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kindle System Purge (Digital Evolution, #1) Author Ross Willard –

Full disclosure my awesome and talented brother wrote this book, so I m not 100% impartial I reread this book recently, in anticipation of the end if the trilogy, and I loved it again I find this world of AIs and genetically engineered soldiers oddly compelling given thus I m not typically a sci fi fan The dialogue is a lot of fun This book is a fast read and will be hard to put down Fourteen Year Old Tommy Philips Doesn T Know Where He Comes From He Has Questions That His Foster Parents Can T Answer, Questions About Who He Is And What Makes Him So Different From Everyone Around Him When He Stumbles Across Evidence That One Of His Teachers Has Been Guarding Him For Years, Tommy Begins An Investigation That Will Uncover A History He Never Could Have GuessedRowan Darren Wasn T Just Born To Be A Soldier, He Was Made To Be One The Nospious, A Collection Of Twelve Houses Of Genetically Engineered Humans, Live In Silent Conflict, Fighting Quiet Political Wars Against Each Other And The Outside World, Constantly Trying To Advance Their Interests To The Detriment Of Anyone Who Gets In Their Way, While Concealing Their Existence Rowan, Of The House Of Aries, Is No Exception After Years Overseas, Expanding His House S Influence, Rowan Is Coming Home, But The Home Waiting For Him Is Anything But Simple, And Survival Will Require Than A Few Modified GenomesThough He Goes By Samuel, His Name Is Three, And Ever Since The War Claimed The Lives Of His Siblings, He Has Been The Oldest Living Synthetic Lifeform On Earth Maintaining Control Over The Increasingly Restless Society Of Machines Has Always Been Difficult, But A Second War Has Been Brewing For Years, And If Samuel Doesn T Get In Front Of It In Time, It Will Cost The Society Both Lives And The Secrecy That They Ve Cultivated For YearsThree Lives Moving In Very Different Directions Will All Meet At A Crossroads, And All Three Will Be Forever Changed Excellent read No spoilers, but the book is like Matthew Broderick from War Games lost in The Terminator universe while having to deal with characters from The Godfather However, instead of overweight men in silk suits, the mobsters are all trained killing machines Well worth the.99 I would have paidI look forward to Mr Willard s next book. While told in a linear format, the plot is anything but Three factions of clandestine societies living along side humanity come in conflict The linchpin of it all seems to be a young boy super genius More human than, is the moto of each group PKD would be proud as the question of what is human is a subconscious debate throughout the novel.Very action and advanced tech oriented I m not big on ebooks, yet, but this book has me waiting for the next in the series. Can sometimes be difficult to remember which character is which The characters need tags, or unique traits that always get mentioned whenever they appear in a scene This would help greatly in reminding the reader who is who, and help to make them3 dimintional.Dialogue can sometimes sound the same between each character They could usepersonalized voices.Descriptions could befocused on what is unique about that room person object Don t waste time describing the mundane And don t usethan three traits More than three tends to lose the reader s attention.I really like how the three separate story lines eventually merge into one.Really good opening to the book.I m already enjoying the second book Thanks