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I am not sure how to give a half star, but I would place this book at 3 1 2 stars as opposed to the four I gave it I enjoyed the past present chapter chronology, the story itself and the way the protagonist was portrayed Living in NH, on a lake, I could most definitely identify with the summer experience described by Chicoine Though I was able to guess most of the ending, there was one surprise I did not expect, which had to do with a character s parent My only complaint is there were a number of grammar errors with respect to a few spelling mistakes but particularly with respect to comma splices They distracted me from the writing Benjamin Hughes Is On A Mission He Has Just Bought Back The New Hampshire Lake Cottage His Family Lost Eighteen Summers Ago, In , Just Before He Turned Fourteen Just Before His Life Blew ApartStill Reeling From A Broken Engagement, Ben Has Committed Himself To Relive That Momentous Summer For The Next Twenty Four HoursEvery Summer As A Boy, Ben Has Gawked At The Pretty Redhead Amelia, Granddaughter To The Richest Man On The Lake, Doc Burns Owner Of A Cessna Floatplane And The Whispering Narrows Estate During The Summer Of , Ben Not Only Sneaks Around With Amelia, But He Learns How To Fly With Doc, And Meets An Eclectic Cast Of Characters That Will Change Him Forever The Best Summer Of Ben S Life Turns Out To Be The Worst As The Burns Family Dysfunction Collides With His Own Family S Skeletons 2.5 if I could I liked the premise and overall storyline, but the writing style itself didn t quite do it for me. I thought J.B Chicoine s debut novel UNCHARTED Story for a Shipwright was amazing, but I think Spilled Coffee is even better.With a trip down memory lane to the late 60 s, Ben the main character has come back to the New Hampshire lake cabin his family used to vacation at and the memories of the summer that broke his heart, as well as his family.Chicoine s writing is superbly crafted, andtimes than not, I was surprised when I looked up from my reading to find I was not in New Hampshire at all, but in my living room Her descriptions of time and place are mind altering, in that I dare you not to think you re in New Hampshire either.A coming of age story, linking memories to present day, Chicoine weaves a tale of such intricacy, that I couldn t put this book down I stayed up long into the night to finish it, wondering how the end would turn out.With a few plot twists that I never saw coming, Chicoine s characters are rich and well developed, so much so, I thought of them as real people Her prose is beautiful and lush and sweeps you into the story so quickly, you forget you re actually reading a book.With all the trappings of the 60 s from Woodstock to hippies to the first lunar landing, Spilled Coffee is just the thing for an aging boomer like me If I could give this 10 stars I would. This was clunky, repetitive and boring. 3.5 I love this story I read it twice It was like a time jump to when I was a young teen The emotional intensity of the young character Benjamin is spot on, in my opinion The world of 14 year old Benjamin s perceptions versus his realities is sensitive and thought provoking.Chicoine addresses a universal theme making peace with one s past while transitioning realistically from the uncomfortable rhythm of Ben s adult life to his memories of the pivotal summer that changed his life While Chicoine tackles some disturbing issues, she balances it with optimism and manages to evoke happy memories of childhood Great reading