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New York Times And Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author S Gritty Urban Fantasy Set In An Alternate Noir S A Tough PI Battles An Interdimensional Monster That Wants To Suck Magic Power Out Of The World Sequel To Hard Magic And Spellbound Book Three In The Grimnoir ChroniclesOnly A Handful Of People In The World Know That Mankind S Magic Comes From A Living Creature, And It Is A Refugee From Another Universe The Power Showed Up Here In The S Because It Was Running From Something Now It Is , And The Power S Hiding Place Has Been Discovered By A KillerIt Is A Predator That Eats Magic And Leaves Destroyed Worlds In Its Wake Earth Is NextFormer Private Eye, Jake Sullivan, Knows The Score The Problem Is Hardly Anyone Believes Him The World S Most Capable Active, Faye Vierra, Could Back Him Up, But She Is Hiding From The Forces That Think She Is Too Dangerous To Let Live So Jake Has Put Together A Ragtag Crew Of Airship Pirates And Grimnoir Knights, And Set Out On A Suicide Mission To Stop The Predator Before It Is Too Late

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    Posted to The Literary A Great Finish to an Epic Trilogy 4 Stars Warbound puts the finishing touches on what has proved to be one of the most original series I have read It is well written, intelligent and fun in a sea of Dresden wannabes The first thing I did after finishing Warbound was to hop on Twitter and ask the author if we will see in this series Larry Correia informs that while this puts an end to the trilogy of books, he intends on writing further novels set in this world I will be in line waiting for my copy when that day comes Plot summary The threads for the previous novels all gather in Warbound to coalesce in one massive, supernatural confrontation At the outset of the novel, Faye has gone off the grid leaving everyone to believe she is dead She has traveled to France to meet with a elder Grimnoir to learn the secrets of the Spellbound curse and to determine if she can manage the power Without Faye, the rest of the Grimnoir crew gathers with a ragtag band of unlikely allies to track down and destroy the pathfinder The book culminates with battles across the globe in an effort to save mankind The Good Go Big or Go Home In this installment, very little is done on a small scale The explosions are bigger, the fights are bigger, the magic is bigger and the stakes are higher The characters continue to grow and their grasp of and on the power reaches epic proportions While I was a little disappointed with the final battle, the scope of the final confrontations was so vast that the final battle served as a footnote He Said it Right I have said it before and I will say it again Larry Correia writes some of the best dialogue in the business The dialogue is used as tool to develop the character If you are ever unsure of who is speaking in the story, you are likely to figure it out based on the character unique speech patter or nuanced language This is one of the most enjoyable parts of the series The Bad Turn it up to 11 While the scale of the final confrontations was epic, the action and intensity of the scenes was not up to par with the previous installment Throughout the novel there was significant periods of seeming inactivity causing the story to drag from time to time.The time spent slowly in the book could have been better spent tying together all the loose ends When the story wasn t going slow, part of the story felt rushed It was as if some of the completed threads had to be wedged into the story The final result was that the story lacked the impeccable pacing of the previous novel Final Thoughts Thought the story suffered in terms of pacing, the over story overall was excellent and enjoyable The characters were interesting and fun throughout and kept you rooting and cringing the whole way along This is an exceptional trilogy and it is highly recommended by me Audiobook Notes Once again, the narration is top of the line I continue to gush over the excellent characterizations of the narrator The author has written dialogue that begs to be read out loud This narrator does it as good as anyone Content Advisories It is difficult to find commentary on the sex violence language content of book if you are interested I make an effort to give you the information so you can make an informed decision before reading Disclaimer I do not take note or count the occurrences of adult language as I read I am simply giving approximations.Scale 1 Lowest 5 Highest Sex 2 Apparently some people can find time for sex on the eve of Armageddon There is a scene in which sex in implied There is little other sexually related content Language 3.5 Larry Corriea rarely shies away from adult language The use adult language is a little above average in this novel There is moderate use of mild obscenities and mild use of the f word Violence 3.5 There is plenty of fantasy violence The violence is not located in every chapter as it is focused in several of the large fighting scenes There is a in which a large number of people are killed that is humerous as well as moderately graphic.

