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I ve owned this short for a while now, and I dare say, I was a FOOL not to pick up and read this sooner I remained completely transfixed throughout the entire read and delved head first into his subsequent books I am the old school flogger and Bogart wearing kind of girl, so this book was right up my alley As an intro to the series, it was the hook that got me addicted not to mention Bard s reputation for impressive style, structure, and storytelling If you ve skipped over this and jumped straight into the world of Mick Trubble and New Haven, I d advise you to pick up this book as well Mick Trubble is the type of character whose life, style, and personality leaves a very distinctive and enthralling impression Any story written with this character is guaranteed to be entertaining The atmosphere is riveting as Bard s eloquent prose transports you into an alternate dystopian society Genre crossings have never been smoother as he incorporates futuristic technological zeal into a world with the provocative air of 30 40 s style noir I cannot wait to get my hands on the rest of his books Bard is described as a New York Times Bestseller in the making I find that statement to be the understatement of the century The man is brilliant. An Alternate Cover Edition Can Be Found Here And HereThe Troubleshooter Takes The Grit, Slang, Vibe And Look Of The S Pulp And Hardboiled Detective Stories And Drops It In A Dystopian Setting Fedoras And Trench Coats Mix With Flying Cars And Android Policeman In This Introductory Short Story That Introduces The Character Of Mick Trubble A Hard Drinking, Chain Smoking Charmer Trying To Find His Way In A City With No Memory And Even Less Forgiveness The Troubleshooter is a great read With a 1930 s feel to it, I was completely captivated throughout the entire read Bard has an amazing writing style that keeps the reader s attention from beginning to end The only downfall for me was that it was a quick read I look forward to reading of Bard s work. Excellent short story introduction to the world of Mick Trubble, hardboiled detective and Troubleshooter , in the dystopian and futuristic city of New Haven This is a series and an author that deserves attention.