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Jest Rok W Kielcach Przychodzi Na Wiat Dziewczynka Roztargniona Rodzina Przez Pi Lat Nie Mo E Si Zebra , Aby Nada Jej Imi M Wi O Niej Lalka , Laleczka , Lalunia W Ko Cu Rodzice Wywi Zuj Si Ze Swojego Obowi Zku, Jednak Dziewczynka Na Zawsze Ju Pozostaje Lal W Powie Ci Jacka Dehnela Imi Bohaterki Nabiera Jednak Dodatkowych Znacze Z Jednej Strony Jest Wyrazem Czu O Ci, Jak Przez Ca E Ycie Otaczana By A Przez Bliskich, Z Drugiej Za Metafor Jej Starczego Bezw Adu I Zdziecinnienia, Powolnego Zapadania W Letarg, Kt Rego Jeste My Wiadkami W Ostatniej Cz Ci UtworuRozpi Ta Pomi Dzy Tradycj Rodzinnej Sagi, Biografii, Powie Ci O Dojrzewaniu I Wywiadu Rzeki, Lala Jest Histori Kobiety, Kt Ra Wbrew Temu, Co Nieustannie Powtarza A, Zawsze Mia A Wi Cej Rozumu Ni Szcz Cia Dzi Ki Temu Uda O Jej Si Dokona Rzadkiej Sztuki Prze Y A Bezpiecznie I Wzgl Dnie Pogodnie Najokrutniejsze Chyba Stulecie W Historii Europy Perspektywa Wkraczaj Cego W Doros O Wnuka, Z Kt Rej Ledzimy Dawne I Obecne Losy Bohaterki, Dodaje Ksi Ce Specyficznego Uroku

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    Lala is a beloved novel in Poland, although it was only in the second half of the book that I really began to understand why There, and of the narrative is given over to the author s grandmother the eponymous Lala, Polish for Dolly , and I warmed to everyone concerned and could imagine wanting to re read episodes from the story, just as one might want to hear stories from one s own ageing relatives several times.In the first half of the book, it was obvious that this was a d but by a clever young chap who d read a lot of books and who had thought a lot about writing There was too much self conscious reflexive commentary on the writing process, which reminded me of pieces of my own that I ve started but didn t finish That stuff can feel good to write but Lala showed me very clearly that it doesn t suit every type of story Once Dehnel has got most of the meta stuff out of his system, and the narrative brings the reader into longer periods of contact with his family and their history, Lala s world feels cosier and alive Other off notes are struck by a few phrases, mostly near the beginning, that may sound dehumanising as a way to introduce a person with dementia but they wouldn t have that implication so strongly if one heard them much later, after establishing everyone s affection, respect and understanding for Lala and her sense of humour Within the first few paragraphs of the book it s said in her own way she s happy, but that s like talking about the feelings of a sea anemone or a coral reef Antonia Lloyd Jones is one of the most experienced contemporary Polish English translators, but these phrases seem like instances where there s little a translator could do, and where cultural attitudes mean something sounds inescapably a bit off in the target language, whilst it may not have done so in the original If only that had been said after endearing and lucid episodes as these, it would sound different, and convey a relatively linear decline I tried putting on a record of Charlestons from the 1920s, but Granny squawked from the kitchen that the jazz was awful, so we had a grandmother grandson conflict dating from 1926 There s always a conductor, she d state confidently, even if there are only two instruments No, that s one of the differences between chamber music and orchestral there s no conductor Quartets, quintets, duets none of them have a conductor This is Argerich and Kremer My God, she d say, looking at me as if from the other shore, to think I had a career as a music producer, and this is what s become of me in old age Lala is a book on a curious axis of privilege It s a story about eccentric upper middle class people, of a sort familiar from countless stories about the English gentry, or about Russian revolution emigr s and in the case of Britain especially, this class and personality type has always been a n overly dominant type in nostalgic memoir and light fiction But as a story about Polish people, widely available in English, it s quite unusual and refreshing it s contrary to commonly translated 20th century stories of abject wartime suffering, and to the 21st century stereotype of Poles abroad as manual workers We never seem to hear Anglo or American Giedroycs and Radziwi s from grand aristocratic families a few rungs up the ladder from Lala s talk about their heritage Polish and posh are ideas that aren t found together all that often in English.The family history related by Lala is roughly chronological, in its progress from her 19th century grandparents Jacek Dehnel s great great grandparents to Lala herself in middle age and retirement Interspersed with her old family stories are episodes from her present day life, reflections on storytelling, occasional references to things that happened at other times, and snippets about Jacek s friends who visit him whilst he staying with his grandmother as her carer Dehnel never directly mentions in the book that he s gay, which, given Poland s turn to the far right, now seems a shrewd move the book was first published in the optimistic days of 2005 But his friends as family existence, and the way he relates to various male and female friends, make it relatively obvious to the liberal reader Several English language readers on GR have said they found Lala confusing and difficult to follow I don t think it is any unusual in its sequencing than quite a few other literary memoirs and fiction It was very similar to Maybe Esther another recent memoir about East Central European family history, which was also essentially a series of short stories within a fuzzy bordered frame narrative and Lala is a little chronological in its treatment of its characters than the recent