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One Sign the contractJuliette Romero had a debt to pay a debt that wasn’t even hers But it was the only way to keep her family safe and all she had to do was sell her body and soul to the devilKillian McClary wasn’t called the Scarlet Wolf for nothing He’d been the head of the McClary Organization since he was fifteen and had built a reputation for being a ruthless son of a bitch when it came to running the city’s underbelly not to mention merciless when it came to punishing those who betray him He didn’t believe in weaknesses Only results Juliette with her shy smiles and hot little body was a weakness unlike any other and yet he was powerless to resist one taste of her sweet flesh Two Become his for a yearWhen given the choice between her life or her body what could Juliette possibly do but submit to a man whose very name invoked fear in the hearts of others? She just never anticipated falling for his dark hungry eyes and clever hands or the way the beast in him made her feel oddly safe and cherishedBut what will happen when Killian’s dark past finally catches up to him and threatens the woman he can no longer imagine himself without? What will happen when both sides find themselves caught in a web of passion lies and broken promises? Can Juliette tame the wolf or will her love for him devour them both? Three Don’t fall in loveBoundaries will be crossed loyalties will be tested and lives will be changed forever

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    Killian McClary head of the McClary Organization has seen his fair share of death in his lifetime Learning uickly that those he loves and those closest to him will soon enough become his liability He knows to keep everyone at arms length Especially anyone of his conuests It's only ever sex One night no sleep overs Pleasure and pain and life goes on Until Juliette Juliette Romero has a debt to pay off A debt incurred by her drunken gambling father In order to pay off the debt she must forsake her body for one pleasurable night Otherwiseher sister becomes the payment Killian McClary otherwise known as the Scarlet Wolf has made a name for himself as one of the most ruthless merciless and unforgiving leaders in the city In solidarity for another rival encroaching on his territory he takes Juliette as a solidarity payment It was supposed to be one night That is until he got a taste of heavenOne night isn't enough Killian needs to screw Juliette out of his system He resolves himself to a contract Juliette has no other choice Either adhere to the contract or succumb to Arlo's viciousness Choosing the lesser of two evils her life finally beginsOne Sign the contractTwo Become his for a yearThree Don't fall in loveSoon enough the terms of the contract begin to sway and Killian finds himself falling for the little lamb In his world he cannot afford to loose focus Losing focus in his world is the difference between life and deathYou're the one thing I need to keep away from if I am to keep fighting You make me weak and weak men dieWhen his world comes crashing down around him the eminent threat of his daily life becomes a factor he cannot live with if Juliette's life is endangered In order to protect her he must rely on the contract clauses “There is a reason I don’t pick women like you virgins with no idea how to tell apart lust from love we had sex Lots of sex It was great sex I won’t lie But a real woman knows the difference know not to confuse the two I apologize if you ever thought I would ever love you”Uttering these words are painful to him than seeing the tears and strength slowly fade from Juliette's eyes Pushing her away is the only way to save her from a life of pain Save himself from living in a world without her He would rather let her go and know she still lives than keep her and curse her to deathYou're my weakness Juliette You're my achilles heel The key to bringing me downI loved loved every minute of reading this story My first AP read and she wawed me The plot the writing the development Fantastic The raw emotions from Killian gutted me and I fell in love with him Next time AP make a hero that can fall out of the book Juliette while she started of scared and meek grew into a strong and vigilant heroin The different dynamics of each character was wonderfully portrayed along with them uniting as a couple They were each other's heart and strengthARC provided by InkSlinger PR on behalf of the author for an honest review Thanks

