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Miss Lydia Charingford is always cheerful and never so than at Christmas time But no matter how hard she smiles she can't forget the youthful mistake that could have ruined her reputation Even though the worst of her indiscretion was kept secret one other person knows the truth of those dark days the sarcastic Doctor Jonas Grantham She wants nothing to do with himor the butterflies that take flight in her stomach every time he looks her wayJonas Grantham has a secret too He's been in love with Lydia for than a year This winter he's determined to conuer her dislike and win her for his own It all starts with a wager and a kissA Kiss for Midwinter is a novella 38000 words in the Brothers Sinister series It follows The Duchess War Each book stands on its own but those who prefer to read in order might want to read that book first

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    45 starsLydia Charingford first met Dr Jonas Grantham when she was fifteen and he was a twenty one year old preparing to undertake medical studies at King's College She was a patient He was as yet untrained the physician allowing him to observe uietly in the background as he tended his patients After graduating Jonas has an agreement with the physician to take over his medical practice when he retiresFive years later returning to Leicester to take up his practice Jonas is in need of a wife For all the usual reasons not the least of which is regular sexual intercourse without the risk of sexually transmitted diseases Though Jonas has no recollection of Lydia she remembers him all too wellOnce again Courtney Milan provides readers with much than just a romance albeit in a historical setting with all the set pieces for the era As in The Duchess War this is a layered story dealing with social issues of the time with a rather forthright doctor who calls a spade a spade Or in medical parlanceview spoiler a penis a penis and a vagina a vagina hide spoiler

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    Dr Jonas Grantham A Kiss for Midwinter is Miss Lydia Charingford's story a sometimes sweet sometimes heartbreaking novella from the Brothers Sinister series Miss Lydia Charingford is always cheerful and never so than at Christmas time But no matter how hard she smiles she can't forget the youthful mistake that could have ruined her reputation Even though the worst of her indiscretion was kept secret one other person knows the truth of those dark days the sarcastic Doctor Jonas Grantham She wants nothing to do with himor the butterflies that take flight in her stomach every time he looks her wayJonas Grantham has a secret too He's been in love with Lydia for than a year This winter he's determined to conuer her dislike and win her for his own It all starts with a wager and a kissWell I guess honesty is the best policy right? Then I have to admit that I wasn't a fan of Lydia's when we met her in The Duchess War but I also have to admit that she won me over totally in this story Her heartbreaking tale is well heartbreaking and so her treatment of Minnie in The Duchess War was in my opinion forgivable Part of her problem is that she's a woman who believes she has no chance for a happy life especially when Jonas Grantham the most annoying man she's ever met decides that it's time for him to take a wife and Lydia is the one he wantsNow he just has to convince her to have himHonestly I laughed and cried and came away loving both Jonas and Lydia not just for who they are but also for who they are not Both tortured souls striving to live with their demons and to do the right thing always Apart they were splendid people but together they are perfect The bottom line This is as are all Courtney Milan's stories a delightful witty heartfelt romantic and sexy tale If you're looking for a short holiday story sure to leave you with a smile on your face then look no further A Kiss For Midwinter is a story I'll be reading again and again and I'm sure you will tooFor those interested this works extremely well as a standalone My thanks to Ms Milan for providing me with a copy of this novella It was such a wonderful holiday treat

