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[[ kindle ]] Dieselpunk ePulp Showcase Author Grant Gardiner –

A grand collection of dieselpunk inspired stories that really encapsulate the era and ideals of dieslpunk If you like early to mid 20th century history but spun off in a slightly differnt direction, then this is for you Neatly and compellingly written, the tales are well researched, cleverly put together and intriguingly different Each of the authors who has added a story to the collection brings a different style, all of them wonderful A grand melange of history, pulp, alt history, thriller, science fiction, gritty action and humour, the authors have produced a dieselpunkfest guaranteed to delight fans of the genre Four grand stories pit the age of jazz, the private dick, Sam Spade, and the tommy gun toting mean streets of America s tough cities against alternative history and the authors varied and wonderful imaginations Nanobots and fedoras, androids and jewish bakeries, bullet proof women and hired muscle, Model T Fords and dystopian alternative futures, it s a veritable festival of dieselpunk Great characters, great scenarios, great dialogue and great writing, all punked What could you ask for Want to know what diesel punk is Well here is your chance to sample some kindred spirits that write in the genre There are many styles but they all draw their inspiration from 1940 film noir and comic book culture I ve read a book by Bard Constantine before and his characters talk like they walked off a Humphrey Bogart movie John Picha s Hero Pandora Driver is like one of the larger than live comic book characters So all in all a fun mix of styles, subjects and a good coherent sample selection with links to take you to the various authors sites if you like their work Best off all it is currently free I will be checking a few of these authors out. I think I enjoyed Dieselpunk before I was even aware of the genre tag or that of its prevalent cousin Steampunk I can remember playing the tabletop version of Crimson Skies the original, with the cardboard press out game pieces So coming into this collection I had an expectation of something similar That Sort of World a Tale of the Aether Age by Grant Gardiner certainly didn t disappoint on that front indeed it felt like a Crimson Skies story I enjoyed the genre markers gangsters, speakeasies, spies and Grant employed some subtle humour to good effect.Who are the People in your Neighborhood by John Picha, I thought had a good shot at mixing social comment with pulp action It felt 30 s vigilante superhero than my concept of Dieselpunk and there was some interesting use of tense that jarred me out of the story The Wise Man Says by Bard Constantine was hardboiled detective fiction in a dystopic future earth It felt a bit like Dark City without the aliens It was well done genre writing but the futuristic setting didn t quite convince me It would have been none too different a story without the science fictional markers Friend of the Spirits by Jack Philpott showed the broadest range in what could be called Dieselpunk , but it struck me as fantasy than Dieselpunk for some reason not enough Art Deco perhaps All in all it was original even if it didn t quiet fog up my aviator glasses.So It s a showcase and it certainly displays a broad range of what an author might be able to do in the sub genre For my personal tastes though I am a Sky Pirates kinda guy, battling Nazi s on the back of giant Zeppelins So I d say I liked some aspects of the showcase than others but it s worth a look if you have the time.Checkout the Dieselpunk site here.This ebook was provided free of charge This is the first dieselpunk short story collection that I have ever read So it is a little difficult for me to compare it to others of the genre, but I do know this much, I enjoyed it a lot It is a good pulp collection What I like the least about it is the name, Dieselpunk ePulp Showcase It doesn t really roll off the tongue, does it On the other hand, the cover is very good, fits the stories perfectly.I think I enjoyed Grant Gardiner s story the best It has something to do with what turns out to be the key factor at the end I m not going to say what that is, but having seen quite a bit of film noir, I thought it was a interesting ending Out of the four stories, I think John Philpott s story stands out the most because it is written in a different style than the others It s the least dialog driven of the four and I think it works as well as it does because of it John Picha and Bard Constantine have also got good stories Picha s story reads a bit like a good comic book novel Batman comes to mind Maybe I should say Batgirl, considering the gender of heroine Constantine s story uses elements of the hardboiled detective genre the best, and is the one that works the best as a crime story.All in all, I m glad I read this book and am interested in reading by these writers in the future. The Diesel Punk e Book showcase is a fantastical collection of four stories rooted in the gritty reality of the pulp tradition Drawing inspiration from the hard boiled suspense tales of that era, these sagas mix a retro flavor with depictions of dystopian societies mirroring our own turbulent present As art imitates life, and as history repeats itself, so does pulp rise again to titillate our darker natures with graphic depictions of vice and graft, not from the dime novels of yesteryear, but from the depths of the internet.In the first offering in the showcase, Tales of the Aether Age , the USA has disintegrated into rival factions, the Union is broken, Prohibition is fueling gangsterism, and wise guys everywhere are looking to score Jaded and world weary, but looking to make a name for themselves, two crooks take on a big job They are guarded street toughs, and constantly challenged to think three steps ahead of the game to sift through the layered hierarchies of allegiances and machinations of power Pandora Driver harkens back to a pre WW2 America populated by colorful immigrants chasing the American dream One unlucky shopkeep draws the attention of a ruthless gangster looking to muscle his way into some prime real estate, only to draw the ire of a idealistic vigilante bent on protecting the powerless from exploitation With her strange car, stunning physical prowess and commitment to dispensing street justice as she sees fit, Pandora Driver is a pulp heroine with a dark side of her own.The waters of justice are further muddied in the third offering, The Troubleshooter Neo feudalism produces a brand of slippery characters known as Troubleshooters after the disintegration of society in a great Cataclysm Operating outside the law, the torch from one to the next is about to be passed, but not without some twists and ambiguity Gritty noir and futuristic technology drive the tale of Mick Trubble through this tale of shaky allegiances and pliable morality.In the