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Free eBook W pustyni i w puszczy By Henryk Sienkiewicz –

In The Tradition Of Robinson Crusoe And Treasure Island Comes A Sienkiewicz Novel For Readers Of All Ages This Thrilling Adventure Saga And Coming Of Age Tale Sets Two Young Children, Stas Tarkowski, Fourteen, And Nelly Rawlison, Eight, Within The Reaches Of Africa S Desert Storms, The Ravages Of Hunger, And Threatening Jungles Filled With Vicious Animals And Warring Tribes Everything For The Pair Seemed Comfortable And Safe In Egypt But When The Children Are Separated From Their Fathers During A Vacation Along The Nile, They Become Pawns In A Treacherous Plot And Are Abducted By The Vengeful Followers Of The Mahdi Joined In Their Trek By Two African Children, Kali And Mea, And Together With The Aid Of A Faithful Dog, Saba, And A Mighty Elephant, King, The Unlikely Troop Makes Its Way Through Deep Africa While Facing Perilous Situations That Would Render Helpless Even Grown Men And Women Throughout This Enthralling Novel, Author Sienkiewicz Paints The Vivid Scenery Of What Was Then Known As The Dark Continent, A Land Filled With Unknown Peoples, Primordial Landscapes, Tall And Deep Jungles, Uncharted Rivers And Mountains Political Instability, Then As Now, Could Make Entire Regions Impassable In The S One Such Crisis, A Rebellion Led By The Mahdi, Threatened To Turn A Large Part Of The Continent Into A Hell Of Destruction And Carnage It Is In Such A Background That Henryk Sienkiewicz, The Master Storyteller And Winner Of The Nobel Prize For Literature, Placed Two European Children The Heroes Of This Engaging Tale For Henryk Sienkiewicz, In Desert And Wilderness Represented A Final Triumph This Was The Last Novel He Would Complete Sienkiewicz, Who Had Visited Africa In , Successfully Recreates In The Book The Beauty He Encountered Amid The Continent S Entrancing Landscape Written Over Eighty Years Ago For A Younger Audience, But Appealing To All Ages, In Desert And Wilderness Remains A Literary Treasure In Poland Now The Fine Max

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    Ovo je jedna od onih knjiga za koju su mi vezana najranija secanja kada mi je baka citala knjige posto sam nisam znao da citam Samim tim tesko mi je da budemobjektivan sa ovakvim stavrima pa necu ni biti PKnjiga je odlicna avanturisticna prica za mladju ali i stariju publiku koja prikazuje sve lepote i strahote kada se nadjemo izgubljeni u opasnim delovima sveta Likova nema puno i u sustini nisu previse duboki ili razradjeni sem nasih junaka ali to ovde ne pretstavlja problem posto fokus i nije na ljudskim odnosima kolko samo na putovanju i prezivljavanju.Naravno knjiga je pisana u drugacijem dobu i lako bi moglo da se desi da ljudi osetljivi na politicku korektnost osude ovu knjigu posto su belci prikazani u dosta povoljnijem svetlu nego drugi Meni nije smetalo al opet ja i nisam osteljiv na takve stvari al za nekog bi to mogla biti mana.Drugi problem koji sam imao nije vezan za samu pricu nego za izdanje koje sam ja citao izdavaca JRJ iz 2013 Tolko gresaka, ponavljajucih reci i lose prevedenih delova de nekada uopste nema smisla odavno nisam naleteo sem u dnevnim novinama i lektorku koja je bila zaduzena za ovo licno nikada vise ne bih hteo zaposlim Sramota posto takve gluposti prosto izbacuju iz uzivanja na svakih 10tak strana Ako mozete nadjite neko od ranijih izdanja iz 80tih posto se onda daleko vise vodilo racuna na kvalitet izdanja nego danas izgleda.

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    Most classics I ve read at least, those that I haven t reread have a as far as I remember rating I see now there are some I should reread because, honestly, some books should be rated higher than my very young self thought This one could keep its rating It deserves it.I don t know if I will ever come back to this book This was one of my favourites when I was a child I don t remember many details except that it was very engaging For some reason one of the most prominent scenes that stuck is when they needed quinine.

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    Vra a me u djetinstvo This book brings me back to my childhood

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    I found the movie on Netflix last year and then saw it was based on a book It was written in Polish about 1905 and translated in 1911 It was really gripping and kept me thinking what else is going to happen and how are they going to get out of that situation I like books like this and Out of Africa that have little conversations in a language I know because I feel like I have an insight that the average reader doesn t know There were a few parts that didn t use quite the right words in the translation, but maybe that s how English speakers did talk 100 years ago Also, I don t know if the translator was British or American In Polish Pan means Mister I wish they would have just written Mr because it sounds like everyone s first name is Pan In Swahili bwana is mister or sir but also God when capitalized I think then it s important to keep Kali calling Stas Bwana Kubwa.

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    Jak si dzisiaj czyta W pustyni i w puszczy Specyficznie Czy jest tam jednak co interesuj cego do interpretacji Jak si okazuje, ca e mn stwo rzeczy Pr bowa am je zatem opisa

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    Dupa Aventurile lui Tom Sawyer De la Port Said la Mombasa a fost cartea care mi a marcat adolescenta Prima data am citit o cand aveam 13 ani Mi aduc aminte ca am descoperit o in biblioteca sateasca si am avut o oarecare reticenta in privinta subiectului si a autorului de ma rog, cum poate un polonez sa scrie despre aventuri in Africa Nu stiam eu pe atunci cine este Sienkiewicz Am citit o pe nerasuflate si pot sa spun doar ca e ceva EXTRAORDINAR Talentul de prozator al lui Sienkewicz a creat o capodopera care trebuie sa fie in biblioteca fiecaruia