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    35 StarsThis was my first book by Airicka Phoenix and it was a long one I loved the beginning very much The middle dragged a bit and the ending picked up but I was dissatisfied with how it all played out Juliette's parents are both gone After her mother dies her father turns to drinking and gambling and later he also dies He's left a ton of debt behind that falls on Juliette She works three jobs and barely gets any sleep She also has to take care of her spoiled 16 year old sister who is ungrateful For seven years she's been dealing with the bad guy that her father owed money to When Arlo wants a larger sum of money in one day Juliette is at a loss Arlo wants the money now or bring him her younger sister Juliette decides to offer up herself Arlo will not be getting her sister When Arlo is about to rape Juliette and pass her around to his men he's interrupted when in walks Killian Killian owns the streets of the Northside and Arlo has stepped on his toes Arlo offers Killian Juliette as a peace offering Killian doesn't want the girl He offers her a chance to leave but Juliette has orders from Arlo to make Killian happy for one night and her debt will be erased Juilette doesn't want to have sex with Killian but she also doesn't want Arlo coming after her Killian doesn't do girlfriends or lovers He can't fall in love Love makes you weak and weak men get killed and the people around him also get killed But after one night with Juliette isn't enough He wants to do nasty things to this innocent woman Juliette will sign this contract and be his for a year It will only be about sex No feelings involved The sex between Killian and Juliette was smoking hot Killian was very sexy I loved him Juliette was strong and had been through so much that I loved her too The beginning of this book had my on the edge of my seat because I didn't know what was going to happen Was Arlo really going to leave Juliette alone? Was Killian any better than Arlo? The middle of the book was filled with nothing like the beginning So I was a bit bummed The only thing that was good was the hot as hell sex WhewThe ending left me saying hmmmAnd it made my rating drop Don't worry it was a good ending no cliff and we got a great epilogue it's just not how I seen things wrapping up I wanted from Killian and I felt Juliette pissed me off Will I be reading books by AP? I'm sure I will when I'm in the mood for a long book lol because over all I really did enjoy this one

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    Mixed feelings on this oneI read the blurb for this book a while ago and I'm not sure why but I didn't check the reviews This is very unusual for me but I'd just finished a series and it was taking me awhile to settle on another book So once I'd got several pages in I was determined I was sticking this out till the end although I didn't realise it was 600 pages long at the timeI apologise now because I have a feeling this review is going to be all over the place because it's going to be difficult to explain how I feel about this bookJuliette is just twenty three and working night and day She works three jobs in order to save her sister Viola and pay off her dead father's debt After the death of their mother their father crumbled started drinking and gambling leaving a huge debt for Juliette to clear Seven years on and Juliette is still crippled by the debt handing over 70% of her salary to Arlo the loan shark It was frustrating and annoying and there's no escape for her as she gets in deeper and deeper Her sister appears ungrateful and spoilt and it was this martyr thing I didn't like I hate it when one party works their fingers to the bone while all around seem obliviousI struggled early on because of this but as the book progresses we see things clearly We get Viola's POV and realise there's always two sides to every storyKillian The problem with Killian is he's described as merciless and ruthless We’re told he doesn't believe in weaknesses but we see him with Juliette and he's nothing like that and it's difficult Or it was for me to picture him as the alpha who destroys anyone who crosses him for this to fully work I'd need to see him like thisI also found myself getting dragged down by the detailsJuliette's working 3 jobs she's handing over 70% of her salary which is three thousand dollars a month that's a lot of money for minimum wageThere were other things which started to spoil this for me and so I had a decision to make Did I want to uit or continue since I was over 100 pages in I decided to continue on and go along for the ride I shrugged off anything that bothered me and read it as a romanceParts of it I enjoyed especially towards the end but if I'm being totally honest it was overly long and slow in places

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    35 stars

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    I really enjoyed this book The steamy times were very steamy the suspense portions were well done and the evolving romance was a lot of fun to read Killian was a hot alpha male and he really fell hard for Juliet She was a strong woman and she fell eually hard for Killian I appreciated that they were both celibate during their separation and I loved that we got to see them in the future The things that bothered me probably wouldn't bother anyone else I didn't like that we heard too many times about the whores that Killian used to sleep with This was mentioned several times by different people that he only gave one night that he had a long line of whores that he used and never saw again I got it the first time and didn't enjoy reminders Also he was with some of them in a guest room but most in his bedroom And it creeped me out during his first time with Juliet when he leaned over to his nightstand for a condom and also for a bottle of lube All I could think about was how many highly paid prostitutes also used that lube? It would have been a 5 star without all the whore references and the already been used lube

