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New Technology, New Choices But Who Gets To Choose Conjoined Twins Gordon And Johnny Have Never Let Their Condition Keep Them From Living Full And Fulfilling Lives Gordon Looks Forward To Many Years Of Closeness And Cooperation Johnny, However, Faces Their Future With Increasing Restlessness, Even DreadWhen The Boys Are In Their Teens, The New Technologies Of Accelerated Human Cloning And Brain Transplants Are Combined Into A Single Medical Procedure Transplant To Clone, Or TTC Someone Whose Body Has Suffered Such Extensive Damage As To Make Normal Life Impossible May With Court Approval Be Cloned And Then Given A Brain Transplant Into The Clone Body With Gordon S Unwitting Assistance, Johnny Realizes That The TTC Procedure Provides The Chance He Had Never Dared To Hope For The Chance To Live In A Normal, Separate BodyBut Gordon Considers Their Conjoined Life A Blessing, Rather Than A Curse He Has No Intention Of Accepting Separation Not Without A Fight Division, Like Wyle S Earlier Novels, Uses Original Settings And Situations To Explore Universal Themes The Complexity And Intensity Of Family Relationships, The Nature Of Individual Identity, And The Far Reaching Effects Of The Choices We Make

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    Twins share many things, but Karen Wyle s novel, Division, explores what happens when twins grow up sharing even than most, including the same body Gordon and Johnny are so close they cannot move apart, but so different that a lifetime of compromise can t keep them together With different interests and different attitudes to life, they ve lived as closely joined as two people can be and have learned to dream and cope Meanwhile the girl next door has become their closest ally and friend Their mother quietly supports and encourages And adulthood looms large.Particularly convincing is the small town feel of a place where conjoined boys are just two guys in the graduating class, and tourists stares are a hazard of summer sun But a near future world is changing around these boys, offering possibilities previously unknown They travel, go to court, argue, laugh, and seem so achingly real in their conflict that readers will genuinely wonder whose side to take Is it stubborn to change, or stay the same Is it cruel to think of your own needs above your twin s Is it honest to stay with the past, or to reach for future s promise And where will we, or our future selves, draw the line in moral debate The story s as convincing in its court scenes as in the home, or on the road The characters are just as human when they re friends as when they re foes And the future world has no easier answers than the present day after all But the questions will leave readers pondering possibilities and implications.Beautifully researched and convincingly told, this novel reads like a present day drama with just a touch of the future just enough to make us question the present truly I really enjoyed it.Disclosure The author kindly offered me a free ecopy because I d enjoyed her work in the past.

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    This is the fourth book I have read that was written by Karen A Wyle, and it certainly did not disappoint She has proven once again to be an exceptional writer In Division, we enter the world of Gordon and Johnny, and we get a glimpse of what it would be like to live as conjoined twins I kept trying to imagine how that would feel, and it seemed like an overwhelmingly difficult way to live To never, ever be alone that is too hard for most of us to fathom Every movement you make and every decision you make will impact your twin and vice versa Division takes place in a future where a human can be cloned, the aging process can be accelerated, and then the brain can be transplanted into the clone s body This is only permitted when a person s quality of life is severely limited due to an ailment or injury The implications of this procedure TTC Transplant to Clone could be the answer to Johnny and Gordon s problem except only Johnny believes it is a problem, and Gordon is perfectly content living as a conjoined twin When Johnny decides to fight for this procedure in court, their relationship is irrevocably changed It was really hard for me to pick sides I could understand both points of view I found myself leaning towards Johnny, only because I could understand why he would want to live a normal and independent life But then I felt badly for Gordon, because even though living your life attached to someone else sounds awful, I realize that that was all he knew That was how his entire life was so he couldn t imagine living it any other way And it didn t seem fair that he should have to go through such a risky procedure when it wasn t medically necessary I really got to know and care for the main characters, including their mother and their girlfriend, Dodi It is a complex family drama that kept me hooked from beginning to end Between the controversial cloning procedure and the psychological issues, this is a thought provoking, human interest story that you will not forget Division is an excellent book worthy of five stars Highly recommended.