International Booker winner Celestial Bodies If you have done a lot of family history yourself, the pattern of stories may feel easier to follow, and there is a tree at the front.Like Maybe Esther, I wouldn t recommend Lala on audio unless you are used to following complex non chronological narratives that way, but I thought it was absolutely fine in written form The audiobook reader for Maybe Esther was good, but the one for Lala was a bit flat with an odd tone that failed to convey much warmth, and I abandoned the Lala audio after about 10%.Even whilst I really liked the book, and the personalities in Lala, I couldn t help be aware of how some of the social class aspects may sound in the left leaning English language literary world I m not sure I would have even thought as much about this last year, as the voice in my head flagging up these criticisms has been constructed to a significant extent over the last six months whilst reading some socialist Twitters Yet Lala doesn t have the simple connotations of being yet another book about posh people as it would if it were British Here, there is also knowingly playful namedropping, like I don t think I ve ever gone so hungry at a party, maybe only at the Shah of Persia s But Poland didn t have Britain s uncomplicated history of privilege founded on Empire and safety from invasion And if this sort of thing had it been written in Communist Poland, its publication may not have been permitted, as it would have been too bourgeois The book expresses the freedom to tell positive stories about a bygone milieu of lucky industrialists, minor aristocrats and upper middle class intelligentsia with descendants now living in modest, but satisfactory circumstances in a way that would still have been forbidden during the author s primary school years Even if, in the contemporary online literary world I know, it seems like a clich wide open to criticism to show that Lala s family were the nice, left liberal type of posh people who made sure the children were polite and respectful to servants unlike those rude even nouveaux riches , who invited random poor people for dinner, and stood up for Jews in the 1930s whilst also continuing their prosperous lifestyles and professional occupations as part of the existing class structure, and getting away with things because they had the right demeanour There s no need for me to check up on you, sir, I can see that you re a gentleman, pure and simple Because you ve got that look about you, sir I can see it at once Lala s tales about her forebears from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries mix several types of upper middle class stories typical of the era in Europe There s self made industrialist and speculator Leonard Brokl, a creature of luck, whim and fluctuation rather than Protestant work ethic the airs and graces rooted in his wife s landed gentry family and also bohemiana Lala s aunts forays into the arts and left wing politics, and two generations of affairs and remarriages that one wouldn t readily associate with the history of a strongly Catholic country The variety means there s rarely a dull moment in this family s stories There is a curious combination of kind generosity and occasional bitchiness, the latter not toned down for a potentially judgemental readership, meaning it feels like listening to a real person The strong opinions about some people s appearances were reminiscent of those which surprised me in Tolstoy s narratives An audacious, mischievous confidence runs through Lala s narrative, and her stories of her female forebears a family in which the women are proud, stubborn and strong which was refreshing to read at a time when so much of literature and social media talks about women being abused, and or needing to learn how to be confident It also wasn t what I d expected most of what I ve seen in literature and media seems to show or imply that Polish women have always been traditional in their gender roles than those in Western Europe I d ended up concluding a long time ago that my own relatives were perhaps particularly anomalous Or, at least, that any work featuring the Polish equivalent of Last of the Summer Wine style matriarchs this image probably being the most traditional way of representing women who wear the trousers was considered too obscure and not representative enough to have made it into English But within a few weeks, I saw the somewhat deceptively titled Andzrej Wajda film Man of Marble at time of writing this review my avatar is from there , and read Lala And there they are, some Polish women who never seem to have got the memo about being subservient or quiet, and who are therefore not even worried about the idea that they are behaving contrary to gendered expectations On the flipside, class based criticism could also be brought to bear there may be elegance and panache in their assertiveness and sheer steeliness in daring to tell a billeted Nazi how to behave in one s house but this tendency could also be seen as upper middle class entitlement, and can I speak to the manager ism The latter a complicated meme that it s surprising isn t criticised often And in general, I always thought the answer was supporting others to be confident, rather than criticising fairly ordinary people for being so, but I m old and what do I know Her story is not just about force of personality, however Lala says several times over the course of the book, I always did have luck than common sense Or, as Dehnel puts it in one of the delightfully camp paragraphs among his occasional flights of mysticism, Fortuna flapped her gilded wings, whirled her spoked wheel, flew down from clouds of whipped cream and set a star of propitious fortune on my grandmother s brow Her confidence creates a sort of opposite of fatalism, as she