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    Warbound is not what anyone would mistake as quality, thought provoking literature however, it is loads and loads of fun The book oozes fun and entertainment It has giant zeppelins, space aliens, magic, giant robots, zombies, death rays, body snatchers, and It has twists and turns It has the unexpected It also has it that indefinable thing that makes it virtually impossible to put down as you roll from one scene to the next.So what makes Warbound so good First and foremost is world building Larry Correia has created an astonishingly new and fresh world It is Earth in the 1930s with the same politics and nations as existed in our own world The Japanese are militaristic The Soviets dominate Russia The difference is magic Magic has entered the world and powers an small but growing number of people The talents vary Some have the ability to manipulate gravity Some have the power to read minds, and so on This infusion of magic into the world takes these same political and military conflicts and twists them The beauty is that the author makes all of this including space aliens, robots and zombies work He creates a logical framework for how it all fits together Take the case of zombies, for example Zombies were living people at one time, but their being was trapped by magic in their dead bodies The body is dead, but the human spark remains remains existing in that agonizing moment of death Some zombies hold out for a while, but they all break eventually, going insane Best of all, this world is revealed to us bit by bit You never encounter page after page of exposition painfully explaining why magic works, or why there are death rays and zeppelins Instead it is all revealed through natural dialogue and discovery.The characters and their interactions are also fantastic One of my favorite scenes is the final confrontation between Toru Tokugawa and Jake Sullivan Very real Faye is also a sweet heart of a character although maybe not developed enough by comparison with Jake I also like the fact that the author is hard on his characters that you never know who might be at risk.The two main things that might detract from an otherwise awesome book are pretty minor as far as I am concerned There is perhaps a little too much gun love for my taste I get it these guys know their weapons, but I really don t need that much detail Next, the author s libertarian philosophy does spill over into the story Not that big of a deal to me, but I could see it bugging others.Bottom line Four and a half stars rounded down to four after some reflection It is a thoroughly FUN adventure book a steam punk romp that I just couldn t put down.

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    Warbound is the third and final installment in Larry Correia s amazing Grimnoir Chronicals trilogy This series is one of my favorites and now that it s over it s going on the keeper shelf for all time Correia has promised some material in the world so I have that to look forward to, but I would definitely like to read about these characters specifically I don t know if that will happen, but I would be thrilled if we got to see them again This book isn t perfect In fact it s probably the weakest in the series, but that s all relative since all three books are fantastic, IMO The ending felt rushed and the epilogue felt incomplete for the ending of a story arc I think it could have used another chapter to wrap things up and to bring the remaining characters back together for a check in rather than some reminiscences from one character s POV memorial, wedding, conference just something to bring them to the same place at the same time Then it could still have ended with the same really nice scene it does have But nobody listens to me and I can t say I was horribly disappointed in anything.The battles in this world are mind bending and the relationships are very effective There were surprises and heartbreaks and, as always, a lot of humor in the face of catastrophe Correia handles character death better than many fantasy authors It s always important, never a gimmick, and I can t express how much, as an emotionally involved reader, I appreciate that The basic overview of the world is that people started being born with magical abilities in the mid 1800 s These abilities are specific, such as teleportation Travelers , fire starting controlling Torches , Healers, incredible strength Brutes , the ability to manipulate gravity Heavies AKA Gravity Spikers , and so on They can be super heroes or super villains and some nods and winks are made toward the comic book genre But this is an alt history, so some of the things you might think are stolen from comics are really references to actual historical events It s fascinating and inspires further research which is kind of fun with this created world lurking in the back of the mind The characters in this series are well made and just about any of them on the good guy side, of course could be called my favorite There s intrigue and action and mild romance and dirigibles, although it can t really be classified as steam punk It s called diesel punk but it s also modern epic fantasy alt history If you like audio books, the first two are award winners I read the Kindle editions and, unfortunately, this installment suffered from many typos I had to wonder if Baen had been taken over by Penguin since I don t usually have that problem with them and Penguin is notorious for shoddy end product Still, it was an annoyance and not a deal breaker Clearly, I highly recommend this series DETA 11 18 15 I just got around to listening to the audio of this book and it is an absolute tour de force of narration Bronson Pinchot was great reading Hard Magic, even better reading Spellbound, but this this is off the charts I almost want to go back to the beginning and listen to it all over again immediately.

