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highly recommend this series I did like this book a little than the first 2, but still it did not surprise me because I have seen the show, and having seen the show up to the current date Season 6 I can say that I personally prefer the show, maybe it s because I saw it before I read the books Or because Caleb is in the show, Or because Toby is in it The adventures of our four unlikeable identikit bitches continue.First the now standard prologue, wherein the reader is addressed directly in a slanderous attempt to link their lives to those of the ridiculous idiots who populate these books Have you ever had a friend turn on you Just totally transform from someone you thought you knew into someone else I m not talking your boyfriend from nursery school who grows up and gets gawky and ugly and zitty, or even a girl in your clique who suddenly breaks away and turns goth or into one of those granola Outward Bound kids What type of person considers a friend growing up gawky , ugly , zitty or a goth as a treachery Surely I m not meant to take seriously this weirdly skewed view of the world seen through a filter of pure, unadulterated judgemental bullying And since it seems to be my type of people who are being judged, I feel a little awkward continuing with what is apparently a handbook for my natural enemies Also, no idea what agranola Outward Bound kidis.At any rate, Shepard continues to remind us to take the friendship groups of 13 year olds far too seriously, in order that the following story will make sense Also, it is indicated that all of a sudden we should suspect Spencer of murdering Alison, even though that wouldn t make sense Plot direction signposted, the story begins.Everyone s current problems are as follows Spencer s teacher has submitted one of her essays for a nationwide competition But in a shocking and unforeseen twist, the essay is one of those which she copied from her sister Will anyone find out Yes, they will Aria is torn between her sexy, gorgeous boyfriend and the sexy, gorgeous teacher she slept with a few weeks ago Emily is worrying about her combination of judgmental friends, racist and homophobic mother and black girlfriend, which are bound to collide at some point And Hanna is preparing for best friend Mona s ridiculously ostentations MTV worthy birthday party, which doesn t really seems as serious as the other issues but will no doubt lead to some exciting boy related high jinks and traumas.Everything proceeds as usual Labels and brands are mentioned gratuitously, and generally mean nothing to me The one police officer interested in the murder case continues his lacklustre investigation by vaguely threatening a group of teenage girls and revealing information about the police s suspicions A continues to send dull and threatening messages Spencer and her sister continue to fight over Melissa s boyfriend This time it s ex from 3 years ago but now current Ian once again, rather than current ex but boyfriend a few months ago Wren, which makes no difference whatsoever as Melissa only involves herself with boys who are constantly looking for an excuse to flirt with assault her sister.Meanwhile the local press show a private video they have obtained of all 5 of the young girls in their pyjamas hinting at private sexual matters, filmed just before Alison s disappearance I m pretty sure this is illegal and disgraceful, but no one comments other than to lament the fact that they aren t wearing less clothes Emily s lesbian kiss photograph is finally revealed to the population of Rosewood they are characteristically offensive about it, and she is characteristically ashamed and whiney Hannah falls out with her best friend because they are both unbelievably stupid, and also turns out to have had the same mobile phone for the last 3 years, even though during that period she metamorphosed from dork to the most trend conscious person who s ever lived Spencer takes to having the sort of blurry, unidentifiable flashbacks so popular with characters in badly written crime melodramas Emily becomes the most popular girl in school due to being a lesbian, assuming you equate popularity with being a sexualised joke Fortunately, all the characters in the book do just that, excepting Emily s parents, who attempt to involve her in some type of anti gay brainwashing cult Everyone continues to have vague memories that Alison might have been upset before she dies, or might have said summat about having a secret, older, murderous boyfriend, but they can t quite remember and anyway they haven t got time to think about that now, nor have they had time for 3 years Not with all the parties and shopping and sex Shepard continues to both mis and over use the prefixberNothing changes.There s an awful lot of nothing to get through in this book Aria visiting the local graveyard for both human and animals remains, apparently for the purpose of seeing quoting goth clich s Hanna continuing to fall out with her friend in a pathetically childish manner Spencer confiding her mundane sibling rivalry based problems to her therapist, who responds using trite pieces of advice she seems to have picked up from reading Cosmopolitan, as well as the totally discredited technique of hypnosis This leads to TV Show Recovered Memory Syndrome, complete with vivid flashbacks the protagonists can t escape, and obligatory semi useless revelations about the past Everyone harps on about there being a stalker in Rosewood, although not much stalking happens Aria continues to moan on and