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    These two Their fathers I Just Can't Like I do not even have words to express how amazingly beautiful this story is I once mentioned that I thought I was dead inside or that I had no soul Why you ask or not? Because I read Archer's Voice and didn't cry didn't waver didn't bat an eye One hitch That was it A little itty bitty breath of Oh My and nothing Dead No woman no cry But perhaps it's not that my soul is dead It's just confused The tenderness in this book the angst of caring for a father in the throws of dementia and the absolute love and sweetness of our hero Fk I was done Full on cry Go figureAnyhooSetting Time Genre RegencySeries YesSexy times Once Easy peasy Nothing shocking Just lovely Plan on reading by the author Please I have the rest of the series to love on Courtney Milan fangirl see me Synopsis Look just read the book for it I have to be uick Gotta ton to do It's a romance Tension Happy ending F%89ing amazing OK Take my word for it Possibly the most perfect novella I have read in some time Hero Jonas The most amazing man in the entire world of Milan's Ok I know I have said this about her other heroes Damn this woman writes the perfect man nearly every time At least for me Lemme own that He's so sweetHeroine Lydia Oh Lydia Smile and the world smiles with you Hide your hurt behind your smile and the world keeps on smiling totally unaware of your inner turmoil Except the one man who was present for some of it This is a beautiful woman This is woman who has the unwavering support of family And that's huge Why it did or didn't work for me I loved this book Boom drop the mike It's heartstoppingly good The prose crimeny WTH? breathing in her old hurts and exhaling the emotions he had not yet managed to voice Her kiss didn't sweep away the dark anguish he felt in his heart Instead it embraced it It acknowledged it Add to that the relationship these two have with their fathers A unconditional beautiful love between child and parent I cannot even conceive of This possibly could become one of my top all time books As I said before Boom drop the mike

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    45 starsAnother awesome audiobook by Courtney Milan narrated by the wildly talented Rosalyn Landor This series is like my crack and I have no intention of uitting any time soonFor all of those who doubt that they could like historical romance I implore you to try this series It is a smart funny interesting romance in a really well conceived historical settingI loved that the main character was a doctor in this one I have a weakness for books with factual medical content and I have an even bigger weakness for plainspoken somewhat geeky sex positive feminist beta heroes Doctor Jonas Grantham is SO my type I picture him with glasses and sort of curly hair neither of which were in the book but a woman can dream sighWhat is awesome about Courtney Milan is that she makes me also love the female characters No simpletons or annoying ladies here folks Lydia Charingford is determined strong and very easy to relate to I loved her and I loved the slow relationship development between her and Jonas For a novella this book is impressive in the slow burn aspect of the romance It felt like a book of hundreds of pages that is how well developed everything was Though I don't know much about historical details everything seemed right which is all that matters to me The narration I could have a hallelujah moment from that alone I ADORE this narrator and I'm obsessed with her ability to do a husky male voice I'm going to keep buying all of the books in this series because I have yet to experience a misstep from this author

