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A Sequel To The Bestselling Romance, Preservation, Told From Ryan S Point Of ViewOld Habits Die HardRyan Campbell Is Not Only Leaving His Title Of Professor Behind To Move On To Bigger And Better Things At Simon And Warden Publishing, He S Also Become Seattle S Rising Literary Star Sitting On The Overwhelming Cusp Of Newfound Fame, He Learns Soon Enough That Being Popular Has Its Downside Attracted To The Buzz Surrounding His New Career, Former Lovers Begin To Creep Back Into His Life, And Potential Ones Emerge With Enticing Advances While He Works To Juggle Reserved, Yet Stressful, Wedding Plans With Kate And His New Public Image, He Has Enough To Manage Without Worrying About Carter And Dean Kate S Loveable Albeit Eccentric Friends And Their Latest Shenanigans Surrounded By A Lifestyle That Includes Temptation At Every Turn, Ryan Finds Himself Immersed In A World Full Of Scandal And Lies, Where His Oldest Weaknesses Thrive And His Ghosts Return To Haunt Him Questioning Whether His Life With Kate Is His Best Path, He Must Discover If He S Still Capable Of Being The Man He Aspired To Be When She First Became His, Or If Happily Ever After Is Only An Illusion

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    4.75 5 StarsI ve been trying to do it rightI ve been living a lonely lifeI ve been sleeping here insteadI ve been sleeping in my bedI belong with youYou belong with meYou re my sweetheart Ho Hey by The Lumineers If there s anyone in the world who deserves a happy ending, it s two broken people who taught each other to love First off, a HUGE and MASSIVE thank you to Rachael for giving me the opportunity to beta read this I loved Preservation and I couldn t wait to continue Kate and Ryan s story What made this book even extra awesome is that it s told completely in Ryan s POV I m such a sucker for these types of stories because as a woman, I m curious to know what makes a man tick, especially for someone as damaged as Ryan Getting into Ryan s head was an interesting experience I felt so much sympathetic for him Every moan, muscle clench, and ragged breath told me she was mine, and I hers I continued to punish her with ruthless strokes, filling her ear with hot breath You belong to me, I demanded Next time someone touches you, remember you re my sunrise Remember this, I hammered her with one fierce strike, jolting her backward on the counter Damn, Ryan Holy fucking hotness Ryan is hotter than ever and deeply in love with Kate Changes are happening all around them Ryan is now a published author, with his book in serious talk for a movie deal His celebrity status is skyrocketing fast While all this is happening, his fianc , Kate, is thousands of miles away, working They are trying their hardest to make this long distance relationship work, but man, it s not easy Now that Ryan is in the celebrity limelight, his notorious past is creeping out of the woodwork it s slowly coming back to haunt him He needs his Kate to keep him grounded, but he s left to deal with it alone Ryan wants nothing than to announce to the world that he s engaged and happy, but his publicist has other plans The risk of scandal is always nipping at Ryan s heels However, what concerns him most is how Kate will react to what she reads in the tabloids I do trust you, Ryan But it takes effort It s not without pain Kate We all know Kate has her trust issues and it has taken her forever to get to where she is today, especially with former playboy Ryan To me, Ryan did nothing wrong in this story No Wait There was this one thing, that pissed me off and made me cringe, but I forgave him because he did come to his senses right away However, since this was told in Ryan s POV, we knew immediately he never wanted to intentionally hurt Kate that s the last thing he ever wanted to do Will their relationship survive Will Kate ever fully trust Ryan Nothing is worth what I have with you Will you please give me a chance to prove that to you Ryan Reading this through Ryan s eyes was fantastic His struggle to balance his career, while maintaining a long distance relationship with Kate was frustrating and heartbreaking at times It was a tough pill to swallow, but those times when he and Kate were together than made up for it Speaking of Kate, I only have one thing to say to you potential readers Be patient with her Her tendency to overreact was the only drawback to the story I know she has had trust issues in the past, but you would think getting engaged to a man such as Ryan would ve resolved most of those issues She was definitely worthy of a few bitch slaps This story was such a great addition to the Preservation series, but after I was finished, it was a bit of a bittersweet moment for me I will miss Kate and Ryan tremendously, but I am HIGHLY looking forward to Carter and Whitney s story in Declaration. This is definitely another winner from this fabulous author.