on about her dad s affair, whilst hypocritically and predictably cheating on her boyfriend with her ex, the creepy teacher Some boy who s never been mentioned before decides to cheer Hanna up by taking her on a hot air balloon ride, as you do for girls you hardly know Spencer becomes so bored she begins to suspect herself of having murdered Alison, just for summat to do.Emily continues to attend her anti gay cult which mainly consists of one ex lesbian in hello kitty jewellery in order to avoid being sent away to live with her American Gothic hick relatives in Iowa, who spend their days dreaming of nunneries and writing books on sin Which is a shame, as I might be interested in an anti Pollyanna Cold Comfort Farm subplot where Emily teaches her countrified relatives the merits of Gucci and lesbianism and they all run away to New York to take jobs in advertising and live happily ever after But so far we re stuck in the soulless vacuum that is Rosewood. Eventually Spencer attempts to strengthen the random hints at the beginning of the book that she is the murderer by suddenly pushing her sister down the stairs whilst having incriminating flashbacks of doing the same thing to Alison The whole thing is equally melodramatic and ridiculous, although no so than Hanna s breakdown when she tears her dress at a party she shouldn t have been at in the first place Meanwhile Emily s anti gay counsellor meets a pink clad ex girlfriend with a Pok mon appliqu on her thumb and suddenly remembers that actually she is most definitely a lesbian Consequently Emily, who makes all her relationship decisions by mirroring the person nearest to her, also decides that she is definitely a lesbian, and makes a scene about it at the abovementioned party Meanwhile Aria has a prophetic dream vision of Alison who you can tell is dead, because her lipstick s wonky urging her to look for clues This is written in the style of a derivative horror screenplay, and is se risible it doesn t seem worth my time to mock it Immediately afterward her older pervert boyfriend is arrested on the say so of her younger, boring boyfriend, who is inexplicably allowed to attend the arrest as though the police operation is merely part of his own personal revenge mission Then a whole lot of previously revealed secret are re hashed before we replay the ending of the last book the girls suddenly decide who the killer blackmailer is all at once during a group phone call except this time without Spencer, since she is the new suspect Meanwhile, Spencer continues to abruptly recall a whole load of repressed memories about Alison s death via the medium of spontaneous vivid hallucinations Which isn t terribly likely Disappointingly, we also find out that Melissa is still alive.We conclude with the girls once deciding that the best way to deal with their suspicions is to start crazily driving about in the dark casting accusations at people, since that worked out so well last time They do keep thinkingThis makes no sense , but sadly fail to listen to their own well founded doubts This time instead of leading to a random boy s suicide it results in Hanna being run over, which I must admit I found pretty satisfying Sadly, I doubt there will be a fatality Then, abruptly, the end.Worst Competitive Swimming Slogan INSTANT SWIM CHICK JUST ADD WATER Least Challenging and Simultaneously Most Pathetic Personal Goal I ll be a smarter, cuter Paris Hilton Unexplained AcronymsJV, STX, PSPStupidest NamesHunter QueenanJordana PrattPreston KahnDesdemona LeeCody WallisJared CoffeyJennings Silver Yolanda HenslerViviana RogersMost Overused Word Natatorium I don t think I ve ever seen this word in a fiction text before Yet Shepard seems to feel the need to use it at least half a dozen times per book.Most Nonsensical Comparison And wasn t going to her worst enemy s therapist like going to an ugly girl s plastic surgeon No Not at all Where do you get these things from And it continues Spencer feared she d probably come out of her very first shrink session with the mental health equivalent of hideously lopsided fake boobs Which would be what exactly You have no idea what you re talking about, do you Ms Shepard Still, as long as you re mentioning trendy rich girl shit like cosmetic surgery then there s no need to make sense.Worst Use of an English Class s Time a Desperate Housewives style interpretation of Medea Although since the rest of the English Class seems to consist of explaining the most basic plot points of The Scarlet Letter i.e, the fact that it features a scarlet letter for the benefit of the Prettty Little Liars readership, this horrifying bastardisation of Euripides is probably a high point for the class.Worst Depiction of Existentialist Angst She still felt like a punked out, faux leather wearing, freethinking Bratz doll in a sea of Pretty Princess of Preppyland Barbies Sorry, your representative of alternative, open minded individuals is a Bratz doll I m genuinely quite frightened by this Plus, to make it all the horrifying, Aria is reading No Exit as she thinks this I can t imagine that when Sartre saidWe invent ourselves by virtue of the multitude of our choiceshe ever thought the choice would come down to Barbie or Bratz doll.Most Absolute Moral Judgement for a Promiscuous Teenager Sleeping with a Possibly Married Man I don t think adultery is permissible or forgivable, she said softly Ever Followed by bursting into her father s girlfriend s place of work and painting a red A on her dress in front of a room of witnesses Which for some reason is not treated as