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    Rating of the whole series 15 15 When I started reading this series I was extremely excited As a non Murican, I always liked stories set in the 30 s US, as things were extremely different here back then It s just an era that is interesting to me and when I read this one has fantasy elements and even some minimal steampunk in that era I couldn t help myself It was such a great idea I very rarely ever read multiple books of the same series right after each other, but I did it with Hard Magic and Spellbound In my world that is a huge deal and in itself a testimony of how much I enjoyed the series In this specific part we reached the big conflict with the sinister power that wants to gobble up all the magic and magical individuals in our world Everyone needs to shape up, while the different countries are still being total idiots who can t get on with each other and many even claim the danger isn t even real and people shouldn t give a crap about it at all They are in for a surprise The main thing about this series at least to me was the fact that the conflicts were so many, in so many directions This ain t a simple story of good guys against bad guys, like a bunch of different people with different goals and aims against each other and nobody really having the whole picture from an objective point of view I guess that makes sense when it comes to part of it being history inspired, but I find many authors are not exactly brilliant at it Even if many of the characters especially Sullivan and Toru are patriotic and are morally defined by their respective cultures they have a kind of respect for each other that transcends it all Now some of the people who are easily offended will groan a bit as the characters use language that is not accepted in today s America like Jap , but the thing is, you have to realise two things the book has a context it s the bloody 30 s and also the Japanese did some not particularly nice things, both to their own people and others and also if you are careful, the Japanese characters are just as guilty or being racists as any of the other characters This was one of the most refreshing things about the book to me Way too often authors try to be so tolerant that instead of having characters who are minorities, but importantly people with the complex things of hopes, goals, flaws and issues, they are turned into these angelic, outstandingly wise noble creatures who become caricatures and boring as all hell Ours is the Storm is a prime example of over the top exotic means perfection Another really well done thing was the magic system It s not complicated, basically just people having different powers Here is the thing It s all named for easy use and all the powers connect up into magic as a whole and you can create a whole spectrum, some connected closely, some distantly Sounds easy, but it could have been a spectacular mess, like The Bone Season, where it already falls apart at the naming the names are not obvious enough Mr Correia named fire users Torch, manipulators Mouth, electricity users Crackler, etc You don t have to use the little help in the back of the book for 99% of the terms once you hear them for the first time This makes magic feel organic and part of the world It s not convenient whatever you want it to be, power is not endless, they all have their limits The only few characters who have unlimited power pay a price for it and it has a meaning Also it s fun It s entertaining, it s satisfying, I had a ton of good gasps and laughs It had enough of action and I could feel the author being excited about it, but he also managed to infect me with his excitement I had an amazing time with the whole series, I loved the characters, it was all great Apparently Mr Correia once said he is open to writing books in this world, but he needs to do many others before I am hoping for it Seriously I would recommend this to my friends and family for sure Wouldn t want them to miss something so cool and entertaining Have a nice day and unleash your best powers

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    This book is cheesy big guns blazing entertainment, and I loved it I am giving it five stars not because it is the best of the best, but because it was fun and action packed and it s an example of an author doing nothing and nothing less than entertaining his audience without pretense Warbound is the third book in the Grimnoir trilogy, so you want to read the first two It is set in an alt history in which a magical being came to Earth in the 1850s, and its presence bestowed magical powers on 1% of the population Most people get a single power, so there are Brutes super strength , Heavies gravity controllers , Cogs gadgeteer geniuses , Readers telepaths , Fades turn insubstantial , Torches pyrokinesis and so on.Basically, despite the fantasy element, these are period superhero novels And the author devotes many words to describing the battles in full page multi panel glory It s hard to do superheroes an inherently visual genre justice in written form, but Correia does a pretty good job At times he reminded me of his fellow Mormon author Brandon Sanderson, who s also known for his intricate magic systems and long descriptions of characters figuring out how to use their powers in creative new ways, but Correia s plots are less contemplative which is not to say simpler and about the action.That said, major suspensions of disbelief are required, but no than with most epic or urban fantasy.In the conclusion of the trilogy, war with the Japanese Imperium is imminent, but only the knights of the Grimnoir know that Chairman Tokugawa, view spoiler killed in the last book hide spoiler

