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{kindle} Ogniem i mieczemAuthor Henryk Sienkiewicz –

This novel is the first in a trilogy which is so famous in its native Poland that it is simply called The Trilogy, in much the same way that people often use Tolkien as shorthand for The Lord of the Rings It is a sprawling patriotic epic The first thing that struck me was the importance of nature The first description in the book is that of the landscape of the Steppe And it continues to be important, affecting the outcome of a battle here, obstructing a desperate search there, providing obstacles or helps to heroes and villains alike Some of the characters are a little too stereotypical for my liking The hero, Pan Yan, becomes the Knight in Shining Armour for much of the novel His leading lady, Princess Helen, becomes the Damsel in Distress However they do acquire some depth as the plot goes forward The most interesting characters for me were the hero s three friends, Michal, Longinus and Zagloba Pan Michal is at first portrayed as a would be Lothario, but surprises everyone including the reader in battle Pan Longinus, a sort of Don Quixote, is a gentle giant and the butt of everyone s jokes because he has made a vow of chastity until he can perform an unlikely act of heroism he eventually accomplishes much than that Pan Zagloba starts out as the bragging soldier who is a stock figure in Roman comedy he would rather feast, drink himself into a stupor and boast about largely imaginary exploits than participate in an actual combat But he surprised me by becoming the most likeable member of the whole cast.All this transpires against a backdrop of bloody battles, political intrigue and hair breadth scapes An unforgettable read, even if it s a very long one. This has been accurately described as the Gone with the Wind of Eastern Europe In my humble opinion, this is the greatest work of Sienkiewicz, surpassing even Quo Vadis in breadth and detail It is a sweeping historical saga of the Polish Lithuanian kingdom pitted against the Zaporozhian Cossacks and Tatars of the Crimean region It has the same flavor as Taras Bulba by Nikolai Gogol, but with much depth and richness of story and character It is a novel that requires and invites re reading in order to capture its full magnificence The characters are strong, memorable and three dimensional The places are richly described and historical details are woven into a fine tapestry of a tale My Polish in laws and friends told me years ago that this was one of the best historical novels ever written to describe the events of 17th century Eastern Europe, and why there is still great animosity between some of the Catholic, Orthodox Christian, and Muslim peoples of that region There are sweeping battles with Polish Knights and Swedish mercenaries against hordes of Cossack and Tatar cavalry There are great love stories between knights and ladies There are quests which seem impossible to survive This book has everythingbut it is LARGE e.g Tolstoyan in size It is well worth the time and energy. published in 1884, this might be my favorite novel of all time sienkiewicz is considered by many to be the polish tolstoy he won the nobel prize for literature in 1905, and is probably the most beloved polish author of all time wrote the classic quo vadis which i ve still yet to read this novel is part of a trilogy called THE trilogy by the poles, whose national identity these novels sustained throughout the nazi and stalinist occupations they were banned by the soviets for that reason epic, magnificent, stupefying, thrilling it s not really possible to communicate how astoundingly great this book is set in the 17th century polish lithuanian commonwealth during the chymelnitski sp uprising, it follows the exploits of the hussars, polish knights, the winged horsemen of the steppes like the two novels that followed it the deluge and fire in the steppes it is by turns exhilirating, tragic, heroic, sad and funny an absolute masterpiece in the most noble sense of the word heroic historical fiction at its best.HEADS UP READ THE W.S KUNICZAK TRANSLATION do NOT read the jeremiah curtain translation it s a cumbersome, clumsy, near