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Human Remains is a deeply disturbing and powerful psychological thriller that will have you checking the locks on your doors and windowsWhen Annabel a police analyst discovers her neighbour’s decomposing body in the house next door she’s appalled to think that no one including herself noticed that anything was wrongBack at work she feels compelled to investigate despite her colleagues' lack of interest and finds data showing that such cases are common – too common – in her home town As she’s drawn deeper into the mystery and becomes convinced she’s on the trail of a killer she also must face her own demons and her own mortality Would anyone notice if she just disappeared?

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    This is a deeply disturbing book and it is definitely Elizabeth Haynes darkest so far I devour her books as soon as they are released and I have loved them all so far In each book I can back track to different times in my life and see a little bit of myself in each central character which makes them all very real to meHUMAN REMAINS is told from two main points of view Annabel a lonely police analyst who lives alone except for her cat why don't lonely woman ever have dogs? Annabel discovers the decomposed body of her next door neighbour and uickly realises that something just doesn't seem rightand Colin a socially awkward individual who is trying a tad too hard to meet the ladies but is he a dangerous psychopath? Maybemaybe not I had a very hard time being in Colin's head I will admit to sometimes skimming over his thoughts to rush to the safety of AnnabelI have always thought we are all only one big catastrophe or series of terrible events that break you down a little at a time away from wanting to shut the rest of the world out and hide away HUMAN REMAINS is a chilling tale of someone who is ready waiting and hoping for his next victim to do just thatimage error

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    5 scary psychotic and yucky starsAbsolutely loved it I was hesitant to read this book because of some of the reviews I've read that said it's nothing like the first book that this one is slow boring gross and disgusting Actually gross and disgusting was the reason I decided to read it anyway And why should it be like the first book anyway?It's true the book is slow paced and could feel like a drag But I loved the book because of it Stories like these should be descriptive and have a lot of details It showed the amount of work and research the author put it If one of the characters is a psychopath the descriptions should give you a clear picture of who that person is That shouldn't be rushed Psychopaths are complex and complicated characters it's hard to relate to them in books as it is so descriptions should help us if not relate at least to understand better who the person is and how heshe thinks I thought the author did an amazing job with thatMainly this story is told from a dual point of view First we have Annabel She is a police analyst She is not one of those analysts you see running around on CSI She is a geek and an office rat Day in and day out she sits in her office collecting and analyzing data that field officers send her organizing it finding patterns and similarities in the data For me it sounded like a boring job but she loved it and was good at it and that's what made her character so interestingOne day she finds her cat by the door all greasy and sticky smelling disgusting Her cat tends to visit her neighbor's backyard so she goes to check what is going on over there She knocks on the door no one answers but there is a light inside she goes in She find her neighbor sitting in her living room chair decomposing The whole scene was written in such details that I could almost smell it and it made my stomach turn Yuck She found it strange that her neighbor was dead fro so long and no one noticedThe next day at work just out of curiosity she decides to check how many people has been found like this The number is very strange The numbers of this year is 4 times higher that it was last year or the year before She brings that up in the next office meeting but gets brushed off because investigations showed no signs of violence or struggle autopsies didn't show any unusual drugs in their systems or other things that would indicate foul playWhat I loved about Annabel and what made her different from other heroines in similar stories was the fact that she never took upon herself to be the hero and save the day She was trying to go trough proper channels to get the attention of the people who have the background and experience to deal with the case Then we have Colin His character is very difficult to describe He seems like an ordinary guy Well not really He looks the part but he's highly educated and intelligent man He's not antisocial he has friends he hangs out with but he sees himself above them He is incredibly good at reading people In the parts told from his pov you can see how much homework author did creating his character She doesn't make sht up she uses scientific facts I know that because I've read uite a few scientific articles and books on psychology behind body language in collage Elizabeth Haynes is spot on Plus Colin has this How can I put it? A very weird hobby I won't spoil the story by telling that he is the guy Why? Because this story is not about finding out who did it That's not the main focus Author herself doesn't hide the fact from the reader that he is the only suspect Already in the second chapter which is told from his pov you know This story is not about who did it but how and why The circumstances surrounding deaths are very bizarre and mysterious There is no signs indicating struggle violence or break in Rotting bodies are found in their own homes either sitting in a chair or lying in a bed looking kind of peaceful They all are different different ages different social backgrounds family no family males and females There is nothing about them that's similar The most important uestion is how did he manage to convince people to give up on life? I imagine it would be very difficult to do What could override the basic human instinct? I have no ideaScary thought isn't it? he said One other thing I see this book is much less popular than E H's first book because it's gross and disturbing But come on people you pick up a book written by Elizabeth Haynes and expect what exactly? It's not like her first book was all hearts and flowers As for the other point of views All the way up until 40% I struggled to understand their relevance to the story I thought Well that's not random at all But then it hit me and I went Oh What a glorious moment that was I like when an author does that to meThe ending was I don't know open ish type of ending it left me with couple of uestions I love this type of endings Those are the best kind It ended on a similar note as Into The Darkest Corner I absolutely loved this book It's uniue interesting complex and fascinating Books like these raise my expectations I feel a little bit sorry for the future book I will read in this genre and authors who don't put in the same workresearch while writing their books I recommend it to everyone who enjoys a good and well written psychological thriller

