told entirely from the POV of Mick Trubble, as he sets about on a case searching for a missing leg the tattoo on which causes it to be worth a whole load than it s body part value The action takes place in New Haven, one of the artificial constructs designed to harbour humankind from the devastation of the Cataclysm The Havens, however, home not only humans, but androids and synoids, some of which, through faulty remote operation, or a million other variations achieve sentience As we accompany Trubble on his violent and action packed search for the leg, the reader meets many of these fascinating robots, marketed by Maxamillion Industries as Not quite human, better than human Constantine does such a compelling job of describing the A.I., technology, and gadgetry of his future that he would make Bond s Q proud.The atmosphere of the book did put me in mind of Bladerunner, only without the huge advertising screens and neon lights Constantine illustrates this dystopian future in such a way that I did indeed illustrate it in my imagination in noir New Haven s streets are so harsh and gritty that they are envisioned entirely without colour However, all is not dystopian darkness, as Constantine s first person narrative is very amusing and clever, colouring each page the writing often as sharp as the suited silhouette on the cover This short but intricate story would make one amazing movie It takes the reader on such a fast paced exciting ride, a rollercoaster rammed full of unique characters hurtling through a fantastically imagined future, and ends with a mind blowing revelation about both the Haven itself, and our charismatic narrator I enjoyed every single page.

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    Book Synopsis from GoodReads Mick Trubble has a few problems mainly that he gambles, and he loses So when a mysterious dame approaches him with a gig too profitable to refuse, he figure it s the perfect opportunity to get the price off his head and his life back to normal.But this is New Haven, where it rains every day and every night the dark and desperate haunt the foggy streets It s a melting pot of slick men and cool dames, hard gangsters and smooth players There are secrets buried in the shadows behind sealed doors and the minds of men and women who won t hesitate to kill in order to protect them.This is the world of Mick Trubble, who has a knack for two things Getting neck deep in trouble, and shooting his way out of it.The Troubleshooter is a what you get when you take a 30 s pulp detective like Sam Spade or Philip Marlowe and drop him in a Blade Runner environment A blend of noir, dieselpunk and sci fi, it s sure to please readers of mixed genre tales and action lovers alike.My Thoughts From the moment we are introduced to the shady Mick Trubble through the end of the book, we are expected to believe that everything that transpires occurs in a span of 24 hours We are introduced to androids and synoids as well as gangsters, Mafia types and characters reminiscent of by gone days with a futuristic twist The reader is thrown into fights with scatter guns, diamond coated pistols, mech rifles, bean shooters, explosive rounds, energy rounds, B52 s Then there are Tesla powered wheelers , skimmers, floaters that run using thumb scanners and run on skytrams, zeppelins, and airlanes Then there are holobands A very futuristic story Not usually the genre I enjoy however Bard draws you in and makes the characters believable The action is intense and the plot plausible An overall enjoyable read I received the book for free through Goodreads First Reads

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    In The Troubleshooter New Haven Blues, we meet Mick Trubble, a hard boiled, Sam Spade detective in a futuristic world Sprinkle in some comic type supporting characters, and set him in a dystopian future, and finally have your protagonist be an individual who is suffering from amnesia so that he does not know who he really is, or remember anything from than two years before, and you got the gist of this book He is an aptly named anti hero, as he does attract plenty of trouble wherever he goes This is a violent story, yet in parts it will have you laughing out loud until you cry Now this is a completely different genre than I am usually into I love mysteries, but not particularly hard boiled ones, and I ve never been much into anything dystopian I did not expect to like this book I would read some, and stop, but then, I had to keep picking it up to see what happened next Since I am very open minded, yet I thought I knew exactly what I liked, this did tend to surprise me, much as it did when I told my rooommate I didn t like fantasy, until she shared this fantasy series by Stephen Reeder Donaldson, The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant Has anyone else read these books They are excellent I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review Originally published on my blog were no errors in context, syntax or grammar and punctuation So, I have no choice but to give this my highest recommendation I give it this many smiles