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    25 3 STARSThis was just unnecessarily long and predictable A plot that’s been done 1000 times and this book brings nothing new to the table 600 pages of same old same old There were several things that annoyed the heck out of me An incredible contradicting heroine someone who says something and then says the exact opposite in the next sentence I swear I am not exaggerating this happened throughout the whole book Example It still nagged at her that she was now indebted to him that she was uite possibly in no better situation than she had been But she was Huh?? So was she or was she not? The book had dozens scenes like this one but I’m too lazy to find them I also really disliked how she tried to act so desperately as if she didn’t care for Killian’s money and tried refusing his wealth by not accepting bodyguards she caved in two seconds by insisting she goes to work but also didn’t mind the fact that Killian managed to raise her salary so she didn’t have to work three jobs and after all the nagging and raging accepting to go to a tour in Europe insisting to take not only her sister but also the old lady she lives with All the money? From Killian’s pocket If you’re gonna write a heroine who doesn’t care about the hero’s wealth I’d really like it to be genuine In Juliette’s situation her reactions and immediate caving felt so dramatic and stupid I’d also like to say that there’s nothing wrong with heroines who enjoy their men’s wealth It would be actually refreshing to read about a heroine who doesn’t talk crap about being independent only to do the opposite in the next chapter Also Juliette’s ”uirkiness” got on my fucking nerves Also the whole ”I’m dangerous if you get close to me you will die” issue Killian had felt too repetitive and the I thought about it the stupid it started to feel Killian is allegedly one of the richest men in the world are you seriously telling me that he couldn’t hire the best security in the world to protect Juliette and his family? Additionally him knowing that the time he spent with her would put her in bigger danger should have automatically meant that no matter their break up he should have kept security on her Instead he completely ignores the issue and continues with his life whilsts she obviously gets kidnapped surprised? I told you this book is unoriginal Plain stupidity I don’t know if it’s me but the romance felt stilted flat and one dimensional I really was rooting for them the first 10% but I’m so tired of reading romance books without the feels This book had some really good heat but I’d take pure emotions and a good bond rather than sex any day Killian felt boring most of the book and something in Juliette just annoyed meAll in all it’s an okay book I know many people love it but I feel like this plot has been wrung dry The writing was okay a bit too descriptive and it did have some grammatical errors Try this out guys you might enjoy it than I did

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    Beautiful story Don't be intimidated by the 600 pages they fly by in no time Get a copy and start reading I loved every moment of this story the writting the characters the plot everything