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    Expanded review at seem to be at odds with the general internet take on Milan's recent work because I was disappointed by this romance between a doctor and an allegedly cheerful woman whom the doctor knows to have had a teen pregnancy years before Lydia Charingford distrusts all of Jonas Grantham's declarations of affection because he's brusue and sarcastic and she believes he's just trying to get into her pants There are some genuinely moving bits particularly in Lydia's realization that she has not recovered from her traumatic history only repressed it and in Jonas' relationship with his aging and increasingly senile father These are however outweighed for me by the dissonance between what we are told by the characters and what we are actually shown Yes the characters may be unreliable but both Jonas and Lydia agree that he is blunt to the point of rudeness and everyone Lydia knows seems to agree that she is cheerful and optimistic Jonas is direct and straightforward freuently to the point of rudeness in everything except telling Lydia that he didn't initially recognize her as the pregnant teen and that he would like to court her or even simply increase his acuaintance with her without having any nefarious intent Yes he's defensive and it's difficult to admit an attraction to someone who seems to despise you but he doesn't have to admit to love at first sight he just has to respond to her understandable concerns The entire plot depends on this contrivance and all of Jonas and Lydia's interactions are shaped by it and it jars me with every single referenceWe are told that Lydia generally presents a cheerful and optimistic face to the world but we do not actually see any evidence of this before page 40 of a 120 page novella For the first third of the story we see her distressed frustrated angry and often openly antagonistic and yes this is because we see her interacting with Jonas who is marked out as an exception to her usual attitude but there is no evidence it is an exception because we don't actually see her usual behavior in actionWhat I find most frustrating about this story though is the way it fits into a larger pattern in Milan's work which is the way it addresses sexism She freuently depicts men who have a feminist agenda by which I mean not just that they object to individual cases of sexism but that they do in some way recognize that there is a systemic social disadvantage to women which must be addressed In this case Jonas advocates birth control for women and is particularly concerned with the way medical science has actually endangered women; in Unclaimed Mark Turner promotes male chastity as a way to prevent abuse of women Notably these feminists are always men In neither of these stories do we hear of or see the women who actually founded and dominated the social movements of the time which were in fact concerned with women's health including sexual and reproductive issues In both of these stories women are able to recognize the injuries done to them and to conceptualize them as unjust injuries rather than random events only because of the intervention of menAdditionally A Kiss in Midwinter depends on Jonas perpetually ignoring and disregarding Lydia's repeated indications that she doesn't wish to associate with him that is it depends on his harassment of her Because he is the hero and because we know that Lydia misinterprets his intentions the narrative pushes us to favor his desires and to ignore that he is consistently disregarding her expressed desires in favor of satisfying his own He knows better He obeys her command not to speak to her only when she satisfies his reuirements for base knowledge and even that he undercuts by physically approaching her just without verbal communication And of course he is right Of course he wins over Lydia Of course she recognizes that he knows her history her psychology and her desires better than she does herself and his harassment is justified by her unacknowledged attraction; his behavior is excused by the narrative to the point that Lydia ultimately regrets telling him not to speak to her as much because it hurts his feelings as because it does not reflect her final desiresThe surface narrative endorses a woman's right to express her own desires and control her own fate but the subtext consistently subordinates Lydia's desires both sexual and otherwise to Jonas's

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    Usually I love a character who is described as having a sarcastic dark sense of humor but Jonas didn't really do it for me I just didn't see the humor He seemed pretty serious to me And persnickety I'm not a fan of persnickety men If they are going to take the time to hang up my gown and smooth out the wrinkles while they are undressing me for sex I'm going to re think the whole sex idea in that time He seems like a barrel of laughs Jonas' main reason for wanting to get married is to have regular sex without getting syphilis He makes a list of the ten prettiest girls in town to see which one he will marry Lydia is number 11 And he tells her so That's the way to win a girl's heart Tell her she's the 11th prettiest girl you know Go on you sweet talker youThe best part of this book to me wasn't the romance at all It was the relationship the couple each had with their fathers There was a conversation between Jonas and his father towards the end that almost got a tear or two from my eyes That's saying a lot since my tear ducts have basically shrunken away from disuse It was a very touching momentOverall the romance was okay but it's worth the read for the father stuff

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    55 Captivating StarsAs with all Courtney Milan’s books I loved this delightful novellaDoctor Jonas Grantham knows his faults He is outspoken with a dreadful sense of humour and a propensity to always look on the gloomy side of life This is however what makes him such a good doctorwhere others might see a touch of indigestion he would consider poisoning and heart attacks It is time he took a wife and only one woman will doLydia Charingford but there is a rather big obstacle to overcome She hates himDespite everything that happened to her at the tender age of fifteen Lydia Charingford survived and has managed to build a life for herself She is vibrant and always looking on the bright side She has put the past behind her or so she believes until Doctor Jonas Grantham reappears in her lifeThe scene is set for a bumpy journey for these two At times it doesn’t seem possible that Jonas and Lydia can ever have a future together Poor Jonas says all the wrong things and Lydia bristles I love how Ms Milan subtly moves their relationship forward and makes their happy ending so believable “I think Doctor Grantham that I’ve been unfair to you” He shut his eyes It wasn’t love but by God he’d take it It was hope one little ray of hope that there was a chance for him That she might know the worst of him and want him anywayIt was the kind of kiss a man might give a princess whose enchantment had been shattered years in the past a woman who was struggling to understand a world without ensorcellment His fingers against her cheek acknowledged her deepest hurts and that made his kiss the subtlest kind of magicHer voice faltered “How do I let him know that I want nobody but him?” “Show up in the middle of the night with a French letter” he advised setting a finger under her chin “and he’ll likely get the message”The scenes between Jonas and his father were so moving particularly the one where Jonas has to persuade his father to come and stay with him This was so touching and heart breaking that I was blinking back the tears I love Lydia’s family for the way in which they stood by herMs Milan also provides a fascinating insight into Victorian medicine and the tentative advancements being madeOnce again Ms Milan lives up to all expectations with this captivating love storyREVIEW RATING 55 STARS The Brothers Sinister series to date click on cover for details