unreadable waste of time same goes for the rest of the trilogy kuniczak, kuniczak, kuniczak. Nie jestem fank Sienkiewicza w og le, ale od adnej jego powie ci nie odbi am si tak bole nie jak od tej.W razie w tpliwo ci to nie b dzie recenzja.Skrzetuski i Helena s najbardziej papierowymi, nieinteresuj cymi, nieanga uj cymi bohaterami romansu ever Helena ma dwie cechy jest pi kna i dobra Li i jedynie Przy czym jest taka zawsze, niezale nie od okoliczno ci Mo na by pomy le , e szalone gonitwy po Dzikich Polach jako by na dziewczyn wp yn y sk ra pop ka aby jej od wiatru, w osy by si jej przet u ci y, brak odpoczynku i g d wprawi yby j w nieco mniej anielski humor, mo e nawet nabawi aby si kataru Gdzie tam, Helena nadal wygl da jak kr lowa i cierpliwie wznosi na kolejnych zachwyconych wa pan w wielkie, zawe oczy O, przepraszam troch si opali a G bi zero A to i tak moja ulubiona posta z ca ej tej powie ci Skrzetuski jest nie lepszy, przy czym p asko jego charakteru jest o tyle bardziej bolesna, e pojawia si na kartach powie ci du o cz ciej W ko cu ma pono by jej g wnym bohaterem Z tym, e najciekawiej wypadaj te rozdzia y, w kt rych si nie pojawia Z pozosta ych bohater w Zag oby, Wo odyjowskiego, nawet Podbipi ty Sienkiewicz troch sobie pokpiwa, cho by ustami innych bohater w vide Zag oba i jego ci g e heheszki z Longinusa , wi c automatycznie staj si troch bardziej ywi Tylko do Skrzetuskiego i narrator, i bohaterowie powie ci maj stosunek tak nabo ny i pe en zad cia, e olaboga, czyta si tego nie da To taki typowy, RPG owy paladyn, charakter praworz dny dobry, nic wi cej nie da si powiedzie Mia am wra enie, e sam autor jest t krystalicznie md postaci znudzony, bo troch dziwne jest to, e w jakiej po owie swoich rozdzia w Skrzetuski jest nieprzytomny chory w gor czce Strasznie wydelikacony ten niez omny bohater, tak swoj drog.Stronniczo Ja wiem Sienkiewicz subtelno ci nigdy nie grzeszy , pami tam te wizje Maryi ochraniaj cej Jasn G r z Potopu , ale to, co wyrabia si w Ogniem i mieczem , jest a niewiarygodne Dziki Bohun Dzika czer Dziki Chmielnicki Strona bez dzikich to strona stracona Czyta hadko, wa panie.Nie, arty Zag oby z gwa t w nie s mieszne Nie, okradanie ch op w z ubra i komentowanie tego na zasadzie no i dobrze, nale y im si , na pewno to zdrajcy nie jest mieszne.Wizja Jaremy g ruj cego nad ca ym krajobrazem i strzelaj cego laserami z ksi yc w w oczach d ugo mnie nie opu ci.Od powtarzanych co 10 stron opis w wspania ego Jeremiego, niezwyci onego lwa, kt ry niczym ojciec bla bla bla niedobrze si robi eby nie by o, e tylko marudz ciekawie wysz y Sienkiewiczowi wszystkie sceny, nazwijmy to, paranormalne Bohun eskortuj cy Helen do wied my, wszystkie te gus a, ta sama droga x stron p niej, Skrzetuski przedzieraj cy si przez staw to jest naprawd klimatyczne, mo na si wczu i nawet lekko przestraszy Dobrze si to czyta.Tak czy inaczej, wreszcie mam za sob ca Trylogi Dzi kuj , panie Henryku, mi o by o, ale pewnie si ju nie spotkamy. You have probably heard of Tolstoy and Dostoevsky Your teacher might have made you read the adventures of Wallace or Defoe, but you have likely never heard of Henryk Sienkiewicz You might enjoy Lord of the Rings , King Arthur, and Robin Hood, but not know With Fire and Sword You have been missing out Published in 1884, With Fire and Sword is a Polish classic that takes place during the 17th century Fairly accurate historical fiction, it tells the story of the rebellion of Hmyelnitski and the civil war that developed Themes of patriotism, selflessness, love, growth, friendship, and courage mingle in the fading embers of a golden age of chivalry and knighthood in the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth It is also the first book in a trilogy known in Poland as The Trilogy There are several main characters, though generally the book follows Skshetuski, known as Pan Yan This young nobleman and soldier, whose dedication to country and prince, as well as his love for the noblewoman Helen, creates a character you can t help but like Helen is a strong yet feminine woman, who takes everything with a measure of depth and courage, including kidnapping, near death, and flight She is also loved by the Cossack colonel, Bohun, whose