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    375 stars rounded up to 4Transcending Darkness is the love story of Killian and Juliette Killian is a mafia leader His life is dangerous When he meets Juliette he falls hard for her beauty and innocence but he knows his life is not suitable to have a decent relationship or have a family He doesn’t want to have a wife and children because then his way of life would risk their lives His mother and father were killed brutally and he doesn’t want to get close to anyone and put their lives in danger for fear of losing them like he lost his parents He lives a solitary life He only has casual hook ups with women Juliette is in trouble because of her father’s debts and Killian saves her from the people who would rape her There begins their story Kilian first saves her when she begs but then he is ready to let her go if it is what she needs but they are drawn to each other He uickly falls hard for her She also feels a strong attraction and bond in a short time When he cannot give up Juliette but knows he also cannot keep her forever he offers her a contract of 1 year He wants his fill of her for at least one year They are together for some months and very happy They fall in love but there are no confessions of love After some tragic happenings Killian feels he has to let her go for fear of losing her but she is already in danger in grave danger This is a beautiful and painful love story in the mafia world I loved this book despite its flaws Here are its pros and consPROS I loved how much they loved each other They couldn’t breathe without each other They didn't enjoy life without each other The romance and steam were both good I believed in their chemistry I believed in their love It was intense The side characters were all good and developed The story was good Although I am not a fan of mafia romance this one was good for me because the love story was in the front and center Well that’s my weakness but it was a plus for me Killian is an Irish mobster And every time he said “Aye love” in his Irish accent I melted CONS It’s too long Crazy long In my opinion 300 pages would be ideal for this story but this book is 550 pages Yes it is developed enough Yes it is good enough to make you continue reading but I really wished it were shorter If I didn’t love the couple so much I definitely would have dropped it when it dragged It is written in 3rd person point of view I don’t like this style Usually it makes it hard for me to connect to the characters I prefer 1st person point of view However despite my dislike of this style it is at least a good example of it It really made me feel But it would be so much better with 1st person point of view I liked everything about this story except for the rescue scene The kidnapping the tension the angst the search were all thrilling but the rescue scene failed to satisfy me I also didn’t like that there was a 5 months’ separation Although I understand the reasons of the hero staying away not to put her life in danger it was painful to read their pain I didn’t like how they came back together I like it when the hero makes his move This was accidental meeting actually someone else’s doing which makes me wonder if they would be together now if those people hadn’t interfered and helpedSAFETY Before Juliette Killian was with many women They were all casual hook ups She was a virgin when she met Killian Juliette dated a guy during separation but nothing happened Killian never ever looked at any other woman after the night he met Juliette Safe sex – condoms used No unplanned pregnancy crapAll in all it is a good book with its own drawbacks If it weren’t 550 pages I would tell you to try it with no hesitation but the long length of it which feels unnecessary makes me stop and refrain from recommending it However if you like mafia romance and if you don’t bother lengthy books then give it a chance you will love both the hero and the heroine and the way they love each otherHere are some UOTES from the book There were no words to describe the sight she made Every inch of her was cut from the very depths of his fantasies It was as though someone had reached deep inside him and crafted a woman far dangerous than any weapon on earth and the only one she could potentially destroy was him“Front desk Juliette speaking” “Come here” the dark husky voice murmured in such a gravely purr that her pussy automatically clenched in response “I can’t just come up” she hissed into the receiver careful to keep her voice low and her back to Celina “I still have—” “Now Juliette I want my pussy” Christ Hot liuid need rushed free of her body to soak into her panties “Killian”“ I won’t ask again Bring her to me or I’ll come down there and fuck you where you stand” The line went dead Juliette swallowed hard Her fingers tightened around the plastic as her entire body vibrated with excitement She knew he wasn’t joking She knew he would do exactly what he promised“Your safety was put into uestion and I won’t have that not when the thought of something happening to you is the only thing that can break me You’re my weakness Juliette You’re my Achilles’ heel the key to bringing me down and I can’t lose you”“Damn it Juliette Stop”Panting and dizzy she stared at him “What?”He nipped at her lip with his teeth hard enough to make her whimper and reach for him“Whatever the hell it is you’re doing to me”People like him didn’t deserve a family They didn’t get a future The most he could ask for was a kiss of happiness a whisper of warmth to ease a cold existence That happened to be Juliette She was his one taste of peace There would be none after her How could there be when the thought of letting her go had become a fear worse than any nightmare he’d ever had? How could any woman ever possibly take that place? He loved her Juliette had left him no choice She had crashed into his world like a beautiful storm and disrupted everything“Would it put your mind at ease if I assured you I haven’t noticed another woman since you?”“That so?” “Aye love”It was no wonder he was afraid to love anyone How could he when those he loved were either killed or they left him? But she wouldn’t leave him If he asked her to she would stay with him forever“That is why I can’t keep you for longer than a year Juliette This alone has put you in danger than you can possibly imagine but I needed this need you as selfish as that is”“You broke me” The light slipped away with just a shift of his head back in her direction “You took away everything that I was everything that made me strong You made me forget what I was and why Because of my carelessness it took me two weeks to realize Molly was missing That was my fault I let myself be drawn into something I have always known I could never have but it was because of you You’re not good for me Juliette You’re the thing I need to keep away from if I am to keep fighting You make me weak and weak men die”Maybe she was his second chance Maybe he was an idiot for not grabbing hold with both hands But if it was a contest between his sanity and her life there was no uestion He didn’t need his sanity anyway“She could be dead and do you even care?” “Of course I care I’ve never cared about anything than I do about your sister I would easily give my life for hers but if I continue to stand here and think of her out there hurt or worse I will lose my fucking mind do you understand me?”Like some sick joke his eyes went to the destroyed monitor his mind replaying Juliette’s screams How old was the video? Two three days? That morning? What state was Juliette in now? “Get the men” The voice was his but he had no idea who was speaking “We’re going to find her even if we have to burn the fucking city to the ground”A man can’t live alone forever and when a woman comes along who accepts him his faults and demons maybe it’s time he reevaluates his future“I need to breathe again I need to feel what it’s like not to be dying inside I need you”