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    He wanted her to lift her head at this moment He wanted her to look him in the eyes and realize that he loved her He wanted her to love him back Wow Just wow Loved it It's rare to be able to pull out a great story with well drawn characters in a novella but Ms Milan managed to do that beautifullyHERO Jonas 26Fantastic hero very unusual don't think I've ever read a hero like him There's nothing cookie cutter here no rakerogue no stuffy aristocrat none of the usual figures that we see so often and love Not bashing them by any means Jonas is a doctor; he is very straightforward blunt to the point almostoften to a fault I don't want to say he's socially awkward because he's not but he has the unfortunate habit of sometimes saying the wrong thing ex when he tries to explain to Lydia that he wants to talk to her not because of the secret he knows but because she's the 11th prettiest girl in Leicester A lot of these slip ups make for some great laughs though and make him all the endearing Despite his clinical manner he is also a very sensitive and caring person and we do get to see that side of him uite early on A friend had once told him that he was like bitter coffee positively habit forming once one acuired a taste for the beverage but off putting on the first few sips HEROINE Lydia 20Lydia was a wonderful heroine; also unusual though not AS unusual as Jonas I liked how Milan dealt with the heroine getting pregnant at 15 in the sense that I liked how she had all the characters in the book deal with it that's essentially the prologue so I'm not ruining any spoilers In most romance books when something like that happens the heroine is then shunned kicked out of the house constantly made to feel guilty etc None of that here Lydia's parents were actually wonderful the father especially Milan also manages to capture the complexity of emotions that Lydia feels about what happened and the circumstances which would be a challenge in even a regular length book let alone a novella She doesn't have Lydia's character swing to an extreme because of what happened but instead really shows us the complexity and layers of emotions and effects that experience had For so long she hadn't let herself feel anything at all She'd smiled and laughed and ignored the harm that had been done But deep inside she hadn't stopped wanting and no matter how she'd tried no matter what lies she told herself she had still hurt THE ROMANCEFinally even the relationship the dynamic at the beginning how it develops how their feelings evolve etc was unusual and did not at all feel like an overdone romance book recipe It was such a treat to read their interactions see how their feelings and opinions changed and watch the beautiful romance unfold sigh Jonas was really great I gotta tell ya' Anyway Milan was able to deliver a believable and lovely relationship in a novella which is no small feat as well as wonderful and interesting secondary characters who only added to the story and didn't get in the way or steal any scenes she was smart enough to add secondary plots or distractions along the wayBOTTOM LINEOverall a FANTASTIC read that I just adored Left a huge dopey grin on my face in the end and I was so sad that it was over Can't wait for time to pass so I can read it again DEXCERPT I don't know why you're doing this she sniffed as he dabbed at her cheeks You're being kind but you always make fun of meHe ran his hand down her shoulder I never make fun of youYou say such horrid things about meI never say horrid things about you he contradicted I tell you exactly what I think of you and you never believe meYou're sarcastic and contradictoryHe sighed and breathed in the smell of her sweet and uncomplicated Well yes That I must admit to But half the things I say to you in sarcasm Lydia I really mean I just can't bear to leave them unsaidBut if you don't think badly of me He didn't answer