recalls from her own youthful thoughts Oh dear, I think to myself, third time lucky now that I ve already fainted, a bar has fallen on me and a cart drove into me, I m going to have peace and quiet for the next few decades. Part of this luck was that, just as political repression was at its height, and when it would have been most risky to be congenitally outspoken, she was at home with small children.A few years earlier, just after WWII, her work in the arts where she managed to get a foot in the door despite of her out of favour bourgeois background brought to mind the milieu at the start of the film Cold War And her short expedition with her first husband to work in a foreign embassy echoes Czes aw Mi osz s diplomatic posting before he defected to the West At first the communists wanted to show that they weren t sending nothing but dimwits from the Party ranks, but worldly intellectuals They gave them various non essential posts and put them on show in the European capitals, then suddenly recalled them to Poland and replaced them with their own people. Later, she also worked as a folklore collector something I would love to read about, though, sadly, it s only mentioned in passing here Lala is nevertheless replete with cultural references, but it s largely high culture Dehnel is a fan of the ornate and classical an antiques collector even as an undergraduate who seems to prefer gold leaf to rustic huts The book gives a sense of the Polish intelligentsia s frame of reference something I d longed to know the sort of things one would have grown up hearing about as the equivalent of a Hampstead literati kid, or , if your family wasn t quite so well connected, you could extract, aspirationally, from library books Some of these bits of history and art will be familiar to Brits or other Europeans, some less so Of the battles of Cedynia, La Rochelle and Saratoga none is well known in the UK, but they are mentioned in such a way that it s evident they are relatively common knowledge to the book s original literary readership Finally I see confirmed that popular 20th century opinion in Poland was aware of the class connotations of surnames, and that this isn t merely an abstruse historical curio Mr and Ms Pawlik, who, as their common surname implies, were not exactly aristocrats Other heroes appeared too Hamlet, Roland, King Jan Sobieski and his inseparable wife Marysie ka, Queen Bona poisoning her daughter in law Barbara Radziwi , and in time Emma Bovary, Hans Castorp and Baron de Charlus too, but by this stage we were telling each other the stories. Look, Granny, I d say, today I drew two sections The Flagellation and The Crown of Thorns Rather brutal You ve been looking at too much of the German Middle Ages Oh, it s not all like that Take Lochner, for example Or Witz The Germans have particular ways of expressing tenderness too I was seven, or maybe nine at the time I was a precocious child. at Lis w there was a Wujek Bible lying on a side table, with beautiful illustrations by Dor , featuring angels, prophets, patriarchs And what became of it I ask sacramentally Oh, that very thin paper is perfect for rolling cigarettes The Soviets took it I suppose one has to be flippant It s probably the best way of coping A short reading list of Polish classics could be compiled just from authors mentioned in Lala Stefan eromski s novels were totemic for Lala s generation The war ended And Granny and Julek, appropriately for young people brought up on eromski, began work in the field, because this is what Poland is As a student, she also once lived in the same building as the author s widow At the end of the corridor lived Mrs eromska and her daughter, and we walked past on tiptoes, because it was like walking past the widow and child of S owacki, or Mickiewicz eromski meant the world to our generation The fact that privately he behaved like a rat was quite another matter, but for most Poles he was an unquestioned authority on moral, social and political issues. Her first husband was a writer and translator, Julian Rogo i ski By the time I thought of looking for him on Goodreads, I had warmed to the book so much that it felt much the same as if I d looked up a friend s deceased relative who was a minor author Julek, who beat it into my head that Boy ele ski s translations of Proust are no good because he breaks the original rhythm and loses a lot of the effect, so I should wait until he d translated the whole thing himself But he only ever translated the last volume. Her second husband, a hands on type of chap who had endured horrors in the war, defended Miron Bia oszewski, saying he wrote the truth about what the Uprising was like dirty and smelly, a big mess in lots of cellars, but heroic in spite of all And, given the ambition of this book, it wouldn t be surprising if Dehnel chose to name it Lala not only in homage to his grandmother, but as an allusion to Lalka The Doll by Boles aw Prus, arguably the greatest 19th century Polish novel I was frustrated by some anglicisations which lacked notes about the original Polish words e.g Lysol, Jaffa Cakes, Towser , and the lack of explanations behind phrases that evidently contain history and context, like because I m not a young Polish rebel writer travelling east, in that strange space called the Ukraine But overall I loved the insights and access into the cultural world of a Polish lady a little younger than my own grandparents, and who unlike them stayed in Poland and to a Polish equivalent of the English literary culture I loved hearing about when I was growing up It s by no means a perfect book, but for anyone interested in Polish culture and modern history, or who enjoys memoirs about eccentric and colourful families, it is as long as you are comfortable with the non linear narrative a rewarding read.