World of Manana stark power play and spiritual psychedelics are just part of the amalgam of swirling archetypes and juxtaposed cultural constructs Part Aurthurian grandeur, part Castenadian psycho spiritual intrigue, this genre bending tale pans the landscape of human experience Yearning for a purpose higher than himself, a young man searches for his place in dystopia From the subjectivity of family to the intertwined yin yang of good and evil, Manana has something to scratch every pulp itch. Great StoriesGreat stories I plan to look for other works by these authors, especially ones like The Troubleshooter The stories maintain a true noir tone. I admit, I waffled between three and four stars for this collection Thing is, this is overall, a good collection of dieselpunk stories.This collection contains four stories, each taken from each individual author s own personal worlds, and provides a bite sized tale to give you a good introduction to their works If you have ever been curious about each of these author s personal worlds or works, this is a good collection to pick up It gives a good view of their worlds and their writing styles Personally, I think a project like this is a good way to get their names out there and their works seen by others.If I had one major complaint about this collection is that most of them didn t really contain that much in regards to the dieselpunk atmosphere or technology Each had their own personal flare to the genre, and you could see bits and pieces of it poking up, but for the most part, you could have easily removed that element from most of the stories and they would have remained the same This left me feeling a bit let down as this is marketed as a dieselpunk genre book.Now, that said, I still rated this four stars instead of the three I had been waffling on Why Because each story was well put together, well thought out, and excellently built I found each story to be an enjoyable read, with characters that came together realistically and who I found myself genuinely wanting to succeed I couldn t find any major flaws with the stories in this collection, and each was its own treasure to read.To anyone looking to read some dieselpunk inspired work, I would recommend this collection If you enjoy their works, I would suggest looking at the bigger works behind the small bites this anthology presents Though they may not have an overt amount of diesel technology in the stories, there is the underlying theme of what constitutes a dieselpunk story, and thus, you will find enjoyable. The Dieselpunk ePulp Showcase is a great taste of Dieselpunk stories sure to slake the thirsts of fans of the genre and tempt the appetite of those who wonder what is dieselpunk.If you re a member of the latter group, and unsure what to expect, think Bond like action, femme fatales of the finest caliber all set in a by gone era of manners and fashion but with small twists on our own world s history.Each of the four stories occurs in a broader world of the writer s, but the stories are self contained, you do not have to go out and buy something else of theirs to find out the ending however you may find yourself eager for and unable to resist.Being short stories it s hard to do my usual analysing of characters, plot, pacing ect, because each story had its own of those elements The style each writer brought to their story was great and all the stories are fun even if some do not have happy endings Expect some exciting and surprising twists in most of the tales Also, for the appealing price of free it should be damn near impossible to pass by this book I recommend this book for anyone with any level of interest in Dieselpunk including a curiosity as to what it is , the 1920s 1940s and lovers of great twisty action Expect thugs, hoods, flappers and good old fashioned gumshoes. I stumbled onto this anthology by happy accident The four adventures in this tome cover what is a Dantesque reading of the genre of Dieselpunk Each story will get its own section here I also know that The Divine Comedy only has three parts, but let me explain this as I go.1 That Sort of World A good solid introduction to the world of dieselpunk fiction It all begins and ends with a hat or lack of one A story builds up around this premise that embodies the essence of what the future holds This would be the outside of the world, before moving into the Inferno, a land of guns and philosophy.2 Pandora Driver The momentum continues as Pandora Driver motors into a city run by crime lords that is attacking the average Joe It weaves between the past and present, revealing the noises and sparks of the super heroine and the Fate of the ones she conquers There is even a reference to the Inferno at the end of this one, keep your eyes peeled This one is all action, action, action, kids 3 The Troubleshooter The Purgatory of the Showcase, The Troubleshooter, storms about town with a mix of cleverness and noir This is where my favorite line, Serious as a sin sandwich is from, but there are many other lines I enjoy It features Elvira, as a non typical moll, which I liked, and it seamlessly brings in a dollop of sci fi to the party.4 The World of Ma ana At last, we get to Paradise, or so we think Even I, at the mere mention of the word parrotpunk wanted to sigh This is no Cheeseburger in Paradise, my friends No hearty Casablanca This is a world of spirits and eating of the God s Eye I valued this one as taking Dieselpunk into a native spiritual realm.Overall, these stories blended well A few had old timey type adverts that appealed to my serial side Two of them had logos as well, making me want to seek out the origin books It is a great place to start if you are curious about Dieselpunk fiction. This Action Packed EPulp Anthology Unleashes Four New Noir Tales Inspired By The Pulp Magazines Of The S And S Blazing Brawls And Gritty Adventure Awaits Dieselpunks, Nostalgians, Die Hard Or Pulp Curious Fans Hope You Can Take A Punch, Because These Two Fisted Tales Hit Hard For Young Hoods, The Aether Age Streets Of Mob Plagued Chicago Present A World Of Opportunity And Mack And Mickey Are Headed Straight For The Top In That Sort Of World A Tale Of The Aether Age It S Class Warfare In Citadel City As Pandora Driver And Her Car Of Tomorrow Deliver Rough Justice To The Elites And A Douche Named The Gooch In Who Are The People In Your Neighborhood The Wise Man Says Introduces Mick Trubble A Hard Drinking, Chain Smoking Charmer Who Bites Off Than He Can Chew Then Chews Like Hell The Troubleshooter Takes The Grit And Slang Of A Hardboiled Detective And Drops It In A Dystopian Setting That Mixes Fedoras, Trench Coats, Flying Cars And Android PolicemenThe Dirty Streets Of Roanoketown Were His Home And His Only Family Until He Met HER Now He Ll Follow HER Into Hell, Tamahaak Held High, And Fight As A Proud Indian Against The Anglo Oppressors He Ll Wager His Life To Be A True A Friend Of Spirits Download If You Dare