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    45 stars Oh this was such a sweet heart tugging holiday historical romance In a genre thick with Dukes and Earls and wealthy business men I loved how this hero was just a 'mere' Doctor There were a lot of laugh out loud moments too including his father who was a 'hoarder' living neck deep in scrap metal and other desirable items he couldn't bear to part withDoctor Jonas Grantham was a practical no nonsense man and you might even say he was a bit anal retentive in terms of his personal rules and social decorum So when he spots Lydia and declares her the 11th prettiest girl around we get a real taste of the kind of hero we are going to meet in this story He had a one of a kind look on life that was often shocking and also uite enjoyable and I fell for it hook line and sinker along with LydiaFive year prior and when Lydia was only 15 years old she was unfortunately overly trusting and ignorant in the ways between men and women A uick doctor visit confirmed the worse and thus began her life of not trusting men nor herself again That terrible day was one she would never forget including the young intern working with the doctor Jonas GranthamJonas soon realizes Lydia was that young girl who got terrible medical advice from a uack doctor he interned with years earlier a day he wished desperately he could do over He also realizes Lydia is the one for him and sets out to make her his wifeBut the feelings weren't exactly mutual and 18 months later he was no closer to making her his wife So he finagles an agreement from her to help him on his medical errands while also making her a wager that he believes he can't possibly loseIf you enjoy historical holiday romances then you should definitely add this one to your list And while Lydia was a small character in book one 'The Duchess Wars' of this series this novella can easily be read stand alone with zero problemsThis story was pure fun a lot of heart and a good dose of heat Jonas is a hero that I won't soon forget I highly recommend it

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    Another one I forgot to review So just a few thoughtsI loathe the doctor character LOATHE For many reasons One of which is the part wherein a woman lost her baby because he didn’t open his mouth – there were reasons why he didn’t do so right then and there when she was being examined but he suspected that what the doctor he was shadowing was telling her to do would cause her andor her baby to die and later asked another doctor – a teaching doctor – and learned his instincts were correct and he still didn’t say anything to the woman would be hard sure he’s way over there points vaguely while she’s somewhere else but still Then there’s the part wherein they both meet again long after their first encounter and he is instantly not attracted to her – she’s something like 11th or 13th on his list of women to talk to he wants a wife he ordered women by looks on a list He talked to her first because he wanted to see if he’d expand the list beyond ten names Whereupon he finds her still not attractive She finds him horrible He begins to become aroused by her reactions to him She forcibly lets him know she hates everything about him and wants him dead – by this point Doctor Jonas might have a full on erectionMore time passes Eventually he bluntly tells her something like 'I'm madly in love with you and have been for a year' Fucker doesn’t even know her Didn’t find her attractive until after she rejected him He even admitted to himself and the reader that her rejection of him is why he finds himself in love with her I mean fuck Then Doc Jonas to Lydia But I have long believed that underneath that lovely overly cheerful façade you are actually a worthwhile individualPlus – Jonas mission in life after noting how ‘cheerful’ Lydia is is to ‘prove’ to her how horrible life can be and to make her sad Seriously his mission in life is to make his ‘love of his life’ sad As I put in my status updates it is not a good sign that I wish to punch the main male character in the dick every time he opens his mouth right?Personality uark etc etc but the reason he can’t stand Lydia being cheerful? Two reasons really he himself is super depressing type of guy and ‘she deserves to be super sad all the fucking time because of the events he was personally witness to’ She lost her fucking baby which you could have prevented you fucking monster and you are pissed at her for somehow having a cheerful outer shell? SHE”S FUCKING MESSED UP INSIDE YOU FUCKBALL DROP DEAD after biting off your own dick and eating it60% into the book I reminded myself via status update that I didn’t actually like Lydia either She has imaginary reasons to loath the doctor And that I loathe him for his actual actions the – prove life is shit and Lydia shouldn’t be cheerful etc actionsSo I did not like either main character though only loathed the doctor oneRating; 267February 23 2018