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Franklin Gamble Is A Man Haunted By Visions Of A Family He Can T Remember And The Growing Awareness That His World Is A Fabrication By Oppressors Who Control Every Aspect Of His Existence After Being Contacted By The Mysterious Coalition, Francis Is Reluctantly Persuaded To Find The Answers That Elude Him His Pursuit Of Truth Puts Him In A Duel Of Wills Against The Sovereign, The Oppressive Empire That Uses The Machine Of Propaganda Combined With The Brutal Terror Of Their Dogmen To Smother Any Spark Of RebellionThe Coalition Reveals The Sovereign S Technological Prowess That Has Trapped Its Inhabitants In A Lethargic State To Prevent Rebellion Of Any Sort Franklin Is The Only Person On The Inside Whose Mind Is Active Enough To Resist And Take Action With Time Running Out And His Life At Risk, Franklin Must Choose Between Defiance Or Submission A Decision That Will Either Further Imprison Him Or Shatter An Empire ForeverIn The Vein Of And Fahrenheit , Bard Constantine Presents A Dystopian Preview Of A World That Is Not, But Very Well Could Be Our Own

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    A Not so Silent Masterpiece Silent Empire is author Bard Constantine s latest work of Dieselpunk fiction and he is fast proving to be the master of this genre Silent Empire combines the moody industrial imagery of a fascist totalitarian world with the psychological tension of a protagonist rebelling against Orwellian mind control In Silent Empire, the brutal reign of terror wrought upon dissenters by the Sovereign s jack booted thugs, the Dogmen , makes the Gestapo look like liberal social workers Constantine s characters are well crafted and he doesn t let setting get in the way of telling a good story It s not necessary to know how the world of the Silent Empire was created It is enough to understand why And the mechanisms that enslave the populace to the wishes of the Sovereign are subservient to the story of how to survive, and then how to defy, such slavery All of this is as it should be in an engrossing novella that engages the reader from page one to its dramatic conclusion It is the goal of every author of dystopian fiction to write something as important to their own generation as George Orwell s 1984 was to his Silent Empire expertly recreates the socio political dynamic of a fascist pseudo 1930 s era The similarities to 1984 leap off the first page with the ubiquitous broadcasts by the Smiling Man , Constantine s version of Big Brother and by the slave like mental state of the protagonist, Citizen 4891, Franklin Gamble who discovers a secret buried in his oppressed consciousness that defines his destiny But it would be unfair to Bard Constantine to compare this short work of fiction 99 print pages to Orwell s seminal masterpiece Silent Empire is a work of retro futurism which attempts very successfully to throw us back to the 1930 s aesthetic as if the author was a member of Orwell s writing circle, like Renoir was a colleague with Monet in the Impressionist movement But to truly emulate what Orwell had achieved for the readers of his time would mean an author would need to take the issues of today and project them into a what if future that was grimly accurate in its foreshadowing This is not entirely what Silent Empire does, although the messages about the threat of totalitarianism are still applicable to the present My point is, I just feel it would be unfair for readers to assign their Star Rating for Silent Empire using 1984 as the yardstick, however similar its context might be Silent Empire sends a similarly chilling message but is wrapped in a compact piece of thought provoking entertainment a novella that cements Bard Constantine as a lead author in the Dieselpunk retro futuristic movement My biggest disappointment is that Silent Empire is not a full length novel because Bard Constantine s prose is yet again an intoxicating liquor of precise eloquence chased down with a shot of distilled guts And I can drink his work all day long Try his Troubleshooter noir fiction to see what I mean As an author, I envy him greatly and say Bard, thank you, pour me another work like Silent Empire , but this time make it a double

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    Bard Constantine is the author of Silent Empire.This book is George Orwell s 1984, meets The Matrix, and meets the wonderful mind of Bard Constantine When I first picked up the book it was so thin I wasn t sure how much of a story could be held between the cover I was blown away Constantine s descriptions and writing style is so refreshing and so different I found myself rereading whole pages just to truly appreciate the words all over again I have become an instant fan of Mr Constantine and I look forward to reading of his wonderful stock of stories I received the book, Silent Empire, for free through Goodreads First Reads.

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    This novella is quite the page turning, suspenseful dystopian I loved it so much I read it in one sitting Bard Constantine gives a clear depiction of the setting and characters, and weaves a plot so complex I still wonder how he did it This is one of my favorite dystopian stories and sort of reminds me of the setting of the movie Equilibrium A must read

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    Great dsytopian fiction from a great new author Constantine serves up a rich vision of Orwellian fascism with than a pinch of Phillip K Dick mind bending, who goes there paranoia.A friend recommended this author to me I m glad he did Read Constantine Now You ll be glad you did.