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Writers have been writing about war since the siege of Troy but few if any have captured the first person experience of war as deeply as My Vietnam War Set in 1967 the deadliest year of the Vietnam War this memoir style novel depicts the psychological journey of a young man whose carefree days of studying philosophy at the university are ended by the draft The story follows him from his initial rear echelon assignment in Saigon where he falls for a mysterious storytelling bar girl to his eventual posting at an isolated front line firebase in one of the deepest parts of the Vietnam jungle While recovering from a leg wound he is hit by a piece of bone from a fellow soldier who stepped on a booby trap mine he becomes the assistant medic and sees the horrors of war close up The experience begins his steady spiral down into PTSD After he is seriously wounded he ends up back in Saigon where after an old friend from Arizona gets him involved in the underground drug trade the mysterious bar girl may be his only hope for salvation It is a powerful story well written with vivid detail that you will never forget

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    A powerhouse book that takes you deep into the heart of darkness that was the Vietnam War This book is about one young draftees descent into PTSD but it is also a story about love and romantic yearning in the most unlikely of situations I can guarantee you one thing long after you put this book down you will continue thinking about it I give it the top rating