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    Go herehttpbadassbookreviewscomhuman reor hereMichelle’s Review – 5 Skulls – AThis book is so disturbing I hated what it did to me how it made me think made me uestion how I treat others uestion my own motives and uestion my relationship with my family I hated how I was so deeply embedded in the mind of a narcissistic sociopath that I could predict his reactions What does that say about me when I know how a sociopath is going to react or in this case not react? It says nothing about me and everything about the author and her brilliant writing Haynes is a master at creating memorable characters in a terrifying but thought provoking storyHuman Remains is NOT for everyone It is NOT a happy story with happy characters In fact it is gloomy sad and has a character that is now at the top of my “Most Evil” list In addition the protagonist Annabel is insecure oblivious not always the nicest to those around her and a bit of a bore As a reader you often want to scream at Annabel for her actions or tell her how stupid she is being for her reactions to othersThe story is told from two main points of view and additional points of view from minor characters that play a role in the story moving forward it’s hard to tell you anything about these “minor” characters without spoiling it While I would usually say this is too many perspectives once you catch on to the story you know exactly why the author is doing the multiple points of view and how brilliantly Haynes set this book up for the readerMain Point of View # 1 AnnabelGetting inside Annabel’s head was absolutely essential to understand her insecurities and her decisions or lack thereof While initially it was so hard to cheer for her especially when she was being mean to another character that was trying to help her you learn so much about why she acts the way she does based on knowing what is going on in her headThere is a turning point for Annabel It wasn’t an earth shattering moment but you as the reader applaud what happens to Annabel and how she transitions beyond what is expected of herMain Point of View # 2 ColinThe other main point of view belongs to Colin Holy crap Seriously This is where I face a real problem with this review I knew nothing about the story and had no clue what to expect with Colin Was he a love interest for Annabel? Why is he important? Why do I care? This was my thoughts at the beginning and frankly at the beginning I was stumped at why I should care about Colin’s thoughts Trust me not knowing what Colin’s significance is in the story makes the book 10 times enjoyable when you learn what he is doing and what he truly is Ok so that was so fricking cryptic but oh well I’m not going to ruin this story for you Just trust me Colin is someone I will never forgetOk I have to tell you a little bit You probably guessed he is the narcissistic sociopath I mentioned above that is really my own completely unprofessional diagnosis Colin is someone that you must pay attention to not because of what he is saying or doing or reacting to but what he is not saying and not reacting to Being in Colin’s head was so normal so uneventful So boring However once you leave Colin’s head and see Colin’s actions from another point of view you see an entirely new picture of Colin That is what makes the switching point of views so perfect You really see how twisted Colin is by seeing the world through Colin’s head and how normal and eventual Colin thinks his actions are and then seeing what Colin is actually doing when you switch viewsThe StoryWhat happens to the war refugee that goes from a school teacher with her own friends in her own country to a manual laborer with no one in her refugee country? She ceases to existWhat happens to the wife of a sex molester who really had no clue what was going on when all her friends and family have shunned her for being blind to her husband’s criminal acts? She ceases to existWhat happens to the husband that drinks away his broken marriage? He ceases to existWhat happens to the girl who is insecure and loses her only family member? Does she cease to exist? That’s the story that’s Annabel’s storyWhat happens to the guy who thinks he has the answer to the non existing living? He terrifies you