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    I don t really know what to say about Division It left me intrigued, muddling through my own thoughts and a little excited for the possibilities the future holds for us.It s complex, emotional, confronting and thought provoking It covers the journey of Johnny and Gordon, conjoined twins that share most of a body, each controlling one half The story takes us through some of their early years and some of their teenaged years, but the bulk of the story revolves around them blooming into adulthood and the controversial medical procedure to allow them to be divided with full bodies of their own I grew to like Gordon throughout the book, I think I related strongly to his personality and that meant I subconsciously, or perhaps consciously, chose to agree with his point of view That doesn t mean that I didn t see the merits in how Johnny felt, but I was invested in Gordon This only highlighted to me the reality that twins, conjoined or not, are individual beings and are not carbon copies of each other, even if they look like it Dodi was an interesting character I didn t feel I had a strong grasp on who she really was, all I took from her was her feelings for the twins Which of course got complicated as the story progressed, but I didn t connect with her Ellen, now she was a great character The levels to her emotional state and the pains she took to keep the boys protected was truly Herculean I loved how Frank, her partner and the boys step father, was a contrasting character in most situations He was the rock in most of their lives It allowed for very real family dynamics I liked that.My biggest gripe would be to do with the way time progressed early in the book I felt a little rushed through the opening scenes and the result of that was less emotional impact in the crucial scenes The shocking scene that should have had me crying, didn t quite get there I did come a fair bit closer at the softer, emotional scenes after that one, but alas, still no tears This book will make you think It will make you consider your own opinions on the controversial moral topics that are covered in this book It is a science fiction book, but it has just enough to seem really plausible, not fantastical I loved how realistic the technology was I can really see something like this in our future The writing, is really easy to read It s complex enough to be suitable for adults, but also probably clear enough that young adults could read it and be fine A couple of things I noticed 66% But her expression remove the.74% hit Ellen s check cheek Note I was provided an electronic copy of this book in return for an honest review

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    This review is for the Kindle edition ebook.Disclosure I was given my copy of this book by the author as a review copy.Can two individuals, joined together before birth, be two separate individuals Conjoined twins, raised as individuals, yet never being apart Johnny would like to live a separate life now that it is possible Gordon, on the other hand, believes him and Johnny can and will live together forever The author took the time to weave a delicate and sensitive story into a great novel It is so much than the idea that cloning could be acceptable at some time It is much than science fiction It is the story of love and relationships between brothers It is the story of the delicate threads that bind us together at times It is also the story of fear and loathing that sometimes sneaks in to our relationships.The author writes a very serious story with this book She also writes a story of the love between brothers, and the battles that sometimes take place This is a work of fiction, but who can say that it will not be a work of fact some day I have enjoyed every one of Karen A Wyle s books that I have read She writes with authority about subjects that are near to her own heart I would recommend this book to adults and teens alike.

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    Karen has a knack for taking a look at a moral situation, and trying to figure out the many different ways it can go I know I kept trying to guess which way the story was going to go, just to have her take me on another turn I look forward to reading of Karen s books

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    Karen A Wyle s DIVISION is the poignant coming of age story of conjoined twins, Gordon and Johnny Blake, who always expected to live their entire lives together When a controversial medical procedure offers the chance for the two boys to live separate lives, Johnny is instantly intrigued But Gordon resists, insisting that the life they were born with is the life they are meant to live What happens to two conjoined twins when one of them wants an independent life of his own DIVISION tells the complex and emotionally riveting story of the choice between connection and independence, between living for each other and living for one s self.Gordon and Johnny are actually dicephalic conjoined twins, meaning they are joined from the chest down into one being with two legs and two arms which they share each of the boys controls one side of the body, meaning they must work together in tandem to do things like walking and cracking pistachio nuts Surgical separation is impossible, since they share one trunk and major organs Wyle sets her story in an unspecified future where cloning becomes an option for the boys The new medical procedure, called Transplant to Clone or TTC , would allow human clones to be grown for both boys, allowing their brains to be transplanted into separate bodies This is the option Johnny is determined to choose, even though Gordon is just as determined to remain connected to his brother What works in DIVISION are the two very different brothers, who are distinctly separate characters even though they are living in one body Johnny is sensitive than his brother, focused on his feelings and his growing desire for an independent life Gordon is satisfied with his conjoined existence, looking forward to college with his brother, and to a romance with Dodi, the girl both of them love While Johnny imagines a time when he and Dodi could be intimate without Gordon s presence, Gordon and Dodi herself, actually always sees them as a threesome I found both brothers to be interesting and believable characters, with valid arguments for the lives they hope to live Johnny s longing for a life independent of his brother is understandable, especially for those of us who can t imagine being physically connected to another person But Gordon s horror at being abandoned by the one person with whom he has shared every second since birth is equally understandable And I found myself involved in Gordon s nightmare after Johnny s procedure separates them than I did in Johnny s rather pedestrian attempts at living a normal life travel, sexual experimentation, and over indulgence in alcohol are initially very important to him What doesn t work as well is the novel s timeline Things just seem to happen very, very quickly There s a court case, with Johnny trying to get legal approval to proceed with the operation while Gordon tries to stop him , and within days of the decision the operation is underway Wyle explains that the cloning procedure is able to rapidly age the clone from the cellular stage to an adult or teenage body in very short order, but even so the brain transplant itself seems to happen overnight, and Johnny is up and about in what seems like days Gordon has a harder time, stuck in a hospital bed attached to the empty shell of his brother.Additionally, Johnny s very easy acceptance of his independent body and new life seems a bit difficult to accept He doesn t seem bothered at all by the absence of his brother, and aside from a few twinges of memory he seems just fine on his own He also feels no need to visit Gordon, or to stay in contact with him Gordon, on the other hand, is continually haunted by Johnny s absence but that makes sense, considering he s still attached to the empty head that used to be his brother Finally, the sexual aspects of the novel are a bit difficult to absorb Wyle isn t shy about describing sexual activity between the brothers there s a masturbation scene that is creepy, to say the least and their sexual fantasies about Dodi Once Johnny is in his own body, the first thing he wants to do is have sex, and it doesn t seem to matter with whom he ll be having it Dodi isn t particularly well developed as a character, so it isn t at all clear why she is attracted to these two boys, joined together as they are in one body Until Johnny s decision to separate himself from Gordon, she fully intends to marry the two of them And even after the separation, there is a suggestion that the three of them can still form a life together Again, it s a bit hard to absorb.DIVISION is a fascinating look at what it might be like to be forever physically connected to another human being It s also an engaging and poignant story about love and loss, and two brothers struggling to find a way to both live together and apart The choices we make in life are always hard, and it s even harder if the choices we make for ourselves also impact another person This is a heartfelt story that truly touched me I m very glad I had the chance to read it Please note I was provided a copy of this novel for review the opinions expressed here are my own.