assault and criminal damage, as would be the case for a poor person I d also like to nominate this section for Worst Misreading of The Scarlet Letter by Someone Supposed to be Intellectual Most Mysterious Pop Culture Gap SCISSOR SISTERS, which could be a band or a salon or a cult Considering that we ve already heard all about Hanna s love of MTV, it seems a little weird that this would be a mystery to her.Most Unintelligible Boast I have a negative edge pool So your pool is actually convex and forms a solid rectangle 12ft above the ground, functioning as an art installation rather than a swimming site per se Or perhaps the edges exist in negative space and are not edges at all, but in fact infinite theoretical spaces, meaning that the actual volume of the pool is unlimited I m having difficulty imagining this.Weirdest Word association Even as she typed that word lesbian it seemed strange to think that it applied to her She didn t like it, as a word it made her think of rice pudding, which she despised This doesn t seem a very sound basis for deciding on your sexuality It also seems, as far as I can tell, to be absolute nonsense Maybe it s a US thing Anyone with any ideas, please let me know.Weirdest Birthday treat for a ChildRenting out a whole branch of Ikea for a treasure hunt Stand Out Example of How Unbelievably Spoilt All the Characters Are Spencer was lying on her bed, watching her palm leaf ceiling fan goaround and around The fan cost than a decent running car, but Spencer had begged her mom to buy it because it looked identical to the fan in her private cabana the time her family stayed at the Caves in Jamaica It is literally physically impossible that I could feel any sympathy for her after this point Particularly since, to add insult to injury, Spencer has now got a bit bored of the fan and decided it s too childish.Impressively this book actually managed to be worse than the previous two, since the addition of outmoded and bizarre supernatural elements such as episodic flashbacks, hysterical asymptomatic amnesia and characters suddenly endowed with the gift of foresight, all done without either skill or irony, removes any degree of sense the plot ever had I can only assume that in the next volume the killer blackmailer will be revealed by the hand of God Herself, since anything else would be anticlimactic after this overwrought nonsense. How can a TV show be so much better than a book I really didn t think it was possible, but the I read these books, the I m proved wrong This entire series just seems boring and juvenile and that s coming from someone who reads A LOT of young adult books While reading these books, I can t stop asking myself Why would these people actually do everything Ali said, especially the people who weren t her friends WHY Bullying happens, but I ve never seen an entire town be bullied by one person And how is a 13 year old seeing a guy who is like a senior in high school And doesn t Ali end up doing things at colleges too How She s 13 So much about this book just seems too far fetched for me to enjoy reading it.But like I ve said in every other review for this series, I ll keep reading the series because I watch the show and also because once I start a series, I try to finish it even if it is horrible. Buckle up, girlies Nothing is as it seems The saga of Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer continues Aria s family is in shambles, and her mother can t bear the sight of the daughter who withheld knowledge of her father cheating Emily struggles with her sexuality and trying to get her parents to accept her Hanna is falling out with her BFF, Mona And Spencer perhaps has taken one too many things from Melissa.These books have been marvelous fun to read They are wildly entertaining, interesting, and actually quite a bit creepy This book in particular kept me up WELL past my bedtime and I had to wake up for an early flight the next morning.Each girl has a vivid story Aria knew about her father cheating, but never told her mother Now, she suffers for that Sure, it s kinda weird to see a mother so antagonistic to her own flesh and blood, but I still think it is nice to see Aria s mother behaving as a normal human being flawed and somewhat selfish Her relationships with Sean and Ezra are all over the place, and you totally won t expect how it ends.Emily was far interesting to me this time She has feelings for Mayabut she can t show them, knowing how her parents would react When the secret comes out, Emily is threatened with either attending Tree Tops a homosexuality reform or moving to Iowa with her super strict aunt and uncle Again, her aunt and uncle felt WAY overboard keeping a list of sins Eating Cheerios to avoid sexuality , but then again, there are some WEIRD people out there As for the conflict Emily has over family and Maya, it s very realistic and not all that unlikely.Hanna is still one of my favorite characters I really felt for her as she struggled to keep her relationship with Mona The poor girl has lost so much boyfriends, father, her independence and confidence that she can t bear to lose the girl who stood by her 3 years ago when they both made themselves over.And then Spencer What is revealed about heragain, this is the reason I stayed up way too late I love how her stealing comes to bite her in the butt, and I love the argument she has with Melissa All too often in books, I feel the characters really hold back in what they yell at each other Not here.We meet some new and old characters Ezra, Sean, Lucas such a sweet boy they all