fanatical worship is contrasted to Pan Yan s selfless adoration, and whose hate for Pan Yan drives him to the rebellion Bohun s erstwhile companion is Pan Zagloba, a fat nobleman whose love of drink and good company is seconded only to his dedication and fatherly love for the orphaned Helen His sharp wit and boastful tongue bring an element of comic relief, along with Pan Yan s two companions, Pan Longinus and Michal Michal is a flirtatious, tiny knight and a brilliant swordsman Pan Longinus is nearly the opposite, an incredibly tall, skinny man whose vow of chastity and long, heavy sword create a memorable character There is Hmyelnitski, the charismatic leader of the rebels, who instigated the Cossack s revolt Surrounded by his peasant, burgher, petty noble and Tartar allies, he is driven nearly to insanity as he watches the forces he has unleashed And finally there is Prince Yeremi Vishnovyetzki, the leader of Pan Yan, Longinus, Michal and countless others of the finest soldiers He is a beloved military commander who gives his strength and fortune for his country, only to be set aside repeatedly by greedy politicians Though these may be some of the main characters, the true beauty of With Fire and Sword is not found among them It cannot be discerned in a chapter or with an event There may be a climax, but that is not where the heart of the tale is found The books is not about one lord or another It is about Poland Whether loyal or disloyal, protagonist or antagonist, every character you meet in this story breathes the life of a nation Its essence is that of a country and its beauty is that of a people There are no words to describe this book Epic might come close The adventure, action, characters, and plot all create a masterful story that few can second I absolutely loved it The characters are unforgettable, the plot amazing, and the love of country genuine Though the writing does have a tendency to get heavy, and the numerous name and nick names of the many characters confusing, it is an absolute must read Like most good books, the author is almost as unique as his work Henryk Sienkiewicz was born into a family of impoverished Polish nobles and during his lifetime was a tutor, lawyer, journalist and popular novelist He had a thorough knowledge of literature and Old Polish, married three times his first wife died, his second left him, and the third was his niece , bought his family s ancestral castle, and became a knight of the French L gion d honneur Sienkiewicz spent two years in California and traveled to London, Paris, Spain, and Africa He wrote a ton and won the Nobel Peace Prize for Literature At 1135 pages, With Fire and Sword is an incredibly long book Do not be intimidated Action packed and intricate, it is well worth the read Few can compare To quote Tcharnyetzki, an old general from the book, You ll see all the greed and empty pride and love of luxury that live among us side by side with all those qualities that make our nation walk in glory as bright as the sun through than six centuries You can walk in that glory. With Fire and Sword , Sienkiewicz s epic that follows the love story involving Jan, Helena and Bohun against the backdrop of the Khmelnytsky Uprising can be described in two words boring and biased I ll explain each of them 1 Boring this is a subjective term that mainly applies to the love story between Jan and Helen It is slightly interesting than the one between Marius Pontmercy and Cosette from Les Mis rables, so if you enjoyed that story you will certainly like this one My opinion might be biased but far less than Sienkiewicz s novel.2 Biased Now don t get me wrong, I know national epics are meant to inspire patriotism and glorify the deeds of past leaders and the history of one s country but the way the author describes the events is simply wrong On one side you have the brave, honest and civilized Polish soldiers who fight for a righteous cause and on the other you have the weak, drunken and savage Cossacks who rebel against their lawful leader Even the Aeneid, an epic that was written with the clear intent of glorifying emperor Augustus and the Roman Empire portrayed their enemies not as mindless savages but as