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    This Polish book is now available in English, so go knock yourself out.I found a lot of my grandmother in Lala, the author s grandmother It was a way of talking about oneself that portrayed them as anything but a victim There was Nazi occupation and all other aspects of the tumultuous 20th century Polish history, but never seemingly did they suffer The Nazis in my grandma s stories and in Lala s stories were scolded by strong women and apologetic for any transgressions It s one way to deal with trauma, probably the way I find most relatable Self mythologising to forget what hurts Just smile and carry on Nothing ever touched you and life has always been a ball.Lala s life definitely was a ball and this book is her grandson s tribute to it It s a patchwork of memories and interlinked stories that get confusing, occasionally contradict each other and often are most definitely not 100% factual They go as back as 19th century, to the stories Lala heard about her own grandparents and then take us through most of the 20th century as we follow this vivacious, larger than life woman And eventually we reach the second part of the book where we are brutally confronted with the reality of old age Lala is now suffering from dementia and no longer reigns over her kingdom Her grandson has to fill the gaps in her stories.Read it if you want a different kind of story taking place in Poland if you want to see how the middle classes and intelligentsia live and what became of them The style is very pleasant, even if Dehnel occasionally goes for the bombastic He was only twenty when he wrote this book so we can forgive him.

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    I ve just put down Lala and I have to say, I m in love with Dehnel s prose which manages to stir up layers of literature sedimented, and often forgotten, in the Polish language He is often accused of using archaic , d mod vocabulary, but I disagree his writing isn t at all that of a literary epigone it shows a great sensibility for the historical context although it s certainly not afraid of being idiosyncratic But what about the story return return Lala is a curious form of autobiography in which the I of the narrator remains peripheral to the unfolding events, and at the same time a very present story teller, story reteller, that consciously builds his narrative, acutely aware of the context of the telling of each story, of how stories may contradict themselves, how they are forgotten, through and despite their repetition return return The eponymous Lala is the narrator s grandmother, the story teller behind the story teller, and the tale spans four generations, two World Wars, several countries without much geographic displacement the Ukraine, Russia, Prussia, interwar Poland of Pilsudski, and Communist and present day Poland return return I won t go into the details and attempt to summarize the family saga this might somewhat spoil the fun of reading it but suffice it to say that it is told in a very warm tone, not without irony and humor, and it s one of those stories that if it weren t true one couldn t invent it any better.

