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The First Draft Is The Easy Part In Blueprint Your Bestseller, Stuart Horwitz Offers A Step By Step Process For Revising Your Manuscript That Has Helped Bestselling Authors Get From First Draft To Final Draft Whether You Re Tinkering With Your First One Hundred Pages Or Trying To Wrestle A Complete Draft Into Shape, Horwitz Helps You Look At Your Writing With The Fresh Perspective You Need To Reach The Finish Line Blueprint Your Bestseller Introduces The Book Architecture Method, A Tested Sequence Of Steps For Organizing And Revising Any Manuscript By Breaking A Manuscript Into Manageable Scenes, You Can Determine What Is Going On In Your Writing At The Structural Level And Uncover The Underlying Flaws And Strengths Of Your NarrativeFor Than A Decade This Proven Approach To Revision Has Helped Authors Of Both Fiction And Nonfiction, As Well As Writers Across All Media From Theater To Film To TV

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    I need to return to this after I ve finished this first draft This is my fourth novel and yet I never seem to tire of reading How To books As if somehow there really is a formula or blueprint there isn t, I assure you Still, it s fun and often useful to get a fresh perspective on technique.

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    I feel like I ve read all manner of nonfiction on the process of writing fiction, which of course typically touches on editing But Horwitz is the first on writing book I ve read exclusively on editing and rewriting good writing is rewritten after all.Horwitz also tackles the issue of writing in a new a different way, describing a unique way of organizing theme, story arcs or in his words series and scenes The Ugly Duckling is an interesting choice for an example work, but hey it works Horwtiz also dives briefly into flashbacks, narratives, scene transitions and endings I think the strength of the book is offering strategy for once a draft is done.

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    Why do I think Blueprint Your Bestseller is destined to become a writing classic 1 By the end of the book you ll know how to revise your manuscript and make it so much better than your first draft The information contained within the pages is priceless and quite brilliant I felt like I d gotten a graduate level course in just two days 2 It s a fun and inspiring read you ll feel like you spent time with a good, wise friend While Stuart Horwitz method is brilliant and, yes, methodical, as methods should be, it s also non dogmatic You ll find it helps create the structure that generates freedom A perfect left brain exercise to take your right brain writing to the next level.I will recommend it to all my writing students and clients Thanks, Stuart, for writing that terrific book.

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    This is the perfect book for writers who ve finished their first draft and need help tightening up the structure My favorite chapter was on links, the transitional passages that connect scenes.

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    Useful tools for the craft.I followed the author s instructions to generate material first When I was 150 pages into the first draft of a novel, I found myself floundering So I called this up on my kindle and worked with the exercises as given I find this method so much helpful than trying to figure out acts or beats For me, the most helpful parts were his method for finding the theme, based on the identified series, and selecting one series as central These provide the backbone, and everything connects, events if only tangentially This helped give me the blueprint of the title I didn t give it five stars for the following reasons The criteria for good and bad scenes didn t work for me Good as good enough and bad as not to be let out of the house are inappropriate for a first draft Hello, I would hardly let a single first draft scene out of my room, much less the house He gives criteria for what makes a scene These should be used to better advantage in evaluation of whether a scene works, expanded on Second, trying to identify key scenes before series when the criterion for a key scene was where several series came together left me scratching my head I gave up and went directly to identifying series I would have liked to see direction and clarification on how to improve scenes and include missing iterations Things got foggy there.But even with its shortcomings, it s a worthwhile investment of money and time.

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    Yes, this is a great follow up to Blueprint Your Bestseller I ve found both books so helpful I m the kind of writer who runs from the room when someone s peddling the formula for great storytelling I love that my material comes to me, that I m following characters as I m drafting Horowitz isn t interested in messing with my mo jo Rather, he s got a method here, a way of thinking and working through the material once it s roughed out on the page toward clarity and best of all depth His process is organic to content hallelujah It s an inside out model Form follows not an overlay but questions that arise from the story itself It turns out we can have our wild, out of the box, left field creativity and shape it too I highly recommend these tools.

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    This was the right book at the right time My two novels are at the stage where they are finished, but not yet ready for publication I knew they needed some kind of revision, but didn t quite know what was still wrong with them Horwitz gave me a completely new perspective on my books, so that I could envision changes that need to take place His method is based on series of ideas that weave through a story and move it forward Since my writing style generally begins with ideas that are or less themes, or what Horwitz calls series, this works so much better for me than focusing on plot What is wrong with my books is that I had been too focused on plot, and neglected to control the progress of my series The wonder of this method is that it even works for nonfiction I have a nonfiction book in the works, and Blueprint You Bestseller has helped me to hone in on my main idea, and supporting ideas that will help me to insure the book has a unified feel to it I m loving this method The only weakness that I see in this book is that he hasn t spent enough time illustrating how those series twist and interact Maybe I need to read his next book, Book Architecture.

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    Blueprint Your Bestseller Organize and Revise Any Manuscript with the Book Architecture Method is the book that pulled everything together for me This is the third book of the series that I read I am confident that I read them out of order Nonetheless, Stuart Horowitz s series on drafting and refining a manuscript has been extremely helpful with my current writing project His method makes sense to me and I am looking forward to putting it into action My first step is to finish the first draft of my book Read

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    Very good practical writing advice I read this after his later book, Book Architecture which I gave 5 stars , because that one really resonated with me and I wanted I was not disappointed I recommend reading both, in any order, for a fresh perspective on writing that moves away from the tired old hero on a journey to save the cat and hit those beats You will get a lot from both books, and Horwitz s easy going and slightly jokey writing style just adds to the pleasure.

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    I ve read both Finish Your Book in Three Drafts and Book Architecture by Stuart Horwitz, so this one gives me the feeling of having read this before, but slightly different other examples I still feel like the concept and ideas are brilliant, but reading all three feels unnecessary unless you didn t understand the method by the first two books It probably gave a few new tips the others didn t.