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    Review from Way Too Hot BooksNo, Reservation is not companion novel to the first book that little annoying habit authors have to tell the story from his POV It the end you have basically same book with few extra scenes, but nothing new Second book in Preservation series is exactly that sequel.We continue to follow lives of Ryan and Kate, but this time narrator is Ryan And he is good narrator I even loved him in this role than Kate Rachael Wade managed to pull you into the male perspective He is bastard, self centric and arrogant, no matter how sometimes his new found love makes him mellow.Story Characters I have to say that I instantly thought that plot looked familiar He is not Mr Nobody any, there are publicists and mangers who want to sell certain image to the public and girlfriend that nobody should find out about Yes, Reckless by S.C Stephens and just like that book, Reservation is full of drama If you are fan of that type of stories,you will enjoy this book very much Ryan is drama queen worthy of Olivia and company from Tarryn Fisher s novels Honestly, there were so many things that bothered me and I do not know how Kate could get over all of his issues But don t be fooled that girl is no ray of sunshine herself I liked Carter and I m really curious about his book We will talk about third book Declaration tomorrow and also, you will get opportunity to win all three books Do not miss it

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    Reservation is the sequel to Preservation where we first met Kate and Ryan I read Preservation nearly a year ago but I hadn t forgotten these two characters I remembered their emotional beginnings and them being two scarred and damaged souls Both are aspiring Authors a Teacher and a student with each their own emotional baggage And yeah I remembered Ryan I don t think anyone would forget this gorgeous tattooed alpha male who has just the right dose of vulnerability and a huge heart as well.Due to this being the sequel, I am hesitant to say too much as I do not want to give any spoilers rather I recommend you pick up Preservation then move onto this one This series has everything we look for in a good story I loved it Book 1 was emotional, frustrating, hot and addictive and book 2 managed to surpass it for me in the emotional stakes I am not sure what it is about reading this story in Ryan s POV but I can tell you if it hadn t been, the effect on my heart would be nowhere near as strong and my feelings would have been of an entirely different nature when it came to the crux of the story His voice has such an impact and my heart hurt one minute following by a racing pulse the next.Seriously, the pace and the obstacles in Kate Ryan s story just plays with the reader, you are on a ride where you can see the pitfalls you know what possibly could or may just be coming You scream at your kindle for Ryan to stop and think You scream at Kate for her to just listen and believe You want to hurt the instigators and the facilitators with something hard and basically tell them in a polite way to just go do one But the reader has no voice the reader watches it play out with a racing heart and feels the pain and the confusion Oh and enjoys the yummy factor because yeah..Ryan he is just wow Ryan needs control He feels lost without it, though the control he needs now is very different to the control he craved in his past A past that has damaged him and comes back to haunt him in the most dire and consequential way in this story He receives an opportunity that looks great on paper and in the bank but threatens to uproot any foundation he has achieved The anger, fear, lack of control, feeling helpless and his strong need to protect Kate culminating into one immense emotional and heart breaking climax Ryan loves with passion and is fiercely protective He loves to a fault yet carries so much guilt and anger, his focus is on making up for the past rather than living in the present paying attention to what is happening right now What he has He knows what he stands to lose though but how does one man prevent the inevitable when everything and everyone work against him Waiting for him to fail Then we have our Kate She has been knocked down and hurt Her past leaving scars that are carried unhealed into her future culminating into a severe trust issue Being let down by not only the people that should care but the ones who themselves have an inability to reconcile their own feelings ultimately placing Kate in situations outside of her control As this was Ryan s story to tell I wanted to yell in frustration at Kate several times, needing to remind myself that if I was her, with her issues would I not question and react like her However, ultimately my heart hurt for Ryan and he had my tears.We get to catch up with Carter and Dean, Emma Jackson and I cannot wait to read Carter s story next in Declaration His journey I am so sure will be another emotional ride

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    My nerves are fried To a crisp Deep friedbut healthy fried Yes This book was a test in patience and self control I was either biting my nails or pulling my hair It felt like I knew the end of the world was coming and no one would listen to me.But, aside from all that stress that had turned my tresses whiteI really, really liked this It was fast paced and always kept you guessing Just when I thought a situation would explode, it didn t and vice versa.It was in Ryan s POV and I LOVED that He is passionate, thoughtful, kind and alpha all the way baby I felt so bad for him for most of the book because he was trying so desperately to rid himself of his past and move forward with Kate, but the dead don t stay dead and it was painful to watch.He was out of control and this fact resonates with him throughout the book And despite the lessons he had to endure to fully understand that things are always out of your control, he finally did and when he let go of that baggage and resigned to the fact that variables are always in play, he blossomed.God, Ryan If your life is going in a direction you don t want it to, bail Tough lesson but worth the effort of having Kate in the end She was gone most of the book since accepting a tutoring position in St Lucia, but she suffered immensely as well.Being far away and a slave to the rumour mill affected her than she thought and I was actually surprised she held out for as long as she did.The only thing I didn t like about her was her annoying insistence of always thinking she was right Ryan would tell her he didn t like something or someone and her stubbornness always got in the way of good sense Let the man love and protect you woman It doesn t mean you re weak or useless After all the shit they endured, and all the crap they suffered, fate intervened once again And despite very taxing life lessons and sobering truths, Ryan and Kate saw the light And it was bright and blinding Two damaged souls finding redemption in love BEAUTIFUL Great book and an even better epilogue I really enjoyed this series