really grow and develop They refuse to be 1 Dimensional characters and feel like they have hopes, dreams, and likes of their own Even evil characters like Melissa and Meredith don t feel 100% evil.Of course, the amount of people in these girls lives that aren t helpful Aria s mom, Emily s aunt and uncle, Hanna s BFF, Spencer s parents gets a bit over the top Can t they have SOMEONE to rely on The novel ends on a cliffhanger, so if you are reading this series, make sure you have Book 4 lined up Fortunately, I do and I also have a nice 2 hour block of time while flying to read This series only continues to improve in my eyes I can t wait to find out what happens next Spencer, Aria, Hanna, Emily and Alison were best friends Alison was the queen bee, and she knew all of their dirty little secrets But then one day Alison vanished.Now, years later, they aren t friends any indeed, they have nothing to do with each other Until they start receiving text messages and notes from A Who knows all of their secrets Things only Alison knew.Who is A And what is A going to do with their secrets I devoured this in one morning One MORNING, people.I do not claim that this is a high quality book, but Sara Shepard really knows how to add tantalizing tidbits without giving everything away I still want to know I want to know everything but she s revealed so much in this book that even though we re still left hanging, I feel like we ve learned something.Totally trashy Totally addictive I am really not pleased that it s going to be such a long wait until 4 Especially because Shepard has promised that all will be revealed in the fourth book. PerfectIt s Not Bragging,It s True.By Sara ShepardIllustrated by Jennifer Heuer330 pp New York, NYHarperCollins Publishers 8.99 ISBN 978 0 06 088735 3A new chef is making its way to the top Sara Shepard created a new suspenseful and thrilling recipe of four tablespoons of The Grudge, one tablespoon of The Clique and one pinch of The Gossip Girls brings us a novel Perfect four rich and perfect girls faces reality Ali just died and Ali s murder is still out there wandering in Rosewood Now Aria, Hanna, Emily, and Spencer gets threaten by Ali s murder Ali s murder is after them Who will be next After Ali s death the friendship between the four girls broke Like any other girl these four girls have their own separate lives, going to school, going to parties and hanging out with friends All of these will be destroy after one text message from Ali s killer What should the girls do now Behind the four perfect girls Gucci sunglasses, Prada bags, perfectly looking dresses hide their own dangerous secrets Aria cheated on her boyfriend over her AP teacher, Mr Ezra Hanna uses dirty tricks to become beautiful Emily turned from a straight orientation into a lesbian Spencer stole her sister s essay and turned it in s her own The essay was so good it won a Golden Orchid Award Eventually, these secrets of these four perfect girls get unlocked by the murder They aren t so perfect after all Now their secrets is out nothing in Rosewood is safe having polices checking up on them and having Ali s murder follow them everywhere There is nothing they can do about this except to figure out who s Ali s murder An author as special as Sara Shepard stirs up relationship problems in the novel The friendship between four girls broke after Ali s death But now A has the courage to bury all four of them alive This story is a mysterious novel of betrayal and broken friendship, hatred and courage that longing the reader s imagination The aura of Perfect captured me into a completely different world A world filled with mysteries ready to be solved by the reader Shepard casts a spell on each and every page of the suspenseful and thrilling novel keeping the eyes of the reader stuck on every single page until you reach the end To reveal who the killer is you have to become a detective and search for clues But these clues in this novel aren t enough because you ve got to read the previous novels Flawless, Unbelievable and Pretty Little Liars Go and pick up the novels written by Sara Shepard but if you don t the murder will go after you The killer might be behind the window watching each and every move of yours And you might not know what will happen You might end up alive or DEAD WAIT, Do you think just picking up these novels will stop Ali s murder from stalking you You still have to pick up the next two novels that are coming out Wicked and Killer 3.5 5 stars not rounding up This one was the most boring one so far But I like that the writing is getting better although I saw a few cringe worthy inconsistencies Even though most of the book was boring the ending totally made up for it It s so different from the show at this point, it s like a whole new world Have I said that these books are like crack So bad, but so addicting My WEBSITEMy INSTAGRAMMy WORDPRESS BLOG With this book, I ve officially completed my 2015 reading challenge Woooo This has probably been my least favourite book in the Pretty Little Liars series so far, but it was still really enjoyable These books are just so addicting haha IN ROSEWOOD, PENNSYLVANIA, FOUR PERFECT LOOKING GIRLS AREN T NEARLY AS PERFECT AS THEY SEEMAria Can T Resist Her Forbidden Ex Hanna Is On The Verge Of Losing Her BFF Emily Is Freaking Out Over A Simple Kiss And Spencer Can T Keep Her Hands Off Anything That Belongs To Her Sister Lucky Me I Know These Pretty Little Liars Better Than They Know Themselves But It S Hard Keeping All Of Their Secrets To Myself They Better Do As I Say Or Else