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    We all know someone who has identical twins, or we ve gone to school with twins, or we ve seen them in movies and commercials Those of us lucky enough to actually know twins are well aware that having the same genetic code doesn t automatically mean they think the same way at all As we go through life, different stimulus can strike us in different ways Two people even twins who see a car accident don t always see what happened the same way One could have been distracted by a bird flying by or a stray thought at a key moment Different books they might read generate different ideas and beliefs, and as these paths diverge, individuality emerges.Johnny and Gordon have a unique problem Nobody sees them as individuals They ve been together all their lives but as they grew, their personalities drifted further and further apart and now it s time they went their separate ways, but due to circumstances beyond their control and a startling family secret they can t.Johnny is restless he wants to get out on his own He s sick of having his brother in his face all the time, and has always been the emotional and impulsive of the two He wants to take action and stop talking about it.Gordon s delighted with the current arrangement All these years he s had Johnny around to help him They finished one another s sentences They always did homework together, played sports together, had the same friends and went, together, through the adversity of the folks who stared and pointed and thought they were weird They had triumphed over all that adversity Why change anything Now the technology is available to give each his own individual life Johnny wants this desperately Gordon doesn t see the point Brothers can feud, but this is orders of magnitude worse They must go to court, each defending his right to live as he chooses Johnny s freedom could quite literally threaten Gordon s life Gordon s preferred life is slavery by Johnny s standards Is it even possible to find a fair solution This is one of the most thought provoking books I ve read The author puts us not only in the presence of the twins, but into their thought processes and emotional states She tackles, aside from the issue of technology bringing us places we may not want to go, showing, in clear example, the conflicts that arise when two individuals separate rights have to be sorted out Does Johnny have the right to endanger his brother to get what he wants Should Gordon have to completely restructure his life and sacrifice all he holds dear and possibly his life because Johnny wants a different path Are we our brothers keeper, or do we owe ourselves freedom This is adult material, difficult both from the standpoint of erotica in the context of the story, not gratuitous, we are after all talking about teenage boys , but also from the standpoint of traditional value systems It is a frank discussion of what it means to be an individual, of what happens when rights conflict and there seem to be no viable answers We see the public get wrapped in the conflict, both sides angry and vindictive, and wonder how it can ever be resolved It challenges our view of both freedom and justice, while letting us share in the lives of some very memorable characters I highly recommend it.

