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[PDF / Epub] ☀ Chłopi Author Władysław Stanisław Reymont –

It s far too thick, but the authors from the end of 19th century and beginning of 20th century loved such a stuff If it was shorter, it would be good. Each Of The Four Parts Represents A Season In The Life Of The Peasants Autumn Published In , Winter Published In , Spring Published In , And Summer Published In This Division Underlines The Relationship Of Human Life With NatureReymont Decided To Write About Peasant Life Because Of Historical Events, Which Took Place In Polish Villages In The Early Th Century The Fact That The Author Was Brought Up In A Village Has A Significant Influence On The Novel S PlotIn Ch Opi, Reymont Created A Complete And Suggestive Picture Of Country Life Than Any Other Polish Writer The Novel Impresses The Reader With Its Authenticity Of The Material Reality, Customs, Behaviour And Spiritual Culture Of The People The Composition Of The Novel Astonishes The Reader With Its Strict Simplicity And Functionality The Titles Of The Various Volumes Signal A Tetralogy In One Vegetational Cycle, Which Regulates The Eternal And Repeatable Rhythm Of Village Life Parallel To That Rhythm Is A Calendar Of Religion And Customs, Also Repeatable In Such Boundaries Reymont Placed A Colourful Country Community With Sharply Drawn Individual Portraits The Repertoire Of Human Experience And The Richness Of Spiritual Life, Which Can Be Compared With The Repertoire Of Biblical Books And Greek Myths, Has No Doctrinal Ideas Or Didactic Exemplifications The Author Of Ch Opi Does Not Believe In Doctrines, But Rather In His Own Knowledge Of Life, The Mentality Of The People Described, And His Sense Of Reality Jedna gwiazdka to i tak za du o. This is one of my mother in law s favorite books I so didn t love it There was too much description especially landscape and I despise the heroine Greg s mother thinks it is sad and feels very bad for her, but I just think she was a terrible lady and could hardly read about her She s just a yucky gotta make good use of my extensive vocabulary person and I didn t feel any sort of sympathy for her I just despised her I read it a really long time ago and I have a terrible memory for books, but I remember these things about this book very well. This is one of the few single books to win an author the nobel prize Bio s are quick to mention that he campaigned intensely for his own nomination At the time, even in USA, this was the book everyone was reading, and now it has fallen from every list and is hard to find even in the beautiful libraries of Pittsburgh A slow, ponderous, stroll through the lives of the Peasants in Poland in all of their beauty and much of their ugliness It ends with a girl beaten and thrown onto a dung cart Good to kill a whole summer dead. probably the best Polish book I have ever read Long, but interesting book about rural Poland and in fact great study of human nature. This book is essentially Dynasty Falcon Crest except its set in 1905 rural Poland So instead of Alexis Blake at the club you get Antek Yagna trying to avoid the kine in the brye on their way to the hayrick Don t red line me Word They are so words Where was I Unfortunately I didn t realize that The Peasants is actually 4 books in the Series Autumn, Winter, Spring Summer and I was reading just Winter And even sad is that the series is out of print, so even if I wanted to get the other volumes they are not available I will say that the first 10 pages of describing Poland in winter time was the best writing of the book and highlights the book s strength of describing the peasants day to day life It will also keep me the hell out of Poland during the months September thru June. One of the best Polish books and my favourite Such a complex and thourough description of the old Polish countryside, the life of peasants and not of the gentry unusual ,old customs and all this in a beutiful language Unfortunately it looses a lot of the charm when translated I tried it and couln t stand it I don t know how many times I read this book and it s always good Better each time you read it.