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    4.5 stars.I was anxious to get to this book so I could close out one of the 93 series I ve started and because this is Mr Correia s first series finale Also, maybe this means he can finally get back to the Monster Hunter series.I enjoyed almost everything about the story, the pacing was great, the action plentiful and the ending satisfying.While listening to this book I learned that the very talented narrator, Bronson Pinchot was Balki on Perfect Strangers That s just crazy.Mr Pinchot did an excellent job narrating this entire series.Side notes Over the course of this series Fay went from being someone I loathed to being my favorite character view spoiler I do sort of feel like Jake and Toro surviving the final explosion was a cop out I HATE when the characters I love die, but if there were ever a fitting time, that was it But for them both to have survived and separately at that Still, I stick with my 4.5 rating because the ending really was excellent and I can understand Correia s reluctance to let them go hide spoiler

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    Whoo Hoo Let s hear it for ending strong This novel was great And it was a great conclusion to the Grim Noir Chronicles Jake, Faye and the gang are still trying to defeat the enemy without the benefit of help from the US Government or the Grimnoir I really don t want to say too much about this book, because you shouldn t be reading this if you haven t read Hard Magic and Spellbound, and if you have read them, I don t want to spoil any of the fun The only minor quibble I had with the book was some of the profanity used towards the end I get it that these are hard people in an incredibly stressful situation, but there was so little if any, I really don t remember earlier in the book that it seemed out of place It was almost like it was just thrown in to say, See See how crazy this is getting It wasn t ridiculously excessive, just seemed unnecessary.

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    A quick and short review Yes I feel the same way, Mr Burns This book had some impressive carnage Very impressive carnage indeed I don t know if I can say that this book lived up to my expectations, because well, I didn t rightly know WHAT to expect But what there was, I really enjoyed I still have the same nitpicks about the reading, but still, on the whole, it was well done, and I m pleased to report that Pinchot yelled Yay I was so proud of him Otherwise, I m not really sure what else needs to be said The story as a whole was great, and I loved where it went and some of the themes presented I m very pleased that I got to live in this world for a while And when it comes down to it, that s all that matters, right

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    WARBOUND is the third entry in New York Times Bestselling Author, Larry Correia s urban fantasy epic, Grimnoir Chronicles Though Larry has suggested the possibility of future books set in the Grimnoirverse, WARBOUND wraps up the particular story arc began with HARD MAGIC an all time favorite of mine This is the first time Larry has concluded a series, and so I greeted WARBOUND with much excitement and a degree of reservation As Larry s fans are well aware, this man knows how to kick off a series with flair but would he be able to end one in a similar fashion In short well, duh If you need continued convincing, read on If not, you ve probably had WARBOUND on pre order for months now Heavy Jake Sullivan is commanding a mission into Imperium territory, on the hunt for an alien from another dimension, aboard an experimental zeppelin, kept afloat with hydrogen, crewed by sky pirates, geared for war by John Moses Browning, and laden with Grimnoir Society knight wielding an array of abilities to rival the X Men Sally Faye Vierra, presumed dead, is searching Europe for a man capable of training her to be the Spellbound With the threat of the Enemy looming ever nearer, Faye may be humanity s single hope for survival or its ultimate demise How s that for an elevator pitch Waiting a year for WARBOUND was almost unbearable am I spoiled or what but it was sooo worth it Having just come off a high from playing BIOSHOCK INFINITE, this served as the perfect chaser Airships Check Magical powers Check Political problems Check Compelling characters Check Action Check, checkity check check check WARBOUND has an incredibly diverse