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    As part of a conjoined twin set, Johnny hasn t given much thought to what life would be like without his beloved brother by his side Their mother has taught them to value what they have from an early age, a lesson they ve learned to keep as time goes by He knows that people think their existence goes against God s teachings In their eyes, they re an abomination that shouldn t exist Yet he refuses to allow the way people see him and his brother to dictate the way he lives his life.As time goes by, technological advances surface that allow people to change the way they live their lives Johnny soon comes to the realization that he d like out of life It s not that he doesn t love his brother, he does He just wants to experience things on his own Granted, he s spent all of his life sharing a body with Gordon Yet the thought of moving on his own and doing things for himself are far too alluring.Determined to gain his freedom, Johnny sets a chain reaction of events into motion that soon changes his life and that of those around him Though he feels bad about everything, he refuses to give up on the idea of having his own body Resentment from those he loves follows his every wake, but it does nothing to deter him from his goal In his mind, he s doing the right thing, and he ll do everything he can to show everyone that he s chosen correctly.As tensions rise, and their lives grow hectic by the day, Johnny soon takes into account the circumstances that have led him to where he is now He knows there s no changing the way things have come to be He s made a choice, and he ll stand by it, much to his family s chagrin His brother, Gordon, might not agree with what he s done, but he knows he ll come to see things his way sooner or later At least, he hopes he will, because nothing s going to change the fact that he ll do his best to achieve his dream of having his own body, once and for all.Division is one of those books that will capture your attention, and give you food for thought Karen touches on a subject that s been around for ages, but hasn t been fully explored What if you had the chance to clone your body in order to survive Would you take the risk Or would you live your life the way you were meant to live it In this book, Johnny and Gordon are presented with that choice While many in the story balk at the idea of cloning, Johnny has chosen to go ahead with procedure because it allows him to live a full life in a body of his own Some may see his doing so as selfish, but I think he chose a way that allowed both him and his brother to know what it s like to have a body of their own in order to lead separate lives Yes, Gordon was against it in the beginning, but he was soon able to see the good in what his brother set into motion A bittersweet story, Division is full of many lessons that anyone can relate to This is definitely one those books you ll want to read time and again I know I will.

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    Gordon and Johnny are conjoined twins They have only one body Gordon controls his head, left hand and left arm, and Johnny controls his head and the right side Of course, they have had to learn to live together and never expected things to be otherwise Fortunately, they have a loving and supporting family Their mother Ellen and their stepfather Frank have done everything they can for the boys They ve even shielded the boys from curious people, mostly tourists The local people are used to them and treat them just like anyone else.Gordon loves to play the violin and study history while Johnny is impatient and competitive But they ve had to learn to compromise They re even dating the girl next door, Dodi, and she dreams of a future with both of them Gordon is looking forward to that future, sharing everything with his brother but Johnny is a little frustrated because of their limitations Yet, they are planning what they will study in collage because they have limited time and different interests.Then one day, they hear about a new treatment method, TTC or Transplant to Clone, for people whose bodies has suffered severe damage In the treatment, a clone body is grown for the damaged person and then his or her brain is surgically removed and planted into the clone Almost instantly, Johnny knows that he wants to do just that, so that he would be able to live a normal life But when Johnny suggests it, Gordon is horrified He s happy with their lives and doesn t want to change it.For Johnny to get a transplant, he has to go to court and battle his brother The battle might tear apart the brothers, their family and friends No matter what the outcome will be, how can they live with it Ms Wyle has again written a very thoughtful and fascinating science fiction book It explores personal choices which can affect others in a profound way and also what is normal and what s not Gordon, Johnny, and the other people feel very realistic to me They each have their own goals and desires Even though Johnny loves his brother, he yearns to be free to live his own life in a way that Gordon doesn t Dodi has never thought of the possibility that they could be separated Her parents try to keep her away from the brothers when Dodi and the boys become teenagers.With the court case, the brothers suddenly become interesting to the media which is a new experience for the family and offers another layer to the story.The story is set in future but the family isn t wealthy and so they don t have significantly different technology than what we have today, except for the TTC, of course.

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    Note I received a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review Division is one of the best books I read in 2013, a year in which I read Parasite and We Need to Talk About Kevin And the Divergent trilogy, but I didn t actually like those books, so no competition there I liked it so much that I asked author Karen A Wyle to write a guest post for the blog, which she did last Friday.I read books to escape and be entertained, like everyone else But , I read books to be challenged intellectually, and Division does just that.This is a story about a pair of conjoined twins One twin wants to undergo an operation to separate them into two bodies, while the other wants to stay joined This is set in the near future, where the twins must present their arguments in court because the procedure requires the use of clones and cloning is restricted The book follows a variety of characters as they cope with the emotional atmosphere up to and after the decision.I get swept away by books like these that explore what it s like living in the skin of an unusual, unexpected person Division puts us into the experiences of a twin who want to be free, showing us what life is like chained to another person It shows us the struggle the other twin undergoes when he s in his mind rejected by someone closer than a lover could ever be It even examines how their struggle affects their mother, who s loved them unconditionally from birth and must watch their relationship fall apart It follows a girlfriend who believed she would, someday soon, marry two people in one body.A variety of moral questions are opened without direct treatment, which was skillful and impressive Should the twins be allowed to leave their body for clones Should a court have the responsibility to decide the future of their lives Can there ever be a right answer when both of them want something mutually exclusive Yet the morality was never heavy handed, but was instead a backdrop for the interesting and subtle character interactions.This book is one of the beautiful pieces of self published literature that inspires me The author, Karen A Wyle, has published several other books that I m eager to check out Not to get on my soapbox again, but meticulous attention to detail plot, character, premise, grammar is what makes people want to read books You don t have to be traditionally published, though you may have to work your bum off twice as hard to get noticed I heartily recommend this book.