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    Ju teraz dom w Oliwie wygl da inaczej A kiedy babcia umrze, a umrze niebawem, i mog to napisa zupe nie spokojnie, bo po pierwsze, dawno wszyscy pogodzili my si z t my l , a po drugie, ona i tak tego nigdy nie przeczyta, bo w og le ju nie czyta, wszystko si zmieni nie do poznania Tymi s owami Jacek Dehnel zaczyna powie Lala , kt rej g wn bohaterk jest jego babcia Helena Bieniecka.Babci poznajemy, gdy dni sp dza siedz c jak stara chi ska cesarzowa, niepomna w adzy ani powinno ci , a istnienie u niej wy szych uczu pozostaje w sferze domys w autora, tak jak istnienie uczu u ukwia u czy rafy koralowej.Trac c powoli kontakt z rzeczywisto ci babci Helen widzimy tylko przelotnie i szybko o niej zapominamy, bo ju za chwil cofamy si do XIX wieku, gdzie poznajemy dziadka Brokla oraz jego on Wand Dziadek Brokl co jaki czas troch przypadkowo staje si rekinem finansjery, tylko po to, aby nieco p niej r wnie przypadkowo wszystko straci.Dziadek Brokl jest oczywi cie dziadkiem babci Heleny, a nie Jacka Dehnela Ale nie spodziewajcie si tego rodzaju wyja nie w samej ksi ce Nie spodziewajcie si tak e jakiejkolwiek chronologii Tu historia nie jest liniowa, wszystko jest chaotyczne, bez wyra nego pocz tku czy ko ca.Przez pierwszych par stron, troch irytowa a mnie ta obrana przez autora konwencja Chcia am wzi notatnik i wszystko sobie uporz dkowa , rozrysowa drzewa genealogiczne, podopisywa daty Zanim jednak to zrobi am, da am si uwie opowie ci snutej przez Dehnela, a w a ciwie, to chyba powinnam powiedzie przez jego babci.Co jaki czas gubi am si w g szczu imion i powi za rodzinnych, czasami mia am wra enie, e jak opowie czytam ju drugi raz, a w innej z kolei brakuje sporej cz ci Lala to opowie zlepiona z historii, kt re przez lata opowiada a autorowi jego babcia Ten ogrom wiedzy mo na by o oczywi cie uporz dkowa , doda przypisy i rys historyczny, ale otrzymaliby my kolejn such biografi.Jacek Dehnel na tak form si nie zdecydowa Postanawi zebra wszystkie opowie ci babci, a tak e skrawki opowie ci i zszy je w jedn ca o , bardziej ni reportersk dociekliwo ci , kieruj c si sercem W efekcie otrzymujemy patchworkow kompozycj , kt ra urzeka i hipnotyzuje Jest dok adnie tak, jakby my to my siedzieli z babci Helen i s uchali jej opowie ci, popijaj c herbat w domu w Oliwie.Dlatego niczym uderzenie obuchem spada na nas druga cz ksi ki, gdzie w opowie ci coraz wi cej pojawia si tera niejszo ci Wracamy do babci sp dzaj cej ca e dnie w fotelu, o kt rej zd yli my ju zapomnie Bo dzielna i przebojowa Lala , na kt rej przyj cie u szacha Persji nie robi adnego wra enia, a pod kt rej urokiem by swego czasu sam Gombrowicz, to ta sama osoba co babcia Helena, zmuszona do korzystania z pampers w i wymy lania najbardziej absurdalnych historii, aby ukry coraz wi ksze dziury w pami ci.Pojawia y si g osy krytyki zwi zane z obna aniem przez Jacka Dehnela tak intymnych szczeg w dotycz cych starzenia si jego babci.Ja ciesz si , e pan Jacek to zrobi My l , e tylko tak, by w stanie wyt umaczy dlaczego pisze t ksi k , kt ra jest swego rodzaju po egnaniem, zar wno z babci jak i z pewnym etapem w yciu autora, kt ry powoli staje si przesz o ci Jest to tak e pr ba odczarowania mierci, pozbawienia jej patosu, przedstawienia jako czysto fizjologicznego procesu, dotycz cego jedynie cia a i nie maj cego adnego zwi zku z dusz.Ta cz ksi ki skojarzy a mi si z filmem 33 sceny z ycia , w kt rym Ma gorzata Szumowska w podobny spos b pr buje poradzi sobie ze mierci swoich rodzic w.Ujawnianie rodzinnych sekret w to nie jedyna rzecz, kt ra spotka a si z krytyk czytelnik w.Jacek Dehnel jest postaci dosy kontrowersyjn Tego faktu trudno by o nie zauwa y na spotkaniu Bukklubu w Kordegardzie, na kt rym omawiana by a Lala , ale omawiane by o tak e ycie prywatne autora Wydawa oby si , e pisarz trzykrotnie nominowany do Nagrody Literackiej Nike, b dzie mia spore grono entuzjast w, albo chocia , e liczba g os w za i przeciw b dzie wyr wnana By o jednak inaczej Dehnelowi dosta o si za styl e pretensjonalny , za to w jaki spos b si ubiera e konformista, bo tak ubierali si jego przodkowie , za to, e powiela stereotyp polskiej inteligencji, kt ra to zawsze sta a po stronie dobra i y a dobrze zar wno z ch opami jak i z ydami, a wreszcie, e wiele historii opisanych w ksi ce wydaje si rozmija z prawd.Oczywi cie nie broni nikomu w asnego zdania i dyskusj w Kordegardzie uwa am za bardzo ciekaw Nie mog si jednak oprze wra eniu, e niekt re s owa krytyki by y troch wymuszone, jakby na Jacka Dehnela po prostu trzeba by o co znale.Ja szuka nie b d Mi si bardzo podoba o Bior poprawk na to, e wiele historii, kt re pojawi y si w Lali nie jest do ko ca prawdziwych, ale o to w a nie chyba chodzi W tym jest pi kno rodzinnych opowie ci, kt re z czasem zaczynaj y w asnym yciem I Dehnel to pi kno uchwyci , oddaj c tym samym ho d kobiecie, kt ra go wychowa a i ukszta towa a.A to, czy fakt, e lubi spacerowa po Parku azienkowskim, w meloniku i surducie, trzymaj c za r k swojego ch opaka, wynika z jego konformizmu czy te w a nie nonkonformizmu, pozostawiam do rozstrzygni cia dyskusyjnym klubom ksi kowym.

