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In its opening paragraphs, Skyracos rockets to the planet Claous, and the futuristic mining town of Destiny City Here, a heartless, interplanetary conglomerate mines its own version of blood diamonds, Eternium When a riot erupts and miners begin to exhibit strange symptoms, the ironclad space corp of Skyracos are called in to restore peace But nothing can interrupt the precious flow Eternium, not without serious repercussions.Skyracos mixes pulp, sci fi action with a good dose of political intrigue, setting forces at odds and then letting the fur fly It s a unique take on the space marine genre, well worth attention. Chip is an idealistic young man who tends to get lost in daydreams from time to time He and his fellow Skyracos are ard super cops, thinly scattered on many worlds, in an imperfect future.Destiny City is a remote colony owned by the Arkon Mining Company Chip is a junior part of the Skyracos wing brought in to assist the company security forces in quelling a riot.It doesn t take long to discover there is much to the story than the mining company would have them believe Sheer greed quickly overcomes compassion and common sense as the Skyracos are ordered to betray their ideals.A saucer shaped blimp hovers over Destiny City The Painwell Pharmacare laboratory team within this floating research facility scrambles to find a plague cure while the Arkon Mining security teams battle the terrified colonists below.The reader is given a peek into the minds of each of the major characters as the situation reels out of control Chip s idealism is put to the ultimate test as John Picha weaves an exciting tale.I must admit I expected a lightweight space opera Nothing could be farther from the truth Skyracos unfolds in a manner reminiscent of Kurt Vonnegut at his best I found myself relating to Chip s pain as he is tested under fire and learns some hard lessons Skyracos is a dark story, well told. The Skyracos are called for disaster relief at an Eternum mine on the planet Claous Eternium is a highly sought mineral promising the lure of immortality to those who can pay the price Its production is halted when a strange disease overtakes the serf like miners and infects their colony.The author has a way of breeding suspense and creating multifaceted characters through layers of frustrations and sharp curves The story employs a sudden unstable suspense using countdowns and other diversions I would recommend it to people who like their pulp studded with Brazil like floors of ignorant bureaucracy and heroes that have no choice but to go against the code for the cause Which code of conduct will be up to you, the reader, to observe and figure out I was looking forward to this book after reading Pandora Driver The Origin by the same author, and yes I did enjoy it, although it s a completely different genre Picha s writing style flows very nicely Although the action is confined to one setting, to capture the feeling of claustrophobia and mounting panic, there is the grand sense of scale of the events unfolding against the backdrop of a fully realized universe In the mining colony Destiny City on planet Claous a mysterious plague is raging, and the Skyracos are working with the colony leaders in the imaginative saucer blimp control station trying to find a cure before it s too late The plot centers upon Chip Daniels He s a new recruit to the Skyracos elite forces and so he s still struggling with the technology, the unit s moral codes, and the choice between idealistic or pragmatic actions In fact, sometimes we see his daydreams where he imagines the heroic deeds he could perform, which are a shocking counterpoint to the distressing and chaotic reality he finds himself in His Chief is an interesting, shadowy character sometimes siding with Chip, sometimes obeying the commands of vested big business interests, we re never sure whose side he s on The source of the plague virus is kept as a mystery, but the readers suspect right away that the colony s leaders, under the officious Mr Tultee, do not have the colonists best interests at heart There are things about the colony they want kept secret and sooner or later, Chip is going to have to break rank and find the true villains of the piece The ending reveals a startling fact about the nature of the virus that turns the action on its head that made me want to go back to the start and read it again, this time from a new perspective The whole atmosphere is reminiscent of the Star Trek original series episode Devil in the Dark , only much complex and detailed I found the storytelling in the present tense a bit strange at first, but it lends the narrative an extra sense of urgency and approaching crisis Syracos The Mining Mess is a highly entertaining book, well written, with great ideas, and good characterization, and I hope it s the first of a series. Have You Ever Dreamt Of Visiting Alien Worlds Have You Ever Wished You Could Zip Through Space Via Jet Pack What If You Could Defy Gravity And Explore Unknown Realms Freely Imagine Being A Space Adventurer, Paid To Meet And Greet Alien Cultures, While Representing And Protecting All Of Humanid Kind You D Live To Tell Tales Of Glory You D Be The Stuff Of Legends Sounds Like A Dream Job, Right Well, No Job Is Perfect, And There Is A High Price To Be Paid For This Fantasy That S Reality For A SkyracoThese Winged Warriors Operate Millions Of Miles From Their Home World, Centrus, On The Frontier Of The Known They Travel To Planets Remote And Unimagined Where They Are Forced To Interpret Crises And Dispense Justice On Their Terms, Or So They ThinkIn Skyracos The Mining Mess Recent Recruit, Chip Daniels Wants To Be A Hero, But Gets Than He Bargained For Once Incased In His Streamlined Flight Suit Chip And The Rest Of Unit Are Ordered To Investigate A Mysterious Plague Outbreak In An Isolated Mining Colony What Starts Out As A Game Quickly Unravels Into A Life Or Death Crisis Notions Of Good And Evil Spin Into A Nightmare Of Moral Ambiguity, Which Challenges Chip S Definition Of HeroicsWelcome To A Skyraco S Uncomfortable World Skyracos The Mining Mess Is A Retro Sci Fi Adventure Of Flight Packs And Flying Men Forged From The Same Mettle As Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, The Rocketeer And Pulps Like Startling StoriesIt Ain T Shakespeare It S Pure Pulp Download A Free Preview From Your Favorite EBookstore Today