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    I decided to read this fantastic novel again as it had so much impact on it when I read it before my rating stays the same at 5 stars I have loved all of Elizabeth Haynes' books this one being no exception What I love about her books is her inside knowledge because of her career in the police force in the UK that she can put across in detail in her books Then there is always that underlying creepy tension that makes her books a blend of psychological thrillercrimepolice procedural How well do you know your neighbours? Would you notice if they lived or died? Police analyst Annabel wouldn’t describe herself as lonely Her work keeps her busy and the needs of her ageing mother and her cat are than enough to fill her time when she’s on her own But Annabel is shocked when she discovers her neighbour’s decomposing body in the house next door and appalled to think that no one including herself noticed her absence Back at work she sets out to investigate despite her police officer colleagues’ lack of interest and finds data showing that such cases are frighteningly common in her own home townThe plot cracks on from the start and the book is paced to hold your attention it's one of those books that as Annabel is considering deep things inside herself and about the human race I did too I loved the way she tackles this case even without the support of her mate at the station And good job she does tooMany have read and praised Into the Darkest Corner so if you enjoyed that you will like this too if not READ BOTH As excellent reading uality writing great twists Easy peasy 4 stars from me again

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    You can always tell when an author really enjoys writing a story and I think with this one the reader feels that in spades The story tackles themes with which Elizabeth is than familiar and the psychological component can't be beat

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    Truthfully I am a bit disappointed The reviews were hinting on something really gruesome and terrible It wasn't At least for me Maybe it is because I am already familiar with the topic discussed in the book But still an interesting highlight from the writer on connecting NLP influence and intent

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    This author certainly knows how to create a shocking read Her stories are dark and hit upon some of the most secretive taboos in society Told from multiple perspectives but predominately from Annabel the crime analyst and Colin the typically weird loner type with an obsession of decomposing human flesh When bodies increasingly start to be found in various states of decomposition Annabel is determined to find the link between them What she doesn't realise is that the suspect already has her in his sights At times this story makes for difficult reading it is undoubtedly graphic and not for the faint hearted The authors history of working for the police gives her an advantage in her writing I will definitely be reading of her books

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    This book was lacking it was slow and going nowhere for meread other book from this author which I've enjoyeddidnt enjoy the characters theres no excitement or twisthope next one is alot better

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    This book was a friend's gift an ebookI didn't know the author or the storylineAnd I'm not a fan of digital reading but I decided to give it a tryAnd the result? I really don't like reading e books but Elizabeth Haynes has been a wonderful discovery for me

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    Colin is a biology nut and a behavioral science aficionado His life is one of careful order his job is with the city financial department He is a perfectionist and feels vastly superior to everyone else Colin has long since given up on looking for Ms Right as no one can hold to his standards Oh and his mother is in a nursing home His take on that is this 'May she rot uietly and stinkingly in her wingback armchair' Delightful chap wouldn't you say?Annabel is a police analyst She has no friends carries a crystal angel in her pocket and is on the frumpy side She feels that no one finds her attractive and thus anyone showing an interest in her must be dangerous She lives alone but with a cat and most of her time outside of work is spent shopping and cooking for her aged mother The story is kicked off when Annabel discovers the body of her neighbor in the house next door Alone forgotten no one had missed the lady including Annabel As it turns out and instances are coming to light of decomposing bodies being found in the city Be prepared for some graphic mental images The writing is vivid This is not a who done it we know who done it We are on a uest to discover the hows and maybe the whys This subject matter is dark disturbing and sad Very few light moments are to be had but the ones I found made me smile A man who pronounced the word 'hospital' as 'ospickle' was one Another was the description of one of the women in the HR department as having 'a face that could turn milk' This was a first reads giveaway thank you Off to add this author's other books to my to read list