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    Lala Jacka Dehnela jest w gruncie rzeczy powie ci o przyzwoito ci, a ja takie lubi pami tam autora z mijania go na Nowym wiecie kilkana cie lat temu, i ci ko mi uwierzy , e cz owiek o do zaci tym wyrazie twarzy, w kapeluszu i z laseczk , mia w sobie tak pe n ciep a i patosu histori , kt r w dodatku zapisa napisa z niesamowitym wyczuciem j zyka Obieca am sobie, e kupi t ksi k dla c rki niech si uczy o polsko ci, o przyzwoito ci, o silnych kobietach.

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    Na prvn pohled tohle vypad jako kniha hodn podobn Dom hluch ho, ale pouze na prvn pohled Mo n se asov a ste n i d jov p ekr vaj , ale Dehnelova kniha je ve fin le hodn odli n Autor, mlad mu toto n s re ln m autorem je to autobiografick , zaznamen v do knihy p b h sv babi ky to je ta Lala z titulu a jej rodiny, ale inn tak formou vypr v n sna se zachytit tu autenticitu mluven ho projevu, kdy vypr v j c p eskakuje z jednoho na druh , odbo uje k naprosto nepodstatn m v cem, opakuje se atd Kdo z n s m l to t st na babi ky, teti ky atd s darem vypr v t v t inou to kupodivu b vaj eny , ten tohle velmi dob e zn D ky t to struktu e textu je chronologie pln rozh zen a ze za tku jsem se ztr cela je t v c ne u Domu hluch ho, ob as mi p i lo, e to chronologicky ani sed t nem e, ale pam vyprav e tak nen v dycky spolehliv.Na pozad tohoto vypr v n se autor vyrovn v s odch zen m babi ky s jej m postupn ch ch tr n m, ztr tou pam ti, ub v n m sil, s n vratem ke vzpurn mu d tstv Kdo tohle za il, tak pochop tu l sku sm chanou se zlobou a bezmoc , ten smutek nad pomal m z nikem milovan ho lov ka a jeho prom nou v n koho pln jin ho, aby jen ob as probleskla jisk i ka toho p vodn ho, kouzeln ho a u nav dy ztracen ho.Uva ovala jsem mezi ty mi a p ti hv zdi kami, ale ta z v re n st vypr v n ji ist autorem o posledn ch asech babi ky to nakonec zlomila na p t ale kdo si t mhle osobn nepro el, tak a si tu jednu hv zdi ku ubere Za m kr sn a smutn kniha, p i n jsem se ale opakovan sm la.Kontext Jedna z kn ek zakoupen jako odm na za dokon en Whole30.Prvn v ta tedy spolu s tou druh , kter kr sn vystihuje cel text Ten d m v gda sk Oliv vypad jinak u nyn A a babi ka zem e, a to u nebude m t dlouh ho trv n , co mohu napsat docela klidn za prv , jsme se s t m v ichni d vno sm ili a za druh , ona si to u nikdy nep e te, ona u st nem e , v echno se zm n k nepozn n Posledn v ta Slunce vych z na v chod a na z pad zapad.

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    Dehnel mia szcz cie Jego babcia, Lala, i jej rodzina by a uroczo barwn pani , kt ra rzeczywi cie prosi a si o ksi k Jedyne s abe miejsca pojawiaj si kiedy Dehnel zaczyna za bardzo zajmowa si Dehnelem, co niestety pod koniec staje si ju nagminne Tak czy siak, Jacek Dehnel bardzo zgrabnie wszystko u o y , prosty pomys uczy my z opowie ci mojej babci podstaw do bardzo g bokich rozwa a o przemijaniu, pami ci i o mnie nie razi a tak jak m g by, anegdotki babci skrz si i migocz , tak e doceni je ka dy koneser przedwojnia Polecam.

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