cast, populated with awesome characters any one of which could carry a solo novel We ve got Jake Sullivan, reliable as gravity the war hero turned convict, turned private investigator, turned knight of the Grimnoir Society There s Sally Faye Vierra the badass teleporting death machine with a cheery disposition There s Iron Guard Toru, Pirate Bob the airship captain, wealthy industrialist Francis Stuyvesant, John Moses Browing, Pemberly Hammer the Bureau of Investigation s human lie detectorthe list goes on and on Of the new characters Doctor Wells is easily a favorite Jake recruits Wells, a sociopathic inmate of Rockville Penitentiary, in order to outwit the Imperium and the Pathfinder Wells channels his inner Hannibal Lecter, making a memorable supporting character What s great is that these aren t all typical action heroes Many of them can slug it out all day, but there are scientists, doctors, diplomats, detectives, serial killers, and engineers present The Enemy cannot be defeated solely by the force of arms saving the world will take some finesse I will admit to being slightly disappointed that characters such as Francis, Dan, Pemberly, and Heinrich have smaller roles this go around WARBOUND definitely belongs to Jake, Toru, and Faye This isn t a major complaint as I love the relationship that develops between Jake and Toru, and Faye iswell, Faye Honestly, it s impossible not to love Faye The new characters do much to make up for the absence, but it s still noticeable After all, I was redshirted by Heinrich in SPELLBOUND The Grimnoir Chronicles alternate history has always been one of its greatest selling points This is a world that would have carried on much like our own without the arrival of the Power World War I was even horrific with the addition of magical powers thrown into the mix, ending only with the firing of a Tesla super weapon Adolph Hitler and the Third Reich never rose to power, but the Japanese Imperium did guided by the dreaded Chairman Despite the assassination of the Chairman in HARD MAGIC the Imperium is drawing closer to all out war with the West In the United States the government moves to register the magical Actives in order to provide greater security for the nation Semi historical quotes set the opening of each chapter and historical figures like Raymond Chandler, Buckminster Fuller, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, John Moses Browning, and even Grigori Rasputin make appearances It s an extremely cool setting, featuring magically augmented technology that is vastly impressive than anything you ll find in the steampunk genre The zeppelins of The Grimnoir Chronicles are remarkable Jake s experimental airship has firepower just shy of a Great War heavy cruiser There are robots and all manner of deadly cool toys WARBOUND even features Power armor Power armor Magic was nice in a fightbut it never hurt to back it up with bullets With WARBOUND Correia takes urban fantasy into all out war No other author I have ever encountered writes action quite like Larry If you have ever wanted to read about a soldier and a samurai, each encased in Power enhanced armor, engaging legions of warrior magicians with heavy firepower and explosive magic as an entire city devolves into chaos around themwell here you go I love the magic system of The Grimnoir Chronicles It s interesting and intricate, each ability has limitations and dangers It s a system that evolves over the course of the series, almost as if it is given a character arc of its own Larry succeeds in bringing the series to a close while leaving room open for other novels set in the Grimnoirverse The plot is full of victories and defeats, and I was personally impressed at the level of problem solving This is a big action novel but it would be foolish to confuse it with a big dumb action novel Becoming The One is much less about prophecy in the case of Faye, and much about understanding the mechanics of the world surrounding her Fighting the Enemy isn t about charging in guns blazing, so much as identifying the motivations and actions of its pawns There s a really cool meta moment involving the illustrations of Zachary Hill, peppered throughout the series WARBOUND is a worthy sequel, a satisfying conclusion, and a reminder of Larry s storytelling prowess not that one was even needed I m sad to see The Grimnoir Chronicles end for now but I m excited, as always, to see what comes next for the King of Pulp, Larry Correia Recommended Age 15 Language Some, not as much as, say, MONSTER HUNTER LEGION Violence Erm, yeahhh Faye is creatively violent, Jake can increase gravity to smoosh people, and Toru wields an 80 pound tetsubo Sex Hinted at one point, but not in any sort of explicit manner Nick SharpsElitist Book Reviews