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    Where do I start Way to kick a man when he s down, Rach My poor Ryan I just wanted to climb into the book and give him a hug He angers me and makes me love him at the same time Now I know how Kate feels Reservation was a whirlwind of emotions and I couldn t help but feel every single one of them with the characters I felt like Ryan was living Murphy s lawwhat can go wrong, will I knew that Ryan s past history with women wasn t ideal but I was not expecting that I m not spoiling anythingjust saying Did I mention this book is told in Ryan s POV Oh man.that man oozes sex This book was everything and I didn t know how it would stack up to Preservation and I have a legitimate fear of sequels I avoid them like the plague The sexiness from Preservation was there times 2 I admit that I did procrastinate a bit while reading this I would have devoured it in 2 days but I didn t want it to end I hope this isn t the last time we ll hear from Kate and Ryan.

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    Even worse than the first one, thank god it was free The pathetic attempts of the hero to rationalize his cowardly behavior I was afraid I was angry in the first novel made him even unlikable His absolutely confusing belief that he would earn her love by being awesome sack was ridiculous.As for the heroine, if she is so freaking dumb to forgive and trust this lying douchbag because he s good in bed than she deserves him Also appalling was her cowardly refusal to testify against the guys who tried to rape her She says she thought they had probably done it many times to others in the past, and if she believes that she s gotta know they ll do it again to some other poor woman Maybe she changes her mind later but I ll never know I stopped reading at 25%.This duo of cravenly lovers will no doubt carry on to ruin each other s and many other people s lives along their merry way.

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    After completing the first book in this series, I decided to give this one a shot I m sad I paid even.99 cents for 200 pages of a whiny dude who then cheats on his fiance when she s having a tough time dealing with their current relationship status Then the dumb broad proceeds to take him back like nothing happened Maybe I m bitter and cynical, but cheating is a no no and can t be forgiven Sorry Nope Not gonna happen So yeah, while the first book in the series was so so okay not terrible but not great, eitherthis one was not okay and kinda terrible for my taste I was considering moving on to the third, just to read Carter s story, but I think I m going to pass on it after this mess.

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    I m rounding up to 3 from 2.5 stars because I like Rachael Wade and I liked the first book I can barely type this review because my head is spinning from this book The whole have you seen the papers and miscommunication stuff just dominated this book and it was so distracting that it made me dizzy I barely made it through the last 20% and just skimmed pages I rarely do that Ryan and Kate fought too hard in the first book and overcame so much These two brilliant writers are too talented and deserving to end up with a sequel like this, I m sad about it actually I will, however, buy book 3 about Carter I m not quite ready to give up on Wade as an author, she made some awesome characters I just feel let down because this book could have been so much I think.

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    As we all know Preservation was in Kate s point of view which I loved, but I m glad that Rachael decided to switch it up a bit and write Reservation in Ryan s point of view, because honestly it was truly entertaining to be inside the mind of a man, well okay maybe NOT all men are as entertaining as Ryan but I loved his side of the story none the less I loved being inside his head, Dear God, the woman had a banging body Ryan is just the same if not head over heels in love with his woman than ever, Every time I think of the mistakes I ve made you come along and remind me there s another day That I have another chance He s still possessive, Sounds to me like she s a woman on a mission I tightened my grip around her waist, pulling her close to my side Let me rephrase he is VERY possessive of his woman, Listen to me good, Kate Parker I never and I mean never want to hear you use the words Will and on his knees in the same sentence again Both Kate and Ryan had a lot to prove to not only themselves but one another, which kept the story interesting The things Ryan was thrown into weren t average situations and all Kate could do was have faith and trust in her man There were some parts where I yelled and screamed at Ryan to get his crap together that s character love for ya and I m ready for Carter s story.

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    I loved this continuation of Ryan Kate s story It was yayand then nooooand then yayand then noooo WTF Poor Ryan Kate, trying their best, loving their best under the circumstancesbut then the world interferes and did it I was on the edge at one point literally frozen Not wanting to read any further to shatter my illusion or desire for a HEA..Great read..definitely recommended