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A Psalm for Cock Robin is the most innovative murder mystery you will ever read It features a gentle young man named Harp who lives under the Santa Monica pier after he was accidentally released from a mental hospital When he wakes up one morning to find another homeless man lying dead right next to him he runs away but soon becomes the main suspect in the murder Harp must find the killer before the police find him Sound like a familiar murder mystery plot? Not really Harp is clearly not much of a detective but his caustic sarcastic Bible uoting mother is The only problem is she's dead But when Harp gets into trouble she comes into his head to guide him and harass him as he searches among a wild assortment of Venice Beach crazies for clues about who the murderer might be She becomes a sort of second protagonist always there in Harp's head to keep him on the straight and narrow often by uoting the grimmest of Grimm's fairy tales the only thing she let Harp read when he was a child As weird as this book may sound it's actually very funny You'll find yourself laughing out loud whether you want to or not It's a classic murder mystery with a postmodern twist one you'll never forget

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    If you read a description of this book a schizophrenic homeless youth living under the pier in the mad world of Venice Beach is accused of murder you'd think it would be a sad story It's not Not only is it a great murder mystery with a hoard of very strange characters it is hilarious If you like to follow along with a reluctant detective as he tries to clear his name AND you like to be constantly surprised by unexpectedly funny happenings you'll love this book I sure did