brave soldiers that fought and lost The pagan Romans that Sienkiewicz portrays as immoral and decadent in his Quo Vadis had a fair and rightful view of their enemies than him. Over the course of 11 days I plowed through 133 pages out of a whopping 1135, and am ready to be done Had this been a 300 page book I d have finished and perhaps given a 3 star review But you have to really enjoy something to want to go 1135 pages, and I wasn t looking forward to picking this up The comparisons to War and Peace are misplaced while Tolstoy had excellent character development and insight into human nature, this book s characters are drawn in broad strokes and their emotional reactions cliched no one in it has sparked any interest in me thus far It doesn t help that names of places and groups of people that presumably needed no explanation to the original 19th century Polish audience are thrown around to the confusion of this 21st century American While I did pick up the modern Kuniczak translation, I suspect this book is much better in the original. WOOT Gutenberg has it Historical NovelOFPOLAND AND RUSSIA.BYHENRYK SIENKIKWICZ.AUTHORIZED AND UNABRIDGED TRANSLATION FROMTHE POLISH BYJEREMIAH CURTIN.Dedication TOPROF JOHN FISKE,MY CLASSMATE AND FRIEND, MY FELLOW TRAVELLER INBOTH HEMISPHERES, THE LUMINOUS HISTORIANOF DECISIVE PERIODS IN AMERICA,IS DEDICATED THIS VOLUME CONCERNING A MOMENTOUSCONFLICT IN EUROPE.Opening The history of the origin and career of the two Slav States, Poland and Russia, is interesting not merely because it contains a vast number of surprising scenes and marvellous pictures of life, not merely because it gives us a kaleidoscope as it were of the acts of men, but because these acts in all their variety fall into groups which may be referred each to its proper source and origin, and each group contains facts that concern the most serious problems of history and political development.The history of these two States should be studied as one, or rather as two parts of one history, if we are to discover and grasp the meaning of either part fully When studied as a whole, this history gives us the life story of the greater portion of the Slav race placed between two hostile forces, the Germans on the west, the Mongols and Tartars on the east. Ogniem I Mieczem, Pierwsza Z Powie Ci Tworz Cych Trylogi , Przedstawia Dzieje Polski W Dobie Powstania Chmielnickiego Pisarz, Staraj C Si Wzbudzi W Czytelnikach Patriotyczne Uczucia, Nada Powie Ci Cechy Antycznego I Rycerskiego Eposu, Wprowadzi Ba Niowo Oraz Wyra Ny Podzia Na Bohater W Reprezentuj Cych Dobro I Z O Jednoznacznie Negatywn Kwalifikacj Moraln Przypisa Sienkiewicz Zbuntowanym Kozakom, Przedstawionym Jako Dni Krwi Barbarzy Cy, Za Polak W Przedstawi Jako Odwa Nych Obro C W Ojczyzny I Prawych, Przestrzegaj Cych Rycerskiego Kodeksu O Nierzy W Czarno Bia Y Schemat Wpisani Zostali Tak E Wbrew Prawdzie Historycznej Przyw Dcy Walcz Cych Stron G Wnym W Tkiem Spajaj Cym Fabu Pierwszej Cz Ci Trylogii Uczyni Pisarz Burzliwe Dzieje Mi O Ci Odwa Nego Rycerza Bez Skazy Jana Skrzetuskiego I Urodziwej, Niewinnej Szlachcianki Heleny Kurcewicz Wny, Kt Rzy Rozdzieleni Przez Wrog W I Przeciwno Ci Losu, Prze Ywaj Liczne Perypetie Uwolnienie Dziewczyny Przez Zag Ob I Ich W Dr Wka W Przebraniu, Ponowne Wpadni Cie W R Ce Bohuna, Wszystkie Te Przygody Prowadz Do Szcz Liwego Zako Czenia, W Kt Rym Bohaterowie Spotykaj Si I Mog Stan Na Lubnym Kobiercu I saw this in my local public library in the early 90s, was intrigued, and took it out I knew nothing about the time period or setting before picking it up Originally written in 1884, the story is set in 1648 when the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth was shaken by the great Cossack rebellion on its eastern frontier Its an adventure story that s hard to put downboy meets girl, girl gets kidnapped by jealous Cossack, and so on All the while rebellion is spreading and battles are raging The characters are the heart of the book, and are unforgettable Yan, the valiant young cavalryman Helen, the beautiful and virtuous noblewoman Pan Zagloba, the Falstaffian stalwart friend Longinus, the gentle yet dangerous Lithuanian giant Hmyelnizki, the Cossack chieftain, and many.