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An Alternate Cover Edition Of ASIN BAAQK Can Be Found HereIn The Prequel To New Haven Blues, Mick Trubble Is A Partial Amnesiac Who Barters Favors In Order To Survive His Deals Place Him At The Luzzatti, An Apartment Complex Where He Works For The Owner And Eventually Befriends The Family In Short Time His Search For Answers Is Distracted By Taking Cases And By His Conflicted Feelings For Natasha, Mr Luzzatti S DaughterBut Mick S Peace Is Short Lived, Because Mr Luzzatti Is Caught In A Business Deal Gone Sour, Resulting In Murderous Loan Sharks Looking To Rub Him Out Along With His Family Mick Has To Quickly Gather His Wits And Resources In Able To Protect The Luzzattis Before They Become The Next Victims Of New Haven S Most Notorious Hitman The Red Eyed Killer

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    Fantastic introduction to Constantine s Troubleshooter world It s a shorter novella so I wont give it the usual long pulp review except to say that this is an excellent lead up to the full length Troubleshooter novel also available The action is fast and frantic, the character fantastic, the world something to behold And as always the voice of Mick Trubble steals the show New Haven is a very cool, very dieselpunk place to be.And the best bit is that Mick Trubble s trouble appears to only just be starting Bring on those sequels.Highly recommend this as a stepping stone to the full length novel Good stuff.

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    Bard Constantine is a master of Retrofuturistic noir fiction His voice defines the Dieselpunk genre and aesthetic an earthy, twilight mood where gritty characters navigate a Mob dominated alternate world grounded in the Art Deco vibe of the past Original, well written, engaging and fast paced, you will enjoy the colorful characters he introduces in his novella prequel to his New Haven Dieselpunk series A 5 Star read from a new, insightful and highly skilled author and a highly recommended read

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    Y all, I just came back from a dark city of grime and favorsand I loved it Bard Constantine scribbled a a real hum finger New Haven, dystopic home to humanity after the Cataclysm ended things, is a 1940 s film noir giant gutter congested with a million stories Reading it made me wash my hands while watching my back.Mick Trubble is a perfect character, a man with scruples in a world that scratched said word from the dictionary I got a feel for Holly Gonzalez and her Family of Earth series, the Blue Dahlia Alan Ladd Veronica Lake , and a smidgen of Matrix Yeah this is worthwhile And, Bard has of this lead in the clip waiting to shoot my brains out Fire away

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    A hard boiled Troubleshooter a New Haven mutation of your classic PD , sporting a Bogart hat here, we call it Fedora emerges as a knight in shining armor, saving a beautiful girl from a cold blooded blood thirsty beast Dynamic, ironic, romantic Great retrofuturistic setting Actually, it s a short prequel to New Haven Blues, the first Troubleshooter novel But if you want to visit New Haven, begin with this novelette and proceed to the big thing.

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    I am officially in love with badass Troubleshooter Mick Trubble, and the writing style of Bard Constantine Excellent.

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    Fantastic d but Brad Constantine Thank you for a fantastic debut Brad Constantine Has made me want to go out and buy a bograt and I don t even like to wear hats A new fan.