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    Thank you to Netgalley and Baen for providing me with an e ARC of Warbound in exchange for an honest review This is the third book of bestselling author Larry Correia s Grimnoir Chronicles series, and because I had such a blast with the two previous books, I just couldn t wait to get my hands on this one and find out the conclusion As you can probably guess, I highly recommend the rest of the novels in this series, Hard Magic and Spellbound definitely read those first if you are interested in tackling the third installment This being a sequel, the usual caveats will apply for this review regarding possible minor spoilers for the books that came before.It is the 1930s in a world where a portion of the population possess magical abilities Naming these people Actives , the American government is seeking a way to keep track of and control them, while the magical community and certain special interest groups fight back One of these groups is the Grimnoir, a secret society of Actives who have dedicated themselves to protecting their own people from anti Active violence as well as the world from magical threats.In the course of their war against the Japanese Imperium, the Grimnoir have discovered the source of humanity s magic actually comes from a cosmic creature dubbed the Pathfinder It is a predator which devours magic, leaving whole worlds destroyed in its wake Jake Sullivan, a Knight of the Grimnoir now leads a team to stop the Pathfinder, to prevent Earth from being its next victim Faye Vierra, the young farm girl from Oklahoma with a sweetness and naivete which belies the fact she is the most powerful Active in the world is perhaps the Grimnoir s only chance to succeed but she is missing and on the run, hiding a dangerous secret of her own.As with the two previous books in this series, I had myself a heck of a time trying to categorize or describe this novel It is undoubtedly an urban fantasy, and also has elements of historical fiction and alternate history and even steampunk The Grimnoir Chronicles is fun and full of action, but unlike Correia s other series Monster Hunter International which I also adore it feels darker and a little serious to me, thanks also to the few nods given to the genre of Noir fiction.On some level, I also can t help but think of these books as Superhero fiction The characters in the Grimnoir are certainly not superheroes in the traditional sense, but it s hard to read the blurb to these novels and not picture the X Men and remember some of the comic series story arcs The Actives struggles with discrimination, government control and the mistrust and fear of the populace certainly bring to my mind the Marvel mutants plight, and the Grimnoir society s noble goals are similar to those of the X Men for sure Some of the Actives powers which comes from magic are even analogous to X Men powers, like the manipulation of weather, elements like ice and fire, teleportation, telekinesis, etc Despite all this, I m still reluctant to call this series superhero fiction , but I m guessing those who are fans of superheroes or comics will feel right at home with the Grimnoir books After all, I did.Speaking of powers, I m amazed that even now in the third book we re still being introduced to new types of Actives Of most interest to me is the Alienist whom Jake Sullivan recruits for his team in his war against the Pathfinder Again, I liken the plot of these novels to those story arcs in a comic book, and in a good way, because one of the coolest thing about this series for me has always been the Grimnoir characters use of their magic, working together and applying the almost limitless possibilities against their foes.One of the downsides though, that in feeling like superhero archetypes, the characters also come off a bit like caricatures and underdeveloped After three books, characters like Sullivan and Faye still feel predictable and flat like templates Toru, the Iron Guard who had decided to join the Grimnoir in destroying the Pathfinder, is the worst when it comes to this It always irks me somewhat when an entire group of people is painted with the same personalities, characteristics and cultural values, and I see now that Toru and the whole Imperium does not stray from the mold.There s also a lot going on in this novel, which can be good and bad Because of the breakneck pace of this novel and all the things happening, my face was constantly buried in this book, that s for sure But with several plot threads going forward at the same time there are at least four, including dealing with the government, Faye s own struggle with her destiny as Spellbound, Jake Sullivan bringing the fight to the Pathfinder, and ending the Imperium threat there may have been too much to cover, and the last 10% of the book felt really rushed, like it was eager to wrap everything up This also made it so that several of those characters like Francis and Dan and Jane and Hammer that I liked so much in the previous books had much less screen time in this one.All in all, I thought this was a great conclusion even if it wasn t entirely satisfying, but I still think very highly of the Grimnoir Chronicles as a whole If you re looking for something fun and action filled in the urban fantasy genre with great world building that s also really cool but a bit different from the norm, I can t recommend this series enough.